How to Send Gifts to Your Beloved One in Nepal From USA (America)

How to send gift from USA to Nepal: – Everyone dreams of living in foreign countries. It is a pleasure to accept and admire the culture and lifestyle. The Nepalese dream to settle in the US, while most Americans merge with Nepalese cultures in their destination.

Almost many people strive to travel around the world instead of staying in one place. The Nepalese have either lived permanently or temporarily in the United States. They regard the United States as the land of their dreams of education, work and permanent residence.

Therefore, they work very hard to coordinate their documents and visa processes. They also go through a random EDP process for EE. . First, it is unfortunate, but true, that there are thieves who work for the local post office. Some customers said that the contents of their gift wrappers were opened and partially removed so that the recipient received only half of the content.

In other cases, the entire gift was missing and only the wrapping paper or cardboard was delivered, or the box was completely lost. This is usually the case for packages that have no tracking at all. So if you want to ship it yourself, you need to purchase at least one basic post tracking option.

Second, the postal service in Nepal may lose small packages. Again, tracking and securing the package helps prevent a complete disappearance of the package. The best way to store your cargo is to ship a large box weighing 1 kg or more.

In many countries, these properties are processed separately under the official postmark. Third, the main purpose of customs in Nepal is to prevent the entry of drugs, weapons, explosives and illicit products into Nepal.

The list of products that are considered illegal does not make sense here, as it can be changed at any time, making this list obsolete. To speed up the customs process as much as possible, documents must be complete and properly archived at the time of shipment.


Customs have the right to open packages and to examine them in detail. As you can imagine, this may affect the appearance of the gift and damage the gift box.

Customs does not usually open all packages. These controls are quite random; However, their frequency increases when the value of the declared gift exceeds $ 100.

It is also more likely that your package will open if it has an unusual appearance: a “secret” looking package (with a thick layer of polyethylene foam or several layers of visible tape); a large box with noticeably low content; Gift content that trembles or beats; or property with contents that can be interpreted as dust can attract the attention of a curious customs agent.

If you send a gift containing gourmet items, you can only send non-perishable items. Therefore, items such as cheese and fruit are out of the question. In addition, the shipping of items such as cakes or chocolates is also difficult as they are likely to melt in hot climates or in Nepal’s shipping warehouses, which are not always air-conditioned.

In addition, fragile items containing glass or other delicate containers should be discreetly packaged. But again, there is a risk that the customs unpacks the gift and further damaged it. Is there a better way?

Depending on the type of gift you wish to send, you can use a gift supplier and consult its catalog for delivering ideas to Nepal to help you find the gift that suits your taste and budget. These are the things that you should know about the way the customs are performed and the package for your gift.

  • Feature of gift

In most countries, a gift above a certain value is subject to taxes, and Nepal is no exception. The tax-free amount varies greatly from one country to another and can be changed at any time (ironically, this can happen even after the gift has been sent to the recipient).

It is quite disappointing to hear that gift recipients must submit substantial documents and it is impractical to file them at the Nepal Customs Office. It is even more embarrassing for the sender to know that the VIP recipient has to pay customs taxes.

Some recipients are forced to do so because they are afraid to disappoint the sender and feel obliged to pick up the gift, regardless of the time, effort and money it costs. To avoid such disappointment, consider using a gift delivery service with a local presence in Nepal.

  • Delivery time considerations

Between sending documents, refining packaging, cross-border delivery, customs clearance and on-site delivery in Nepal, it can take 3 weeks to 4 months (or more!) For a package to be delivered to its recipient. So, if you’re flexible and you don’t have to give the gift at any given time, it may not matter.

  • Cost considerations

There is a general expectation that products imported into Nepal are too expensive in the local market. This applies to imported alcohol, some brands of chocolate and electronic products.

These items can cost twice or more than in your country. However, the sender of the gift should also consider the costs of international shipping, packaging, insurance and customs, which in some cases are associated with the risks described above.

  • Shipping costs

The airmail rates for a 20g package / postcard in Nepal are Rs 5/2. to India and neighboring countries Rs 25/20; to Europe and Great Britain Rs 40/30; and to the United States and Australia Rs 50/35.

Postal service to and from Nepal is, at best, unpredictable, but sometimes it can be remarkably efficient. Most items arrive at their destination …

If you do it yourself

  • Cost of the item in your country: $ 100
  • Packaging: USD 10 (box, ribbon, wrapping paper, etc.).
  • Shipping cost: $ 60 (average based on a 1 kg package, without delivery confirmation at this rate)
  • Insurance: $ 10 (estimated average)
  • Customs fees: $ 20 (average 20-25%)

Total estimated cost of gifts: $ 200 (delivery in approximately 3-12 weeks)

  • Use a gift delivery service
  • Cost of the item in a gift catalog: $ 210

(for the cost of the item in a delivery country: $ 160)

  • Delivery fee: $ 15-20 (average)

Total estimated cost of the gift: USD 230 (delivery in 1-3 days with delivery confirmation by electronic package) In short, it can cost 15-25% more to use a gift delivery service. However, it is guaranteed that the gift will be delivered to its recipient in 1-3 business days.


There will be real people to take care of your special gift, instead of faceless customs agents and international postal services on both sides of the border. After all, some of them manage to adapt the American way of life. Somehow, they still can’t capture the affection of families.

