Sex Discrimination | Gender Inequality in Nepal with Problems, Reasons, Solution

5 Gender problems in Nepal:-

Gender problems are very awful and serious issue. This issue is the major borderline between what world should be and what it is now. Introducing gender problem in other words gender inequality is the dreadful feeling in which female rights are dominated, or nearly exiled.

Nepal is the victim of this dreadful action. Woman’s liberty is taken away from them including quality education, right to speak their mind. Five major problems that women have to face because of gender inequality are needed to be known by everybody. So here are they enlisted?

1. Resentment

Negative actions do well spreading negative vibe. They petrify light inside of humans. For suffering is caused by dangerous and foul substances. People easily divulge the dark side they have been hiding. It kindles the feeling of contempt.

Gender problem is nothing less than the bullet fired from a gun. The outcome of gender problem is much more mental rather than physical. Both of them are a weapon to kill. As an illustration, one can’t imagine eating food without throwing away left over’s and on the other hand, one could not imagine getting a proper piece of bread for a meal.

One would not rejoice life without internet while one need not know what it is to rejoice. This concept itself is narrow despite Nepal is being shaped in those two different worlds.

Women are the major victim of Gender Inequality. Liberty is what they lack that is enough to separate them from society. And separation is the major cause of resentment. You can’t be sure that the victim of gender inequality would not detest them who enjoy their freedom. And the same goes for the other side of the coin as well.

This vast distance and contrast between them are to be divulged, obliged and of them all eradicated. In hopes, all of us might be able to dwell under the same sky.


2. Child marriage

Given all of the disgraceful notions and devotions, gender inequality roots child marriage. It is the most dishonorable, humiliating consequence of gender inequality. The early aged marriage is known as child marriage. They once used to stand for an ocean of ideas from early days. It is partially changed but still remains.

Nepal is developing the country more likely underdeveloped country. It is understandable why Nepal still inherits these characters. Child marriage is oddly in favor now a day but not entirely breached. Child marriage hampers life of a woman by taking away pleasurable today and dreamful aim of the tomorrow. Indeed, it is a crime to make anyone marry when they are still incapable of passing judgment on themselves. Thus, the proper awareness should be brought unless you don’t want youthful violence rather than a youthful brave new world.

3. Zero liberty

Women have their own right. However, those rights are not in use in many parts of the nation. Rights include quality education, freedom, employment, right to what they want to surround by the laws. Though women are mostly deprived of what they deserve. In other words, their liberty was ceased being used.

Being unknown to their rights or being known without having the right to use them is a violation of their liberty. They are made to marry in early age. They have to leave their schooling at primary level. They don’t get to make their own choice. They don’t get to choose what to wear. In this way, they will always lack their part of conscious in whatever thing they do. It’s nothing more than taking away humanity from them.

In addition, they should be provided with their legal rights and those who have a notion of taking them away shall be strictly punished. At length, the concept of gender inequality must be a great taboo. And liberty to anyone who desires it must have their wings of freedom.

4. Illiteracy

Among the rural youth in Nepal, Gender is the single strongest determinant of school participation. Young girls obtain less year of schooling than boys. Education inequality based on gender reflects social inequality in Nepal.  have to leave their house and go to husbands house so they can’t get the education they require. Due to unavailability of time, girls score less than the boys in their national level examination. Families don’t support the idea of girls going to private school for education.

UNESCO found that about 50% of girls drop out from school at just primary level. In some concept, too much schooling for girls might reduce the opportunities for their marriage. It won’t be much of a surprise to say that men who never attend schooling are in the percentage of 23 % whereas women are 44%.Therefore, young girls are less likely to receive a formal education.

As a result, gender inequality yet proved to be very heartbreaking. The literacy rate of a woman in our nation must be increased in order to utterly develop our nation. This problem must be wholly banished in front of the soul who suffered. In this way, we will atone for the misdeed we have hurled on that innocent woman and girls.


5. Backfire

Gender problems or gender inequality backfires on the performance of nation in many ways. Gender inequality is just an extraordinary heap of troubles and problems which is without a doubt spoken through childish language. The government should be conscious of whatever action they take regarding various issues of the nation because it may result in the downfall of country, citizen, their own people and them as well.

With unawareness about gender inequality, we are each and every day losing a mind like Einstein’s, determinations like Edison’s, and the luck like Newton. Are we not in need to reckon this as the terrific loss to the nation?

A country is a unification of people, not lands. The more literate and sturdy the people are the more strong and peaceful the nation becomes. And if we don’t allow women to acquire the proper education, food, and freedom we are no less than human. We won’t even be working for our own nation and will just be a master of a selfish doll.

We are to seek changes and difference in our style of thinking. Gender inequality is a crime and those who commit it are criminals. For the possible bright future, there must be a sacrifice made. And that sacrifice can be our problems such as gender inequality.

At length, realization, after the game is over, need not require. Realizing won’t change the result, the outcome of the end. And so are the problems caused by gender inequality. It is like a broken glass that one tries to assemble and fix. That regretful event is yet to occur. So we need to unite our brotherhood and sisterhood. Uplifting the status of women, giving them equal rights, giving them golden chances and letting them perform at their very best, and raising awareness is the vital thing that is needed to eradicate the problems regarding gender inequality.

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