25 Signs A Man Is Falling In Love With Woman Deeply – Feelings Of Love

Feelings of love – Signs A Man Is Falling In Love With Woman Deeply:- Love, although difficult to define, is above all a feeling of fusion with another. It results in physical and psychological symptoms. Indeed, when we are in love, our behavior changes: we can then be excited, have problems with sleep, appetite.

In short, our body and our mind are turned upside down, but for the good cause. Indeed, the feeling of love is something positive, which gives us a feeling of well-being and pleasure, when it is shared. A man in love is no different from a woman in love! The feelings of love, desire and attachment are universal emotions.

If you are in love with him and feel certain things in his presence, there is a good chance that your partner will feel them too. That means a man of variant age will undergo the same feeling too. Here are some feelings that a boy feels when he is in love.

25 Signs A Man Is Falling In Love With Woman Deeply – Feelings Of Love

  1. Feel to Impress her all the time:

If the boy has a crush on a girl, he will do anything to impress her. He will want her to find him brave, fun, cool or even crazy. He starts saying or doing something planned to impress his girl. He tries to show off when he is practicing sports, brags about the awesome weekend plans, tries doing something crazy like jumping in the pool.

He keeps looking at her while showing off to make sure she’s watching or to see her reaction. While she’s not there, he will hardly show off. But in front of her, it’s the opposite. For example, he starts telling a ridiculous joke or juggling oranges as soon as she walks in the door, this behavior of him is just for her. He leans towards you while talking, stands especially at the moment they meet, he will throw his shoulders back, pull out his chest and stand up.

It is a position of empowerment. He prepares to go for what he wants. He really loves her when he listens to her, supports her and is capable of being sensitive to and needs.

  1. He’s jealous of the other guys the girl communicate with:

This is another indication that the boy is in love. He gets jealous of the guys she goes out with, it can only be for one reason: he likes her and feels threatened by them. Boys have different ways of showing that they are jealous of other guys. He makes fun, be rude or aggressive with them, or just roll his eyes and move away from them.


If he is jealous of the guys around her, it is because he is in order to have more time alone with his girl. He will not admit that he is jealous, of course. However, he realizes that he constantly says that his friend is a zero on the left or asks why he is friends with a weirdo, then this is the way he expresses that he prefers to spend time with her. He humiliates his friends then he definitely is jealous of them.

Although this behavior can be a problem if he is rude, just the fact that he is not overbearing from time to time means he has a crush on her. Basically, men find it difficult to hide what they feel. Including when he saw someone he liked along with other men. If this really happens, then he will react immediately. As for sometimes the reaction that appears is not realized or takes place reflexively, for example showing a face that is not happy.

  1. He always makes an excuse to stay with her:

When the boy is in love, he will want to spend as much time as possible with her. He may suggest that they study together after school or invite her to watch a movie with a group of friends at the mall. He goes to a party just because he knows she will be there.

When she asks what he is doing and conveniently he says that he was thinking of doing the same thing. If it seems that he has been around more often and is doing the same things, it may be because he is in order for you. He may be too shy to be alone with her but if he and other friends are always around, it can still mean that he likes her. He always engineers the ways so that an upcoming meeting with her will happen.

Whether he tells her directly that he wants to have an appointment with her, that he always makes plans that involve her or that he does not tell her anything but that by “chance” she is always finding him everywhere. It’s because he tries to see her as often as possible because he loves being by her side.

He wants to do crazy things for her which can range from leaving a class to go to see her, travel all day just to be a few hours with her and even go to live in another country to be by her side. The boy in love misses even more than women, but never says so, since he thinks it may sound corny.

But when he finally meets the love of his life, he can hardly hide the taste she gives him and above all the love he feels for her. A boy in love silently looks for any excuse to be near the woman he is in love with. In meetings of friends, group outings or even at work will do everything possible to get close to the woman he is interested in.

  1. He tries to flirt with her:

It is not always easy to know when a boy is flirting. A lot of that depends on his age – if he’s in high school, the way he flirts can be even teasing or mocking her. Each age and stage of life has a slightly different definition of flirting, but the main thing is that he only pays attention to her, he spends more time with her than with others, he plays with something she says, do or wear, and usually only gives attention to her.

Even when he teases then it means that he’s flirting with her. He teases her by always wearing purple or he always flips his earrings, he is flirting. He pushes or nudges her gently, it’s the way he flirts and draws close to her. He causes her so much to give a special nickname, he is definitely flirting with her.


