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Small business ideas in Nepal

Nepal is the small country and it is a belief that here only small business can be operated in persistence manner. As its territory is bonded in the very small area and due to unavailable of larger market, many investors want not to invest their huge amount due to the less probability of return. Instead of that expectation and suspects, there is also many business men who has invested huge amount by expecting and planning their own policy and creating their own format. In Nepal, small and huge level business both will succeed if it is operated and  generated in systematic and polite manner.

Small business refers to the small investment and high income. There are much such businesses which gives huge return even after small investment. Moreover, Nepal has many hopes and heaven where the return will be not blocked in any terms and condition. To increase the trust in Nepalese territory, investors invest their small amount at initial phase in checking and try the accuracy and reliability or transactional performance of the Nepalese.


Undoubtedly, Nepalese are not bad and corrupt minded. You can guess and have to tick and pick up the precautionary tools and techniques to fall in the pit of loss and extinct of business. Due to the bad leader and corrupt leading action have also made the country identity bad and black spotted from which Nepalese badly remind and treated in many places. But those who have enter internally  and have done transaction and shown the behavior of Nepalese can easily get belief and trust in Nepalese anywhere in their business route.

Interrupting the business and innovating the the not  make you the big master till it is not recognized and re-known by majority of the customer. A customer of Nepal is looking the quality goods and non-quality goods. The manufactures should concern on various terms and condition that can make their maintenance and demand of the customer fulfill according to their perception and desire.

In the context of Nepal, small business also promotes your circulation and rotation of the identity of the product. In fact, small business is like the small shops where it is available of services small quantity. It has the high frequency of pros if you try to make it’s name as the popular and can be made your small business as the brand in the area. Nepalese more interested in purchasing the product in new and new station in every times. They also want to search and know the real and exact shop which gives the satisfied services. You have to never forget the golden statement in marketing and business concept that is’’ a satisfied customer works as advertisement’’. It gives spurs to make its expansion and the branches of the tree. The roots should be strong and effective then only you can straddle your brand and thrift your product remarks.

Making access to product in customer does not only determines your goodwill rather the customer should be satisfied. If the customer get frustrated and the product is not able to make him or her satisfied and glad, means he is disinterested towards your doors of the business. The door should be always wide and the business should be also processed and transacted in polite and trustworthy manner.

Small business ideas in Nepal gives you the invitation for making and planting your business without any negativity and bad comments listen. Shrewdness businessman does not list the barking dogs they move on and walk till they access to the destination. Inclined and interested business man can easily make a grand opening by knowing the small business ideas in Nepal. To make you rescued from the intolerant and fake response by many fraud people, we are here with small business ideas in Nepal for  accessing you in peak without any rampant risk and violence in movement:

Small Business Ideas in Nepal

  1. Ladies and gents neck rings:Small business ideas in Nepal

Fashion has made everyone obliged to move with their way. Fashion has straddle their rays all over the world. And mostly the teenagers are more interested in making their identity more smart and unique to draw the other attention. Mostly the youth are walking and making their own route for their life styles and dynamic displaying of their pictures figures. With changes of time and technology, they also want to change themselves in quick mode due to the old and treated and scrap man by surrounding.  Persistently, rings which is one of the favorite ornament of boys and youngsters wore in the neck hanged longly as the rapper.

That is the youth choice not there option. They want to take it and purchase it even by looking other and mostly they are influenced by the movies and actors wore in the videos and different program. Ladies and gents neck rings including hand rising also make your small business more revelation and provide you embolden support to move on due to the craziness of youth towards these types of product as their choice and desire have the same thought.  Therefore making your opening grand with these types of the product also includes the small business ideas in Nepal.

  1. Mobile parts and spares:Mobile spare parts

No any hand is without mobile if looked so thinks that he, not the man of today and had carried the old thought. Mobile in today age has become the basic needs of people to make their work efficiency more controllable and enhancing. It is making the person moving like the race of the dynamic allotment. In the text of Nepal, Nepalese are also connoisseurs of carrying new and latest mobile phones as it is also the matter of prestige in today time and generation. People can make their existence from a mobile phone , also performs and can deal with many contracts with these tools. It has filled the gap of far existence.

People feel motel close and can remove their solitary depression by hanging on it for some period with your own relatives. By looking all these action and activities in Nepalese market,  Opening the mobile parts and spares shops will also give you the grace to climb the upper and topper trip. Many people are under the poverty level and after some problem and fumble in mobile, come to the technical boss to make its proper and correct function process again. Evaluating all the matter, it also gives the extra support and internal press to make its start fall under small business ideas in Nepal.