You know there is a big-time difference between the United States and Nepal. If you wake up early in the morning and try to make a call, you have fallen asleep. Then you have wondered if, despite these miles, there are ways to connect. Have you ever thought of surprising them with gifts? How can you send a gift to your loved ones within miles?

How to Send Gifts to Your Beloved One in Nepal From USA (America)

Now let’s see several agents that you can send as gifts from the United States to Nepal.

  1. Online:

If you want to send the perfect gift from Nepal to the USA., Contact Helpful customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you select the gift basket that you would like to send from Nepal to the United States, process your order and make sure it is delivered by customs without further delay.

Choose from gourmet gifts, wine baskets, chocolate games, fruit baskets, flowers and hundreds of other gifts. In addition, payments for your orders could not be easier. You can pay online through the totally secure website with Google Checkout, PayPal or any other important credit card.

If these options do not work for you, you can also pay offline with a check, money order or bank transfer through Money Gram or Western Union. No matter the occasion, with you can deliver the best gifts from Nepal to the USA.

Quickly, safely and easily. If you want to send local gifts in Nepal, can also handle them.

  1. Friends

The news of a friend’s previous plans to visit Nepal is spreading rapidly. In this case, you can turn to friends or acquaintances that you can trust when looking at your gifts. It is an opportunity to build a network in foreign countries while giving gifts to your family.

But sometimes things can go wrong. Your gifts may go to the wrong person’s hand or they may lose. Therefore, you should send gifts through trusted friends that you know personally. Also inform your family before the arrival of the gifts.

  1. Parcel service

Many people in Nepal have covered themselves with gifts and souvenirs and sent them home from Kathmandu. The postal package is not cheap or fast, but the service is reliable.

The maritime package is much cheaper than airmail, but it is also much slower (packages last approximately 3½ months) and less reliable. As a guide, a 2 kg package for the United Kingdom / USA. . It will cost 1645/2045 rupees by air mail or a 25% discount on the “mail order” rate (a special rate for books only).

The contents of a package must be verified before the officials are involved. There are packers in Kathmandu International Post that pack them for a small fee.

The maximum weight for sea packages is 20 kg; For airmail it is 10kg or 5kg for If an item is sent to you in Nepal, customs clearance for customs clearance and collection at its end may add up to more than the original shipping cost. It is often worth paying extra to take it even on the plane.

  1. Courier

It costs a little cash, but it is one of the most reliable ways to send gifts to loved ones. While packing your gifts, you can also write some notes to send.

The organization that deals with Courier is reliable as it records and delivers in a reliable and legal manner that does not cause errors in export or shipment. If you have sent through the cursors, you must provide the correct information of the Nepalese courier that facilitate international services.

A. USPS Nepal

The United States Postal Service (USPS, also known as the Post Office, US Parcel or Postal Service) is an executive agency independent of the Federal Government responsible and associated with the provision of postal services in the United States , including its island territories United.

It is one of the few government agencies expressly approved by the United States Constitution. USPS has longest shipping experience in America. The USPS dates back to 1775, when Benjamin Franklin was appointed the first postmaster general.

The post office was founded in 1792 from the Franklin operation. It became a cabinet level department in 1872 and became the United States Postal Service as an independent agency by the Postal Reorganization Act of 1970. As of 2017, the USPS employed 644,124 active employees and operated 211,264 vehicles in 2014.

This number does not include the numerous vehicles and contractor personnel. The operator of the largest civilian vehicle fleet in the world is USPS. The law requires USPS to provide services to all Americans, regardless of geographic location, at a consistent price and quality.

The USPS has exclusive access to US package packages. And personal package boxes in the USA, But now it has to compete with private package delivery services like United Parcel Service, FedEx and Amazon.

You should know first that USPS prohibits the disclosure of this type of property without wasting your time. Cameras, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, coins, bills; Banknotes (paper money); Securities of any type denominated in the carrier; Travel checks; Platinum, gold and silver (done or not); precious stones; jewelry; and other valuable items, perishable infectious biological substances, photo paper, radioactive materials, synthetic fibers (75 denier or less), watches and spare parts.

USPS may not include any items subject to tax under First-Class Parcel International, First-Class Package International Service and Priority Parcel International Flatrate envelopes.

They have a Global Express Warranty Service Guide that includes information on the destinations sent in the country of destination, acceptable content, packaging and labeling requirements, shipment tracking, service standards and other conditions for sending packages. This is how you proceed with your delivery.

  • You must properly address your package and add the appropriate postage so you can put it in your parcel box. (You can also put the package in a public collection box or take it directly to your local post office).
  • A mailman picks up your package along with the rest of the package from the box and delivers it to the post office. There, the entire package is loaded into a truck and taken to a package processing facility.
  • In the package processing machine, the machines separate the package into shape and size. It also aligns the packages so that their directions point up and in the same direction with the right side. Your package will have a postal stamp and the machines will print cancellation stamps to avoid reuse.
  • A unique fluorescent barcode is printed on the back of each package. An optical scanner scans the address and then a barcode that represents the specific address on the front of the envelope is sprayed. If the scanner cannot read the address, the package is sorted manually.
  • Other processing machines read barcodes and route packages to containers based on postal codes; This indicates the next processing facility in the region where the package will finally be delivered. (Each post office is serviced by a package processing facility). From the cubes, the packages are classified into containers by zip code and transported to the next processing.
  • In the final processing plant, the sorting machines read the bar codes and classify the packages by carrier and in the order of delivery of that forwarder.
  • Packages are delivered to individual post offices, and carriers load trays in their individual vehicles for final delivery.