He seeks to please the woman of his dreams by means of presents and surprise gifts that he sends home, although he often sends them without a card or signature. The same happens with love letters or anything else that arrives in the mail, always without a signature as if it were a secret admirer.

  1. He tends to treat her differently from other girls:

A key indicator of whether a boy is in love is how he treats other girls. If he treats the other girls exactly the same way he treats his girl, then he may not be in love. But if he flirts with her and ignores or does not care much about the other girls, then he may have a crush on her.

He may pay attention to the other girls and kind of ignore them- it seems confusing, but that also means that he likes her but he is shy. He may even be more polite and kind to her than to other girls. He holds the door or pulls the chair for her more than the others? Every day he sends her messages, gifts or surprise appointments are proof that he thinks of her regularly and wants to let her know. And he has only one thing in mind: to see her and make her happy.

He introduces her to his circle of friends and/or family, he often offers her to do things with him or he plans future projects together because she has become important to him.

  1. He does favors for her:

He does small favors for her and tries to help her in any way he can. Something like throwing away the trash for her in the classroom. Help her carry her books. Check for what time a particular movie will start. Even the little things count. He does everything to be useful to her.

And it is only with and for her, but not with other girls, he is doing favors because he has a crush on you. The fact that he does favors for her means that he is considerate of what she needs. He agrees to serve as a coat rack in front of the dressing room of an overheated store, has a tea at her cousin’s house or hit a marathon Desperate Housewives for twelve hours just to be with her.

Indeed, he becomes able to sacrifice his personal well-being just for her pleasure, it’s really something for a boy. When a man sacrifices his time, space, dreams or interest to help or be next to the woman he loves, without a doubt he is hopelessly in love.

  1. He asks if she likes someone:

The boy asks if she likes or is in order for someone is a very clear sign that he is in love. Maybe he asks being jealous or nervous because he thinks she likes one of the others, or maybe he’s waiting for you to say that she likes him. It may not be the most subtle way to deal with it, but most boys do not know how to react. He’s always teasing or bothering her about liking someone.

  1. He is always looking for subtle ways to greet her:

He may not say something as obvious as “you look so pretty today,” but he certainly pays attention to his girl, she looks, what she does or what she is wearing all the time. He also compliments on her talent in sports, her intelligence in the classroom or talk about how much he loves her jokes.


While some individuals are too shy to praise personality or talents, instead of just doing the most obvious things, it can also be a way for them to show that they are madly in love with that girl.

  1. He tries to figure out her plans:

He always asks what she will do on the weekend. He asks to be sure that she is not going to any meetings because he is jealous. The question may also be a way to call her out, or maybe he’s waiting for her to call him out.

If he wants to know what she is going to do outside of school, it’s probably because he wants to be a part of it. He says something simple, like “are you going to do something fun this weekend?” As soon as she says no, he seizes the moment to call her out. Similarly, when the girl says that she is going out with her friends, there is a noticeable relief on his face because she is not dating any boys.

The boy who falls in love needs to see her, to talk to her. In fact, he needs her to know that he exists. And for that, he sticks to you. Does he keep inquiring the girl like What are you doing tonight? And with who? You want me to come with you? The love of his life becomes the eighth Wonder of the world. And when he finds out that his girl is going on a date with some other guy, he reacts more emotionally: scarlet face and yet he breathes (strong), clenched teeth, contracted buttocks. In short, a boy in love will be well-attached to her.

Like mold on a rock. A boy truly in love will do everything possible to find the woman he loves, regardless of the place or time. What he wants is to be by her side. Of course, phone calls or chats are no longer enough for a boy who is in love. He also wants to meet her and spend more time with her.

Drink coffee, cinema, go for a walk, cook together …he makes it noncommittal at first then he tries to become more and more intimate at meetings. He asks her quickly after the next date, but he wants more and has perhaps already secretly crush.

  1. He opens up for her:

He opens up about some things that he thinks and feels. He talks about his favorite pet, siblings, friendships or even dreams for the future. He tells her personal things, and he even says something like, “I do not tell this to everyone,” or “It’s not everyone who knows about me,” then he thinks she’s special.

He feels more comfortable opening up to her than to most people. He shows himself open and vulnerable to her. He admits his nakedness, weaknesses, and blemishes before her. Yes, love involves a deep connection.

This means that the boy allows her to see more about him. He takes you to friends, colleagues, and family. He brings her into their lives for potential long-term relationships.