13 Powerful Scope of Veterinary Doctor in Nepal

7. Animal feed industry;

In Animal feed industry, it is compulsory to have at least one veterinarian to ensure the composition of animal feed. If the animal feed is incorrect or toxic then, it will affect the health of animals and in some cases, the toxicity in the feed of animal can be absorbed by the animal and it will pass to the consumers in the milk, meat or eggs produced.

While checking the quality and composition of feed, if a veterinarian finds the toxin and unwanted components then he will remove the source of toxin. Various checks such as laboratory inspections are made in the animal feed to reach international safety standards. Various growth factors such as antibiotics, probiotics, coccidiostats, and copper sulfates are used by a veterinarian to reach the requirements of animals.

Various meals are available for animals in the market. Meals such as sesame, mustard, groundnut etc are specially made for ruminants animals and fish, meat, blood meals are made for not- ruminants and veterinarian advice to give in proper amount in the wrapper of feed.

8. Colleges and Universities;

if veterinary students graduate then, he can write Dr. in front of his name. If he has an interest in teaching then, he can teach the students of veterinary in colleges and universities. There are less number of veterinary teachers in veterinary governmental universities. So, one teacher is managing to teach in many colleges. The income of Veterinary teacher is also quite impressive in Nepal. Every year, veterinary colleges hire Veterinary teachers with quite an impressive salary. In Nepal, veterinary teachers are not sufficient.

9. Animal Breeding;

Nepal is marching forward in agriculture and animal husbandry. It is developing gently in these fields. Various researches are being done regarding animal husbandry. To enhance the conservation of endangered species of wild animals, various breeding centers are being established in various parts of the country. In breeding centers, there is a need for veterinary doctors. In Chitwan National park, there are 3 breeding centers, Elephant breeding center, Gharial breeding center and vulture breeding center.

In elephant breeding center, veterinarian makes research to breed the superior elephant. By producing a large number of the elephant they are sent back to their habitat. In Gharial breeding center, a large number of gharial are being produced to increase their number in the ecosystem and in this polluting environment, vultures are in the condition of extinction, which is being conserved by increasing its number in vulture breeding center. Other breeding centers are also situated in different parts of the country. All these breeding can’t be possible without a veterinarian.

10. Animal Medicine;

Most of the medicines of animals are imported from India and foreign but in this days, various industries are established to make the medicine of animals. In such industries, the veterinarian is essential. They check the composition of medicine and many other factors.

Drugs aren’t sent to the market for sale without the approval of a veterinarian. With increment in Pharmaceuticals in Nepal, the scope of the job for Veterinary doctor increases. As well, veterinarian makes medicine for human also by extracting various components from the animal body. They make vaccines and antibodies as well. Horse serum is used to provide immunity in the body extracted from a horse.

11. Veterinarian for army dogs;

A veterinarian can get a job in the army as a dog specialist. Police and army use dogs for the crime suspect. Such dogs need proper nutrition and good exercise. They should be free from diseases and parasitic infestations. All the care and treatment should be done by a veterinarian. Nepal police and army hire veterinarian for treatment and special care of their dogs.

12. Establishing own Kennel;

If the veterinarian doesn’t want to do a job then, he can establish his own enterprise. So that he can own more as in the course of veterinary there is a curse of economics which is essential for those people who wants their own business. A veterinarian can open a kennel where he can breed superior breeds of dogs and can sell at good price. As, veterinarian knows the good quality of breeds of dogs, requirement of their nutrition, health tips which can be plus point in the animal selling business. As nowadays craze towards dogs is increasing rapidly in town. But also, people of village areas are attracted towards keeping dogs as pet. So, establishing own Kennel as a self-business can be the best job for a veterinarian.

Also, veterinarian can establish cats, birds, rabbit breeding center which can also be the best option for self-enterprise. One can establish rabbit breeding center. In these days, people are more attracted towards the meat of rabbit and the market of rabbit is flourishing. It needs less space to rare as well. A veterinarian has knowledge of animals of different species by which this business can be fruitful.

13. Research organizations;

Various organizations of animal care are in Nepal which needs veterinarian for research works. Researches are done in animals for their breeding, increasing qualities in the breed, producing antibiotics and other. A veterinarian can get employment opportunities in such organizations.

There is the great scope of a veterinary doctor in Nepal. If you want to study in governmental veterinary colleges then, you can get a scholarship or can study by paying less money. But, in the case of private veterinary colleges, you have to pay more money. In veterinary, one should study about many species of animals so; it is difficult to study this course. But if you become a good veterinarian then, in future you will get a good reputation in society as well you can earn better.

But if you become a good veterinarian then, in future you will get a good reputation in society as well you can earn better. But for being a good veterinarian, you must have love, affection, and kindness towards the animal. As well, you should have diplomatic, sweet and polite behavior so that you can deal finally with the owner of animal. Veterinarians should be active in most of the times; if the emergency case comes to them then they have to handle the case without caring time.

13 Scope of Veterinary Doctor in Nepal


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