Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Wife

Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Wife:- This post is dedicated to romantic Valentine’s Day gifts for your wife. This is a really good valentines day gifts for your wife. Valentine’s Day 209 is around us. It is saying Hello to all of us. These days are forcing to remember the valentine’s day 2019. It is also forcing to get ready for presenting valentine’s day gift for our beloved one.

If you are husband, then get ready for romantic valentine’s day gift for your wife. Happy Valentine’s day 2019. Make this Valentine’s Day 2019 romantic with your wife. Spend your time of Valentine’s day with your lovely wife. Don’t compromise for the celebration of Valentine’s day with your wife.

Romantic gifts for a wife for valentine

In many countries, couples can’t wait until February 14th – the day which is called after Saint Valentine’s name. In this romantic day, most proposals of the wedding are made, thousands of love letters are being sent to each other and people are looking for their one and only one true love i.e. “valentine”. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show your love and appreciation for those in your life—from your spouse and kids to your grandparents, co-workers, and even special teachers—who make your life better. For a Valentine’s Day with heart, look beyond store-bought items to more heartfelt mementos you make by hand.

The symbols of Saint Valentine’s Day are doves, heart-shaped outline and a figure of a little baby angel with wings – Cupid. People of all ages love to send and receive valentines. For people of all ages, newspa­pers throughout the country have Valentine’s Day offer. Anyone can send in a message for a sweetheart, a good friend, a parent, a son or daughter, an acquaintance, or even a spouse of fifty years.

In some Latin American countries, Saint Valentine’s Day is known as “el día de Los Enamorado”(day of lovers) or as “Día del Amor y la Amistad”(Day of Love and Friendship). In Chinese, Valentine’s Day is called lovers’ festival which is the Qixi Festival, celebrated on the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar. In Israel, it is celebrated on the 15th day of the month of Av usually in late August.

As we know, Valentine’s Day is on February 14, and some countries, where English is not the native language, have their own equivalent celebrations on the same date.  Flowers, chocolates, perfume, and aftershave are popular gifts on Valentine’s Day. As for the cards, almost all of them contain the colors red or pink and may include the image of a heart to symbolize love.

As well as couples sending each other Valentine’s Day cards or gifts, there is also the tradition of single people sending cards anonymously to those who they would like to have a relationship with. When they sign the card before sending it, they often just put ‘from your Valentine’ or ‘from?’, which can obviously make the receiver very curious!


No-one really knows how Valentine’s Day got its name. However, the most popular saying is that Valentine was the name of a priest in Rome in the third century AD, at a time when the Roman emperor Claudius II decided that single men would make better soldiers for his army than men with wives or girlfriends. He, therefore, made marriage illegal for young men, but Valentine thought this was

a very unfair decision and continued to perform secret weddings for young couples. Unfortunately, according to the story, Claudius found wrong for what Valentine was doing and ordered him to be killed. An extra part of the story suggests that before his death Valentine spent some time in prison, where a young woman visited him regularly.

He fell in love with her, and shortly before he died he wrote her a romantic letter saying goodbye. According to the story, the expression he used in signing the letter was the one that people have copied ever since: ‘from your Valentine’

To celebrate any special occasion like birthday, anniversary or day of love, how many times have you, as a husband, think that you could do much better when it comes to looking for the best gifts for your beloved wife? It is said that women are difficult to shop for as our collection of floral arrangements, unique gifts, and delicious sweet treats will definitely make you believe otherwise too.

Pick up all the hints she has been dropping you indirectly and head over to shop for the most appropriate gifts that she never finds a reason to complain about ever again. Valentine day is coming near. To make this Valentine more romantic, then the husband can plan a beautiful day and can give gifts to wife. If you are in dilemma about the gifts for a wife then, don’t worry, we are here. Below are the beautiful romantic gifts for the wife on this valentine day;

  1. Chocolates

When it comes to the most romantic time of the year—yes, we’re talking Valentine’s Day—the question of what to give is easy to answer. Chocolate. It turns out that chocolate really has a history as a food which is loved most among the people. Passion for chocolate is rooted in world history. It was a highly-prized luxury item among people of all ages.

In the market, various gift baskets are available to satisfy (and perhaps cure) the insatiable chocoholic which is packed to the brim with chocolate — from the brownies that will be consumed almost immediately to the truffles that you may have the fortitude to stash away for another day. Most female love chocolate and gifting it will enhance the love and care between you. So, to bring a big smile in the face of your wife then, a big chocolate basket is the best idea. Chocolate shows the token of love between husband and wife.