To take advantage of automation and its optical scanners, the USPS has guidelines for addressing packages. Your package will not be discarded if you do not follow the guidelines. However, the use of these policies can speed up delivery.

  • First print the delivery and return addresses on the same side of your envelope or card and make sure they are parallel to the longer side.
  • Second, the address must be readable with the arm extended, so it is useful to write or print clearly with a pen or permanent marker. Do not use commas or dots when boarding your packages, regardless of what your English teacher has said.
  • Finally, make sure you have provided your return address. You choose the service based on how quickly the package or shipment will be delivered and how much you are willing to pay. The terminology is sometimes confusing, so it was broken down. (Note that there are many additional options in each of these categories, and the commercial package offers even more options).

And here is another scheme that you can use to deliver packages to Nepal.

  1. Priority Parcel Express service offers fast delivery of packages, large or thick envelopes, tubes and packages. It includes insurance of up to $ 100 and guarantees overnight delivery or two days. You can also take out additional insurance of up to $ 5,000.
  2. The priority parcel service offers a one to three day service for most national destinations. Both Priority Parcel Express and Priority Parcel have a weight limit of 70 pounds and a maximum length of 108 inches.
  • The first-class parcel service does not guarantee delivery within a certain period, although the typical delivery time is one to three days. It is most commonly used for personal and commercial correspondence and invoices, but you can also send packages weighing up to 13 ounces.
  1. The USPS retail ground service is listed as a “reliable and economical” option to package large and small packages. Retail prices are based on weight, tone and shape. Packages are usually delivered in two to eight business days: they can weigh up to 30 kg and have a total length of up to 30 cm and a total distance around the thickest part.
  2. Medium Parcel can be the cheapest way to send packages and thick envelopes. According to the USPS website, content is limited to books, manuscripts, sound recordings, recorded videos and computer-readable media (not empty). Packages are usually delivered within two to eight days. The cost is only based on the weight, so packages sent over long distances with package delivery at a higher cost can be cheaper with Media Parcel. Media Parcel cannot contain advertising, except occasional book and advertisements. The USPS has specific size and weight requirements for each type of package, from postcards to large packages.
  • Postcards (rectangular cardboard not contained in an envelope) must be at least 5.5 inches long and 3.5 inches high and not more than 6 inches long and 4.25 inches high. Envelopes (small rectangular packages no thicker than 0.25 inches) must be between 5 inches and 11.5 inches long and 3.5 and 6.125 inches high to maintain standard package rates. There is also a category of “large envelopes” with a minimum package size of 15 inches long and 12 inches high.
  • Each type of package must also be within certain weight limits to be packaged at standard rates. For example, for a postcard you cannot write a 12-page package and package it at standard package speed, even if it fits in an envelope that meets the size requirements. You must weigh 1 ounce or less, the accepted limit for a package.
  • You can pack heavier and larger packages; All you have to do is pay more. For example, for a standard postcard, 1 ounce package, the current rate is 47 cents. But if your package weighs 3 ounces, you will have to cough an additional 42 cents.
  • Finally, there are limitations on what you can package. The largest package you can pack should be less than 30 cm on the longest side of Retail Ground and should not weigh more than 30 kg.

Here is the unique feature of USPS that helps you feel safe and reliable.

I.  Relief with delivery

The postal service offers services and products with delivery. You can buy containers, from bubble wrap to cardboard boxes. You can also buy postcards and, of course, stamps as gift. On the USPS website, you can calculate your postage and print or call your own printer to pick up a package.

Through the USPS affiliated Card Store, you can create a personalized greeting card online and send it with a mouse click, and quickly dive into your wallet. It even offers a reminder service so you don’t forget to send tickets for special occasions.

II. Mailbox use

Postal boxes have been around for over 200 years. These small rectangular boxes are usually found in an area of ​​the post office that can be accessed 24/7. You can rent one for a relatively small fee depending on the size of the box.

The boxes themselves are integrated into an internal wall of the post so that the closed side is accessible to customers and the other side is open so that employees can insert packages.

There are several benefits of having a P.O. Box You can be safer, you can often get your package earlier in the day, and you can hide the fact that your new business is really just you in your room. If you change the addresses within the same city, you do not need to change the address of your package. Some small cities require residents’ mailboxes.

III. Easy payment orders

Money orders are a safe and economical alternative to sending cash through the package. You can buy them at any post office or parcel service. You can buy money orders for up to $ 1,000.

They can be exchanged at any post office or deposited in banks and other financial institutions. And if they are damaged, lost or stolen, they can be replaced. The USPS offers national and international money orders, international money orders and an international money transfer service.

IV. Additional security

The USPS offers several services for additional security, proof of delivery and recovery in case of damage. These services include: certified package, certified mail, informed delivery, signature confirmation and the ability to purchase insurance coverage of up to $ 50,000.

