Maha Shivratri is a yearly Hindu celebration to revere Lord Shiva. This year, the celebration falls on February thirteenth, to check the union of Shiva and Shakti. Celebrated in the respect of the Hindu God, Shiva the significance of the word ‘Shivratri’ truly means the signifying, ‘Extraordinary night of Shiva’.

Shivratri is a standout amongst the most religious celebrations for the Hindus, and consequently, it is seen with most extreme consideration and dedication. On Shivratri day, aficionados get done with wake-up routines; scrub down and after that watch quickly for the whole day.

Lovers should break the quick among dawn and before the finish of Chaturdashi Tithi to get the greatest advantage of the Vrat. It is trusted that watching the day religiously will free them from their wrongdoings, and satisfy their desires.

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Shivaratri Text SMS in Nepali : Shivratri Wishes Messages

This post is about to Shivaratri Text SMS in Nepali or Shivratri Wishes Messages. Shivratri festival is one of the great Hindu festivals relates to Lord Shiva. It is also knonw as Maha Shivaratri parwa in Nepal.

That is why we need some Maha Shivratri Message in Nepali Language. Say, we need some Shivratri wishes SMS in Nepali bhasa. We have Happy Shivratri messages in Hindi as well.

For wishing happy Shivratri 2019 or Happy Shivratri 2075 B.S. to your friends and relatives, we have here many happy Shivratri SMS, messages, wishes and Shayari in Nepali Language. You can check Maha Shivaratri wishing SMS and message in English language as well.

Shivaratri Text SMS in Nepali : Wishes Messages No. 1

Mero bhole baba lai manaunu chha
Sara bigreko kaam banaunu chha,
Yo Mahashivratri ma tapai sabai lai mero taraf bat hardik subhkamana
Happy Shivaratri 2075 !
Happy Shivratri 2019 !!

Happy mahashivratri Greeting Cards wallpapers quote image pictures photos wishes message Nepali
Happy mahashivratri Greeting Images in Nepali
Shivaratri Text SMS in Nepali : Wishes Messages No. 2

Jai Shiv Shankar, Bhole Nath, Neel Kanth, Pashupatinath, Mrityujay. Shivji ko 5 Nam sadaib japnu, shivratri ko Pawan Avasar tapai lao shubh nai shubh hos.
Happy Shivaratri 2075 !
Happy Shivratri 2019 !!

Shivaratri Text SMS in Nepali : Wishes Messages No. 3

shiv satay 6,
shiv anant 6,
shiv anadi 6,
shiv bhagwant 6.
shiv omkar 6,
shiv bramh 6,
shiv shakti 6,
shiv bhakti 6,
Aaj bhagwan shiv ko naman gar.
Unko aashirwad sadaib hami lai mili rahos.
shivratri ko shubhkamana.
Happy Shivaratri 2075 !
Happy Shivratri 2019 !!

Happy mahashivratri Greeting Cards wallpapers quote image pictures photos wishes message Nepali
Happy Shivratri Greeting Images in Nepali
Shivaratri Text SMS in Nepali : Wishes Messages No. 4

“Maha Shivratri Ko yo Paavan parwa ma tapai sabai lai mero tarf bat hirday dekhi nai hardi mangalmay shubhakamana
Happy Shivaratri 2075 !
Happy Shivratri 2019 !!

Shivaratri Text SMS in Nepali : Wishes Messages No. 5

Man ma shiv ko bhakti hos—
Tan ma shivka pyar hos
Sabai bhakta haru lai bolenath kripa prapta hos.
jay jay bholenath.
Jai Pashupatinath
Happy Shivaratri 2075 !
Happy Shivratri 2019 !!

Happy mahashivratri Greeting Cards wallpapers quote image pictures photos wishes message Nepali
Happy mahashivratri Greeting Images in Nepali

May lord Shiva shower his favorable gifts on you and your family. May satisfaction and harmony encompass you with his everlasting adoration and quality. Upbeat maha Shivaratri!

Om namah Shivaya … may every one of your petitions be replied on this maha Shivaratri … and may lord Shiva favor you with joy, favorable luck, and success.

On this sacred event of maha Shivaratri, numerous welcome to every one of you. May lord Shiva give his endowments on you joy, success, and harmony.


As you offer your supplications on maha Shivartri … may lord Shiva expel all hindrances and make your desires work out as expected. Maha Shivaratri!

Om namah Shivaya … wishing on maha Shivaratri, that you be enriched with lord Shiva’s gifts of power, wisdom, and happiness!

On this sacred event of maha Shivaratri, i wish that your petitions be replied and you be honored with favorable luck and good fortunes!

On this favorable night of maha Shivaratri… may you be showered with satisfaction alongside the celestial gifts of lord Shiva!

May lord Shiva and mata parvati shower their endowments to everybody. Wish all of you an extremely happy Shivaratri.

