67 List of Famous & New Trending Small Business Ideas for Beginners 2020

67 List of Top & New Trending Small Business Ideas for Beginners 2020

Small Business Ideas for Beginners: – To conduct any business is quite tricky. All you need is an idea, a little bit of creativeness and a lot of hard work. You might be confused as to what to do and how to do it but more importantly, the question arises if you can do it. You should be assured that the following simple ideas are few of the millions of ideas that you can create yourself for any business startup for a beginner.

Entrepreneurship is the procedure of conniving, beginning and running a new business, which is more often than not, originally a small business, proposing a product, process or service for sale or hire. The people who generate these businesses are called entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship has been described as the “volume and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business project along with any of its risks in order to make a profit”. While definitions of entrepreneurship classically focus on the launching and running of businesses, due to the high risks tangled in launching a start-up, a important proportion of businesses have to close, due to “lack of backing, bad business decisions, an economic crisis – or a combination of all of these” or due to lack of market request.

An entrepreneur has been defined as, “a person who starts, systematizes and achieves any enterprise, especially a business, usually with substantial initiative and risk; running a small business with all the risk and reward of any given commercial process.

Entrepreneurs tend to be good at observing new business opportunities and they often provide exhibition positive biases in their perception (i.e., a bias towards finding new potentials and seeing unmet market needs) and a pro-risk-taking boldness that makes them more likely to exploit the opportunity.

An entrepreneur may be in the mechanism of a commercial undertaking, guiding the factors of construction – the human, financial and material resources – that are required to exploit a business chance. Entrepreneurs act as directors and oversee the launch and growth of an enterprise.

Entrepreneurship is the process by which either an individual or a team classifies a business opportunity and acquires and organizes the necessary properties required for its utilization.

money bag business
money for business

For entrepreneurs, ethical conduct is often ignored as the chaos of everyday business confuses the logical side of your company. But fear not, it is far easier to rewire to a solid ethical footing than it is to attempt an “ethics relocate.”

Many business specialists treat ethics like a sermon on the base. Although it’s hard not to preach a bit when it comes to ethics and morality. I’ve tried to identify some things to think about, in addition to references on how to behave ethically. It’s interesting to consider how good ethical behavior reflects smart business practices, but maybe that’s precisely why the great companies are just that.

Confusion is fine when you are a beginner. But you need to be a hard worker, vision and need to carry a never give up attitude. You can get inspired by your idols or just learn from the experts. Whatever you choose, we wish you the best of luck.

The following are some of the ideas that you shall need for small business ideas if you are just a beginner. You can be creative, manipulate and then get started with these ideas that shall not require a lot of financial resources. Good luck!

67 List of Top & New Trending Small Business Ideas for Beginners 2020


Blogging is one of the best small business ideas for beginners. It is not a difficult challenge to become a blogger if you have good knowledge of using the internet and are good with words.

You can start blogging about your hobbies or anything that you are interested in. you have the freedom to become as creative as you want when you give yourself this platform in blogs. You will be surprised as to how many people you can reach from different countries through blogs.

You can make money by monetizing your blogs through the advertisement companies that pay by advertising their products through your blogs. Blog writing is one of the most enjoyable ways of making money.

You can write a blog about literally anything. Just make sure you are consistently updating it, engaging your readers and soon you will have a smooth following of views and readers and in no time you will be getting ads through Adsense a google line to provide you advertising facilities through your blog paying you enough money.


Blogs can be written on your hobbies, recent news, your opinions, even your life and way of things you see. It can entertainment oriented or information-oriented or even guide or help oriented literally anything. If you can write and be active on social media it will sell. And it is one of the easiest and homestay way of making money.

Start a blog and sign up for Adsense, it is pretty simple with next to nothing downfalls. People are making a good amount of money these days, and you might even be shocked about it. Well now you know the answer and you know what to start as your first entrepreneurship. Go ahead and tell us how you did it!


Making videos for YouTube.com is another best small business ideas for beginners. It is not a surprise but you should know that YouTubers make a pretty decent earning their videos that they upload to youtube. It is quite a struggle to get views at first but through regular uploads and your playfulness with your creativity, you will surely get enough supporters for your videos.

You can basically upload anything of your interest. Anything like your singing, dancing, drawing or even cooking skills. You can start making money when your videos get monetized. Monetization occurs when ads from the advertising companies pop up in your videos.

Through youtube, you can promote your own skills or any product yourself to boosting your financial situation. And if you noticed, there are tons of youtube these days and you need to be different from each one of them. Do not go with the trend, just use your creative idea.


Becoming a virtual assistant is another best small business ideas for beginners. You can actually earn a decent amount of money when you become a virtual assistant. You might have taken courses on special subjects.

You can set up your profile on various sites for example in the site “Linkedin.com”. you can set up your profile with your information such as what have you trained for and what skills you have within you and specify that you will be able to assist fully in certain programmes or works.