These services offer many options to confirm delivery, obtain copies of acceptance signatures, confirm shipment and track high quality items.

How USPS is better than any other media

  1. The USPS agrees with the fact that as broadband Internet access grows, revenues will eventually decrease. Therefore, strategies are planned to simplify and adapt products and services to the needs of customers.
  2. With the flat rate priority parcel fields, you can simplify the guesswork by creating a rate regardless of weight or distance.
  • A service called CONFIRM uses barcodes to track the packet as it passes through the system.
  1. By using marks based on information printed on envelopes and packages during processing, the postal service offers more opportunities for shipping tracking and express delivery.
  2. The Intelligent Parcel device is a handheld scanner that can read bar codes and current electronic signatures.

SAW. The automatic postal redirection system reduces the cost of packages to be sent or returned to the sender.

  1. Sensors and detectors reduce classification errors and determine whether two packages are held together.
  • The classifiers have up to 302 separations, three times more than the machines they replaced.


DHL reaches a milestone in 2019 that they are incredibly proud of: 50 years of delivery to their customers. They began their trip in the same year as another famous event: the moon landings of 1969.

They are known for their quality service. And with the same pioneering spirit, they began being small, but with the world in sight. After 50 years, they are proud of their 120,000 certified international specialists and their leading infrastructure in more than 220 countries and territories around the world, which makes them the most global service providers.

Customers. They bring you knowledge, passion, skill and the desire for speed. All the time. In fact 160 million times a year. DHL Express is the world leader and specialist in international shipments and courier services.

They build and improve their service continuously for 50 years. The key to its success lies in the strength of its global network that covers more than 220 countries and territories, with around 120,000 employees providing services for more

About 2.5 million customers What really sets us apart is the international shipping competition of its employees. His knowledge, along with his passion and skills, provides a world class

Service and ensures that your shipments arrive safely and quickly. With their Certified International Specialist Program, they provide all DHL Express employees with the experience they need to do their job competently and with confidence, and that is good news for employees and customers.

Specialized international shipping services with DHL express shipping tools and prices. Export services Import services DHL Express Envelope Electronic commerce Optional services Customs service surcharge. Consumers expect everything “on demand”, anytime, anywhere. DHL shipping options provide customers with a significant competitive advantage: more than 90% of online consumers consider

Delivery options available before departure. Your decision will be influenced by speed of delivery, flexibility and ease.

Why DHL is better option?

As certified international specialists, you can rely on DHL Express as an expert in international express services. This guide will show you how DHL Express can help you with your international shipping needs and what products and services best suit your needs. If you have any questions, contact your DHL account manager or visit us at

  • They are every day hour available at their customer service. With DHL Express Worldwide Import, you can import shipments from more than 200 countries and territories around the world. In addition, customers in the US . They can request an import from China not only to the USA., But also to other countries Also travel destinations like Nepal. You call this a shipment from a third country.
  • Brokers or local senders do not have to participate in any part of the process. You have full control and can manage all aspects of your imports very easily.
  • If you need faster delivery, you can also import DHL Express 12:00 and DHL Express 9:00 services. You can request an import from another country to send to your country or another destination using the appropriate electronic shipping solution for the import. You will have one
  • Account number, an invoice in one currency and a fixed price where you know exactly what you will pay.

All of its services are temporary and provide you with secure delivery of goods and documents door to door in almost all countries and areas.

Regardless of whether your shipments must be delivered at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of a business day, the services provide complete traceability so you always know where your shipments are. There are different scheme of service for public. They are

DHL Express worldwide,

It offers a worldwide Monday through Friday delivery service for parts up to 70 kg and shipments up to 1,000 kg. Deliver reliably and quickly to more global destinations through a single integrated network than any other express delivery company.

Delivery is made until the end of the next possible business day. There is no money back guarantee for this service. Countries and territories covered more than 220 countries, including Nepal. The maximum weight of the piece (not on the pallet) is 70 kg.

The maximum piece size is (L x W x H) † 120 x 80 x 80 cm. The maximum weight of the pallet is 300 kg. The maximum shipping weight is 1,000 kg. The maximum dimensions of the pallet are (L x W x H) 120 x 120 x 160 cm

DHL Express 12:00

With DHL Express 12:00 you will receive your shipments the next business day before 12:00. DHL Express 12:00 offers a money-back guarantee and is currently only available for document shipments to 75 destinations worldwide. This service offers a money back guarantee.

Countries and territories covered more than 75, including Nepal. The maximum weight of the piece (not on the pallet) is 2 kg, only documents are included. The maximum dimensions of the piece are not applicable. The maximum pallet weight does not apply here. The maximum shipping weight is 2 kg (documents only)


DHL Express Envelope service allows the international delivery of light shipments of documents door to door until the end of the next business day. It also offers climate neutral shipments at no additional charge.

Its features include a package of up to 300 grams, has access to all global coverage. In this scheme they send documents. Packaging envelope included. If you want to send a gift made of paper, cardboard or other document, you can use this scheme.

DHL service feature

The DHL On Demand delivery tool informs recipients about the progress of the shipment and allows them

Move, divert, release or pick up conveniently at a DHL service point. It is an innovative, simple and mobile service, especially for private or private deliveries.

