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75 Shadi Ki Salgirah Ki Shubhkamnaye in English:- Marriage is like a new chapter in your life now. You now have the opportunity to make new chapters for your lives together with your life partner. Now, the decision you make is not only yours, but it is also for the both of you. One decision can change the lives of both of you so always make wise decisions and of course, make sure that those wise decisions are always the right decision. Always talk out about your days, your problems with your life partner for they will always be with you. Let us pray for your beautiful marriage and brighter, fuller and happier days ahead. Happy marriage. May this bond last for a very long lifetime.

Close your eyes and thank God that you have found such a beautiful and honest and loyal life partner. You two are really a match made in heaven. You two really seem like God had handpicked both of you and placed them together to be matched forever. This marriage will definitely last more than just a lifetime. Have  a very happy marriage. Have a very beautiful life.

Did you wish upon a star for such a beautiful soul mate? If not, then how did so many perfect people find each other so perfectly. I am so much happy for both of you and I am so much happy that this marriage happened. May you always find peace and of course a lot of happiness in your life. Have a very happy marriage and always smile. Stay happy always.

You are just a ring away from the happiest moments of your life. This life is not only yours now, you are now sharing more than just half of part of it with your partner which is why they are called the better half of yourself. Just stay happy and always be there for each other. Your individual problem is now both of your problems. There is a well saying that goes sharing is caring. Well, now it is a long way to a lot of sharing and of course lots and lots of care. Have a very happy married life together. I wish you the best and the happiest days to welcome in your life.

What can you ask more than the most lovable person to be your partner for life? Your wish has come true now that you have found the love of your life. You will be sharing this life with your better half now. Just stay happy and always be there by each other’s side. This is such a beautiful bond. Never hurt each other’s feelings and always be the first person to make things better for the betterment of each other. All the best and the best of a lot of luck for both two of you. Always cherish even the smallest of the smallest moments in your life because life is so much uncertain so I suggest you live life to the fullest and always make happier memories. Wishing you a very happy and successful marriage.

You have always made the most correct choices in your life. And this time too, I believe that you still have made the most correct and wisest decision for your life. Have the best life and of course may you be blessed with only the most beautiful and happy moments. Always prosper and always cherish your beautiful life. Wishing you a very happy marriage.

Shadi Ki Salgirah Ki Shubhkamnaye in English congrats on your wedding anniversary image

Shadi Ki Salgirah Ki Shubhkamnaye in English

May this bond lasts an eternity and may you two blessed couple have the happiest moments ahead in your future. This is such a happy event that everyone will remember forever long. May God shower with so much happiness in the coming days. A very happy marriage to you two and of course I am very much happy as well as delighted for this beautiful moment.

A very happy marriage to the best couple in the world. I must say, God really put two perfect people together who are just more than perfect for each other. This is the best moment of your life. I hope you enjoy it to the fullest and of course, you need to make sure that you two always keep each other happy at all times forever and always. My blessing and well wishes are always with the two of you. God bless you two and may His almighty power always and forever keep this bond safe, sound and of course very much healthy. A very happy marriage to both of you. My best wishes are always with both of you two. Always smile and always stay beautiful.

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Roses are red, violets are blue, this couple was made in heaven, and everyone will say it is so much true. May you two get to experience the best of colours in this life by always being together and always having each other’s back. May you two always seek the bright side of each and everything. I just want to wish the best of wishes for this happy marriage which was always meant to be. Always smile and always stay happy and bubbly just like your personalities. Never bother about what others have to say. Just keep being yourself and just always remain carefree and happy. A very happy marriage to both of you two.

A very happy and beautiful marriage to the best couple that I know of. I know you guys went through a lot of ups and so many downs but look where we are now, you made it together in this haven safe and sound. Always push yourself for the harder limits and you are sure to succeed. A very happy marriage to both of you two. Stay happy and always smile.

shadi ki salgirah mubarak sms in english for closed friends

I hope success in your hand, with of full and fun, impress all times at our wedding anniversary.

