How to Send Laptop to Nepal From USA

How to Send laptop to Nepal from the USA

The USA is the country of the target of people of the world due to its inner and outer designation and construction. America is internally and externally capable of growing and cultivating the technology and manpower. As the enrichment in every sector, there is the better cultivation of manpower and person and the better production. The proverb speaks the reality that is the man developed by education and crops is developed by cultivation. The people of Nepal is also not left in the entry of America. Moreover, there are many people including students and skilled manpower traveling to America every year. It is bitter truth to say that the country is not able to fulfill the demand and the proper wages of the skilled manpower. There are many European and American country which had announced the green income that meant the importing the skilled manpower to their country by providing the good and tasty salary. And the citizens of Nepal also become attracted and attach to their country and works.

Similarly, there are many Nepalese citizens who are going to America and settled there. Some of them forget their native land some not. This is the story of a patriotic citizen of Nepal who has even don’t forgotten the memory of care of motherland. They are always in touch with their mother and motherland. They share and care the feeling and experience of livings and life. Mostly the person shares their living standard and shares their income generation and sources. And they also sent many things and luxurious gift to their home to their relatives. So we are today discussing how to sent laptops to Nepal. Following are some major tools and techniques which will make your plan some adjustment and comfortable.

1. Relatives:

The man gets bored and disconnected to their family member and relatives, so they plan to visit Nepal very year and there are also some of the relatives which do not travel once in the year. The matter is easy you can send you laptop with your relatives who is planning to go Nepal in any festival mostly in Dashain and Tihar, as it is the greatest festival of Nepalese. If your relatives are ready to travel then you can put your problem in their heads with responsibility. Because if you give them the laptop then he or she will safely bring it your home. If you give this responsibility to another and non-recognized person or relatives, there are more probability of loss. A person is always in touch with their relatives. The laptop is not the toy it’s the matter of expensive and large. But mind one thing if you are sending the laptop then you only send qualitative and some this advanced laptop because the normal thing and lower qualitative laptop is also found in Nepal. So why to take tension in sending the low qualitative laptop from America, if it is easily available in Nepal.


If you put your laptop in responsible hands, the laptop will also safely make the travel responsibly. The man is recognized with their behaviors and the helping nature not with their sweet voice. Although., the relatives is only the useful and work fully if he or she deed the help in need. Otherwise, the dog can be also our relative without any intention and connection of relations. Relatives are like our personal connection whom we can trust and share our happy and sadness, The happy can be shared with everyone but the life and the problem need only relative to expose their personal feeling. So the relatives are actually our internal relation transformed with the purity of bond and help. The America is not the motherland and the home where everything is possible to do and throw the comments outside the rooms and residence. The laptop is very small things which you can keep in your relative hands for reached in your legal hand with safely. The laptop is machinery product it can be damaged due to pin interest.

2. Friends:

The friend is also treated as the helpful tools which came for use in normal and in most emergency case. Existence of many Nepalese might be some of your friends and you can easily give your laptop to carried out to your home. The laptop is very small in size and weight can be kept in bag so there will not be the problems of loading and unloading. There may be the many friends who are going in festival to Nepal, you can give to them. There also exist many Nepalese who are going to every festival to celebrate with their family members living in Nepal.


The Nepalese face is helpful for Nepalese face. The man of Nepal is not hidden anywhere in America. You can easily transfer your responsibility to them and if your friend is going to the home in festive season, it’s too good and easy to give them this work. If your friend doesn’t accept your request to take your laptop then you have bitterly know that the friendship is only of your act of selfish. The person thought is different from all everyone. So your friend can show their cast on need. And if your friend is ready to take up your laptop to your family living in Nepal can be the good identification of Nepal.

3. Curriers:

It is the recognized and also the non-recognized way to export your laptop legal and responsible hands. There are many carriers operating the international service of export and import. If there is blockade of all the way you know then this is the last option you must have to choose. The carriers operates their service full time and you have to packaged your laptop with full safety to give them.


Because due to untouched of men your laptop can get some damages because of load and unload in many places in cargo plane. Your laptop goes in wrong hand if you have written wrong address and if you do not have written then in right hand. They takes your all information and also charges some money for their services. This also the better ways to sent your laptop in legal and safely to your family members.