Shreya Ghosal in Nepal – Shreya Ghosal Live Performance in Nepal

Shreya Ghosal in Nepal – Shreya Ghosal Live Performance in Nepal

Shreya Ghosal is a famous female singer of Bollywood. She has made her own image in the crowd of many singers.  Shreya has not limited herself in Bollywood only but apart from outside form the Bollywood. Bollywood is also the largest platform which makes the coal into diamond when actors and any small actor reach on its platform. Shreya is also one of those actors and singer who has made their own recognition by their melodious and sentimental songs. Her singing has made the fan to everyone.

She is also taken has one of the highly expensive singers of Nepal due to her popularity in Bollywood, she has even not timed to manage their concerts due to concerts requests performance. She is busy in their own singing new and modifying the songs.Almost, she enters in every movie. Because of her sweet voice and melodious singing style, her voice gets fits almost any actress. That is also the one reason which has made her so popular in very few days. Her personality and identification have own shining and blare which gives the admirable and adorable identity.

All over the India, her song is heard . She has not the fan of young age but also the adult. Her performances in the many awards, function, and TV shows, has  also achievement many popularity and made her popular. Her stepping up and  increment in singing song has also supporting her in the brightness of career and increment in popularity. Due to her voice range and singing style has made everyone craze. She has created her own image and status in the eyes of people. Shreya is not only singer but also give their precious time towards social servicing. In Bollywood, Shreya has their own image and place but in outer world, she has created her own identity which is also very beneficial factors them. She is very beautiful in looks as she has beautiful voice too. She looks also adds the glare on their voice and her voice also increase the radiation of her looks. By its both mixture,  her personality get increase.

She has recently got married hand has become the mother. Still leaving far from the Bollywood, she has not left the profession of singing. She has dedicated their whole life to singing and making others happy and pain-free.  It is said that, when you listen to the song of your favorite singer, you even forget your pain might before while. Actually, it is right because her voice touches our heart and emotion. We even obliged to thinks and start to connect the chapters of evidence with the lyrics and s singing style of songs.  Among all that observation and feeling, her voice has also touched the heart of millions of people. This is also the reason, she has raise like the sun in the worlds of singing has established very soon with prideful personality. Her entry in Bollywood and in the heart of people has not any barriers and pins. Her songs easily trapped the emotions, hurts, pains, and the problem of the singer. Her songs like Dola Dola re Dola has made her popular and recognized in Bollywood and commonly.

About the Live Performance concerts held in Nepal:

Everywhere there is discussion and news delivery to people to people that Shreya Ghosal is coming to Nepal for their concerts. The news has become viral on social sites.  As a popular singer of Bollywood, come in Nepalese land, it sure that it becomes the big news. There are many actors and actress who has landed in Nepal for their personal objective might be for visiting or any shows participation. Many person who is the fan of Shreya Ghosal is waiting for the festival that when does the date will come. The nearer date coming is increasing their hoping and expression.  There are millions of fans who love Shreya and like to hear the songs of Shreya Ghosal.

Shreya Ghosal Live Concert Performance in Nepal

Shreya Ghosal Live Concert Performance in Nepal

There will not be any mobiles who music box has not the songs of Shreya Ghosal. If her song is not there, that means she or he does not have hobbies and do not likes to listen to the songs of Shreya Ghosal. Even from child to adult age person, likes to listen her song. Shreya is going to present her performance in Kathmandu. The preparation of welcoming and greeting is going on. Tickets are also selling through online and specific place. Many people who  are far from the ticket shop, are booking their ticket through online. Many people who have never shown her life, want to show her life in front of them. People who love their favorite places, have great desire to meet with them.Similarly, Shreya Ghosal has also able to win the heart of Nepalese people  by their painful and sentimental songs. Her songs  in different movies have different words and different meaning which has painted the heart of many youth to other adult group person. Due to so also, there has been started the gossips and prose of Shreya Ghosal coming in Nepal.

The operator team has announced its booking ticket through the different ways.People can buy it in their own ways whatever he or she like to book it. There are different categories of a ticket for every class. the ticket has been divided into three class. First is in very special and VIP class, the second one is a special class and the third one is normal and audiences.The different ticket has different facilities and services provided by the organizer team. The rates of ticket define the services and seats in the auditorium.


