Who is Seema Subedi Shrestha and Why is She is Viral & Controversies in Nepalese Community

Who is Seema Subedi Shrestha and Why is She is Viral & Controversies in Nepalese Community

For the past few days, Seema Subedi Shrestha has been a ‘Much Hated’ public figure among all the Nepalese. If you give a very close attention to your Facebook or Twitter timeline, you can see hundreds of angry posts of Nepalese related to Subedi and her controversial statement about Nepal, Nepalese people, and Nepalese Gorkha. But, who exactly is Seema Subedi and why is she gaining such hatred and attention all of a sudden! Well, let’s know about her and her controversial statements and how it all started!


Well, Subedi is an aspiring actress who is pursuing her modeling career in Mumbai, India. Born in Assam to Nepalese parents, she was brought up in India and holds Indian citizenship. Throughout her modeling career, she has won the title of Mrs. India 2016 from Chennai in may. In the same year, she also represented India at Mrs. Asia International 2016 and won the main title as well. Currently, she is residing in Mumbai and pursuing her modeling career.

seema subedi shrestha
seema subedi shrestha

The Controversy

The controversy regarding Seema Subedi started last week after she screamed herself on the Facebook and gave her opinion about the Gorkhaland movement. She started off with showing her huge respect for her motherland and support for Gorkha land movement currently going on in India, which is completely fine considering the fact that she is an Indian. However, in next few minutes, she started to pass on negative comments about Nepal and the Nepalese people in general. Moreover, she commented that every Nepalese people go to India to do their dishes and that has made all the Indians embarrassed. This statement actually triggered Nepalese and is the source of all the hatred.

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Soon after she ended the live streaming, it was saved on her Facebook page and hundreds of Nepali facebook pages, youtube, and other online portals picked up this story and talked about how Subedi insulted Nepal and Nepalese people making her video viral overnight. Many Nepalese people also made the “Reply” video in response to her comments. On the reply videos, people basically showed their dislikes on how she generalized the Nepalese people and disrespected each and every people of Nepal.


After lots of criticism against SeemaSubedi from the people of Nepal, India as well as Pakistan, she realized the magnitude of her mistake and came to know how furious other people were for her act. She again went live on Sunday to apologize and this time she spoke the Nepali language with the hope that Nepalese people would forgive her. Over the week, she has made a couple of videos where she passed on good views about Nepal. However, it seems like people of Nepal are not in any mood to forgive her for her statements about Nepal and Nepalese people that she made in her first video.


Amidst all these controversies, Seema has been one of the most searched people on Google in Nepal though for all the bad reasons. However, for an aspiring actress like her, I guess ‘every publicity is a good publicity’ and I have felt that whatever she did, it was intended to become famous at the end of the day. Well, in one of her videos she even mentioned that she would like to be a part of any Nepali movie. Only time will tell if she manages to grab on any roles in Nepali movie. But, today, she is the most Hated public figure amongst all the Nepalese people and continues to get criticism from people all around the world.


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