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Extra security Companies in Nepal:- There are some kinds of companies who provide security services. There are some companies who provide economically securities services in Nepal. These companies often are life and nonlife insurance companies. And another, there are some security guard agencies company who provide the service of security guard for your private firm.

First of all we are going to discuss about insurance securities company in Nepal. Here are more than a dozen extra security organizations in Nepal (please remedy me, on the off chance that I am wrong) including the Rashtriya Bima Sansthan and barring the American life coverage organization, Metlife-Alico. They are:

  • Nepal Life Insurance Company
  • Gurans Life Insurance
  • Rastriya Bima Sansthan
  • Prime Life Insurance Company
  • Asian Life Insurance Company
  • Life Insurance Corporation
  • National life coverage
  • Surya Life Insurance Company

There could be numerous markers to think about the execution of an insurance agency. Among them, Sam Miller has recognized six key execution markers. They are as underneath:

  • the number of arrangement deals.
  • the proportion of arrangements that are recharged against the aggregated number of sold approaches
  • the quantity of missed installments or breaches.
  • slips, in the initial 2 years of utilizing the strategy
  • meeting the share by specialists
  • add up to paid advantages as a level of the premium

The above examination should be possible by the organization itself or an expert could do this. we additionally could know some portion of it by examining its reports. Henceforth, for us, the data accessible in people in the general area could be the main real source to dissect. It is excessively unclear, making it impossible to break down the organization status in protection division by simply experiencing its reports. Anyway, the reports may give some helpful data in ranges as specified beneath.

Net Profit, Paid up capital, Income from premium, Settlement of claim, Claims to be settled, Earnings per share, PE Ratio, Net worth per offer and Total resources per share.

The organizations profit by gathering premiums through the offer of approaches and putting the cash in various premium/benefit/profit/reward creating instruments. This could be seen reflected in their monetary records made open through quarterly and yearly reports.

Protection division in Nepal was not all around represented before. Presently, the Bima Samiti has been getting defensive better. How about we trust it would enhance the corporate administration.



We need to settle on speculation choices in light of the corporate administration practices of the organization, its previous history, organization picture and remaining in the business and investigation on the properties as specified in the past passages.

One most vital marker, I utilize, is the reward it offers to its approach holders. The higher the reward, the better the money related strength of that specific organization is my suspicion. In any case, it is a hazard business and one should look basically and deliberately any guidance gave by anyone. The same applies to you and to me as well, here.

Security Services Guards Agencies Companies in Nepal
Security Services/Guards/ Agencies/Companies in Nepal

I think, by and large, protection division is too little now and has a huge potential to develop. You please select an organization by experiencing some evaluation procedure, on the off chance that you choose to put resources into this area. I have some speculation however not that much and will endeavor to adjust it in future. Apologies, I neglected to give the rundown of best organizations and their exhibitions by and large.

Now are talking about Security Service Guards Agencies Companies in Nepal. Let’s the list of companies who provide security service guards in Nepal.

  • Kalinchok Security Services (P) Ltd.
  • Nepal Ex-Two Security Service Pvt. Ltd.
  • DD Security Services
  • खुकुरी नेपाल सेक्युरिटी प्रा. लि.
  • Shastra Security Company Pvt. Ltd.
  • G4S Nepal
  • Nepal Intelligence International Security Service Pvt. Ltd.
  • Nepal Ex-Two Security Service Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mandali Security Service Pvt. Ltd.
  • Green FIeld Security Company Pvt. Ltd.
  • Entire Gorkhali Group Security
  • Intel Security Service
  • Delta Employment Service Pvt. Ltd


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