The service is designed to improve the shopping experience for online shoppers, especially for home or private delivery. It is available worldwide, providing consistent service standards and a harmonized user experience.

  • Discover and grow

Visit to learn more about how DHL supports e-commerce companies, from new businesses to large companies, and how they can grow internationally.


Country guides related to e-commerce, white papers such as The 21st Century Spice Trade, customer research and trends, and market intelligence tools help you better understand your customers and their shipping needs.

to take the next step in your e-commerce trip. Its clients globalize easily and quickly, maximizing the enormous potential of international electronic commerce.

DHL Express offers a wide range of optional services, from special deliveries and billing options to climate-neutral shipments. You have the flexibility to choose the best service for your needs with your express delivery services worldwide.

  • Easy customs services

To maintain a consistently high level of service, DHL Express, under certain circumstances, will charge a premium for exceptional activities to ensure that these bonuses are fair to all customers.

Fuel surcharge See rates This variable surcharge will be added to the weight charge of each shipment. It is based on publicly available fuel oil indices, which also appear on the DHL Express website at

The rate is adjusted every month to the price of oil valid two months before the billing month. The fuel surcharge applies to national and international shipments. DHL Express is the international shipping specialist with extensive knowledge and experience in handling customs problems worldwide.

For your peace of mind, they offer a wide range of customs support for standard and non-routine customs clearance processes. Smooth and efficient processing ensures that your shipments arrive as quickly as possible and that you can concentrate on your core business. With their online tool ( they provide important customs information to help you prepare your shipments.

Prohibited Items

The following items are NOT accepted by DHL for transportation. This list contains items that are prohibited from being transported by any law, ordinance or law of a federal, state or local government from, or to which the item may be transported. For international transport, additional items may be prohibited, as specified by the country of destination. DHL can at your discretion

Refuse to use other items that are not listed below.

  • All Samsung Galaxy Note7 and Samsung Note7 devices
  • Gold bars (made of precious metals)
  • Cash (legal tender – bills, bills and coins)
  • Complete firearms, ammunition, explosives.
  • Equipment, including inert explosives and test pieces, air rifles, replicas and imitations of firearms.
  • human remains or ashes in some way
  • Hunting trophies (animal trophies), animal components such as ivory and shark fin, animal remains or ashes or animal by-products and derived products that are not intended for human consumption and cannot be marketed under the CITES Convention and / or local laws
  • Illegal products, such as counterfeit and narcotic products.
  • Live animals (including, among others, mammals, reptiles, fish, invertebrates, amphibians, birds, insects, larvae and pupae)
  • Single lithium metal batteries according to IATA PI968 section II
  • Loose stones and semi-precious stones (ground or unpolished, polished or unpolished)
  • Air rifles, guns, imitations or replicas of firearms, firearms parts and ammunition replicas (including rifle butts, firing mechanisms, screws / bolts, etc.), which are manufactured exclusively for the production of weapons functional fire)
  • Antiques and works of art. Clients must provide an authorized package from the archeology department, when applicable
  • Banderoles / tax stickers with a shipping value of more than 500,000 EUR
  • Cannabis for medical use by trusted pharmaceutical manufacturers with appropriate licenses and, if permitted by law, in tablet or liquid form, can be transported in an approved commercial case. The value of a shipment must not exceed 10,000 EUR.
  • cigarettes and electronic cigarettes
  • Commemorative coins and medals with a single value or a total shipping value of € 2,000 or more are limited to transportation
  • Dangerous / dangerous goods, including but not limited to perfumes, after shaving, aerosols, flammable substances, dry ice, biological substances,
  • skins
  • Jewelry and watches with a unique value of more than 5,000 EUR. The shipment cannot exceed 100,000 euros.

The following items are NOT accepted for transportation unless otherwise agreed by DHL. To obtain such an agreement, DHL must carry out a commercial transaction and the items released for transportation will be written down with the customer. So, before sending a gift to Nepal, keep in mind that the previous article is not included.

Payment system

You can pay DHL Express in cash, by credit card or by bank transfer. You can open an account with DHL Express to pay by bank transfer. All customers receive invoices by prior arrangement. For more information, contact customer service.

These are the rates you can consider when sending them to Nepal.

  • Variable remote area NPR 1200 per shipment
  • Additional handling
  • Large size per piece NPR 9500
  • Pallet not stackable Per piece NPR 17500
  • Address correction by NPR 1368 transmission
  • Data entry per shipment NPR 350
  • Security rates
  • Increased risk for shipping NPR 2300
  • Limitation of destination per shipment NPR 3400
  • customs services

C. Ipost Parcel

Parcel delivery and courier service to Nepal. Ipost Parcel allows you to send packages from to Kathmandu, Pokhara, Butwal, Dharan, Janakpur and Hetauda in a cost-effective and safe way. Ship a package to Nepal through the reliable and secure Worldwide Air delivery service USD 55.36 * (excluding taxes) in just 4 to 5 days *.

The standard shipping option includes the collection of your work or address. You can also leave your package in one of 52 deposits across the country and save $ 4.25, reducing the cost of your package to $ 45.11 * (excluding VAT).

They are proud to offer all their customers the best service at an affordable price for Nepal, you can ensure that your gifts and packages always arrive safely. Get a quick quote above. ipostparcels can carry packages weighing up to 25 kg and a maximum size of 80 x 80 x 80 cm.

