25 Signs A Man Is Falling In Love With Woman Deeply – Feelings Of Love

  1. He laughs more when he’s with her:

He may be more nervous with her than with other girls. He laughs a lot more than normal. He laughs a lot at anything dull she says, or he giggles at something serious she said. He reserves his laughter only for her. He does everything to make her laugh.

He jokes more to her than to anyone else or even he tries harder to make his girl happy. Men in love recognize: He listens attentively to her, hugs her, answers what she says and remembers at the next meeting that she loves yellow gummy bears and got a scar on her knee as a child etc.

  1. He always finds some excuse to touch her:

It’s natural for a boy to try to touch her more often not inappropriately of course. If she is sitting side by side when he tries to touch her with knees to knees or feet. He “accidentally” touches her feet with his. If she is in a group of friends and he plays pushing, poking or just playing with her.

He always ends up touching or rubbing subtly at her sometimes. But if he’s too shy, he might not try to touch her and even be a bit intimidated when he’s around her. He will strive to get closer to her in all possible ways. The goal will be to enter her privacy zone.

He will look at her straight in the eye, then take her hand for example. He will try to establish a contact both visual and physical to show her how much he likes her. He wants to establish the intimacy between them. Always for the same reasons he will try to graze her arm crossing her, pass a hand on her shoulder passing near her, or in her hair. He prepares the surprise for her.

Through all these little touches he wants to show her his feelings, in a way other than physical. It’s a feeling he has been looking for all his life. It is an elusive combination of emotion and biological drive that is rarely satisfied in life or in love.

His hand brushes over here, or he gently touches her back to let her go somewhere when they are together. Everything is very respectful, but also shows clearly his desire for intimacy, because he is secretly in love with her.

  1. He always stares at her or keeps looking at her:

The eyes matter most. When you fall for someone, you involuntarily keep your eyes focused on the object of your affection. Humans are naturally adept at eye contact. Like during math class instead of paying attention to the class, he keeps staring at her. He does not take his eyes off of her on the other side of the canteen. He gets flushed and looks away, or just be embarrassed that she has him “caught” looking at her.

This boy does not understand why all the others do not pull the language in unison on his way. For him, his girl is a beautiful goddess and feels that all the others also should feel the same way toward her. He feels the need to see her all the time, he looks for her without stopping the look (a little like a puppy who spotted a fly).

For him, she is the most beautiful person, so he feels a huge attraction towards her and this makes him even unconsciously cannot stop seeing her. A boy in love cannot take his eyes off the woman he loves, so if he stares at her, even when she is distracted or doing something, it’s because he has deep feelings for her.

It is not the only thing. One of the most revealing elements in the body language of a man in love is the fixed gaze. The one that follows her wherever she goes. The one that looks for her when she goes away. A look that does not go anywhere else, while she stays, comes or goes.

  1. He gets choppy next to her:

Restlessness is a great sign of nervousness. The guy in love tends to wrap the cord around his coat, chew on his fingernails, wipe imaginary dirt on his shirt, or kick the air when he is with her. He moves his arms and other parts of his body more than usual.

He becomes nervous about not knowing how to act when they are together. He plays with his cell phone or looks at it just by looking. This does not necessarily mean that he is bored and wants to talk to someone else, but rather that he is nervous about talking to her.

The nerves are a telltale sign, especially because they can not be controlled, although their voice sounds safe, there are always nervous types, movements in the hands or even sweat. If he is a smoker, he smokes not in the usual way in front of her. He usually sucks the cigarette firmly and a little in a hurry. Because of his nervousness, the way he smoked was not normal in general.

  1. He gets more concerned about his looks and appearance:

The boy in love tends to give more attention to oneself. He always fixes his hair, looks in the mirror or another reflective surface, cleans his sneakers or tidies up his shirt or pants when he is with her. In short, he wants to be flawless for his love. He touches his face regularly when he is in front of her.

He passes his hand several times in his hair and the neck, he touches his lips or his ear lobes … These are sensitive areas, often asked to show the love that is worn to someone. He is even willing to change his appearance as she wants, just to attract her attention.

