Seti Khola Rafting in Nepal: Prices, Costs, Itinerary, Map, Grade

Seti Khola Rafting in Nepal: Prices, Costs, Itinerary, Map, Grade

This post is about Seti Khola rafting in Nepal. We try to include prices, costs, itinerary, map, grade, volume, days, and trip of Seti River Khola.  We are trying to give you all information about rafting in Seti Khola (River), Nepal. Thousands of rafters every year in this Seti River for rafting from United States of America (US), Britain, France, Australia, and Canada came here Nepal.

The white water Rivers of Nepal offer a wide variety of rafting and kayaking opportunities. In terms of rivers, Nepal can be divided into three main rive systems: Sapta Koshi, Sapta Gandaki and Karnali.

Seti Khola is the most popular and commercially run river of Nepal as it runs in between Kathmandu and Pokhara and flows to Chitwan valley. It is an excellent river for those who are with limited time.

Seti Khola Rafting in Nepal: Seti River Rafting Nepal

Seti Khola is one of the warm and beautiful rivers in Nepal. Seti Khola passes through stunning jungle scenery, green hills, village, and forest. Relatively small volume, blue and warm water cuts through deep gorges and lush jungle and finally meets the Seti Khola River at Ghai Ghat (above Narayangad).

The river starts from Machapuchure and flows through Pokhara valley. The name Seti is named for the colour of the river.

Seti Khola River Rafting Trip is the Best for …

Rafting in Seti Khola River is one of most popular white water rafting in Nepal. It is an excellent rafting river. Here we have found some reasons that why it is best and for whom it is best.

  • Seti Khola River Rafting Trip is the best for those who do not have much time and previous experience.
  • It is excellent river for those rafters who look for a short river trip without the challenge of huge rapids but with some exciting rapids.
  • Seti Khola is an excellent river for bird-watchers. Seti Khola rafting is excellent for those people who are interested in the abundance of nature found on this trip.
  • Rafting on Seti River – is an ideal trip for those wanting to experience some of the stunning river scenery in Nepal without the intensity of complex or challenging rapids.
  • The Seti Khola is a very suitable river for family trips. Seti Khola is the best river to learn kayaking in Nepal.It is the best river for family trip and Kayak learners.
  • The Seti Khola is an excellent 2 days trip in an isolated area.
  • This river of Nepal is an excellent for beginners, intermediate, learner and family trip.
Seti Khola  Rafting  Itinerary : Seti River Rafting Map

seti khola river rafting mapThe Seti Khola River is the most easily accessible from Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan. River Seti can be reached from Damouli roughly 160 kilometers west of Kathmandu. The Seti Khola Rafting trip starts at Damauli. And Damauli is about 6 hours drive from Kathmandu or 1.5 hours drive from Pokhara.


Seti Khola Rafters encounter several rapids before reaching Trishuli River, another rafting river of Nepal. Rafters have a choice of either coming back to Kathmandu or Pokhara or continuing the trip to visit the Chitwan National Park, one of the most famous parks in the world.

Rafting in Seti Khola, Nepal

Rafting in Seti Khola, Nepal

Seti River Rafting Prices: Seti Khola Rafting Costs

Prices of Rafting in Seti Khola River are different from rafting agencies. There are many rafting agencies for giving the services of rafting in Seti Khola River, Nepal. Costs of rafting in Seti Khola river may be the approx. USD $ 100.00 Per person (Foreigner).

Facts about Rafting in Seti Khola River

Seti Khola Rafting Class: 2, -3
Seti Khola Rafting volume: 40 cms
Seti Khola Rafting Departure Point: Kathmandu or Pokhara
Seti Khola rafting : From : Damauli – alt 480 m.
Seti Khola Rafting : To : Gaighat (Seti Khola) – alt 200 m.
Seti Khola Rafting Ending at: Kathmandu or Pokhara
Seti Khola rafting Distance : 62 km.
Seti Khola rafting days: 2-3 days
Seti Khola Rafting Average gradient: 3 m/km
Seti Khola Rafting Scenery /wild: **
Seti Khola Rafting Star rating: *
Best Season for Seti Khola Rafting : Oct-Dec, Mar-Apr

Seti Khola Rafting in Nepal: Prices, Costs, Itinerary, Map, Grade