Rudraksha in Nepal – Price, Market, Kinds, Trees, Farming etc


Rudraksha in Nepal – Price, Market, Differnt Kinds, Trees, Farming etc

Rudraksha in Nepal: – Rudraksha, a holy bead, is believed to be given birth by Lord Shiva. Rudraksha, widely popular in India and Nepal, is a seed produced by several species of evergreen broad-leaved trees in the genus Elaeocarpus ganitrus. Rudraksha beads are very rare and precious. It is widely popular in among the Hindus as it is associated with Lord Shiva and mostly worn by its devotees. Rudraksha is derived from Rudra (Lord Shiva- the Hindu god) and aksha (eyes). When asked about the Rudraksha or Rudraksha Mala, people take the name of Lord Shiva along with it. This holy bread comes with a lot of history. It has been worn by Indian and Nepalese for hundreds of years now.

People believe that wearing a Rudraksha Mala, they will have the protection of Lord Shiva. They will even get a lot of other benefits along with protection by wearing it.Rudraksha has different mystical properties and benefits. A lot of people who wear Rudraksha mala or who have Rudraksha in their home claim that they have actually got the benefits. They claim that their life has been impacted by it with its promised mystical properties. Now after more than 1000 years Rudraksha is still here and is more popular. Foreigners have started digging interests in it due to its mystical properties. Many foreigners have bought Rudraksha.

Many Tourists who visit Pashupatinath Temple buy Rudraksha.Rudraksha has started getting the market in some of the foreign lands as well. Rudraksha Mala (garland) normally has 108 beads and one more bead. The one extra bead is considered to be the guru bead.We can see a lot of Sadhus wearing Rudraksha in around the Pashupatinath Temple in Nepal. Here, while many people visit this temple, many of them buy Rudraksha to worship Lord Shiva inside the temple. Along with Hindus, Rudraksha is also used in Buddhism for Japas and for worship. We can see many monks wearing it.

Dalai Lama wears the Rudraksha beads. Buddha has worn the Rudraksha beads. Along with them, many other enlightened people have worn it. Besides, we can find Rudraksha Mala in many households of Nepal or at least in Kathmandu.We can see the Rudraksha mala being used in many households in Kathmandu for worshipping or for the japas (especially by newar communities). Also, Rudraksha comes with different faces or mukhis.

Different mukhis of Rudraksha.

Mukhi is the face appearance of the Rudraksha. There are more than 21 mukhis of Rudraksha. All the mukhis of Rudraksha are different from each other. As they are all different, all of them have their own respective properties and benefits. Along with the properties, they have their own ruling gods with the mantras for each and every Mukhi. 1 Mukhi also Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is believed to be one of the powerful Rudraksha as Lord Shiva himself is a ruling god in this Mukhi. Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is very difficult to find. It is also one of the expensive Rudraksha in amongst. Besides, the 5 Mukhi and 15 Mukhi Rudraksha are the common Rudrakshas used in Nepal. Especially, the 5 Mukhi Rudraksha, it is the most common Rudraksha in Nepal. We can find many people wearing 5 Mukhi Rudraksha in Nepal.

Rudraksha trees and Farming of Rudraksha.

Elaeocarpus ganitrus is the tree that grows the Rudraksha seeds. Nepal has potential in farming Rudraksha trees. Around 25% of the Rudraksha trees are found in Nepal. It is found in the tropical areas of the Terai region. Most households in Terai region have also planted these trees. We can find different mukhis of Rudraksha in a single tree. Once it is fully grown, it will provide seeds for many years to come. The outer layer of the seeds is blue in color for which it is also known as blueberry beads.

Farming Rudraksha tree is not very hard. The altitude for farming Rudraksha goes up to 2000 meters from the sea-coast. It can grow naturally in tropical and sub-tropical areas. Nepal has the suitable land structure and areas with suitable climate for the farming of Rudraksha. They grow really big and tall in size which is more than 50ft.The temperature required to grow a Rudraksha tree is around 25- 30° centigrade. Depending on the humidity, it can take up to 1 to 2 years to grow and starts to give seeds after 6 or 7 years. We can find different faces or mukhis of Rudraksha in a single tree.Once fully grown, the tree can last for years and the seeds grow according to the season Rudraksha is very popular in Nepal, mostly among the


We can find different faces or mukhis of Rudraksha in a single tree.Once fully grown, the tree can last for years and the seeds grow according to the seasonRudraksha is very popular in Nepal, mostly among the Hindus which is one of the main reason people are farming it.‘A farmer earns Rs 1.2 million-selling Rudraksha’  published in an article by The Kathmandu Post (2014/11/12). There is not any specific farming of Rudraksha except for some who have used the green house for farming Rudraksha but there are many local farmers who are farming many Rudraksha. Farmers have shown interest in planting Rudraksha tree because it has given them a good return (money).

Price, Markets, and customers.

