Best Way to Send Money to Nepal From USA America

Send Money to Nepal From USA:- Remittance is one of the most recognized and central parts of the income of government in Nepal, with a considerable portion every year. Payment refers to the source of money sent by a migrant worker from outside of the country.

It is the money earned by those workers who win in a foreign land and send back to the original place or state where they belong. These days remittance becomes the central portion of the GDP of other various countries, including Nepal.

There is also a UN project for countries like Nepal to send 6.5 trillion dollars between the years of 2015 AD to 2030 AD. There was the data back in 2016 from the World Bank, which calculated and publicized it by showing remittance recipients per share gross domestic product.

It has mentioned the name of the top five countries, including Nepal, as per World Bank. There is not only one type of benefit that can gain through remittance if land uses it properly.

Various studies were done for payment to see its effect in a country like Nepal, and they find that it is positive. Studies show that remittance has an entirely positive impact on Nepal’s economy by different channels like income distribution, consumption, poverty reduction, growth of a country in a dynamic way, etc.

Nepal is gaining lots of profit and crucial development financing through remittance from past many years. Remittance plays a vital role in the Nepal economy, and the government also respects this source so much.

Recently Nepal rastra bank also states payment and its long-lasting positive impact on the Nepalese economy. It will leave good sights and effects in socio-economic fabrics, which is beneficial for Nepal.


Every year in Nepal the percentage of remittance money receives by household is keep increasing and also become double in some years. You will find another statement after surveying the remittance expenses in Nepal, and it mentions that 79% were used for daily expenditures, and rest are for repaying loans of citizens.

There is a considerable problem that arises for those workers who send remittance in Nepal due to the high transaction coast. Many migrant workers do not have that much income in the whole year, but they still need to pay a costly transaction fee each time, which becomes a burden for them.

Many workers also tell their stories where the government provides free visas and a free ticket, but Manpower Company anyway wants money for it. It has to hap, especially in the rural area of Nepal, where migrant workers are not well educated, and those brokers will take payment from them even in free services.

There are a lot of problems which are facing by many migrant workers because of the high transfer cost, which is also sometimes 40% of your overall income. It will become impossible to survive in those countries if you need to pay too much money to send them to your home country.

You may not know that 30% of the GDP comes from remittance in Nepal, and it becomes the source of government income. Nepali workers used to send money from a different country in the name of payment.

The government also these days support foreign employment by providing various governmental seats in a foreign country. Survey of World Bank state that per day, there are more than 1000 Nepalese people who go for overseas employment in different gulf and countries.

You can also see many people head for India to work because you can also earn the right amount of money, and transfer costs are very low compared to other countries. Nepalese workers especially get a job in the construction area and household cleaner like this from which they save money and send home.

Money comes from remittance, and the government becomes a little more precious after it, and it has helped to reduce various problems, too. It is not a solution as well because when all young people of a country go for employment, then there will be zero workforces inside the country, whenever Nepal faces extreme loss and needs people to rebuild houses and other kinds of stuff then there will be lack of human resources as well.

So, remittance is playing a vital role by decreasing the poverty of Nepalese people, and it also healing the country from many internal economic issues. You can also check the data of migrant worker per year and their work in a foreign country.

There are almost 21lakha Nepali workers in a foreign land, and they are increasing day by day as well. From 2001 where customary law has been issued for external work, then you can see the decrease in unemployment, and many youths enter the labor market every year.

In Nepal, remittance has also emerged with the largest income source of exchange earning policies. Remittance also contributes to handling the situation of economic fluctuation in Nepal in this current state and keeps its stability inside the country as well. You may be listing about the resource gap of the country, and in Nepal, remittance is the one which helped the government to manage it.

People may think that the import and export of goods from the border may have high tax revenue, but that is incorrect. Remittance is the number one source of Nepal’s government of tax revenue, and it is for a long time.

Remittance handles over 50% tax revenue and provides it through VAT, EXCISE, etc. to the government from decade. After the remittance becomes the number one tax revenue of Nepal, it has increased faster than before, and government expenditure increased by 57% in Nepal.

Remittance has not only increased improved the country’s economic condition and took it to the top level but has also risenincreasede the standard of Nepalese family.

Nepal’s economy has drastically changed after the entrance of remittance as an income source of both country and people living inside it. There is a revolution in poverty in Nepal after people get foreign employment and decrease a lot of financial issues.

Talking about the remittance in Nepal helps to decline the ratio of poverty and increase the living standard of people within 15years. The government gets a chance to increase the connection with those countries where the worker went for employment.