If you send something of a reasonable size or weight, you can visit the help page to send large and heavy packages. Although your packages are expected to arrive in Nepal in just a few days, you still have to take the time to prepare and package them for shipping, so that they are delivered safely and intact.

You can find more suggestions and advice for sending packages to Nepal in the practical international packing instructions. From the moment of the collection (if it is not present, you can decide to leave your package in a safe place and the driver will pick it up from there) until the delivery, in which it is signed by the recipient, will take good care of it therefore the items What do you send with them?

They also offer a free online tracking service to keep you updated with the location of your package and, by default, provide coverage for your £ 50 item. If you wish, you can add additional coverage for more valuable items.

D. FedEx

FedEx Express, the world’s largest express transportation company, has completed its fifth anniversary and offers a full range of FedEx services in Nepal.

FedEx Express is an operating unit of FedEx Corp. that connects territories that generate 90 percent of the global gross domestic product within one to three business days and transports more than 3.5 million items to 220 countries and territories every business day.

Around the world, FedEx is making connections and making its promises come true. Deliver a life-saving medicine the same day it was ordered. Design comprehensive supply chain solutions for complex compliance requirements.

Order handmade gifts from around the world for your online community and from your community for everyone. The connection of people with goods, services, ideas and technologies creates opportunities. Opportunities that create jobs, create wealth and encourage communities to a higher standard of living.

That is why they are committed to solutions that redefine the way the world is connected: the service that started it all exponentially expands its clients’ access to the world.

Currently, they represent 99 percent of global gross domestic product (GDP), shipping and freight, and provide services ranging from same-day delivery to delivery within three business days.

Regardless of whether customers want a part to be delivered abroad or throughout the city the next morning, everything is covered. The powerful global network provides reliable, critical and competitive integrated express delivery services to more than 220 countries and territories, as well as to all addresses in the United States.

In addition to a complete portfolio of intercontinental express services, FedEx Express now offers national delivery services to more than 35 countries. They deliver almost all legal and allowed items despite their size.

E. US Go Buy

US Go Buy is proud to work with the well-known USPS logistics brand. They are the largest and most reliable parcel delivery company in the USA. . It serves more than 200,000 customers in more than 200 countries, including Nepal.

They serve a wide range of clients, from multinational companies to individuals on all continents. Your customers rely on their experience to ensure that their products are shipped quickly, safely and in the most cost effective way possible.

To receive US Go Buy service, you must register and receive a confirmation with an US address. . From You buy and send your items to this address with your package box number. Receive the packages and enter them into your system based on your package box number.

You can see your packages in “My packages” in your account. You pay the estimated shipping fee while initiating a shipping request. Consolidate your packages (as little as possible to save money) and send them with the carriers you specify. You are loading the tracking of your shipment and your friend and family for your items at home in Ne!

Additional shipping costs will be credited to your account. You can use that for your next shipment or request a refund. Notes: Recipients must be the same as the name in their account. Be sure to log in with your valid name and use that name as the recipient for all your shipments.

And here comes another question about how to use my US address. .

When paying, enter your US Go Buy address. . Don’t forget to enter your unique package card number on the second line of the delivery address. 14566 NE Airport Way # XXXXXX (see your suite number, for example, # 314808) Portland, OR 97230 NOTE: Some merchants may require that your shipping and billing address be the same.

In this case, they recommend that you use their Buy For Me service. They use their own credit cards to buy the items they want. The idea of ​​insurance is yours. While they recommend that you buy insurance for expensive items. They currently accept credit cards, PayPal, WebMoney and My E-Wallet to pay shipping costs online.

There are only two ways to charge the electronic wallet: Western Union and bank transfer. And you can use most of the credit cards through your PayPal account, including American Express, MasterCard, Discover and Visa. Currently they does not accept credit card payments.

F. Aramex

Aramex is a provider of integral logistics and transportation solutions. Founded in 1982 as an express carrier, the company quickly became a global brand known for its bespoke services and its innovative offer of multiple products.

The company’s range of services includes national and international express delivery, forwarding, integrated logistics solutions, information and document management solutions, consumer retail services and e-commerce solutions.

In January 1997, Aramex was the first international company based in Arabia that traded its shares on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. After five years of successful negotiation, Aramex returned to private property in February 2002 and expanded to become a private company, creating global alliances and gaining brand awareness.

Aramex is a founding member and president of the Global Distribution Alliance (GDA), which brings together more than 40 logistics and express service providers from around the world, each specialized in their region and covering the world with the same standards and technologies of consistent quality of Aramex.

The network has more than 12,000 offices, 33,000 vehicles and 66,000 employees serving Allianz customers and doing business 24 hours in more than 240 countries. Aramex is also a founder member of the World Freight Alliance (WFA).

WFA is a global and dynamic network of freight transport specialists that provide sea and air cargo services to customers. Use Aramex to send gifts from the USA. . To Nepal You can send them through different schemes and services.

Features of Aramex Services
  • International Express

Aramex offers a global solution for the transport of critical time documents and door-to-door packages worldwide in a variety of runtime options to meet all your needs.

