13 Powerful Scope of Veterinary Doctor in Nepal

Scope of veterinary doctor in Nepal

The scope of Veterinary Doctor in Nepal: – Veterinary is the medical treatment of animals. It includes domestic, wild animals as well birds and poultry. Veterinary study teaches that how to handle the animal, how to diagnose and treat the animals. Veterinary is the Science of diagnosing treating and curing the different types of diseases. It covers the study of animal anatomy, physiology and treatment, and prevention of any diseases among animals.

The veterinary science has many basic principles are quite similar than that of human medical sciences. Earlier, there were less number of veterinary doctors but with increasing the scope in it, many colleges of veterinary are being established and many students are studying the course. With its increasing scope in Nepal, many students are attracted towards this profession. A veterinarian is not only the one who is physician or surgeon but they involve in scientific breeding and handling of animals. To become a veterinary doctor, one should study bachelor in veterinary science and animal husbandry. In Nepal, you can study in government or private college as there are 3 colleges in Nepal providing the course of bachelor in veterinary science.

Veterinarian also performs surgery prevent the control of diseases by administrating the vaccination and medicines besides giving treatment. They also give advice on pets and farm animals to the owner and farmer. In Nepal, there is scope in the doctorate of veterinary science in these modern days.

13 Powerful Scope of Veterinary Doctor in Nepal

1. Farm and Poultry;

in this developing country, people are engaging in agriculture and animal husbandry with the dream to earn money in own country. People are learning and involved in the commercial farming of animals. In the current years, many people are engaging in animal husbandry. With increasing the number of people engaging in animal husbandry, there is a need

in this developing country, people are engaging in agriculture and animal husbandry with the dream to earn money in the own country. People are learning and involving in the commercial farming of animals. In the current years, many people are engaging in animal husbandry. With increasing the number of people engaging in animal husbandry, there is a need for more veterinarians. In this present context, there is less number of veterinary doctors in Nepal. So, there is no shortage of job of veterinary doctors in Nepal in many aspects.

If boilers die of any diseases in large number then, the farmer call the veterinary doctor for diagnosing the disease and for preventing it from transmission to other boilers. The Veterinary doctor also provides the essential suggestions for proper management and nutrition of poultry. In large animal farm, if farmer bring any cattle from another region of country then animals get examined by veterinarian before keeping inside the farm or if it is suffered from any disease then, animals are kept in isolation ( in different pace without any contact with healthy animals)

Nowadays, with focusing on the commercial production of a large number of animal’s people are using artificial insemination for breeding purpose. Artificial insemination is the injecting of male sperm into the body of a female without mating. For this process, veterinary doctors are required. If there is the risk in artificial insemination then, veterinary doctor deny the process. Veterinary Gynecologist specifies for the reproductive purpose of the animal. Gynecologists are very important in large farms.


2. Private clinics and Hospitals;

Veterinary doctors can get the jobs in animal clinics and hospitals or they can open their own hospitals and clinics. There are many animal hospitals in Nepal. With the busy life, people are being alone and old aged people keep pets to avoid their loneliness. So, with increasing keeping pets in the home, the scope of veterinary doctors is increasing. For home going, the veterinary doctor can earn more money. If veterinary doctor opens his own hospital then he can earn more money. As, there is less number of a veterinary doctor in Nepal, so demand is increasing as hospitals of animals are being opened in various places of Nepal. A veterinarian who works in private clinics and hospitals earn pretty much money.

Scope of Veterinary Doctor in Nepal

Veterinary Doctor

3. Governmental job;

There is a governmental job for any field. Same like, there is also the job of a veterinary doctor. In the Governmental animal office, there is a post of Adhikrit. It is a big post. For the job, one should give the exam of lok sewa, after passing the exam; the post can be in our hand. The post has good salary with many facilities such as accommodation, vehicle etc. If a veterinary doctor wants to study further then, government send the person to study wherever he wants, may be in the country or abroad. Also, in the study period, he can get the salary of his post. As there is an animal office in each district and there are less number of the veterinarians in Nepal by which there is more chance of getting the job.