There is VIP guest who deserves the first row seats because of their special class. The organizer team has not yet defined the time and date when will she arrives in Kathmandu. But they have given the assumption time in December near to Happy New Year.  Nepal does not follow the international calendar. Although, there seem the bunches of celebration everywhere made by the youth. Most of the organizer has started planning for celebration for happy new year. According to some related organizer committee, it has been exposed out that, the performances will be held at the end of December targeting the New Year.

Some evergreen fact about  Shreya Ghosal:


she mostly does not seem n any public place for gaining the popularity.Because she thinks the popularity is only achieved by people characters, careers and success.  She mostly focuses on their own singing career and always looks active and courage for promoting their singing levels. Her songs and singing style is also promoting her with new and adorable aspiration being girls, she has acquired such the big fame and popularity is really not the simple things. Maybe the great and rich person take it simply. But for the family whose background does not have anyone recognition and relationship with any of the actors and filmmakers become very difficult to stand in the places of fame and prestige.

Her achievement has become the aspiration of millions of girls all over in India and out of India too. Her lifestyles and careers are also copied, by many girls. If we look her starting careers, then also we can assume that the morning shows the day get appropriately suited to her life. She has started singing at the age of 4 which also signifies that her devotion and dedication towards the music and singing is really indefinable and immortal. She has sacrificed their great labors and hard work, efforts for becoming the not better but the best singer of the India. That is why from early childhood, she has started doing the shows and staking participated in many programs. Her family has supported her very much. So, her family contribution also cannot be hidden and forgettable.  Even any man gets victors by taking someone support and grasping someone hands nut even only so, then also by taking other blessings. Shreya family also have a dream to establish her daughter in a paragraph of limelight and inspiration. She has now become the inspiration million girls. She has achieved her success at every child age. her voice has started to show the magic on people heart at very small age.

Her hard work is also remarkable which has given her such the big output. And now she is treated as melodious voice singer rich in versatile performance. Being playback singer, not all the singer get recognized and achieves such huge popularity. Many playback singers are even not known by the people. They sing the song I the back and get lost in their home through the back. There are many singers who came in playback song of the movies but not even stand for few years. A  lot of playback singer appears in Bollywood industry and get disappear in Bollywood. But Shreya Ghosal is only one singer who is even getting the songs from Bollywood due to rich in their voice and beautiful heart. She has not only made the outer people crazy but also the Bollywood.Her voice has un-comparable magic that makes people really trapped on her favors and mood of the songs.

 Life and Lifestyles:

She loves to love the simple life and being married girls, it also becomes needs and boundary to limit self in the social looks and respectable behavior.When the girls get married, the responsibility is added to them because their boundary gets expand.  Although she has children whois now very small. That is why also, she is not giving more time in performance and visiting places outside of India. Shreya does not have a habit of drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.The matter is presented here because there is much celebrity who has a habit of drinking and smoking. Many celebrities have done the problem and conflict publicly in a drunk mood.  Far from all these incidences, Shreya has maintained herself as social girls, social wife, social actress, and singer. And her socially can be shown in singing. She does not have high-class lifestyles but have high class voice and personality. As she has reach on the present platform by taking the tastes of many defeat and punches. So she better know that the steps of ups and downs of life.

As she has started taking the music class only at the age of 4  which has made her matured at the very early age in the singing sector. The present result is the input and hard works of the childhood. Shreya has not become such mature by taking the local music class but has also taken the playback music training from Padma Shree Late Kalyanji  Bhai. After taking training and learning as well as a large practice have to access them on the summit of present success.  Ghosal has won many awards in Bollywood as bet singer as the best playback singer and much more. She came in the eyes of people when she becomes able to won the great singing show of India that Is ”SA RE GA MA PA”. After getting a victory from it she has never looked back in her careers. Her success rates and graph has serially gone upward.

She has also desire apart from singing. Besides her standing in the music industry, she may were maybe an astronaut or genetic engineer if she would not become a singer. Being the richness of sweetness of voice, she has given her voice not only in Bollywood movies but also in many Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and Telugu. She has spread her voice all over the movies industry in India.

She is busy in doing concerts and travel worldwide. During the series of doing concerts, she is coming to Nepal for giving her performance and making their own images in the mind of Nepalese. There are many followers of Shreya Ghosal in Nepal. Let looks the crows which will present at the date of the real concert.The organizing committee has expected that the ticket will be booked more than 20000. The ticket will be available in three class and their rates are also different. So people can buy the tickets according to their paying capacity.  The show and crowd will have lots of fun and memorable memory. Many Bollywood and actors have gone by showing their acts and action in Nepalese land. now the turns come to Shreya Ghosal.