24 Things to Do and Visit in Sauraha Village of Chitwan, Nepal


24 Things to Do and Visit in Sauraha Village of Chitwan, Nepal

Things to Do in Sauraha Village of Chitwan, Nepal: – Sauraha is a town in Chitwan District of Nepal arranged near to the Rapti River and the Chitwan National Park. It is the eastern entryway to Chitwan National Park and wilderness safaris for the spending plan, mid-estimated and 3-4 star travelers.

Starting truly as little and exceptionally curious Tharu town of mud and wipe cabins and houses, with about six mud and wipe lodgings, it has developed into a little calm town brimming with western style inns and resorts, eateries, web bistros, and blessing shops.

Wilderness/untamed life safaris by foot, jeep, and elephant. You are without a doubt to see the rhinoceros. Likewise many sorts of deer, monkeys, and Bengal tiger. Winged animal viewing in and around the wilderness is accessible. Particularly Bish Hajar Taal (20,000 lakes) wetlands region around 10 kilometers North West from Sauraha.

A rapidly developing yet little town that takes into account the necessities of the guests to Chitwan National Park, the best-known safari stop in Nepal. It is found 160 km by street from Kathmandu, 155 km by street from Pokhara and 160 km by street from the Indian fringe at Sunauli.

The Chitwan National Park (R500 extra charge) is home to Bengal tigers, rhinoceroses, bears, panthers, crocodiles and monkeys among others, and several types of fowls and butterflies. The town of Sauraha is isolated from the national stop by the Rapti River, which is sheltered to swim in.

One horn rhino In Sauraha, Chitwan Nepal
One horn rhino In Sauraha, Chitwan Nepal

Amid the dry season, one can meander the sand rises of the contracted stream. It is conceivable to stroll for miles along the mud streets west, north and east of the town to other, provincial Tharu towns.

After Kathmandu and Pokhara, Sauraha is the most imperative traveler goal in Nepal. Sauraha is situated at Bacchyauli town in the eastern piece of Chitwan area and is popular for the perception of different wild creatures and fowls.


The Chitwan National Park, rich in common excellence and bio decent variety has turned out to be a standout amongst the most prevalent goals for the vacationer. Sauraha offers a large number of exercises suited for the stimulation of the traveler.

It is conceivable to watch distinctive wild creatures and feathered creatures in the regular woodland of the Chitwan National Park by riding an elephant or vehicle. The daring wilderness walk, elephant ride, jeep safari, kayak ride, tonka ride, Tharu social program, camel ride, elephant shower, the perception of natural life trophy display, perspectives of dawn and nightfall are the real visitor exercises accessible in Sauraha.

Likewise, the conventional culture of Tharu people group is additionally the claim to fame of the region. Sauraha is celebrated for the examination and perception of the indigenous custom and social legacy of Sauraha.

The Bachhyauli town considered the vacationer heart of Sauraha helps to remember both sides by appealing resorts and remote sightseers moving around places Sauraha in an equivalent balance to any traveler hotspots of Kathmandu. The new guests are astonished by the quantity of appealing visitor puts along the 7 km separate from Tandi Chowk to Sauraha Chowk.

The atmosphere here is shockingly spotless and cool in spite of being situated amidst Terai. Elephant race, Bullock workmanship race, tonka race, kayak race and elephant football rivalry are sorted out in Sauraha for tourism advancement consistently towards the finish of December.

Indeed, even outsiders additionally take an interest in these rivalries. Sauraha is found 7 km from Tandi along the East West Highway that is arranged somewhere in the range of 162 km west of Kathmandu. Tonkas, trucks drawn by horses, ship visitor from Tandi to Sauraha.

24 Things to Do in Sauraha Village of Chitwan, Nepal

1. Tharu Cultural Show

Conventional move in Chitwan National Park is well known all finished Nepal. The vast majority of the bigger hotels put on shows of customary Tharu tunes and moves for visitors, including the prevalent stick move, where an incredible cover of running men whack sticks together in time.

It’s especially a vacationer encounter, however, the shows are fun and they give work to neighborhood individuals. In Sauraha there are daily exhibitions at the Sauraha Tharu Culture House and the Tharu Culture Program.

2. Elephant Back Safari

Elephant back safari—which is practically synonymous of CNP—is the most mainstream and bold approach to experience with the scores of wild creatures including uncommon one-horned rhinos and too slippery Royal Bengal Tigers and also several types of winged animals and number of reptiles.

The accomplished Mahouts take you profound into the woodland to guarantee more sights of creatures at nearest conceivable separation to make your treks more charming and important. Elephant safari is only to appreciate the elephant ride while you meander about the wilderness.


This has a twofold fitted advantage, and they are, right off the bat you can appreciate a ride on an elephant and besides you can take a perspective of the wilderness while voyaging. Indeed, even a few people fear elephants and they have the jeep safari while circumventing the wilderness.

