Sick And Tired of Searching For The Best Hotel in Pokhara? Read This Latest Way…

Sick and tired of searching for the best hotel in Pokhara the old way? Read this latest way:- Pokhara is one of the best tourist destinations in Nepal. It is the most attractive tourist hub in Nepal. Without a doubt, it is a beautiful place and deserves all the inflow of tourists that it annually receives.

Along with harboring a gorgeous natural setting, Pokhara is also close to the beautiful Annapurna massif- so much so that the mountain range appears a short distance away from the city itself, decorating the skyline with majestic peaks.

Paragliding in Sarangkot, Pokhara, Nepal
Paragliding in Sarangkot, Pokhara, Nepal

It is a real city of many marvels and natural beauty to match. However, because of its popularity, there are many tourists in the city. From foreign visitors to local tourists, Pokhara receives many people who come to enjoy the city from both near and far.

However, Nepal has many hidden gems besides Pokhara as well. Nepal has many places that one can visit where they can enjoy unique features of both the religious and natural aspects. If you want to experience the hidden valleys and relatively less popular destination of Nepal with the best hotels then you must see the following.

You can book hotels online through websites. The following are the hotels that can be booked online. For example, the following hotel is one of the best hotels in Pokhara. A short description is given:

Rupakot Resort : It is one hour drive from the Phewa lake. This hotel has splendid view of the lakes Begnas, Phewa and Rupa. It also has a couple of hiking routes and infinity pools with a world class spa and bars with exotic restaurants.

We can book rooms by visiting the Rupakot Resort website and book rooms, hotels online. Giving the taste of rural Nepali, this hotel is a luxury resort where you’ll discover an outstanding level of service with ultimate comfort.


We can book hotels through various ways but most of the people prefer online booking so one of the best way to book a hotel is by visiting their websites online.

We can visit Booking.Com websites as well to book hotels or to see which hotel is the best. We can hire a tourist guide who can also suggest us or take us to the best hotel. Therefore, most people prefer online booking and online websites to book hotels or to review them. is one of the famous online hotel booking website where a large number of people book hotels through telephone or online. We can get many travel tips from travelers who just visited Pokhara or any other place by visiting their blog site or through online sharing reviews.

Basically in Nepal, Nepalese people book Hotels through Kathmandu Online hotel booking where there is no reservation cost or any other unnecessary costs that are taken through fake ones.

Hotel Room
Hotel Room

But this website provides hotel bookings at a great rate. We can find the type of place to stay like Hotel rooms, villas, apartments, hostels, and resorts, etc. through online booking.

There are many online hotel booking websites in Nepal. Some best ones are mentioned below:

Best Way To Search For the Best Hotel in Pokhara

1. This website is one of the most used online hotel booking in Nepal. Most of the people use this to find hotel rooms inside Kathmandu but you can surely find luxury hotels in Pokhara too.

2. Expedia: This is the second most searched and used website. there are over 1 million searches on this website for hotels. Also, this has more searches on airlines which can be booked while travelling through air. Wheras other online booking websites may take their cancellation fees on hotels, Expedia doesnot take the cancellation fees at all.


3. This website is giving discounts every season. No doubt other websites give it too but this one gives approx. 80% discount while booking it through their website. Not only discounts but this website helps booking hotels at a cheaper rate of price. All you need to do is find a good hotel through getting advices from the people or services there.

4. Many people from US prefer booking hotels through this website because it not limits within Nepal, it has connections to various different countries outside Nepal. This website helps you book more than just hotels, it helps you to find apartments for a long stay, hostels, city homes, country retreats etc.

Anyways, whichever website that you visit, make sure you like the Hotel and the customer service. Pokhara is one of the best – marvelous tourist destinations where a lot of foreign trekkers visit Nepal to visit Pokhara.

Thus, Pokhara is a must-visit place after all. If you are worried about which hotel to find here to stay in Pokhara, you can see the below-mentioned hotels which are considered to be the most luxurious ones in Pokhara.

Highly Recommended Hotels in Pokhara

1. Mountain Glory Forest Resort: It is 9 KM away from Phewa Lake. It provides accommodation with continental or buffet breakfast along with a restaurant, bar, fitness center, and pools. Each room is well equipped with large TV screens, AC and desks with furniture. You can enjoy the terrace view from the terrace as well.

2. The Pavilions Himalaya: it is a 5 star hotel located in Pokhara. Phewa lake is about 10.8 Km away from here. This hotel has rooms of a kitchenette with a fridge with it. Wardrobe and furniture is provided as well. This hotel mainly uses and reviews from the guests is something you would say the same too. hiking is mainly what all the visitors enjoy nearby this hotel.

3. Hotel Mount Heaven: It is just 2.4 KM away from Phewa lake. It provides accommodation with a restaurant , free private parking, a bar and a shared lounge. An Asian breakfast is available everyday in this Hotel. It is comparatively cheaper than the above mentioned hotels.

Thus, Pokhara being one of the most visited places in Nepal, many people across the globe come to Nepal and visit it once in their lifetime. If you haven’t visited then you must visit it while coming to Nepal. It’s truly mesmerizing and obvious that you won’t regret visiting.

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