Top 10 Things You Can Do After SEE Exam, Nepal- Tips for Students


Things You Can Do After SEE Exam, Nepal– Tips for Students: SEE is considered as a golden gate in the student’s life and the reason behind is that up to SEE level students are taught all subjects like science, computer, account, maths etc. But after SEE one can choose the subject as per their interest and shouldn’t be worried about the subject that your interest doesn’t suit. There are many things that can be done on the vacation after SEE examinations as the vacation is almost two and a half month long. So I will be providing you 10 useful thing that you can do on vacation after SEE examinations.

Top 10 Things You Can Do After SEE Exam, Nepal- Tips for Students

Here are top 10 things you can do after SEE exam of Nepal:

  1. Travel

Remember when you said your cousin that you will visit her after your examinations? Remember the answer you gave when your childhood friend asked “when are we going to meet?” remember that you wanted to visit Pokhara since you were a child? Well, it’s time that you visit the places that you always wanted to. If you are fortunate enough then you can even explore the places outside the country. Otherwise, you can travel the various parts of your own country. Don’t be sad if you can’t visit the places far due to various other reasons like financial reasons or family reasons. You don’t have to travel far to make the most of a vacation, just pick your bag, tie your shoelace and walk to the places you can afford and travel in given time boundaries. Trust me when I say that in every travel of your life, you get more than you expect and that will help you grow to be a better person.

  1. Do what you love

Everybody has their interest in something different. I love dancing while my sister is fond of public speaking and my brother is into the sketching. Most of the SEE appeared student are in the age where they are confused about what they should do? Which subject do they choose? Whom to consult? Etc. So, I want to suggest them that don’t get panic and take your time. Do the things that you love. Go dancing or music classes, learn a new language, study about science, go to art class, or learn them from the internet itself. This is the time that you understand yourself, about your interest and make the base to convert the interest into your strength. I have seen a lot of people who can’t work per their interest because they were not able to understand their own interest when required.

  1. Take classes (bridge courses)(personality development classes)

After you have known your interest, you are a step ahead in knowing your strengths and weaknesses. To be honest, this the perfect time for addressing your interest in the path of your career. So, if you are interested in tourism, take language class for Spanish, French etc., if you are interested in science, take bridge course for getting admission in best science colleges, if you are interested in technology you can take computer courses, if you are interested in public speaking then you can join clubs like toastmaster and if you want to shape your personality then you can join personality development classes. If you take classes related to your interest even only one hour per day then you can develop your interest in your career. So what I want to suggest the SEE appeared students is that don’t just waste your time only wandering. Do something useful that will help you grow as this age is a crucial time for every individual.

  1. Join social clubs

There are many social clubs all over the world ranging from internationals clubs like rotary international and local social club like youth club of community. And trust me when I say, there is not even one single disadvantage from social clubs if you can give time for that and on a vacation after SEE time won’t be a problem.  In social clubs, you get to interact with influential people, give your society something back by volunteering in various social activities, understand the real situation of society and can work to improve it. Red Cross society, rotary international, Leo club etc. are some of the best social clubs all over the world so it won’t be hard to be a member of one of the branches of those clubs near your place.

After joining the Rotaract club, I realized a lot of improvement in my communication skills, in my attitude toward social work and society itself. I regretted that, “why didn’t I join earlier?” so for the student who has just completed SEE, joining the social club can be a life-changing experience and all the students must go for it.


  1. Participate in contests

There are various contests that are happening in our locality every time. In free time, it’s better to participate in that kind of contents. The contests may vary from beauty pageant to graphic designing, group tasks to individual tasks, etc. If you cannot find any appropriate contest that suits your interests than you can always create them by yourself with the help of your friends. Like mind attracts they say, that is why there is a great possibility that your friend can be as enthusiastic about the contests. Sports lover may opt for a football tournament while a public speaker may opt for a speech competition. So find the thing that interests you and goes for it, participate. If won’t even matter if you lose, cause practice makes man perfect and this age calls for more challenges. Furthermore, try to participate in the things that you never tried before because you need to step out your boundaries and live life to the fullest.