You can enter your email address or any other contact information that you prefer. You shall be contacted by companies or experts that shall be requiring assistance in a certain project or anything that you will be able to help with. After that, you will have created your own brand of work.

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Being freelancer is another best small business ideas for beginners. You can work being a freelancer in any subject or field. If you have a decent amount of knowledge within a certain area, you can actually work at home and send files to the one who hires you.

Being a freelancer is easy. All you will need is a computer and access to the internet. You will be contacted when required and making money staying at home would never have been easier.

Freelancing is a term used to working under as a designer writer, designer, performer or some similar activities done by the payment on hourly, daily work by basis rather than monthly salary. There are also internet based freelance jobs that can be accessed and earn.

Freelancing is so flexible, you can set your own hours, working full or part-time on the projects of your choice. While clients can offer specifications to the work, a freelancer works similar to an independent contractor, in which he’s free to control how the work is completed.

It is perfect for people who are trying to earn some money from some leisure time which is not big enough to be utilized in anything big. Freelancing can also be created as their own enterprise first by allocating some small jobs and marketing them through the internet for workers. However, it is best to start working first and then going into the phase of creating own freelancing agency.

To start on freelancing remember to do these first decide what you will offer, determine a target market, create a portfolio, set prices and identify clients by reaching out.


Thrift store online is another best small business ideas for beginners. If you have access to any social media platforms such as lets say Instagram, you can set up a page where you can post your old but usable clothes and also encourage others to contact your page if they are in need of making some money by selling their unused or old clothes, bags, accessories or even shoes.

You can act as a medium between the seller and the buyer and make a few percentages of profit from the transaction.

blogging platform
blogging platform

This small business can be easily done if you have a smartphone and have access to all the information regarding the transaction and any queries that your clients shall have. This is a simple startup business idea that shall require almost zero startup money.

I have personally tried this. I made an Instagram account for such business and it was a great hit, well for me! But I could not catch up with it due to my personal reason and had to shut it down for studies.


Reviving old books is another best small business ideas for beginners. Trust us when we say there are a lot of book lovers out there who are just dying for their next dose of literature, novels and all types of knowledge.

There are many people who just have a stack of old books they have already read for a thousand times and now are just lying on the corner of some storeroom. You can ask them to donate or sell those books for a few bucks and you can actually keep them up online or in your store for sale adding a little range of profit.

The books can be a variety of genre. It can be children’s books, course books, geography, philosophies, art books anything that you shall find re-usable. This is a great way of keeping knowledge alive through a simple medium and also an excellent example of reusing things. This is sure to inspire a lot of bookworms. Selling books are the best thing you can do because you are giving and spreading knowledge to everybody.


It is another best small business ideas for beginners. Fast foods sell fast and easily on busy streets and towns. You can start a small business with a small stall that may sell fast foods such as hot dogs, small burgers, fries, golgappe, dumplings anything that you find easy and cheap to prepare and that sells smoothly.

You will be surprised at how much a person can make through these small stalls. Stalls are movable and you can move it to whichever place you find interesting and pleasing. Make sure the ingredients that you shall require are quite easy to find and are quite cheap so that your profit margin will be somewhat high.

We have seen many people getting brain drained about these because you do not want to be called as bhaiya ji. But trust me on this, everybody loves food and they will come to your stalls. We have seen food critics in Nepal as well such as Nepal.food,mr_foodienepal and so on. They are there to rate your food and bring your customers but only if you are among the best.


It is another top small business ideas for beginners. Courier service provides the facility of delivering stuff to various destinations. You don’t need to have knowledge of any sort of directions or places but what you do need is connection and agreement with the travel agencies or travels and tours companies that send their vehicles with passengers to various places.

You can receive the service charge from your clients and give a small part of your profit to the vehicles who deliver the goods to the required destinations. This must be one of the easiest tasks through which you can profit a much as you get the goods that need to be couriered.


It is another famous small business ideas for beginners. If you’re a baby-loving person, this must mean heaven to you. You can actually start daycare service for a few hours with your friends or volunteers to take care of kids for a decent amount of money. You don’t necessarily have to open a huge hall for this task.

You can simply do it at your home or at the children’s playground area and only take as many kids as much can handle to care for and look after. You take care of them for a few hours and boom, you shall earn a bit of money with your own business. This shall require minimum effort and also give you a lot of joy if you enjoy looking after small babies and kids.


It is another creative small business ideas for beginners. If you’re an artist and loves sketching, painting or making any sort of art, you must be utilizing your gift to support you financially. This business will give you joy as it involves your skill and gift as well as you will be able to earn some amount of money.

You can sell your artworks in stores or online whichever you prefer at a decent amount of money. Your art shall definitely be appreciated by many and also you shall have been advertising your brand of work as well. Never hesitate to showcase your art to the world. Be proud and flaunt your skills. Who knows how many bucks you can make by simply displaying your skills? People are always fascinated by what a person can do by hand.

