How Hard Is It to Read Someone’s Text without Touching 2021


Nowadays, messages and texts have revolutionized modern age conversations. People do not call each other these days, they just text. There are messaging groups, there are media supported text messages and whatnot. 

A lot of things have eased out with the passage of time. You can now have the ability to do things and see things without physical intervention with a device. Speaking specifically of smartphones, you can now even see and read text messages in an absolutely remote manner. 

What is Safespy?

Safespy is the best web based spy application. This allows its users to read through someone’s text messages and inbox completely remotely. As the infrastructure is web based, it does not leave any room for trails or detection.  

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You can see text messages in a holistic manner with Safespy. Not just the text messages, you can see the iMessages, deleted messages and viewed media files. So much so, any archives, messages typed but deleted or alteration in response can also be viewed.

This is made possible because of the Keylogger feature of the application. It helps you to see all the vital keystrokes that are entered by someone. So, you just don’t see what was received, you also see what was received, deleted, archived or intentionally altered. 

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Safespy: Best Spy Application

There are so many spy applications floating around on the internet, but Safespy is different and better. Other popular spy applications have a lot of bottlenecks that you would need battling with. The most common issues with these applications are:

  • They necessitate users to jailbreak or root the targeted device
  • Put the integrity of your system at stake with malware and phishing tools
  • The security is not apt and can get you caught in the process of reading someone’s text messages
  • The standards of data privacy might not be at par as in Safespy and can lead to information leakage

When you opt for Safespy, you battle these bottlenecks quite efficiently. It is the most suited application that offers the best sort of interface and privacy. The privacy and integrity of data is so intact that you do not have to worry about any data leakage. 


Speaking of stringent data security policies, even the employees of Safespy cannot check client data. So, Safespy allows you to function without malware, integrity issues and phishing tools. It is the most secure phenomenon. 

Reading someone’s text with Safespy?

You don’t need any special skills to be able to use Safespy. It is extremely simplistic to use. The time efficiency that Safespy offers is one of the highlights of this web based app. In less than 5 minutes, you can be done with the procedure. 

Step by Step Guide of Reading Someone’s Text 

Step 1

You need to register on the official site of Safespy through your email ID. As a new user, the one and only thing you require is to provide your email ID. The application does not seek any further information from the user. 

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This is also one of the ways in which Safespy minimizes the risk and trails. Lesser information always leads to lesser risks. There are no linkage requirements with other applications or even the need to provide your name.


Step 2

Once the account is created, you then need to browse through the monthly plans available at Safespy. You can select the plan of your choice by assessing your needs and requirements. The application has a plethora of interesting plans. 

Step 3

Once you have purchased a plan, the next step would be to click on the set up link that you would have received in your email. The process of set up is very self explanatory and all you need to do is follow onscreen instructions. Within no time, you will be done and dusted with your set up. 

spy phone finish

Step 4

The next step in the process is to establish a link with the target device. Now, the question here is- which is the phone type that you need to see texts of. Is it an iPhone or an Android phone?

safespy setup

If the target platform is that of an iPhone, then you choose ‘iOS’. If the target platform is an Android phone, then you use ‘Android’.  

Linkage with iPhone

In this case, all you now need to do is to enter the iCloud credentials of the iPhone. As and when you state the iCloud ID and password, you would be able to link to Safespy. That’s it, it doesn’t require any further information. 

The moment you enter the correct iCloud ID and password, Safespy will immediately connect with the phone. You will be able to see the text messages through the dashboard.

Linkage with Android Phone

There is a slight difference in operation when it comes to Android phones. Android follows stern rules and regulations when it comes to linkage. It doesn’t allow direct remote access. If there is any application that claims complete remote access on Android, it is lying to you. 

android phone

Therefore, you need to install the ‘Safespy’ application on the target Android phone. You can be relieved as it’s super simple and convenient to do so. The app is designed to only weigh 2 MB. The moment you install the app, you can hide immediately. 

Upon hiding, the application goes completely invisible. It cannot be found anywhere on the phone.  As the weight is extremely less, it doesn’t raise any suspicion. The link will be set up immediately and you will be able to see the text messages in a remote manner.

Even if you want to delete the said Android phone later, you can do so remotely through the dashboard. The entire process of connecting with the phone is very remote and convenient. 


Who would’ve thought it is so easy to read text messages in a completely remote manner. As compared to other spy applications, to opt for Safespy is like opting for time efficiency. Safespy minimizes the efforts and hassles. 

So, it’s 2021 and by virtue of Safespy, you don’t even have to touch someone’s phone to read the messages!


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