From those who initially did not like to take a shower, he often takes a shower, from wearing the dirty clothes to being fragrant, from the plaid he suddenly becomes cool. He also wants to look attractive for his girl.

  1. His face lights up when his love shows up:

If she shows up, whether in the classroom or at a birthday party his face lights up, his eyes open and a smile appears on his face. He may not come along immediately and may act more timidly, but this first reaction shows that he may even be in the end for her.

His face shines and he turns around or disguises instead of coming at her immediately. The face offers a lot of these small, discreet gestures that are true ways to know someone’s feelings. Love makes him happy and he always has a strong tendency to smile.

And all the more when he looks at her and is moved. A small smile shows just as well his feelings as a toothy smile. He tries his level best to hide his smiles but obviously loves cannot be hidden. When he is in love, this boy will not only approach the woman he is appraising.

But also tries to get closer to the woman’s close friends. At times, when he by chance bumped into her, he looks at her eyes and tries to pay attention to her by looking back. For him, it would be like looking at an angel in heaven.

  1. He gives full attention when she speaks:

He turns his body towards her, makes eye contact and not look at other friends or send messages during the conversation (unless he uses the cell phone as a crutch, for being nervous). His friends pass by but he does not pay attention, or he keeps not looking around.

He feels there is the only person in the world for him and he needs to pay the full attention to her. He looks at her closely, respond to what she says and seems well involved. However, he can also be so nervous that he can drop out, by being too busy worrying about what to say! He listens to his girl very carefully. He succumbs to her charm and directs to all the senses that Mother Nature has given her.

The equation is simple, he wants to know her, so he’s listening to her. He feels her emotion, an injustice when she gets offended and even raves when she has the stomach flu. He remembers her favorite dish or her city of heart. He creates the enthusiasm and interest with which he learns to know her, the tastes and details of the beloved girl will remain etched in his mind with time.

He not only listen, but he also asks, but he also talks to her or tries to engage her in other conversations. Because he has not only interest in her, her opinions, but also simply the desire for the greatest possible contact with her.

  1. He feels good about himself all the time:

He realizes that he is hyperactive about the person he loves. Being in love is like being high. Most of the bodily symptoms that are felt by the boy in love are the same: increased energy, increased heart rate and blood pressure (especially when you see the person), and inability to sleep or eat.


These symptoms occur because the brain produces even more dopamine when someone is in love. The brain also produces more of chemical norepinephrine when we are in love, accelerating the heart when we are nervous. So the boy madly in love not only feels the love inside but his body also shows that he is delighting in love.

  1. He will not stop thinking about her:

Suddenly, his girl would be the or one existing for him in the universe. He always thinks about her, always wants to talk to her and tries to make her happy. He will then storm her with third-grade jokes dressed with smileys, photos of inanimate objects like cups, desks.

And then poems, aphorisms, footage of kittens, which she has already seen on Fb last week. All these gestures he shows because he only thinks about her. He spends hours on the phone with her before falling asleep, to tell her the details of his adventurous life, between master and business meetings.

Because he wants her to know all about him and only him only. He wants her to understand that he is as good as anyone ever. He thinks of her all or almost all day. He calls her very often, he asks for the people closest to her, he is very precise with her. The silent lover talks with other people about the woman he loves. He idolizes her and lives pending what he says and does, although he does not know how to speak to her directly.

He longs for her partner. It does not stop being strange to him for more than they have been dismissed a couple of hours ago. It’s instantaneous and especially when they say goodbye. He may feel stress resulting in feeling anxiety and depression.

  1. Feels strong love just for her:

A boy in love makes her real love. After a good dinner, he takes her home. A few minutes later, he makes love like beavers. In his head, he has just crossed a decisive course. He is doing Love with a big “A” …He no longer imagines himself as the star of his own adult film, he pays attention to her, what she feels, what she expects from him: a new ingredient has appeared, tenderness.

Indeed, his goal is to make her scream with pleasure to share the intimacy that only lovingly making love can bring. He not only connects to her mind but emotionally bit also physically so that the love of his life does not seek anything from other guys. He wants to become the one for her.

He makes gifts, such as flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals or any other detail, because he feels he has found the woman of his life. They will hardly have this type of detail with someone they consider to be a passenger in their life.