International Express services provide real-time shipment tracking, proof of delivery of your shipments and the ability to request delivery notifications by email or SMS. With an extensive network and competitive shipping costs, Aramex guarantees the timely delivery of your urgent documents from door to door anywhere in the world.

Document Express Through an extensive channel and competitive shipping costs, Aramex guarantees the timely delivery of your documents door to door with urgent documents to any destination in the world

  • Express package

Your shipments that are not documents will be specially packaged, shipped quickly and carefully handled by customs to arrive anywhere in the world on time.

Express entry In addition to exporting, Aramex allows you to import shipments from any destination in your global network to your door.

  • Reset Express

For non-prioritized express delivery, Aramex offers Deferred Express as a cost-effective shipping alternative that fits your business budget. Aramex offers a range of value-added service options to support its standard express services.

Payment on delivery Aramex collects the total value of the goods sold on your behalf. Rates, payment methods and schedules are agreed with you on a case-by-case basis.

Return service Aramex offers this service to retailers who wish to include a free return service for the delivery of their products, and for their customers who send items for repair and then return them. Cash in collection Aramex offers customers the possibility of charging the shipping costs of the sender, recipient or a third party.

G. Ship wire

Order fulfillment services are essentially third-party companies that provide reception, processing and delivery services on behalf of a client company. This service can be applied to a variety of transactions as well as sending gift to Nepal ranging from large corporations to individual companies to individual orders from direct customers.

The use of the services of these suppliers is a small trade secret that Fortune 500 companies keep. In this way, they can move, store and deliver their products to their customers. However, the secret is revealed to a large extent, and even small businesses now have access to such services.

These services may not be as affordable as the company would like, but the use of compliance services can significantly improve the end result of a company. In their Ship wire reports, they more closely analyze one of the popular job compliance services, a cloud-based platform that helps companies meet their shipping, storage and delivery needs.

The service was founded by shipping and fulfillment service provider Ship wire Inc. The company’s acquisition by Ingram Micro technology company in 2013 helped increase Ship wire’s international reach through a cloud-based enterprise logistics system and a network of warehouses worldwide.

The service has expanded the global reach of its customers with existing warehouses worldwide. Ship wire has deposits in China, the United States, Australia, Europe and Asia including Nepal. Other locations are currently in preparation.

The service uses an enterprise-class Warehouse Management System (WMS) that allows its customers to store their products securely, while allowing shipping and special handling procedures.

With this intelligent shipping platform, the service can efficiently select the best shipping, route and packaging messaging options for all of its customers’ products, reducing shipping costs for its customers.

Ship wire’s ratings show that the company helps its customers to focus on other business areas, especially those involved in e-commerce, giving them more time to manage, market and interact with customers.

Ship wire is based on robust technology and virtually eliminates logistical nightmares. The focus on technology gives you the opportunity to offer your customers customized shipping solutions. The service engineering team constantly works on new e-commerce technologies that can further improve the service.

According to its Ship wire reports, the platform easily integrates with a variety of e-commerce solutions, including more than 50 shopping platforms and well-known markets in the United States, such as CommerceHub, Magento, IShoppingCart, NetSuite, Volusion and Shopify. You can request one online and send it directly to Nepal through Ship wire.

It also works quite well with order entry systems to simplify inventory, ship orders and provide real-time shipping costs for individual products. The service also integrates seamlessly with the user interface of the application program and with comma-separated values ​​for those who wish to automate their sales processes.

Ship wire Services:

Ship wire is known for its same day shipping and shipping services. Orders received before 5:30 am will be sent within the day, orders received later will be sent the next business day. The service is ideal for companies that place orders from global customers, as it also helps with customs clearance and provides the much needed support for shipping cargo.

The ordered products are also delivered promptly through Shipwire and express delivery services. Client companies also have the ability to customize their deliveries, including confirmation kits, labels and tracking numbers. Customers also have the option to cancel orders as long as the service has not served them.

This customization feature allows companies to maintain their brands while using Ship wire by providing their customers with the best possible experience. With Ship wire’s order fulfillment centers strategically located, customers can reach national and global customers in a matter of days.

Established companies have the ability to store products in multiple stores while shipping customer orders, resulting in lower shipping costs and faster delivery times. A great advantage is that the service offers a money back guarantee for dissatisfied customers. For the gift with huge shipping requirements, the service offers a number of benefits.

This includes getting rid of shipping and storage problems abroad. With the numerous Ship wire locations around the world, companies can easily deliver their products to their foreign customers whenever and wherever they need them.

The service also allows companies to enter markets that they previously did not have access to, which results in market expansion and increased sales. sCompanies can significantly reduce their shipping costs by using Ship wire, which handles shipping, storage and delivery processes at performance-based prices.

Payment and prices

What distinguishes Ship wire from other compliance services are pricing plans. Unlike its competitors, the service does not require new users to sign long-term contracts and accept minimum rates to guarantee competitive prices. Ship wire’s pricing scheme is simple and transparent, and requires minimal user monitoring.

Despite these strengths, the service is basically expensive and should be used by organizations that offer high profitability products. The Company offers a free trial of the service where users can send their products to Ship wire, which will send the shipment to the end users or return it to the customer.

After this free trial follow the basic pricing scheme. For $ 29.95 per month, a customer can store a single product range with only five unique product numbers. Under the plan, products sold or returned are limited to only eight items per month. In addition to that, customers must also pay all non-standard shipping and packaging costs.

