Facts about Sherpa of Nepal : Guide, Community, Dresses, Region

Get facts, information, ideas about Sherpa of Nepal related to sherpa guide, community, cultural and traditional dresses, living region etc. We have posted some general information about this indigenous people of Nepal.

Facts about Sherpa of Nepal : Guide, Community, Dresses, Region

Facts about Sherpa of Nepal  Guide, Community, Dresses, RegionSherpa is one of the indigenous people of Nepal. Sherpa is more famous in the world for the trekking and mountaineering like Mount Everest. According to linguists, the word sherpa means easterner, and this word comes from the Tibetan language. The ancestral place of these famous mountaineers is the northern side of the Solukhumbu district. The Sherpa people living mainly in hilly and himalayan region are found in Northern area of Nepal. They also have diversity in their local languages too. Their language closely match with the language to tribes living in Tibetan area.

The traditional habitat of the Sherpas also lies in the valley between the Dudh Koshi and Sun Koshi  rivers. The Sherpa language and script are   derived   from Tibetan. Sherpas are Buddhist.  Lhosar is their major festival. image source

They cremate their dead. They greet their guests with khada scarfs. Chhewa is performed  for the dead. Tourism, trade and farming are the major occupations of A Sherpa.

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