In tax office, there is also a need of a veterinarian. Veterinarian checks the health condition of an animal which is being exported and imported. Without the approval of a veterinary doctor, animals can’t cross the border. If veterinarian finds any health problem in animal then he should reject the animal because through infected animal, the disease can be transferred to another animal as well human. If an animal needs dehorning (removal of horn), deworming (removal of worm) then, the veterinarian can perform such act.

Also, in the airport, there is a need of a qualified veterinarian. Through the air, improved breeds of many animals are being imported, so it is the duty of veterinarian to check their health. If any foreigner brings his pet in Nepal then, veterinarian properly checks the health condition of the animal and keep the record.

4. Zoo;

In the governmental and private zoo, there is a need of a veterinary doctor. The veterinarian has played a key role in conservation efforts carried out by zoological parks for many decades. For diagnoses and treatment of a diseased animal, it is important to hire the veterinary doctor by the people. Also, the Veterinary doctor advises for proper care and management of animal. Today, veterinarians work with captive (Zoo) animals to prevent or treat diseases that threatened species survival. As most of the diseases are associated with increasing human footprint.

Along with health care provided to the captive animal, veterinarians have a number of roles in situ conservation projects which ensure the maintenance of the healthy and viable population of the zoo. In the zoo, veterinarian provides preventive and therapeutic medicine for captive animals ensuring that captive zoo animals have proper health which is essential if their reproductive and educational value for species conservation is to be maintained.

Zoo veterinarians have efforts in minimizing the need of treatment of an individual animal by decreasing the transmission of parasitic and infectious agents. A veterinarian can ensure the successful propagation of the population of animal on a scale greater than any zoo can provide by providing the preventive medicines for species which undergo in increasing number of inter-zoo loans and movements.

The veterinary doctor is required to nutrition, disease diagnosis, treatment, prevention of disease i.e. vaccination. In the zoo, the veterinary doctor has a good earning.

5. Animal product processing;

The veterinarian has a great scope in animal product processing such as milk, meat, wool processing. In milk processing, the veterinarian checks for any bovine diseases and also other diseases which can be transferred to a human. As bovine tuberculosis is transferred from animal to human.

During meat processing, veterinarian checks for any diseases in animal and also parasitic infections. There are many meat, milk, and wool processing industries in Nepal which compulsory need a veterinarian for the production of quality animal products. In meat processing, veterinarian should undergo the laboratory analysis and should check the microbial actions. Veterinarian is also responsible for the registration of the enterprise.

With increment in health conscious behavior of people, people want a disease free and quality meat by which many meat processing enterprises are hiring veterinarian for ensuring the quality of meat. Same like, quality wool is also important for producing the quality clothes. For this, a veterinarian should check the composition of wool. For quality cloth, the wool of best quality wool producing sheep should be used. So, veterinarian ensures to use the wool of such sheep.

6. Wildlife;

With increment in earth temperature and climate change, people are more concerned about nature. Many organizations are being established to conserve wildlife and natural resources. Veterinarians are important for the conservation of wildlife and natural resources. In various National parks and wildlife conservation in Nepal, numbers of veterinarians are involved.

They count the animal population by using various technologies. If there is any wild animal found injured in the forest then they treat it. Veterinarian knows how to handle animal by which if any animal enters into human settlement then, veterinarian handle them and resend them in their own habitat. A veterinarian can involve in many of the wildlife, nature conservation organizations. They can involve in making many policies regarded to wildlife.

As, there are many diseases which can be transferred from wild animal to human if a human comes in contact with the animal. So, veterinarian works on to prevent the transfer of diseases from wild to human. As HIV AIDS also comes into a human from a wild monkey.

Also, Nepal Government and many national and international organizations are working in the conservation of animals by enhancing better performance. So, in five years duration of Bachelor in veterinary science in last six years, few students of veterinary science are involved in the internship program in National park and wildlife reserve. In Nepal, veterinarians are working well in the field of wildlife and nature conservation.