Handmade products are still taken as one of the best and one of the most liked styles of products. So, if you have a set of skills to produce anything even slightly desirable you are good to start a business. With the emerging platform or social media, there will be many ways to generate income such as selling the product an also increasing followership in media which can be monetized.

Bags, purses, accessories, paintings, copy or duplicate paintings all can be done as a part of art and craft business. Remember to take a business view into things, think about efficiency and growth. The slight pressure at the beginning might turn out to pay much more it the future.


It is another trending est small business ideas for beginners. This business idea is somewhat similar to the one above. It involves your level of skill. People love getting their portraits being sketched. They shall be even more impressed if you show your skill on the spot.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. You can put on your own twist on it by making it abstract, giving it some cartoon effects or just be creative with paints. You are your own boss.


It is another trending small business ideas for beginners. If you have the proper knowledge as such to make web pages, you should know that companies pay a pretty decent amount of money to advertise their products through web pages.

You can offer your service to any organization or company that wants their service or product to be known to the public. Make a few bucks by simply putting up their products on your web page and design it as if you’re a professional.

  1. BAKING:

It is another top and trending small business ideas for beginners. If you enjoy baking for your family or friends, this one’s for you. No doubt there are a lot of people who enjoy and love bakery stuff. You can put out anything you like, for example, small muffins, cupcakes, cakes, pastries, cookies, just anything.

You can create your own brand by making it look cute or give a little twist of your own with letters or messages. Be creative and have fun and at the same time, make some money too.


It is another creative small business ideas for beginners. You don’t have to be an expert in makeup. Experiment and have fun. Don’t be surprised but learning makeup styles is not very hard. Practice and boost your makeup skills by trying on some of your friends or even your family members.

Then, if you’re somewhat decent enough, you can offer your service to some of your relatives, neighbors or even put it online. Easily make some money and voila, you have your small business through which you can make a few bucks.


It is another cute small business ideas for beginners. There must be a lot of dog lovers around you. They might own dogs as pets but they might not have enough time to walk them around because of their busy schedules. Grab the opportunity and offer your dog walking service. It might sound funny but it’s a pretty easy job to start with.

All you will need to do is walk their dogs around the park, play with them and have a good time. You can get your pay according to the number of hours. Fewer effort results in cash for you. Again going back to the culture of modern day society, people with their jobs have to travel a lot and they are constantly leaving their houses vulnerable to thieves. You can start a pet sitter or house sitter to consult these problems.

First of all, make sure to create a trustworthy environment for the customer cause no one will give you keys to their home without trusting. Make sure you give them all the contacts even of your people your ID number, family and friends and so on. Also, get some people to approve.

This will help to increase trust. For this start with people around the houses and your families and try giving them pet sitting and house sitting facilities see how they react and structure your plan accordingly. This is a very useful way to establish a business but key is to earning trust.

Pet sitting is also similar to house sitting. However in pet sitting you either take care of the pet taking it to your house or you take care of our client’s pet by feeding them or taking care of their bath and clean up times as well as nails, etc


It is another popular small business ideas for beginners. Hair salons are quite expensive. Even if you just need a little bit of a trim, they’ll just cost you hundreds of cash which is pretty unnecessary.

Just watch youtube and learn how to give a little trim or cut bangs, anything of your interest and then, make your learnings useful by offering your service of small hairdressing stuff. If you know how to color hair, even more, perfect business for you to start. Who knows what you might become with you start your business with small things as such.


It is another energetic small business ideas for beginners. Love taking pictures? Do you just take selfies or do you do much more with your camera? Surely you’re good with your camera lens and take great pictures of nature, animals, sky, green grass, flowers, trees, people and much more.

Just learn a bit of using the correct filters and editing your pictures just a tad bit and yes, you can now offer your service as a photographer. You should know that people actually pay a good sum of money for photographers.

You can be hired as a photographer in various events like parties, venues, programmes or even be hired by companies and organizations to take pictures of their models or products. Pretty much, you can give this work a little bit more effort if you’re planning to make more money.


It is another creative small business ideas for beginners. If you know how to play an instrument, for example, a guitar or a piano or an even drumset, you can plan to be hired by people to play in their events. It can be anything like a children’s party, at the clubs, different venues. B

e-confident in your skills and you can ready to make some money for yourself. Be creative with song choices and the music you put in and also have fun with what you can do.


If you do not have a phobia of the stage and speaking in front of people, then you are suitable for being a public speaking person. You can be hired by various agencies, companies, and organizations to speak about their product on their behalf praising and advertising their services or products as you wish.

You can also become a motivational speech giving the person who inspires others as well as encourages them to do better. If you are successful in doing so, you can always make good money being a speaker enjoying it at the same time.


If you’re just in your free time and want to utilize your time making money as well as improving your communication skills, then you can easily take the job of becoming a salesperson. It’s easy. Offer your service to a commercial company and make deals with them as per your desire.

Make money with your sales. The more you sell, the more percent of profit you get. You can either choose to go door to door to sell the products or take up a job at the store.

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