That is why companies must make sure they earn enough money with their products if they wish to use the service. However, for customers who handle large orders, Ship wire could be the perfect shipping solution in terms of pricing. Packing and order preparation rates are automatically reduced as the volume of the order increases.

The service also offers negotiated prices for established companies that want to use it. The service is excellent for companies between companies looking to increase their sales, since Ship wire orders are as easy to execute as product distributors.

Customers can also use the pre-packaged boxes of the service for their wholesale orders, since these boxes have the same price regardless of the content of their product.

How to send gifts to your lovely mother in Nepal from United State of America: – There is always a cause why citizens all over the world have a good time in the events such as lovely mother’s Day, promotions, anniversaries, birthdays and so on.

These kinds of occasions give them an opportunity to feel special as well as be grateful to life! And the gift leads these kinds of occasions all the more pleasant as well as unforgettable.

So, if you are planning to send a gifts such as a beautiful flower bouquet or a basket of chocolates to your loved ones either your parent or on his/ her special day, you can get your gift there with different reliable international export and import organization.


opening gift

At those courier services, some business assures free shipping, timely delivery, high quality and 100% customer satisfaction. They courier from a fresh flower and delicious chocolates to all kind of sumptuous cakes, cute teddies and luxurious gift baskets, they offer everything you might need.

Are you looking for how to send your lovely mother a gift living in Nepal? When it comes to presents, once again, the options are many. If you wish to gift flowers, choose bouquets of roses and lilies in pink and red, or a multicolored bunch of gerbera daisies.

A perfect arrangement of carnations, sunflowers as well as roses can also make some light, in the day of your lovely mother. In cakes, you can choose from a variety of flavors like chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, cookie dough, cheesecake and more.

A gourmand basket consisting of cheeses, salty snacks, cookies as well as chocolates can be a wonderful gift as well.

For the occasions such as mother’s day and even on her birthday pick blossoms in vibrant hues like light green, yellow, orange, purple, pink and red to convey positivity and energy. If you are sending get well flowers to lovely mother then, pick gerbera daisies, multicolored tulips or multicolored carnations.

Are you planning to surprise your lovely mother? A Mother is a person who gives birth to a child as well as looks after their happiness, in the whole time of their life. She has a never lasting dedication for love, affection along with caring for her children’s, that too without any prerequisites or conditions.

This is the loveliness of a mother – her love with sacrifice knows no bounds. In which manner a boy or girl lives in the society, depends on what morals does his or her mother had taught them during their early days. So, it’s our duty to appreciate them by helping and sending gifts as well.

Or maybe you are looking for something that will cheer up your lovely mother.  Then can be a best solution for you.  They have a wide array of gifts for either for father or for lovely mother as well, and you can pick up a rich chocolate cake, a basket of different kinds of chocolates, or a bouquet of colorful flowers! Teddy bears, Dry fruits and brownies are other suitable options too.

Almost every lovely mother’s in the world take over the household work. Thus, they might also love receiving a spa gift basket filled and complete with all kind of soap, shampoos, body wash, scrubs, bath salts, washing soda and many more. is the prominent name in gifting among Nepalese all over the world. They had started as Muncha house in the 1920s, the first department store in Nepal, and ventured into online shopping in 2000 A.D to offer a gifts gallery to non- resident Nepalese looking to surprise family and friends in the home country.’s value lies in innovative and awesome gifts, delivering with care and being available 24*7. They started with the vision of forging life -long relationships with our customers and take pride in being reliable and undertaking special deliveries every day.

Their customers remember them to send gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Nepalese festivals, occasions, rituals, internationally celebrated festivals, weddings, celebrations for achievements, when missing family and friends, and for numerous other reasons.

They always seek to serve and delight each customer where in the world they may be, and stick their roots even as is also technologically innovative.

If you are searching for what to gift to your lovely mother, then you must gift her either a gourmet chocolate basket or a cake excluding the idea of second thought. Some baskets also comes ups with decorative items, a teddy bear, or marshmallows which also add the fun!

They also offer stunning corporate gifts such as bouquets of multicolored roses or carnations. You can even choose from gourmet gift baskets, Green tea baskets or a basket of dry fruits and sweets, a coffee set filled with mugs, or a fruit and cheese basket, collection of cheeses and snacks basket are even further wonderful choices.

So, no matter what the occasion is or who you want to wish, they are here to make it a huge success. Just browse their collection, place your order and even opt for same day or next day delivery if that’s what you want! Your order of the gift will be delivered to your house i.e. at your mother’s doorstep, ready to surprise. serves thousands of customers in more than hundreds of countries around the world. Since 1920s, they’ve continued to provide excellent shipping services by working with a wide network of affiliates.

They’re convenient, fast, reliable, and, most importantly, international! Gifts from are backed by their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. They offer 24/7 customer service and support and can assist with any order. Perhaps these reasons are why so many of our customers appreciate what they do.

If you want to ship a gift to your lovely mother in another country, or even in your own country, then buy from!  With their international gift delivery, letting your lovely mother know you care about her from across oceans, lands, and seas is much easier than ever.

Purchase the best gift for your lovely mother and get it to her quickly and spread happiness.

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