The tips for the chocolates are;

A classic conventional rose bouquet is quite common. Choose this delicious chocolaty bouquet of Cadbury Dairy Milk to bring a warm smile on the face of your loved ones. This is the perfect gift for a chocolate lover who enjoys the tastier things in life.

You all know that red is the perfect color of love and the wrapping of some enticing red roses and mouth-watering chocolates in a red paper can be the best idea so that your day of love becomes a memorable one. Your darling would be more than happy with this gift.

Chocolates are undoubtedly the best gift item for any occasion and are truly irresistible for any individual. You can order the delightful bouquet of Ferrero Rocher chocolates from the gifting store.

Cadbury choco-eclairs gold candies look awesome and delicious in a transparent round glass jar, especially as a gift item. Yes, you can buy the vase containing full of yummy candies. If you gift this to your loved ones, the intended person will definitely enjoy.

  1. Dresses ;

Women’s mostly love to wear different kinds of dresses. Presenting the different dresses on the special occasion of Valentine day make the day and moments more memorable. Colorful saris, lehengas, stylish suits, and trendy casual dresses will make your wife cherished. If your wife is fashion conscious but is equally on the traditional side then kurta surwal, the sari is better to present her. It is better to present her premium designer wear that wife might not buy for herself. You can gift eye-catching tunic or elegant flowing dress in the colors she loves.

The nine-yard long cotton or silk cloth is believed to be the best garment for a woman of Hindu origin. Among many other things that reflect our culture and tradition, saree is one among them that is a true mirror of our rich cultural heritage.

You can gift the sarees so that your wife looks even more gracious wearing it. It is indeed possible when you gift the party to wears embroidered saree. Made using purest fabric forms, the saree can be worn by her throughout the day. you must choose the saree with Highlighting tempting festive embroidery, great overall appeal, and design. You can add a fashionable jewelry set to the gift hamper and make it a complete party set.

The multicolored saree looks so beautiful and the fine georgette fabric makes the saree simple to wrap. You will clearly set her heart throbbing with happiness when you gift the brilliant piece with matching danglers and stilettos. This will definitely make her feel like a princess.

The color combination of black and beige looks stunning. Wearing something out of these two colors and she is perfectly ready for the festive occasion. The uniquely beautiful black art silk saree with the beige colored woven design would make your wife look really ravishing.

  1. Sandles;

As well, women are fond of different styles of sandals. Many of the women wore trendy fashionable sandals with time. As women are more interested in spending money on clothes and shoes. In the market, sandals of various sizes, colors, and designs are available in a large amount. SO, it is a good option to gift trendy, classy sandals to your wife.  Flat and heel sandals, casual sandals, boots, slippers can be gifted to wife.

  1. Watches;

Ladies’ watches are also the type of gift to female, however, shoppers find it typically has difficulty in selecting. The husband should be aware and should keep in mind of the settings in which the woman in question plans to wear the watch, and they should also have an idea of the colors that the woman usually wears.

Ultimately, knowing the recipient is just one aspect of buying the right ladies’ watch as a gift. The husband should also follow a handful of other tips in order to choose a timepiece that is sure to make the recipient happy. It means a lot for a husband to present a watch for the wife. It shows the A declaration that ‘we are together for every second of the day, He is bestowing his time to the woman, by seeing the timepiece, the owner sees their significant other every day, every hour, every minute, and every second.

Tips for buying the watch as a gift

A watch should match the wearer’s lifestyle, so if the lady in question is active outdoors, a sports watch for running and hiking may make sense. The table below describes features that are common to different styles of watches and lists the settings for which wearing the style is appropriate.                                                                                                                            Casual, dress, and fashion watches, on the other hand, should look good on the wearer. Consumers should, therefore, try to match a watch’s color to the gift recipient’s physical characteristics and wardrobe. For example, A white watch may look better on a woman with fair skin or on one who often wears light-colored clothing. Black watches complement darker colors and bolder physical features, while a neutral tone (such as silver) goes well with a variety of colors and physical characteristics.

These tones, however, do which characterize to be subtler than extreme tones such as black and white and colorful tones such as red. Proportionality also influences how a watch looks on a woman. Consumers purchasing a ladies’ watch as a gift should consider larger watchcases and wider bands for taller women. The gift-giver can also look at men’s watches for women with these characteristics. Conversely, smaller watchcases and thinner bands complement petite women.

If the lady for whom a buyer is purchasing a watch cannot wear a wristwatch, consider buying a fob watch instead. These watches pinned onto clothing to give the wearer easy access to the time. Fob watches are available in the market in a wide variety of styles, though consumers may want to lean toward a casual fob watch if the lady wears it to work.

