6 Best Alternatives To Send Money From Canada To Nepal


Send money from Canada to Nepal :- Sending money from Canada to Nepal can be a daunting tasks for any remitter mainly because of the plethora of remittance service provider available that claim to deliver the best remittance service to its customers.

Choosing the best remittance service provider from among all the remittance providers is obviously difficult.

Hence, this article has intended to analyze the service provided by different major remittance companies like Skrill, WroldRemit etc in order to give you an idea about the services and major criteria that needs to be considered before choosing the company for sending money.

Things to consider before Send Money From Canada To Nepal

Before choosing the transfer company and trusting the remittance provider with your money, you need to consider few things. The remitter needs to be able to compare the remittance service provider based on the need of the remitter and the pros & cons of every remittance provider.

Below are few criteria that needs to consider while comparing the remittance service provider.

  • Exchange Rates:

 The conversation or exchange rate is the first criteria that needs to be considered. The conversation rates of each service provider differs.  Even a cents of change could make huge difference when exchanging the foreign currency o Nepalese rupees.

The sender needs to carefully examine the service provider in terms of their exchange rate and chose the best one that is reasonable.


  • Pick up options

Pick up of the remittance amount at the receiver’s end differs from one service provider to another remittance company.

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While one organization permits client get the cash moved directly to the beneficiary’s banks account, next could offer money to be picked up from the pick up locations near them. Sender needs to find the best option that take into account the sender’s and beneficiary’s needs.

  • Reliable client assistance:

First time client may require consistent help from client assistance. Henceforth, first time client would need to pick the organization that offers ceaseless assistance through telephone or email.

  • Transaction/remittance amount Limit:

Transaction and remittance amount limit of the remittance company is one of the most important criteria that needs to be analyzed thoroughly. Sender needs to choose the one that caters to their transaction needs in a year or month.   

  • Flexibility and transparency:

Last but not the least, the sender of money should compare different service provide based on their flexibility and transparency.  It is better to choose the one that provides the option to track the currency until it is finally delivered/received by the beneficiary in Nepal.

Benefits of transferring money online

Many foreign migrant workers living in every parts of the world are choosing online system to transfer money to Nepal. When it comes to using the online money transfer agencies to send you money from, you have to analyze its importance and benefits. Few of the benefits are:

  1. Speed: Through online money transfer agencies, you can send the money to Nepal very fast. Depending upon the payment and receiving option you choose, transfer could take few minutes to few days but is definitely faster than any other traditional money transfer service.
  2. Flexibility: Online money transfer systems are well regulated and remitter are allowed to send money in any figure to Nepalese in Nepal.
  3. Security: Security is one of the major factor that needs to be analyzed while sending money from one country to another. Online money transfer agencies use various security measure leading to secure, quick and easy money transfer.

Since the online money transfer providers give security and are flexible, reliable and fast, people requiring sending money from one country to another usually opt for such money transfer companies.

Types of Online Money Transfer Agencies

There are various online money transfer service providers that help Nepalese in Canada send money to Nepal. Below are top 10 providers that you can choose from.

  1. Skrill:

Moneybookers, also popularly known as Skrill is one of the most important and reliable e-commerce business that allows money transfer. It allows money transfer from various countries to Nepal including Canada.

Focusing mainly on the low cost service, skrill has been in the market since 2001 and for over eighteen years, its primary focus has always been delivering reliable and best service to the migrant workers from all over the world.

The benefits of Skrill includes its fast, easy and reliable service that is user friendly and transparent.


Anyone in the Canada who is in dire need to transfer money to Canada can use Skrill to transfer money. It first requires opening the Skrill account.

Here, the sender as well as the receiver needs to open the skrill account. The remitter and beneficiary can visit the official website and open account. The details of remitter as well as beneficiary is must.

Secondly remitter needs to upload the money in the account and transfer it to the beneficiary account which takes place easily and fast.

In Nepal, once the beneficiary receives the money in skrill account, he or she can transfer it to the e-sewa account and finally to the bank account. Using ATM, beneficiary can finally withdraw the money.

The charges of skrill is low and can easily be used by any person who is willing to send money. This way, using Skrill, you can send the money from Canada to Nepal easily.

  1. Transferwise

One of the globally recognized online money transfer agencies is TransferWise. It provides easy and reliable transfer services and has been in operation since 211.


Over 10 years, it has devoted in given the best services to those who needs to transfer money from one country to another. Use of TransferWise’s service could be one of the best alternative if you are searching for Transfer Company to send your money from Canada to Nepal.



Today, Transferwise have more than 2000 employees worldwide who work collaboratively to give the best and reliable transfer services. In the year 2018 only, the company had the profit of eight million dollars. Its popularity in the money transfer industry has been increasing day by day.

To transfer money via TransferWise to Nepal, the sender needs to first of all create an account and set up the transfer.