Best wishes for your wedding anniversary, to spend a best time with your partner very soon.

Your love is high as the mountain peak of Nepal, life you lived naturally like as Nepaliyou the happy wedding anniversary.

I hope you all the best and your life is filled with the 7 colours of rainbow and lightning of sun you spend a lot of time each other, happy wedding anniversary to you both.

Man is the good part of our home,since it made all the thing and mechanism the wife to you,you reached your family member by you best well-being,care,success and all the good demand for all,happy married life.

The only wedding anniversary had got wonderful day by giving the ability to determine to come our happy wedding anniversary.

The badly mistake is the love you take it one’s at the whole days,holding like as a planet of sun and really like as a truth,happy married life.

Our wedding anniversary gave a thousand moments; each can take too filled of your all dreams and care for the special day. Today and tomorrow always is.

Shadi Ki Salgirah Ki Shubhkamnaye in English for best friends

Life is like a butterfly to reach at flying and confidence to move ahead .you always do that, happy wedding anniversary.

Today is your anniversary so your day is good and I succeed beyond the boundary of success for your happy wedding anniversary.

Most lf the people take coins, othertakebus, you had most nice collection you can take for the all over the years collection for the family member throughout the life, happy married life.

You are the person sweet as you pass with me the whole life. For the celebrating your sweet is day by eating the cake at the happy wedding anniversary.

Happy anniversary my partner, you see more handsome today than the day I see you a first day you meet with me lovely.

I hope you the celebration of the many joyful return day. I hope you had good health, wealth and prosperity, happy wedding anniversary my lovely wife.


Our anniversary gave millions of moments, each take a gift of fulfillment of all the dreams being forwarded and made some a special plans. Happyanniversary marriageto my darling.

Being the best love and our family is working hard on the surface of the earth because it went to the rewarded in front of the head. Smile and joy loved always it is the most perfect way for the payment of pain and effects of that effort, happily married life.

Happy wedding anniversary by wishing you to the day being with happy, laugher and fun today,tomorrow and always be happy.

The beautiful beginning you have the times of married occasion, it’s been honoured to you and special means of the married life with full of lovely life and influenced behind to take powerful things like a lot of history must be taken to the best union of marriage life.

I hope our days be full of sweet suppressing our anniversary.

shadi ki salgirah mubarak sms in english for best friends

May everyday brought you something and wonderful exciting for you and May this anniversary is amazing to me always, happyanniversary.

In one year you recognize the 365 days, and among with whole days 1 day is my best day for me. Theyare my anniversary.

Happy anniversary for your marriage,I think for that day your had marriage with me .and live such wonderful life forever, so I want to say you my heart of love,happy anniversary to you.

25 march is our anniversary,you surely went out the pashupati mandir to visit and take god blessing me and life is best by god power,happy anniversary.

All the days you succeed more than your duty and getting all of the opportunity for freedom issues of the great and wonderful relationship been discovered you delight and more amazing and fantastic life you deserve fir your marriage life.

Wonderful wishes to you both, you share and care me, you are the best partner for me. Happy anniversary.

Your anniversary is the best for me, your affection it’s obviously good for you the deep connection with lovely life,happy anniversary.

shadi ki shubhkamnaye in english

Would not pass your most advantage life to arrange on the waste able things to do. Youmade your life through the experience and joyous marriage life you had,happy married life.

You are proposed to me, it is being for long life, you hold my hands together, you are special for me, from many times you entered in my life, my love life gave a drastic change and with is a delightful change to me, happy anniversary.

The first day I met with you, you are the loving and caring person being still you for my lovely wife, happyanniversary.

You have prepared in the married with love for the feeling of heart life, and like as a butterfly in the skin and done foolish things to express your mind .because it is memorial and adoptable .wedding and feeling is the deep thing to do.They are a lovely choice to the heartily feel and care of both you live a fantastic life, happily married life.

