Sinkholes in Nepal – in Beautiful Tourist Place Pokhara City

Sinkholes in Nepal – in Beautiful Tourist Place Pokhara City

Sinkholes in Nepal. Some Sinkholes appeared in Pokhara city, beautiful tourist place of Nepal. Sinkholes in Pokhara swallows up and increased Fears on population of Pokhara and geologists of Nepal. Pokhara is the beautiful tourist attraction place of Nepal.

More sinkholes are appeared in Pokhara, Nepal. Sinkholes are appeared in the entire Thulibesi Phant, Armala village in Kaski district, around 1.5 km away from the Pokhara Sub-Metropolitan City. Sinkholes in Pokhara is increasing fear in local peoples of Pokhara. Around 14 households have left the sinkholes area of Pokhara, Nepal. Photos credit goes to Facebook. Sinkholes in Nepal is spraying fears. Sinkholes in Nepal are not like Sinkholes in Florida. We can’t compare Sinkholes of Pokhara to Sinkholes of Florida. But Sinkholes of Pokhara are very dangerous sign for Nepal.

Sinkholes in Nepal : in Pokhara City, Beautiful Tourist Place of Nepal

In the past three weeks,, there are about 40 such holes are appeared in Pokhara and around the Pokhara city of Nepal. Some sinkholes are five feet deep and 5.5 feet in diameter. They have appeared in the 0.5km area that has 51 households. Some holes are big enough to take in an entire room of a house and they are fast expanding.

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According to the Krishna KC, a geographer and former chief of the Department of Geography at the Prithvi Narayan Multiple Campus in Pokhara, the number of sinkholes is likely to go up. He added that the settlement was built in an area where a rivulet used to run in the past.


Krishna Kc said that the floods that occurred in the Seti river deposited huge amounts of boulders, silt and sand underneath where Armala is situated. “Increased development activities and construction led to loosening of the underground surface, mainly constituting of thick deposits of calcareous soil (calcium carbonate). Moreover, the seepage of surface and rain water contributed to the loosening of the soil, resulting in sinkholes.”

As we know that Krishna Kc was involved in preparing the geological map of Pokhara Valley in 1998. He said that the document had clearly mentioned that some areas around Pokhara Sub-Metropolis were ‘geologically vulnerable’ and had warned people against building houses in such places.

Chief District Officer Yadav Prasad Koirala said unplanned construction and increased human activities are mainly responsible for this ‘ecological disaster.’ “The settlers should have considered the risks of building houses and roads in the wetland area in the first place,” he said.


For now, the local authorities are filling up the sinkholes of Pokhara. Although this is not a long-term solution to the problem.

The first sinkhole in Pokhara, Nepal was appeared about three weeks ago.

Sinkholes in Pokhara City, Beautiful Tourist Place of Nepal

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