There will be a close connection between both countries, and in the coming days, they will help each other in any project work. Nepal increases the speed of development work after receiving remittance on such a vast scale, and others are also getting jobs through many projects.

It is not only directly helping the government but also providing various indirect help like government construction and development projects increasing rapidly after remittance inside the country.


So, it will need more workers inside the country to get a job for many unemployed workers, and this type of change was brought by remittance inside the country from the past decade.

However, you can see that domestic migration is almost double than any international movement in Nepal, which also shows somehow the importance of internal migration to decrease the poverty in Nepal.

You can see that after the remittance becomes the primary tax revenue in Nepal than there is an increase in non-agricultural income inside the country in huge numbers.

People start their business and develop after all government will also financially secure day by day through remittance and other agricultural factors.

Nepal has slowly turned into the factory based revenue and income government rather than agricultural because of its increasing demand and a new way to upgrade its economy. These days it has shifted to manufacturing goods, and various factory-based works also need more labor and recourses, which can only be possible if the government has a strong financial record. 

The government is doing its best to increase the amount of remittance and its economy so that it can invest that income in the country’s development. There are lots of examples where a family member went for work in a foreign country. His children will get a good education, so they become useful for their country.

Whenever the citizens of a country like Nepal start to become the right human resources for the country with proper training, it will not take more time to develop. You can also say that whenever there is an increase in remittance in the country, then Nepal can solely increase the production of organic goods.

People also love and enjoy the country’s natural supply and take it without any hesitation, and it will bring an economic increase inside the country. Other remaining youth will get inspired by the government work and invest inside the country, so; it’s up to Nepal to invest the remittance in a relevant sector.

Remittance also provides full support to Nepal’s real estate business and gives the maximum hick on many companies. In Nepal’s present context, the government only has remittance as the largest source of revenue, and it is the most priority as well, which is also increasing day by day.

Yes, we cannot be denied that there are some losses as we are talking about the highly skilled human resources went foreign land as a migrant worker. Our government is fragile to providing high wages and salaries for skilled human resources, which is also the reason people use to work outside.

Remittance also decreases these factors a lot inside the country if you look overall increasing government work by yourself. There is another thing that gives more profit to the country like migrant workers learn active farming police and process in those developed countries these days.

They put those skilled in here, which give a high number of products in the field and teach others too for productive farming techniques. The remittance country like Nepal also gains helping hands and friendship from those countries, which will increase the relation and other things for the future.

Remittance also increases the transaction of money from other countries to Nepal,, increasing the international money-sharing market for Nepal. Whenever there is some up and down in the global market and our country becomes the main focal point of attraction by foreign people.

The government of Nepal always put remittance in the first place because it used to maintain the reserve of foreign exchange and also helps to correct the payment balance. If you ever have looked into the relationship between the Nepal GDP and remittance inflow, then, you can see that 10% has increased every year.

We know that if our family gets more luxurious, then our consumption of goods also automatically increases, it will increase the national income in Nepal and GDP.

Well, talking about the fact of money receives by Nepal only last year was 128 billion rupees from India alone, and it is too much for our country to develop.

India is the principal source of the remittance for Nepal, which covers overall 90% of total payment in Nepal. Remittance is transferred in Nepal through electronic funds transfer like demand draft etc.

It is also an easy and safe way to move that remittance money from other countries to Nepal and too easy to get records. These days safety of remittance should have high priority because of money laundering issues going on in Nepal.

Corrupted people choose an easy way to organize legal sources of money through remittance. It becomes the most popular method among corruption,, so it is essential to see the legitimate source of remittance. The total amount of remittance Nepal received in 2018, and 19 was 784 billion rupees, which is one of the highest ones till now in Nepal.

After India, Saudi Arabia is the second country that provides the most top remittance in Nepal, and we also have a good friendly relationship with both countries. So, as we can see that Nepal is taking forward step to develop various infrastructures by making a healthy financial state.

America is said and spread as the dream country of the world where the people of almost every country exist for their own purposes. They might have some specific or normal purposes. The country population of America is not even half of the existing total number of people in the USA.

Mostly the person goes to America due to their personal and personnel works which may be relevant and irrelevant to them. In addition to these subjects, there is also much Nepalese living in America for even a long time or not more.

The many Nepalese have well settled in America because they have taken the green card of America which refers to the citizenship of America. So mostly the Nepalese go to America for earning purpose least for learning purposes.

According to the law of America., there has given the EDV treatment to Nepalese which absorbs and picks up the luck of about five thousand people every year.