People think about the best memorial wedding but it’s not so easy or better. At the times you comparison with your mutual type of thing you discussed and made a good decision. I hope you don’t repeat your family. Think you leave joyful life with togetherness you just get prosperity as your marriage.

When I see at you my love,it does not see to change the man and a woman,for the relation with me,happy anniversary.

I in depend in you, and take a mutual relation to reciprocal toit, lived the long life with you, happyanniversary.

High age does not mean anything if you are living together with love and care. It made you the younger and nice today and always forever, love give you everything and makes you smile at every moment and kit’s be the part of life, happy marriage life.

So, many times spend with you my love,so much you live whole life to you and send you some greeting cards to you with some of care,happy anniversary.

happy marriage anniversary wishes in English language for best friends

Long day for my anniversary and this is wonderful time to look after you for each and every day,happy anniversary.

Your dream is like a meeting who is special, to get married,had a child and take a life in joy and cheer. May a good life in front with you, I belief at the beginning of life,thankful to you.

Filling of with your memories with my pleasure for every day my sweetheart,happy anniversary.

You preserve your partner like as a god sita .you creates happy married life.

Living together as wife and husband it is not easy. You had taken one principal of marriage it means the decision of the 2 heart you always take love,happy married life.

I think you deserve a successful life you both by doing marriage with living a happy married life.

Whishing your life is so much glad and hoppingfor cheer of special whenever I meet you at beginning of the life, happy married life.

Joyness is the sweet of the smile face in all day or a lovely good night. Partnership gave you the lot of opportunity to made you at the way of success and happy. Happy married life.

You pursue a happy life in every time I hoped happy married life.

shadi ki shubhkamnaye in english

Best life you have and always focusedbehind, happy wedding life.

Happy Married life to the best’s couple forever, you took the entire journey of love lines, joy and celebrating all day as a special and heartful day you succeed togetherness.

You marry sooner with me and may you go to amorous honeymoon,I am happier every year for the just look to you,happy anniversary.

Happy anniversary to you my sweetheart,you hopping that for your love and brought you happinessto celebration,happy anniversary.

You both of two are mine inspiration to the country, seeing at you, we already know that commitment means anything to have a great successor team at the trouble and lovely to overall for triumphs, happy anniversary to you, my darling.

If you still to manage the lovely life and you have to grow married life sooner,attach through our heart,happy anniversary.

shadi ki shubhkamnaye in english

Life is like a sports game. You carry the strength and prosperity of your life is happy married life.

You are not mine girlfriend you are mine wife and get the happy and lovely married life.

Here’s a touch to you at the heart of two of you for happiness on sunny days. You love to continues, light and shiny to you. You are at the rest condition for you the feeling of cheer, happy anniversary.

I hope the lord gave you the courage to take the challenge of any person and be a part of smile, happy married life.

All the best wishes for your lightning and happy futureto explore the special day of your life, happy married life.

Our married anniversary get a lot of happy than any another day, I joy with you and cheer you to every day through for along times, I care to explore the relation to you, our life is full of love and care together and it gives more and more success, happy anniversary.

When I see my better performance in youreyes, and a knowing the smile face gone to across with me. A simple touch at my heart,happy anniversary.

The years are easily passing like days with your soul and for my love life to you, happy wedding anniversary.

Best you do in your life with new job and success in your hand, allthe love you get, happy married life.

shadi mubarak messages in english

I wish that the entire thing is correct in your life for being happy married life.

Your sweetest wife to devotion with me I never fail. No matter if you deserve the best thing in your life and success be forwarded, happy wedding anniversary.

Many years are going as ling you are going that do not come if not then you feel happy at the wedding anniversary.

You are done rock in your life, throughyour pleasure and joyous, happy wedding.

You always went at the high peak of the mountain for the happy married life.

Success and care helped to determination of encouragement in your life and spend a joyful life happy married life.

You see many ups and downs of all the thing in your life I see you live an enjoyable life. And managed with all the thing and attached to the string, happy wedding anniversary.


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