May the power and wisdom of lord Shiva … help you accomplish all you objectives throughout everyday life. Glad Shivaratri!

May the endowments of lord Shiva are with you… sending you my warm wishes on this maha Shivaratri!

May you favored with progress, success, and joy … and namah Shivaya … may the gifts of lord Shiva dependably be with you … happy Shivaratri!

A preview of tending to is proportionate to an hour of talk. The vernacular of the heart is every day. Affectability is simply expected to catch and speak with it. Appearing at your very own unique brilliance looks like hurting yourself with a neutralizing. Playful Shivaratri.

While one respects his existence is nothing, he will finish up being the owner of another’s. Have an upbeat Shivaratri.

No day is essentially too long for the fundamental who works. A decent partner is a perfect work of art in two section agreement. I expect you to have an awesome Shivaratri. I will see you quickly. I am thankful to the point which you landed into my world. You basically modified my life. Your liberality, grin the all out is so inebriating. I’m completely struck through your unfathomability. Have a satisfied and prosperous Shivaratri

Love isn’t ceaselessly something that we can mean unequivocally. It shifts from individuals to people. I need for you have several proper precedents this Shivaratri. Fun loving Shivaratri love. I wish you happy Shivaratri in the midst of the bleeding edge months and all the coming years love. May our simultaneousness be loved with a goddess!

I recognize as legitimate with the delicate of this Shivaratri will illuminate your life and fill it with each and every one of its blessings. May you have the simplicity and fortunes to get and satisfy your unattempt wishes! May goddess Shiva be with you in each improvement of your life! Perky Shivaratri.

May your existence be piled up with love, accomplishment, and bliss! May the radiance and flourishing tail you wherever you go! Shivaratri is a length of delight and energetic celebration. I am so blessed to have met you. I disregard your grin, your laugh, and your unstable voice.

My feelings are legitimate, and it’s my hankering for you on the occasion of Shivaratri. May you have splendid festivals! I long to fulfill you and after i meet you i surely would pick not to deceive you. Your sparkling eyes, the ones sweet grins are what make my world so worth abiding.

I am fixated on you as you’re to me. I am yours as you are mine. I am yearning for you to get all the satisfaction and each and every one of the endowments that you can cross facing. As time passes, our love for each other is making grade by survey. Our affection is getting more grounded little by near nothing. We are a match made in paradise.

We were expected to be as one. May all your worry and issues disappear in a squint of an eye settled! You arrived and pressed my void heart with all your veneration and warmth. I by no mean whatsoever felt what i feel while i am around you. It is the highest point of the line feelings on earth and i’m so appreciative to you.

I got you as my support. You are my fair and the highest point of the line present. I incredibly like your affection, warmth, and euphoria. You have stuffed my world with happiness and love. Youth if a while returned anyone had said i’d be charmed with someone i may have gotten over it.

Regardless, presently it has risen. I’m sure in so love that i need to spend anything is left of my world with you. You’re all i need and all i need. May you have all the joy and love! Perky Shivaratri for the most part dear. I’m demoralizing considering i won’t almost certainly experience this Shivaratri with you.

I am in addition vivacious that i can gobble up rest of my chance on earth with the glow for my lifestyles. Playful Shivaratri.

He who can’t shield calm can’t confer. Everybody guarantees his calm and is a captive to his attestation. Have a sporty Shivaratri.

.this Shivaratri, may you be regarded with right fortune, may this joyful season be the harbinger of fulfillment and thriving, as the holy event of Shivaratri is right here,& the air is stacked up with the spirit of mirth and love, ideally this festival could be stunning for u. I am aching for you bright Shivaratri.

.this Shivaratri, may you be regarded with marvelous fortune, may this bubbly season be the harbinger of joy and prospering, as the favored occasion of Shivaratri is right here,& the surroundings are stacked up with the spirit of cheer and love, ideally this glad season will be top notch for you. Wish you perky Shivaratri.

Today is the central Shivaratri. May goddess Shiva supply prosperous to you and on your family. May her central focuses be predictable with you.

I need this Shivaratri will pass on every one of you satisfaction, satisfaction, briskness, elation, incredible prosperity, inner harmony, energy, smartness, thriving, bliss, joy with respect to this world. May you and your family be constantly respected by methods for the superb presents of Shiva. Glad Shivaratri!

May this occasion be the harbinger of enjoyment and achievement. As the sacrosanct occasion of Shivaratri is here and the earth is stacked up with the spirit of exhilaration and love, ideally this festival will be huge for you!

May your lifestyles end up wonderful with the shades of supernatural quality and religion. Value each depiction of these applauding nine nights of hinduism!

May the goddess Shiva usher your world with happiness, satisfaction, buoyancy, fulfillment, extraordinary prosperity, internal harmony, energy, spruceness, thriving, euphoria, enjoyment, harmony, and positivism for the length of the year. Have an immense Shivaratri! Experience the occasion nearby your own family and buddies!


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