  1. Snooker house:Small business ideas in Nepal

These types of gaming zone can be the choice of the Nepalese as it is some of the new and one of the most likely game  all over the  world. it is the game of high personality and high manpower. As  it holds huge interest and high  eager to play can make their mind divert to move towards you zone. Taking the room and starting the gaming zone by putting the two or three snooker at initial phase a then increases gradually expects will give good income due to youngster choice and attraction.  As it prefers  the youth and make entrants of child and every age groups with age boundary will  hugely grow you status  in Nepalese  market. This is also one ideas of small business in Nepal.

  1. Gift shop:Small business ideas in Nepal

It also makes their connection with small business ideas in Nepal due t o it’s demand by all groups and all castes excluding the boundary limits. Gift shop have season every day because the function is going on everyday might be the difference in topics and celebration. But the relatives and nearer to relatives have good respect of giving gift and also it is treated as accepting invitation and become the participant of the function. It is the glad welcoming and respecting comer and goers too, therefore, it  cross all the exception and contains full day full times demand holder business. Gift shop pay everyone  loan and  respect, attempts the graces in every kick and entry of customer.

  1. Readymade t-shirts:Readymade t shirts

Starting the business of t-shirts of cotton will also possess you better due to the summer season has arrived and opened their door of  high temperature.  Nepal is also the country of summer and people wish to wear the cotton clothes . To fulfill their wish, cotton t-shirts will the one of the best option. You can launch the t-shirts in new modal and makes its brochures with positive benefit factors. Due to hot temperatures and warmness, people seeks to purchase the cotton clothes to preserve their body from the hotness. T-shirts get relief from the warmness due to it’s features which can make the people mid little beat adjustable safe them from hotness infection. It is also small business ideas in Nepal if start with contemplating and evaluating the transactional verification and color.

  1. Baby toy shops:Baby toy shops

It also makes the statement that can be categorized and kept inside the small business ideas in Nepal. Presently, baby is clever due to the presence of various extra material having capacity of entertaining and making them fun. Another reason for it’s  better to supply is possessed because many mothers is busy in their own personal, professional and official works and get disturbed by the baby. So, to get free from those types of disturbances, they want to make their child engage in the toy. After giving the toy, the baby becomes happy too and start to play with it. Toy shops can also one of the alternatives to making your entrance as it also contains the large market and high profit oriented business.

  1. Coffee bars:

    Coffee bars

You can also make your investment in coffee bars because the majority of persona re habituated with tea and coffee. Tea and coffee have made their life energetic and fresher. They drink for getting refreshment and eradicate the hangover.  Adopting  unique in business become  your strength, makes  the identity and recognition more bolster and straddle your popularity as the sweetest tea and coffee bars in that area.  Customer will come  automatically by chasing the taste and flavor, that you gives form different bars. Therefore, it is also one of the best option you can choose with graphical contemplating and can create your own marks in the market.

  1. Standard mechanics:

    Standard mechanics machine
    Standard mechanics machine

    Standard mechanics[/caption]

Many Nepalese are suffered from fraud mechanics and maintenance. There are uncountable number of bike and vehicle rider who have been cheated  several  times. If you give them satisfied services then you can make your positive image in their mind and also  increase and changes their mentality that brings on your quadrangle or in shops. Standard mechanic have good demand in Nepalese market and you can also sell the parts and product  needed for fitting and re-joints the fixtures. Good product are always in demand because Nepalese love and like to purchase the quality good to get far from it’s repairs and maintenance in short time. Thus, it is also small I business ideas in Nepal.

9.swimming pool hub:swimming pool hub

Nepalese youth are more interested  to take bath and enjoy in  swimming pool. As it is one of the prestigious matter of rich people have dug in their quadrangle to glow their identity. If you make the public swimming pool for everyone in luxurious mode, definitely it will  attract the youth attention as the summer started. Boys and girls comes  to make fun and take cold and calm bath to reduce their hotness and erase the sluggish affect of the body. After bathing in swimming pool, it gives the super refreshment feel with energy injection. Therefore, it is also the small business ideas in Nepal.

  1. Half pants business:

Due to the entrance of summer and hot, almost every prefers and demand the half pant to keep far from the hotness and sweat. Half pants deserve the coolness and also preserves the people from the extra sunlight. Half pant in stylish and high qualitative and designed pants can become the people choice of high people if it has launched with the similar thought of covering the people from low to high level from their product description.  Without any pressure and making the clear plans, you can operate the business in summer from you small investment,  makes you known by providing small business ideas in Nepal. From all above topics and title to enter depends upon your choice.

These are the small  business ideas in Nepal


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