The business of Rudraksha is growing rapidly in Nepal and it has also been caught by foreign eyes. The Rudraksha business has resulted in one of the profitable business in Nepal as it is very popular inside the country, especially among the Hindus. Since Rudraksha business has started getting a market in the foreign land, its prices have risen up. The prices of Rudraksha varies according to the mukhis. Traders say the number of ridges in a Rudraksha seed describes the price of it. The prices of Rudraksha are not exactly fixed. They might vary according to the market. We can buy a normal 5


They might vary according to the market. We can buy a normal 5 Mukhi Rudraksha from the shops around Pashupatinath Temple at around Rs 150. The price of a seed having two ridges cost up to Rs 30000 is one of the expensive Rudraksha. The seed having 3 ridges can cost Rs 500 and that of the seeds with 9 ridges can cost up to Rs 10000. The seeds having more than 20 ridges are the expensive ones. Some Rudraksha is sold for millions of rupees. The wide popularity of Rudraksha has risen up its price. ‘Farmer earns Rs 1.2 million-selling Rudraksha’( The Kathmandu post posts –  November 12, 2014). It seems that Rudraksha business has been one of the profitable business for Nepalese.

There are many local markets that sell the Rudraksha. We can find many locals in markets around Pashupatinath Temple selling Rudraksha. There are a lot of shops who are selling Rudraksha and Rudraksha mala around the temple claiming it to be the genuine one. Besides, there are many online sites who claim to be selling the pure Rudraksha. Even after all of them claim to be the genuine Rudraksha, it may not be. It is very hard to find the pure and genuine Rudraksha. Around 35% of them are selling the genuine Rudraksha. It is very hard to claim.

There are many customers who buy Rudraksha. Most of them are the locals who buy it for worship. Some buy for japas. We can also see many sadhus wearing it. Besides these, we can find many Nepali businessmen and other tycoons buying the Rudraksha or Rudraksha mala. These are some of the potential customers of Rudraksha. They buy and wear Rudraksha for its mystical properties and benefits, and to get the protection of Lord Shiva. These holy belief and mystical properties are the reason we can see  Rudraksha in many households of the Nepali community.

But it is very hard to find the genuine Rudraksha. Many sellers might have been selling glued one. So it is very hard to find the pure and genuine Rudraksha. If you don’t have any knowledge about Rudraksha, you may end up in a bust. You might be getting a glued one. So you should be very careful while buying a Rudraksha. Just set up a proper information in your head about Rudraksha before buying it.

17 mukhi rudraksha in Nepal
17 mukhi rudraksha in Nepal

If you are buying it online then you should buy from the one who provides you money back guarantee. Be careful, buy a genuine Rudraksha to get a promised benefits.Don’t end up in a bust. If you want to buy Rudraksha, then you can go visit the Pashupatinath Temple. There, you can find many shops that sell Rudraksha. From Nepalese to the foreigners, many of them buy Rudraksha from there. Also, you can find different online sites that are selling Rudraksha. You can find them easily.

Rudraksha is very popular in Nepal. Around 25% of the trees are found in Nepal. Nepal has got favorable climate and tropical and sub-tropical areas to farm it.  Many locals households from Terai region plant them as well. Some of the trees are grown naturally in the dense and endangered environment and those grown naturally are believed to have more energy. It is believed to be a holy seed that has been given birth by Lord Shiva. So it is very popular among the Hindus. You can find a history about Rudraksha that connects to Lord Shiva.

Rudraksha being a holy seed, it has its own mystical properties and benefits, for this reason, many people are wearing it.In fact, people have been wearing Rudraksha for more than thousand years in Nepal as well as in India. People wearing these Rudraksha claims that it has affected their lives, it has been protecting them from the bad times. A lot of people claim that their life had changed after they started wearing Rudraksha. They have been getting the benefits as promised in each Mukhi.

After more than a thousand year of the birth of Rudraksha, it is still here unlike the other holy beads. In fact, it has got more popularity in the present world. From Nepal and India to the other foreign land, many people wear Rudraksha for its mystical properties and benefits. It is believed that the protection of Lord Shiva will always be there for the one who wears it. Besides, due to its popularity, the prices of Rudraksha has highly risen up than past few years since it has got the market to China and other foreign lands.

The prices of Rudraksha ranges from Rs 100 to millions of rupees respectively. Among all the mukhis of Rudraksha, the 5 Mukhi Rudraksha is the most common one in the context of Nepal. You can buy Rudraksha from different vendors, from the shops around Pashupatinath Temple. You can also buy Rudraksha in different online stores. The prices may vary but you should be able to find a genuine Rudraksha. It is very hard to find genuine Rudraksha in Nepal, especially in Kathmandu. You should check it before buying.

Check the Rudraksha and find out whether it is glued one or not. The glued one is a fake one. So you should check it properly. You should be very wise while buying Rudraksha, you should know all the basic details. Don’t end up in the bust.

Rudraksha has always been here for centuries. Nepal is one of the key places to find Rudraksha and all the knowledge about it. You can get a lot of information from the locals as well about it. Almost all locals above 30 – 40 years of age might have certain knowledge about the Rudraksha. The Himalayan Rudraksha is believed to be more powerful as they are grown in the holy lands. It is believed that the people who wear it will be free from all negative impacts and will gain peace and prosperity in life.

These natural beads are believed to have shown the immediate impact on the wearers’ life. However, in a country like Nepal where there are a lot of Hindus, Rudraksha is widely used by the people.One can easily find Rudraksha in Nepal. Wear one and get blessed and have the full protection of Lord Shiva throughout your life.

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