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Best Schools in Nepal: – Schools are the best place for children to start their learning beside the home. So, most of the parents are always aware of their children’s school.

They want the best school for their children so that their academic level will be high and they acquire good manners, personality, and skills for their career. But not all schools are as good as expected.

There are many schools with very low education system while there are very good schools with high academic status. So, one must care about the academic status of the school.

Besides, they should also look for the school that gives priority to the extra curriculum activities so that students can have academic knowledge with excellent practical, outdoor skills that will help them in their career path.

Well, we can’t say a school is bad or good based on its academic result. There are various other factors that should be calculated to define the status of the school.

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Every year, the government of Nepal issued the list of top schools of Nepal based on their academic performance, extra-curriculum activities, and management system. Here are the top 10 Best schools of Nepal based on the research of the Ministry of Education in the year 2072.


The government of Nepal categorized the best school in two categories. They are Public schools and private schools. The best one will be provided the cash prize every year.

Top Schools in Nepal

The top schools in Nepal are situated at Kathmandu valley and provide students with a good base to learn about the history of this country and the culture of the people living there.

Some of the most famous universities and colleges are located on the outskirts of Kathmandu.

The Tribhuvan University is one of the leading and oldest institutions in the world and is also situated in Kathmandu Nepal. It offers courses in many fields and has branches and subjects.

The top schools in Nepal are renowned all over the world for providing a very good education, and there is no better place to gain knowledge than in Nepal. Nepal is a very beautiful and charming country and offers a unique experience for students who are looking for a more adventurous learning environment.

Nepal is very popular with backpackers and trekkers because of its vast landscapes and beautiful scenery. It is also a land rich in tradition and culture. The colleges and universities in Kathmandu are located in high places and offer very good accommodation options.

The top schools in Nepal are located in Kathmandu, and many different types of universities cater to varying types of needs of students. The universities and colleges are located in other parts of Kathmandu and are easy to reach.

The top schools in Nepal are located in the valleys, where there is plenty of fresh air, and the landscape is magnificent. Many of the students who are interested in exploring nature and trying new things, prefer to study at a higher altitude.

Many of these students are also interested in learning international languages, and some prefer to study Tibetan, and some prefer to study Sanskrit and Hindi.

Best Teachers Are Hired By The Schools

Nepal is an incredibly beautiful country to study and live. However, many people choose to go to Nepal to work. For this reason, it is important that potential teachers can find a suitable school in Nepal that suits their needs.

Nepal is a country that has some very good international schools to provide talented teachers with the opportunity to grow their career in this country. Some good primary schools can provide quality education for children of all ages.

Potential teachers need to consider how many years they can devote to teaching in these different schools to determine if a job in Nepal would be a good choice for them.


To get on the list of top schools in Nepal, it is important to make sure you submit your resume to the relevant schools. Teachers must submit their resumes at least six months before they are due to start teaching in the country. The schools will then review the documents and make the final selection.

Many teachers who are looking to make the best of their teaching career in Nepal should consider how they can get experience in the country. Teachers can travel to Nepal as part of their job and then teach in the country for a while.

This can allow them to build up valuable working experience, and it can also provide them with a chance to see how the government functions before they are sent back to the UK or any other country.

Many teachers who are considering going back to Nepal should consider taking part in a training course. Teachers must take part in this training to gain the necessary skills to teach in the country.

Not only will they be able to get the best possible education, but they will also be able to gain valuable experience which could help them secure a permanent job in Nepal later on.

Finding top schools in Nepal can be easy if you look in the right places. Potential teachers must spend some time browsing through the internet and then speaking to people who have already found a suitable job in the country.


It is important to ensure that potential teachers make sure that they meet with the right potential employers so that they know exactly what the job entails and what they need to do to get the position they want.

Best Schools in Nepal {Public}

Development RegionName of SchoolAddress
Eastern Development RegionBaruneshwor Higher Secondary SchoolRampur, Okhaldhunga
Central Development RegionTarun Higher Secondary SchoolBalaju, Kathmandu
Western Development RegionKanti Higher Secondary SchoolButwal, Rupandehi
Midwestern Development RegionBhairab Higher Secondary SchoolSinja, Jumla
Far-western Development RegionSamauji Higher Secondary schoolMajhagau, Kailali

 Best schools of Nepal {Private}

Development RegionName of SchoolAddress
Eastern Development RegionBal Kalyan Vidya MandirBiratnagar, Morang
Central Development RegionThe Excelsior Aawasiya Higher Secondary schoolSwyambhu, Kathmandu
Western Development RegionGandaki Aawashiya Higher secondary schoolLamachaur, Kaski
Midwestern Development RegionTulasi Aawashiya Higher secondary schoolTulsipur, Dang
Far-western Development RegionShree International public schoolMahendranagar, Kanchanpur

These are the best school for the year 2072 according to the government of Nepal. There are many other good schools in Nepal that are providing quality education in Nepal.

Some of them are Buddhanilkantha school, Rato Bangla school, Little angels school, St. Xavier School, St. Mary School, Chelsea International Academy, Daffodil school, and so on.

When it comes to school, most of the parents have the wrong concept regarding the view of the good school. Most of them think that schools with higher standards and charges are of good school but in reality, they are not. Today’s, in Nepal there are the schools providing quality education with low fees.

Samata Academy is one of the best examples of the school with a low fee but providing quality education to the students in Nepal. Schools should focus to provide an excellent education to children of Nepal if they want to build nation-building citizens near the future.

Writer: Niraj Thapa Magar


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