  1. He tends to protect her in every way:

The most important change in the psychology of the boy in love is that she has become important to him, and anything that can happen to her is felt almost personally. If she is happy, he is too. If she is sad he is too. So, no question of seeing her suffer, and for that, he will seek to protect her.

For example, even in the simple situation, he demonstrates his love like by saying: “Do you want the rest of my fries, you’ve eaten almost nothing? (He is ready to share his food, it’s not anything, that …), “I blow on your coffee? It’s a little hot “. He is even on the verge of being kicked back to her boss if she is a little overworked.

When a man does skinship (holding hands, for example) it means he wants to show the world that his partner has become his property. He wants to protect and make his partner comfortable.

  1. A loving boy wants to live with his love:

Well, that’s it, he’s so crazy about her that his great lonely instinct is falling apart. He is ready for her to move together, or another brand new, with her. And what is clearer than giving her (at first) the keys of his room so she can come and go whenever she wants.

He wants to show her that he has nothing to hide from her. And that, she can completely trust him. He shows her that he never wants to leave her side and that he has matured and grown in the relationship. He wants to take it seriously and for a long time.

  1. Changes in his attitude:

He suddenly remembers all the dates and the anniversary: Many girls complain that boys are careless and sometimes forget dates and anniversaries. When he is in love, those details that would usually elude him begin to happen to him because the manifest interest stimulates the emotional attention of the mind and therefore makes it more receptive.

He not only remembers the date but also prepares for the surprising gesture or detail that reveals a different attitude. He searches for her, calls her, goes shopping with her when he usually avoids the confusion of shops. He is willing to do things for her that don’t interest him, but that gives her pleasure.

While enjoying her company, he is ready to enter a feminine universe that he knows little about and that perhaps even frightens him. Falling in love can actually make a man busier. He always feels the desire to meet her in many ways.

For example, being active in the activities of his girl or taking her home. He does all this just for meeting more often and hang out more with the idol of his heart.

  1. He has the Admiration for his girl:

He forgets all the defects and focuses on the virtues of his girl, admires her effort, her responsibility, her desire to get ahead by overcoming all the obstacles of life. He not only praises her every minute but recognizes and motivate the actions and behaviors that she performs, the talents, the sense of humor, the good attitude, strength, and abilities.

He talks all the time, wonders about her with his friends, family or also tells her directly everything he admires about her. He considers her as the ideal person and has the feeling that he could not find a better person than her in life. His girl becomes his priority. When a person is in love many times it makes the loved one his priority first and foremost.

So he will always prefer to make a plan with her than with any other person and if he does not, he will try to get her involved so that she also attend. A boy who is hopelessly in love does not criticize his beloved, he may be annoyed by something of her behavior. But he will never make a negative comment about her, on the contrary, he will always be willing to help her without judging.

In many occasions, a boy may not say “I love you” frequently, but when he is really in love he does not use words, but actions to make it evident. He accepts her shortcomings unconditionally. He actually encourages her to be more accepting and loving herself. He sees her in a certain way. In short, for him, she will be the goddess who has no single fault and only rare qualities.

  1. He wants to fully commit to his girl:

When a boy loves, he really commits in body and soul to protect, provide, respect and provide stability to his love. It is a matter of maturity and having well-established goals and objectives that he wants in life. It is a feeling acquired by oneself, nobody can force a person to commit.

The commitment is with his values, beliefs, customs and above all with his own love. He will never think of being unfaithful, abandoning or leaving his girlfriend. He wants to be the only occupant in the heart of his girl. He wants her to talk about him and not think about anyone else. He takes his time though broken from the job, but would like to see her anyway.

Whenever he has to travel, he wants to say goodbye to her. Well, this man is just getting all his legs off to spend time with her. He not only plans for the next date but also plans for next summer. He knows what makes her happy. He listens attentively to her during the last conversation and knows that she loves pink roses more than red ones and that she would die for these little licorice sweets, which are almost nowhere to be found.

At the next meeting, he serves her, which gives her so much pleasure. Just because he wants to see her smile.

Author: Ankur Pradhan