Remittance is the money sent by Nepali migrant workers from all over the world to Nepal. Being one of least developed countries, Nepal’s economy is supported by the remittance where remittance contribute to enhance the living standard of Nepalese people and subsequently contribute to the National GDP. In 2019 alone, Nepali migrant workers from all over the world sent Nepal 8.64 Billion Dollars making Nepal one of the biggest beneficiaries in the world.

Nepalese have been going abroad in the search of better employment opportunities for centuries. Today, in this twenty first century where the world is considered as one market place with less travel restriction, lots of youths have been flying abroad. Nepalese have been given opportunity to work and study all over the world including biggest countries like USA, India, Korea, Canada, Australia and many more.

Remittance, the money sent by the Nepalese workers from all over the world is considered the lifeblood of the economy and the source of large financial import bills. Similarly, it is also one of the key income source of huge proportion of the population residing in the country. The Nepalese workers in the United States of America are also the major source of remittance. Currently, there are thousands of Nepalese in USA who send part of their income to Nepal thereby increasing remittance to Nepal.

Considering the importance of the remittance, many service oriented businesses have been established with the purpose of providing easy and reliable remittance services to the customers. This article specifically intends to evaluate different options available and the processes involved in sending the remittance money from USA to Nepal.

Things to consider

Before evaluating various options available, there are few things that the remitter or send of money should consider. The factors to consider are exchange rates, security, transfer fees and speed of transfer.

  1. Exchange Rates: The exchange rate is the primary aspect that needs to be evaluated before sending the money from one country to another. A sender of money should evaluate each option available for transfer of money based on the exchange rate the remittance companies use. Even the slightest difference in exchange rate count cost a lot when exchange in the Nepalese currency (Rs.)
  • Security: Security of the money is one of the key aspects that the remitter as well as the beneficiary of remittance amount should be concerned about. The remitter should choose the company that provides the transparency of transaction. Choosing the one that gives the option to check the status of the remittance option could be the best one.
  • Transfer Fees: Remittance companies operate in cut-throat competition. With many service providers, the service fees or the transfer fees differ. The remitter needs to choose the best option that provides the secure and fast transaction in affordable service charge.
  • Speed of Transfer: Apart from the exchange rate, reliability and transfer fees, the remitter needs to evaluate the service providers based on the speed of the transfer process. The speed of transfer could differ from one service provider to another.

Based on above standards, any remitter can be able to choose the best service provider that suits the remitter’s as well as beneficiary’s needs. 

So it’s also the next approach to increase and enhance the income of the family and the country. But it’s not only the matter of learning but mostly for learning as the people of Nepal go after the long and hard praying to the god.

send money usa america nepal

So there are more than Lakhs people living and working in America and are in search of sending the money to the home. Mainly the Nepalese are looking for a better highway to send the money bucket safely to their home and family.

Best Way to Send Money to Nepal From USA

1. Xoom

 Xoom is one of the leading money transfer company that provides service to thousands of Nepalese migrants currently living in the United States to send the money to Nepal.

Xoom provides service that enables sender send money to the friends or families living in Nepal through the bank account of US, credit card or the debit card. Similarly, this service provider also allows sender recharge mobile device of the receiver.

In Nepal, xoom is partner with the Everest Bank Limited for cash pickups and bank deposits. Apart from Everest Bank Limited, sender can send money directly to any other banks including Himalayan Bank, Nabil Banks or Nepal SBI bank.

In addition to transferring money to the preferred bank account, sender can also directly send airtime to the mobile phone of the receiver.


The customers are allowed to transfer up to US dollars thousand for the fee of 4.99 Dollars. Similarly, for transaction exceeding USD 1000.00, xoom fees is waived while paying with the United States bank account.

In case of mobile recharge, xoom charges 99 cents per transaction for 500 to 2000 NPR recharge amount.

Process involved in sending money through Xoom

The process to send money through Xoom is simple. Followings are the processes to look for.

  1. Go to Xoom official website. Login in with the paypal credential and create Xoom account.
  2. Enter the remittance amount, receiver’s details and the receiving process for which below two options are available
  3. Cash pick up : Select location for cash pickup
  4. Bank deposit: choose bank account in Nepal
  5. Pay with the paypal, credit card, debit card or bank account

Using xoom can help Nepalese send money almost instantly. Receiver in Nepal is able to receiver fund instantly in bank account and by cash pick up.

2. WorldRemit

Headquartered in London, WorldRemit is one of the viable choices remitter have that allows easy and reliable money transfer service. WorldRemit is one of the few companies that dedicate itself in providing digital remittance of the money from one nation to the another.

