67 List of Top & New Trending Small Business Ideas for Beginners 2019

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If you do enjoy dancing to the rhythms of music, then this must be a cup of tea for you. Become a dance teacher. Teach people, children to dance and make a few bucks for yourself. You can advertise your service online too. You will be having a fun time teaching how to dance and making money at the same time.


If you have some skills performing yoga, then you can think of starting this business to make a good sum of money. Many people enjoy yoga in the morning to make themselves healthier and keeping their body fit and in good shape. Surely all you will be doing is stretching, making yourself healthier and happier with the money you will be making. Be active and start working hard.


If you enjoy going to the gym and keeping yourself fit and you sort of know the moves to build muscles and keeping your body toned and strong, then you might want to make money becoming a personal trainer.

You can be hired in the gym to train people or even be hired to become personal trainers at home which obviously you will be charging much higher for your service. You can advise your clients on keeping up with a healthy diet and make a few extra bucks too. You don’t need a professional, just be a hard worker. Enjoy making yourself fit and toned making money for yourself in the meantime.


Most people become a tutor while studying at the same time. You can make some money doing the same. You can start teaching your younger siblings, cousins, neighbor’s children and make a decent sum of money. You can provide tuitions on certain days for a few hours and earn money accordingly.

You will feel proud when your students will score good marks in exams. So, become a tutor sparing a few hours of your busy day and make a good amount of money teaching. You to learn a lot in return while teaching. Home tutors are one of the best part-time businesses to start with. Especially when you are a jobless housewife with a good education or you are the student looking to earn some side money.

You can always attract neighbor kids and start an institute to tutor them in various homework, projects, and stuff. You can also organize their play dates, help them complete the project work that requires more attention from parents that working parents cannot provide and so on. A tutor can also take out children to visit museums and zoos and exhibition.

This will not just encourage children to be attracted towards tutor but also ensure parents to know their children are safe as well as learning. Again start with small and expand as you feel necessary and equipped.


The job of illustration is somewhat similar to the task of graphic designing. If you enjoy art and are good with graphics software programmes too, you can actually make a good sum of money with your talent. You can give a few hours of your time to this task.

Make doodles, make cartoons, make any sort of art you like and advertise your talent online. Make people know your skills. There will be people who will recognize your talent and will commission you to make art and cartoons for their own purpose. You can charge with the level of difficulty or the number of drawings you are given to illustrate. You will not regret the decision. You actually will end up making good money with your work.


Pick up your camera and start making money with your podcast show. You will be earning a good sum of money by letting companies and organizations hire you to advertise their goods, products or services online through your show.

Through podcasts, you can openly keep your own thoughts and opinions on certain topics in different episodes which will be a confidence booster for you as well. Then, get yourself hired by companies, advertise what they need to be advertised and make money. What better way to have fun and make yourself some money at the same time? Make podcasts on topics that people will enjoy listening to and also gain some followers.

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If you have a good sense of interior decoration, then you can become an interior decorator. Learn the basics if you want to through the internet. You can google or learn some examples from Pinterest.

Go to the market and educate yourself with the materials and price that shall be important for interior decoration. Drape curtains, choose fabrics for carpets, furnish tables beautifully. Make your efforts count. Help to decorate the interior. Offer your service as an interior decorator and make some money for yourself.



Let’s are really here, writing books is not a kid’s play. You will require imagination, creativeness and a lot of hard-working attitudes. But if you good with words and you are good in the literature of any language, write e-books online.

Start by writing short stories, paragraphs, dialogues and who knows you might end up being a renowned author one day. Writing books online does not require an official signature of any sort, so feel free to be creative and enjoy your time.


If you are good in two different languages, offer your knowledge and skills to be hired as a translator. For example, if you are good in both English and French, then do not hesitate to translate the English language into French language and French into English.

You can become a good communication medium between the two parties who do not understand each other. This shall not be a very hard task if your communication flow in both languages is great.


If you have learned carpentry in some part of your life and you do make a decent quality of furniture, then offer your service as a furniture maker. People always require some tables, some chairs, some shelves to be made from time to time.

You can provide the services of making such pieces of furniture and make money on your own. You can start small by making picture frames or a small bench, then move onto bigger things. You will be making a good sum of money through furniture making.