  1. Attend seminars

Seminars are the basic way of making people aware along with influencing one’s communication skills and making them confident enough to showcase themselves. There is much youth encouraging program organizing many seminars to boost up the young students which provide opportunities to showcase the talents and utilize their knowledge to work on something good. Thus such seminar shows you the way to work for yourself groom ourselves.

Many self-funding organizations like we can Nepal, AAYON which is the association of much other organization works to groom the youth and engage them in a better work. Attending seminars have multiple benefits, mostly in the age where people are about to understand the true meaning of life. One can learn about the different perspective of life, can be motivated, and can even start a good career. Thus, this way the seminars organized by them could be very influential and the SEE appeared student should attend the seminars for their personal growth.

  1. Get crafty and do DIYs

Getting creative could be the best way to enhance yourselves and utilize your leisure. At this age, if you watch a DIY video on YouTube, you will be motivated to do it and if you keep making this crafty stuff, you will be addictive to it. Making many creative paperwork and crafts could make anyone more creative and also gives them the motive to do it even more. Even though such crafts that you make, you can start one of your own business in the young age and can be an entrepreneur. Through this, you can even earn on your own. Besides, I believe making such crafts could be an interesting and better way to know oneself.

Creativity is always linked to our inner feelings as we can express our suppressed feeling in the form of art and crafts. And to commercialize your products you don’t need to open your stall or shop. You could just create your own virtual shop on social sites like Instagram and Facebook and sell it online. So I don’t see any disadvantages in getting crafty in leisure time. In my opinion, this sounds to be interesting things of them all.

  1. Watch influential movies

Many people tend to forget what they read or hear but it’s easy to remember the things you see, that is why I consider movies to be an easy way of learning. To me, the best way to learn is through movies since it gives you knowledge both through audio and visual thus, it gives you the most effective way of learning and to add with that watching influential movies could make you improve yourselves in the best and most effective way because you get to watch people doing what you wished to do but couldn’t sum up the courage to do it and will provide you motivation.

Watching movies about the great history of different places of the earth, about the biography of the most influential people on the earth may be influential. For example, AlanTuring in the imitation game, or about the great depression in the movie too big to fail are some movies that are influential. Thus utilizing your time watching influential movies is quite worth risking your eyesight than drooling over the same posts on other social media.

  1. Read books

Reading is itself a beautiful art. Through reading your imagination gets better and also the more you read the more creative you get. The best way to enhance yourself mentally and spirituality is by reading since it gives you the opportunity to read different minds any creation of many people which gives you an idea of the world. The reading is the best way to utilize your time. Reading is very vast and broad topic as you can read varieties of book varying from science to economical, science fiction to base on a true story, comic book to biography of great people.

Whatever be the genre of book, reading books always helps to build your vocabulary and language strong in the first place. And above that there are other multiple benefits like you learn about various things that are happening in the world, learn about the things that you didn’t even know existed, you get to learn about the beautiful parts of the world along with the places from space. Reading comic books also helps a person to improve their personality. For instance, a person who reads comic book regularly is found to be happy people than those who don’t read comic books. My personal favorite writers of the novel are Dan Brown, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, JK Rowling, Khaled Husseini, etc. and favorite biography so far is of Albert Einstein. To conclude, we can easily say that reading books is a very good habit and the best thing to do on vacation.

  1. Spend quality time with oneself.

Once in a while, I always crave for a time where I get to spend time with myself. And trust me, having time for one is a great way relaxing and figuring out the life as it is going and the life that it can possibly be. You can do a lot of stuff from grooming yourself or can lay on a bed for whole day long. In all above steps, the talked about going on a holiday, seminars, contests, joining classes and a lot of other things and that too is important but quality time for yourself is way better than those. You can go for a spa or massages, you can take a hot tub bath, or you can write journals, short stories, poems and can even post them on blogs. You can go for a walk to the park next to your home or can go for a drive to your favorite place. A nice cup of coffee in a neighboring city after an hour of a ride can also be a good idea for quality time with oneself. Many people claim that spending time with oneself in peace, once in a while, help them to get their head clear about their confusion and suppressed feeling and makes the clear and better foundation for their life ahead.

So, these are the some of the things that you can do in the vacation after your SEE exams. Whatever you do, do it your full enthusiasm and energy and live life to fullest. So here are the few things we have listed, if you have any suggestions then please do write to us and like our page on Facebook.Enjoy.

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