Nepalese staying and working in United States can easily send their money from the comfort of their home or room where the recipient can easily receive the remittance amount in Nepal without much hassles through the use of services offered by WorldRemit.

WroldRemit provides two options for receiving money in Nepal. The receiver can simply pick up the amount from the nearby pick up locations or can draw the money from the bank account. In addition to that, WroldRemit also allows customer direct airtime top up to the receiver’s mobile number.


For bank deposit, USD 5,000.00 is the maximum amount remitter can send per transaction or transfer

For cash pick up, maximum NPR 300000 can be received by the receiver per transaction.

How to send money through WroldRemit

The processes involved in sending money via WorldRemit are as below.

  1. Go to the official website of WorldRemit
  2. In the blue box that appear on the page, select the country, the way you want to send the amount.
  3. Create account: Account creation requires customer’s details
  4. Enter recipient’s details: Recipient’s name, phone number, email address
  5. Pay: The payment can be made via bank account, debit/Credit Card, iDEAL etc

Once above processes are complete, the recipient is directly given alert via SMS. Upon receiving the SMS alert, beneficiary can receive the money.

Since WorldRemit provides easy, fast and reliable service, it has grown to become one of the popular remittance service provider for everyone in the United States wishing to send money to Nepal.  Do try the  service offered by WorldRemit and take the benefit.

3. Muncha Money Transfer          

Muncha Money Transfer is one of the cost effective, quick and secure technique of transferring money from USA to Nepal. Authorized and licensed by Nepal Rastra Bank, it has been providing inexpensive service for Nepalese citizens wanting to send money. US Muncha Money Transfer services aims at providing affordable and reliable service to the customers. 

Nepalese residing and employed in United States can effortlessly send their cash from the ease of their home where the receiver can easily collect remittance amount in Nepal without much annoyances.


Currently, Muncha Money Transfer offers ACH paying mode where Nepalese in the US can send up to ten thousand USD per transaction.

Though the sender sends money ins USD, receiver in Nepal can get Nepalese rupees in their respective banking account.

It normally takes 48 hours for money to get deposited at the beneficiary’s account after fund gets cleared from Muncha Money Transfer in the US.

One of the best offers of this transfer company is that customers are charged zero fees for their first transaction.


The money transfer process via Muncha Money Transfer is easy and reliable.

  1. Create User account and get the account verified
  2. Customer needs to link the respective bank account. E-Banking credentials are mandatory
  3. Add receiver and their bank specifics. 
  4. Click transfer

So, if you want to transfer money in easy and fast way where the service charge is minimum, you can use Muncha Money Transfer service.

4. InstaRem

InstaRem, founded in the year 2014, is yet another remittance service provider a customer can take service from. It is the safe, cheap and fast service provider that lives up to the expectations of the remitter as well as beneficiary.

InstaRem charges low commission against its service and is very popular for sending money to Asian countries.

Though the service provider is new in market and has been providing service for just over 5 years now, its popularity among the remittance senders is increasing day by day due to its convenient processes and cheap service. Apart from that, it helps customers earn bonus, known as InstaPoints and increases with the number of transaction.



  1. Visit the official website of InstaRem
  2. Sign Up
  3. Provide the remitter’s personal details and identity proof
  4. Monitor for account verification
  5. Customer is eligible to transfer money upon account verification
  6. Pay for the transfer

These simplified process supported by user friendly systems make InstaRem a viable solution to your need of money transfer from United States of America to Nepal.

5. Western Union

The Western Union Company is a financial service provider. Headquartered in Coloroda, USA, Western Union could be called as the leader of remittance. Since its establishment, it has provided the service to the millions of people all around the work.

In case of Nepal, any remitter can send up to USD 5 thousand per transaction. The remittance amount can be transferred online or directly to persons through local agents.

Western Union has more than 5 million agent locations worldwide making it one of the important and successful remittance companies. Friendly agents, experienced staffs and strong management makes it one of the best service providers in the remittance industry.

How to transfer money in person through Western Union

Sending money requires customer to follow below easy steps.

Money in Minutes service

  1. Search for agent location that is near you
  2. Fill out the “Send Money” or remittance form. The form needs to have the sender’s and beneficiary’s details
  3. Submit the form along with the funds in cash.
  4. Note the tracking number (MTCN) given by the representative. The tracking number is mandatory for pickup of the cash from location in Nepal.

Sending money to bank account service

  1. Search agent location
  2. Fill out the Send Money form. It must include the bank details of the beneficiary.
  3. Submit the completed form and cash
  4. Save the MTCN (Tracking Number)
  5. Once the process is completed, the money is expected to get deposited directly to preferred bank within 3 days.