Give yourself an opportunity to make a few bucks by doing simple tasks like cleaning cars, bikes, scooters or any sort of vehicles. Just use some cleaning materials, scrub the vehicles, then clean them with water and dry them. The more vehicles you clean, the more money you make. You can also involve your friends in it and make the job easier and more fun.


Giving gifts is a humble gesture but what if you can make money from it. If you own your own vehicle and drive it to your office or school, provide the service of carpooling. Advertise online at what time and where you are headed at what days and make a schedule according.

You can drop people on the way to your office or your university. You don’t have the need to change your directions or take any unnecessary turns that you do not like. Just be on your regular route and provide carpooling service however you feel fit. Make money this way which might be the easiest way.


Take up as simple task as a pool cleaner and make a good sum of money. Some people might own a pool in their backyard. They might hardly have enough time to clean it because of their daily busy schedules. In weekends they might want to stay in their pool and be relaxed but they cannot do so because of the fact that they could not clean it during their weekdays.

Now is the perfect opportunity to offer up your service to clean their swimming pools. Some pools might just have debris of leaves which makes your task even easier. Make good money by pool cleaning and also be wise with your time.


If you have learned some computer related technical courses and are quite trained on it, start putting your good knowledge to work. Make software, anything of your wish or choice. It can be related to games or simulation software or educational programs.

Make your software program and sell it to companies that might want to buy it from you. You can earn a handsome amount of money from it. You can also advertise your software making skills in your social web pages and be hired to make programmes as per required by your clients.

You will not regret this decision as software designers to make a good amount of money with their knowledge and skills.


Surely, you do have some styling fashion skills of your own. If you are good at it, even better. You can offer your service as a fashion stylist. Give your opinions on colors, fabrics, quality, and accessories as if you are not less than a professional.

Help those who are in need of your fashion sense and advice and in the meantime, make a good amount of money for yourself. Have fun looking at your favorite brands of clothes, trying them on, styling them with various accessories and star-making some hard cash. Enjoy!


If you have basic music skills, then you can become a music teacher. You can start y teaching small kids and inspire them to be a musical person. It will not be hard or a difficult task if you enjoy making music and teaching them casually.

You can charge your students/ clients on the number of hours you dedicate while teaching. So pick up your instrument and start writing notes and start teaching what you know. And also enjoy making money for yourself by doing what you love!


Love making coffee? Want to make some money from it? Think simply and do it simpler. Many people enjoy a cup of delicious coffee anytime anywhere. You do not have to own a big café or a big coffee. Just own a small coffee cart.

Make delicious coffee in small cups and sell in prices you see fit. Sell coffee and make the profit and save your hard-earned cash for yourself. Make it very delicious if you want to prosper from your small business. Do not hesitate to work hard.


You can create your own versions of art, funny memes and various cartoon avatars and get them printed on t-shirts, bags, caps and cups and much more. You will have created your own brand. You will then have to advertise your work online maybe on your social media websites or just through commercial stores.

Once people recognize and love your artwork, they will surely start buying your goods and products in bulk through which you can profit a lot. You always have a free room to be as creative as you want and have fun. You will be making more money as the orders flood your way and proper in this business. You will be successful in making a handsome sum of money.


For this, you will have to know at least the basics of photoshopping pictures. Add a little touch of editing, use the correct filters and boom the picture is now photoshopped. You should know that there are a lot of personalities, companies, and organizations that constantly require a good, capable person who can properly handle the necessary pictures with good photoshop skills. You can be hired to photoshop pictures and make a few bucks on your way. This will get easier as your level of photoshop skills elevates.


This might be possible for you if you have vegetables that are locally grown in your area. You can buy the vegetables in cheap and sell them in another nearby place/town. You will have to transport the vegetables to another place at your own expense.

Make sure to collect your profit as well while selling the vegetables. As long as your vegetables are fresh and at a reasonable price, your business shall be running smoothly because who doesn’t want freshly grown vegetables for lunch/dinner, right? In the long run, this business shall definitely be fruitful.


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  1. This is a great article to read. Provides me some great tips and ideas on how to start anything in Nepal. Nepal is such a great country where there are a lot of opportunities.
    People will be inspired by this article to do something on their own.

    1. It is an article but after reading this post one can start his/her own journey in the world of business.

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