As with all transfer processes, the sender needs to correctly include the remitter’s as well as receiver’s details while making the transaction. The payment option for transaction include payment via debit card, credit card or bank transfer.

One of the pros of TransferWise is that it does not directly help in transfer. Rather, it matches the amount of the particular sender with other amount other way round and then uses this pool of transfers to pay. In this way, TransferWise make successful payment to the receiver in both ends.

TransferWise’s improvised services aided with fast and reliable process makes it one of the most important remittance service provider.

  1. WorldRemit:

WorldRemit is yet another remittance service provider that attempts to provide fast, easy, reliable and trusted money transfer service. Established in 2010 AD, it has been providing service to millions of people all round the world.

Specializing in the Online Transfer Service, WorldRemit has provided a lot of alternatives for the recipient to get the money including cash collection from collection centers, airtime top up or bank deposit.


Headquarted in London, it has more than 2 thousand employees worldwide who work collectively to give the best remittance services to the customers.

The salient features of WorldRemit includes its fast, secure, and flexible services. WorldRemit do provide the trust that is needed to remitter as well as beneficiary during any money transfer transaction is done.

Various types of services are offered. Depending upon the requirement of the shipper and receiver, one of following 3 services can be chosen.

Bank Transfer services allows sender from Canada directly transfer money in the bank account of the receiver in Nepal.

Secondly, remitter can also choose to transfer money where receiver can pick up cash from the pickup locations near them in Nepal.

Lastly, sender can directly send money in the mobile phone of the receiver through the Airtime Top Up service of the WorldRemit.

This way, sender can choose one of the three services depending upon the need of the receiver. WorldRemit could definitely be your service partner if you want to send your money from Canada to Nepal.

  1. Remitly

Specialized in the digital remittance service, Remitly is yet another money transfer company that allows any Nepalese migrant workers living in the Canada send money to Nepal.

Remitly’s main mission is to make fast, transparent and affordable cross-country money transfer. Over the years, it has successfully provided the best and fast remittance services to its customers.

Remitly is one of the money transfer service provider that is completely digital with not physical outlets or locations. It allows Remitly minimize the cost and give the service in low cost than its competitors.


To send money via Remitly, the remitter first needs to download and open Remitly application and sign in. Upon signing in, remitter needs to fill up the form that requires sender’s and beneficiary’s details including the receiving options.

Remitter can choose one of three options available based on the need of receiver. If receiver wishes to have the transfer amount deposited directly in the bank account, remitter needs to choose Bank Transfer option. Similarly, Remitly also provides the option for cash pick up from any pick up locations.

Once the transaction is complete, Remitly provides the confirmation mail to sender as well as to the receiver. Receiver can get the money from the preferred paying outlets or get it deposited in the bank account.

  1. OFX

OFX is one of the oldest remittance service provider that has been providing service to millions of people worldwide for over twenty years. With the very vast disbursement network, OFX has offices in different parts of the world including London, Toronto, Sydney and many more. With OFX sender is like to get the benefit from it 24/7.


Feature of OFX.

The main feature of OFX includes it competitive exchange rater together with extensive banking network and physical offices worldwide. This helps it provder fast and cheap delivery of funds. Similarly, it has online mobile application for allowing customer send money easily.

  1. Western Union

Western Union is one of the largest money transfer companies that provides fast and reliable money transfer services. For decades, Western Union has been providing a suitable option to everyone make an easy and reliable transfer of money from one country to another. It also provides money transfer service from Canada to Nepal.

Western union money transfer
Western Union

Western union’s money transfer services are of different types

Money in Minute

Money in minute service of Wester Union is easy and reliable transfer option. In this, sender needs to find an agent or location and fill out the remittance form, also known as “Send Money” form. It requires remitter fill out the details of sender, receiver along with transaction details.

Once the fund is transferred, MTCN, a tracking number, is provided to the remitter which helps to track the money.

Transferring money to bank account service

To get this services, sender needs to first of all find agent location and fill out the form. The form requires sender to provide the banking details of receiver. Once the transaction is complete, remitter needs to Save the MTCN (Tracking Number).

Once the remittance process is finished, the cash is normally deposited straight to preferred bank of the receiver within few days.

Transferring money directly to mobile phone

Together with cash pickup from nearby locations and getting the remittance amount directly deposited to bank account, Western Union also lets remitter send money to the receiver’s local mobile phone. For this, sender needs to provide the phone number details while filling out the remittance form.  

Following the procedures as above, migrant worker in the Canada can easily transfer money to Nepal. Since the facilities provided by the Western Union is varied which is accompanied by fast and secure procedures, it is certainly one of the most favored money transfer providers.


Sending money from one country to next is a tedious and difficult task. However, with right transfer partner, you can easily transfer money. This article has provided with 6 different alternatives to transfer money from Canada to Nepal.


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