Sending money to mobile phone

Apart from cash pickup from WU locations and depositing remittance amount directly to receiver’s bank account, WC also allows sending money directly to the receiver’s mobile phone.

  1. Search for agent
  2. Fill the “Send Money” form. Receiver’s mobile phone details are mandatory
  3. Submit the form and amount to the representative
  4. Get the tracking number

Following the processes as above, any migrant worker in the USA can send money directly to Nepal. The receiver can either get the money in cash from WU outlets or from banks. Since the services provided by the WU is diverse accompanied by fast and secure process, it is undoubtedly the most preferred money transfer provider.

It is also regarded as the faithful customer-oriented transfer serving the customer with easy and fast treatment related to cash remittance. There are so many customers doing their money transactions with it. The western union money transfer is operating services and the new policy with a transparent and visible attitude.

Western union money transfer

Customer satisfaction is their primary goal and making the services efficient is their secondary goal. This transfer company mostly deals with the transaction of the western country with possessive of satisfactory services.

6. Remitly

Remitly is one of the remittance service benefactor that is operated digitally with the mission of transferring money from one place to another is transparent, affordable and secure way. Remitly is totally digital with no physical locations that makes the remitter send money from the comfort of their homes. Further, automated and digitalized service allows Remitly cut cost and give back to their customers.

How to transfer money using Remitly:

 The detailed process for transferring money via Remitly are:

  • Sign in the Remitly account
  • Enter amount that is intended by remitter to be sent.
  • Select delivery method
  • If despatcher choses Bank Deposit, he/she needs to enter recipient’s bank account. Or Cash Pick up from preferred location is to be selected
  • Enter Recipeint’s Banking details along with name, address, reason of transfer.
  • Review payment details
  • Click Confirm Transfer
  • Sender will receive email confirmation of the transaction 

Remitly intends to provide the digital service with the help of their network that is described as “Easy to Use Mobile App”. With this advancement in technology, Remitly has become one of the successful and widely recognized remittance companies.

7. Moneygram

Money gram is one of the largest money transfer agencies in the world. It has been providing remittance service to thousands of immigrants from all over the world for over three decades.

It has operation in more than two hundred countries. With 347000 agent offices worldwide, its service has been widely recognized as the best service.

Through Moneygram remittance provider, Nepalese migrants living in the USA can transfer up to USD 6000 in every transaction. The receiver in Nepal can get the cash either through cash pickup centers or can directly receive in the bank account.

How to transfer money in person through Moneygram

Sending money requires customer to follow below easy steps.

Sending money from person at agent location

  • Search for agent location
  • Fill the “Send Money”. The form needs to have the sender’s and beneficiary’s details
  • Submit remittance form and cash
  • Get the 8 digit reference number. Share it with the receiver.

How to send money to bank account through Moneygram

  • Search agent location
  • Fill out the Send Money form. It must include the bank details of the beneficiary.
  • Submit the completed form and cash
  • Save the 8 digit reference number
  • Once the process is completed, the money is expected to get deposited directly to beneficiary’s bank.

In Nepal, the beneficiary can either withdraw money from the Moneygram.

With these few and easy steps, one can send money using Moneygram from USA to Nepal. The fast, secure and reliable channel of money transfer will definitely allow you relax one the money is send through this service provider.

And also focus on maintenance of the age group in cash taking and withdrawing in the bank. This bank provides extra services to the old age group and gives more priority by solving their banking problems fast.

So you can easily transfer your money through any options which you trust most and get a hundred percent sure of delivery of money in legal and responsible hands.

If you want to send a big amount of money then it will be your better solution if you sent through the bank. Because your amount gets a hundred percent security of enrichment through various tools and techniques.

There are also furthermore organization and money transfer waiting for the customer for doing services with them but they are not reliable because there are many remittance companies available in the market not registered by the government of Nepal.

They are operating their transaction illegally and alternatively doing the fake guarantee of the money. don’t come in their sweet and attractive advertisement of trapping the customer and honest person. Make your transaction through an upper network or with the banking network.


There are many remittance service providers that claim to provide the best service. With the increase in the number Nepalese migrant workers in United States, various service providers have been expanding its service to Nepal as well.

Choosing from such widespread list could be overwhelming to everyone. Therefore, described above are few of the best remittance service provider that could help you analyze based on the requirement.

Before choosing the service company and trusting it with your hard earned money, it is very important you analyze each and every services and choose the one that caters to your need.