Is the Today’s Schooling System Fair ?


Is today’s schooling system fair? Is today’s schooling system bad? Is the school system fair? Is today school system bad? Get information and facts about the school system. Get the pros and cons.

Is Today’s Schooling System Fair?

School system:

There are plenty of animals living on the surface of the earth. They have different abilities and capabilities to work and function according to the structure they have been blessed with. But can you judge a fish by the way they climb trees? Strange fact it is. Suppose there are animals– monkey, elephants, and fish. Now you tell them not only to climb up the tree but also to climb down. Forget about the process but think about the consequences. The monkey will be the one climbing the tree first and fast. So in the conclusion monkey is going to think he is the smartest and elephant will feel he could not do anything and the fish will think he is the stupid one because he could not even get out of his comfort zone – the water. Now to the best part, this has been seen in our school system. Our capabilities are not seen because we don’t coincide with the standards of the schooling.

 If we look at the past few decades or maybe let’s move back to 150 years. We have seen changes, a lot of them. The telephone went from being huge to wireless, the computer went from being huge as a room to slim that can be stored in one corner of the room. The automobiles moved from being low in speed to high that can move from one place to another in just a second. But if we look at the school system from the past we don’t see any changes. There were benches and there were teachers and the same way of teaching.

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Schooling Education System – the image of students with teacher

The modern schooling, the greatest of them all, not only teaches the fish to climb up and down the tree but also teach them to do 10 miles runs. Are you proud of this, modern schooling? Are you proud that you have turned the kids today into Roberts? Do you even know how many kids relate to that fish? Kids today are believing that they stupid and useless just because they can’t conform to other kids in the class. I accuse the school today for killing the individuality, creativity, and intelligence. From the past years and decades, nothing has changed yet schooling today claim that they are preparing children for the future. But one question, do you prepare children for the future or the past? Because I don’t see any difference in the past and today. There was a same old technique used for children to make them rot about the same thing again and again. We are still in the past.


People today are taught how to work in the factory, same old routine day by day. Schooling today pit the children in the straight rows and columns, neat and clean. Tell them to raise their hands before they speak. Give them a short break to eat and put them in the same room for 8 hours to make them learn the same thing and also make them compete to get an A. A letter that determines the quality product. But we don’t need a letter to judge what we are capable of. Do we? We don’t need to make Robert zombies that do the same thing what we tell them to do.

We need products that leads independently, creativity, individuality, innovatively with the ability to connect. The scientists will tell you that no two brains are the same and two people won’t conform to each other. But what if all the doctors prescribe the same medicine to all his patients then the result is tragic. So many people will get sick and likewise in school, this has been happening for years and years. There has been no sign to change the educational malpractices. One teacher stands in front of 50 students having different needs, different strengths, different skills and they teach the same thing to everybody. It is a shame that a teacher has been underpaid.


They have the most important job on the planet yet no importance has been given. The doctor and the teacher should be equally paid because they have similar jobs. The doctor fixes a patient’s disease by operating the heart. But the teacher can directly reach the heart of the children and make them a better person and allow them to live. Just a standardized test does not make you who you are. The bubble boxes and ticks don’t determine success. These standardized test are too crude to be used and should be abandoned but don’t take my words too seriously. Take the word of the one who invented these test who quotes “ these tests are too crude to be used and should be abandoned.”

If we continue this road of teaching, the results will be lethal. I don’t trust and have faith in the schooling system. If we can customize the products we want to Facebook pages then we can update the schooling system. Because we need a change to bring creativity to everybody. This might be like a dream in our country but it is not impossible. There have been countries who brought the change. Finland to be taken as an example where schooling is not for a whole day and teachers are well paid. They don’t focus on home works but they emphasize on collaborations. A change is what we need. And instead of competitions, they focus on bringing innovations to the student. Even though our country’s literacy make be less than 50% but these children are 100% of our future. So let’s attain to their dreams and not force the fish to climb a tree.

The article is emailed by the writer: Susaan Basel


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