While a few people get a kick out of the chance to have a wilderness stroll as opposed to viewing the untamed life from a separation, they watch the creatures everywhere throughout the wilderness just by strolling. Among these exercises, elephant back safari is the most famous things to do in Chitwan.

3. Jeep Safari

Those guests who would prefer not to ride the strong tuskers can appreciate wilderness safari in CNP by hoodless jeeps. Through the open jeeps, guests can get looks of uncommon wild widely varied vegetation in their characteristic territories.

Jeep drive will likewise take you to ‘Gharial Crocodile Breeding Center’ at Kasara of CNP’s home office, where you can watch rearing exercises of Gharial, Marsh Magar and tortoises alike.

4. Visit Elephant Breeding Center

Of the two elephant-rearing focuses that exist on the planet, one lies in the Chitwan National Park. In Nepal, the elephant is quick getting to be noticeably a standout amongst the most imperiled creatures and the middle was built up to build its numbers.

You will have a chance to visit the reproducing focus. Find out about the endeavors to build the pachyderm populace and get the chance to see a few bovine elephants and their calves.

5. Wilderness Walk and Bird Watching

On the off chance that encountering the wild fields of Nepal and winged animal watching intrigues you, we proposed that you bring a Jungle stroll with our naturalist. This walk gives you the perfect circumstance of review the wild creatures close.

Winged animal Watching is constantly best by walking. Our pros will enable you to spot recognize the diverse assortments of winged animals, both neighborhood and transitory, that are found in Nepal.


6. Canoe Ride

A moderate kayak ride on the delicate streams of the lower Nepal fields is an affair that is outperformed in a couple of nations of the world. At Jungle Safari Lodge, we place you in a bona fide hard cut Nepali burrow.

Not exclusively is the Canoe Ride an ideal approach to see the riverside landscape, the ride is best for the locating of crocodile and other sea-going animals.

7. Town Walk

The wilderness Scenery, flying creatures, and creatures alone don’t make up the exceptional elements of Chitwan National Park. The indigenous nearby individuals, the Tharus, are additionally of monstrous intrigue.

An expert guide/master naturalist will go with you through the region and enable you to assemble bits of knowledge into the Tharu lifestyle.

8. Cultural Program

A social program performed by the Thaus will be another feature of your visit to the Jungle Safari Lodge. The Tharus in beautiful conventional ensembles, interesting in their divergence with the normal method of dress all finished Nepal, are certain to enrapture you.

9. Elephant Bathing

Another exciting background for you in Sauraha will be the showering and swim with Elephants in Rapti River. You can appreciate with fun loving elephants in profound water of Rapti streams where you can likewise have an open door for plunging and jumping according to your desire.

10. Crocodile Breeding Center

Crocodile reproducing focus is a standout amongst the most pleasant program which is the piece of Jeep Safari in Chitwan National Park. The jeopardized program is accepting consideration of Chitwan National Park. Alongside the Crocodile, you can appreciate seeing startling Mugger Crocodile.

It is situated in the segregated place from the group which is on the time allotment of 20-30 minutes. The beguiling perspective of Crocodile from egg to monster one will make your visit productive.

11. Bull truck or Pony Ride Chitwan

Bull Cart or Pony ride is a standout amongst other alternatives to investigate tharu town in Sauraha, Chitwan.

One Ox truck can oblige 6 individuals once where visit guide will be there clarify about the indigenous Tharu group’s Culture and their way of life and other numerous things. Bull truck and Pony Ride is condition inviting and constantly interesting approach to investigate tharu town.

12. Bish Hazari Tal – 20 Thousand Lake Tour

20 Thousand Lake Chitwan which is known as 20 Hajar Tal is famous for Bird Watching spot and home of various types of flying creatures alongside vagrant fowls. 20 Thousand Lake is likewise acclaimed for elective Jeep Safari when inside National Park Jeep Safari is shut.

13. Flying creature watching

We are pros in the flying creatures of Nepal. Dynamic individuals from the Bird Education Society of Nepal are workers of the Inn. The recreation center is natural surroundings for more than 450 private and transient species.

Many are debilitated e.g., the Great Pied Hornbill, Bengal Florican, Peregrine Falcon, lesser assistant storks and so forth.; a winged animal watching trip with our occupant naturalists will be an important affair.

14. Nature Walk

Our accomplished naturalists will go with you to investigate and encounter, at nearer quarters, the excellence of the greenery. The naturalists are prepared to watch changes in creature conduct and can identify if a creature is getting to be plainly disturbed to guarantee your well-being by keeping away from an assault.

15. Wilderness Drive

We give visit by four-wheel-drive jeep in the less irritated territories of the recreation center for a chance to see rarer species. You will visit Ox-bow lakes and an exhibition hall of noteworthy enthusiasm identifying with the recreation center. These offices inside the recreation center are not accessible amid the storm.


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