Consumers who are looking for a ladies’ watch offering style and versatility should choose a model with a watch band that can be interchangeable. For instance, a band made up of leather can give the watch a more casual look, while band made from metal makes the same watch appear dressier. Consumers who are in a dilemma whether to purchase a casual or a dress watch can buy a model with an interchangeable band so that the lady can wear the watch in both types of settings.


It may be difficult to get the wrist circumference of the lady for whom the watch is a gift. If it is, consumers should err on the side of a larger wristband when shopping for a ladies watch with a metal band. As rubber and leathers, wristbands consists of a series of holes but Metal bands usually do not have a series of holes. Instead, they consist of links and fit closed only at one circumference. If a watch containing metal links for the band is too big for a lady, a jeweler can remove a link or two for a relatively low service fee. Buying and installing extra links for a band that is too small often costs more, however.

The watch industry consists of manufactures numerous in the number who are famous for producing the timepieces of high-quality. Some brands, such as Rolex and Breitling, provide the luxury segment of the market. Whichever type of ladies’ watch consumers shop for, they should know and give importance on which brands produce quality products in that segment of the market.

Many ladies’ watches come with their own watch box. Even so, it is a thoughtful touch to add a separate watch box to the gift. Many watch boxes are available with a feature of multiple compartments for holding watches and other jewelry, so they make for an especially practical gift idea if the buyer has multiple watches but no single box in which to put them. A watch box is also a sensible way to protect the gift watch to maintain it for many years.

  1. Jewelry’;

Wearing jewelry may be considered an embroidery of everyday life. Pieces of jewelry carry qualities such as both external and internal, requiring them to be kept. Often, the pieces of jewelry are worn to preserve and enhance the emotional attachments and memories from one’s life. They keep our memories and connections to significant people around us fresh. They seem to be necessities which are hard to let go. Jewelry gifts are the most sentimental of all gifts and one of the most preferred by your wives.

Necklace, ring, can be the best gift for your wife. It can make from Gold, Silver, Diamond. Around the neck, this accessory accentuates the wearer’s beauty. Choker, long, short or worn in tiers,

the necklace is an integral part of a woman’s jewelry collection

In the world of fashion jewelry, earrings hold a special place. They’re very important elements of almost every woman’s wardrobe, and there are countless variations in style, materials, and decorative details.

Earrings offer choices ranging from easy and inexpensive self-purchases to some of the most luxurious and symbolic gifts. Studs, danglers, clip-on, hoops— whatever you wish to put on your ears—they need to do justice to the cut of your face as well as the occasion. Metal, plastic, glass, precious stone, beads, wood, bone or some other material—they need to do justice to your budget and the design.

Bangles are what makes a girl more feminine. The sound of bangles is an indication to the children to stop playing pranks, and the same sound speeds the heartbeat of your lover-the multipurpose bangles make a girl, a female.

Putting a ring on your ring finger as a symbol of not only marriage but also of love is a recent phenomenon (earlier, only the married women wore one!) A man on his knees with a ring case (and the ring in it!) is the obvious sign of commitment, love, and togetherness. Only a ring will tell the whole story. Gold, platinum, diamond and other precious stones embellish the simple concept of the “metal ring”.

On the other hand, silver is affordable and it helps to make it popular and alluring with designers and self-purchasing women.. But men are often unsure or don’t want to buy silver jewelry as a gift but woman purchase more than 90%of all silver jewelry. Men do so because they’re not sure that it has the symbolism and status to convey the messages they want to send.

The amazing gift ideas are;

You must choose the perfect gift for your wife that will not cost you much. Get an appreciation from your wife when you show her such beautiful designs of ear cuffs.

Animal and a nature-inspired design are currently in a hot trend. The peacock motif is exceptionally popular, as it is being reinterpreted in various forms like necklaces, earrings, pendants, and bracelets.

If you wish to gift your wife something that not only looks modern but has traditional look you can try such combo sets made of Kundan and American diamond.

You can impress her by expressing your love with such delightful sterling silver rings.

You May also try the Stunning Gold and Silver-Plated Fashion Rings.

These diamond hearts pendants create a lovely style which symbolizes true love for her. Each heart is sprinkled in round diamonds for optimal sparkle. Styled in gold plated sterling.

Men mostly compare the shops for gifts in the category of fashion much as they do for bridal jewelry. The number of stores they visit is usually fewer – maybe two to four. But decisions about where to shop the gifts are based on the same factors such as the selection, quality, and price range of the store’s merchandise, along with its team, reputation, and service. The top priority for female gift buyer is finding the perfect gift.

That might sound obvious and simple. But it means finding something that will please and satisfy the woman the man is buying for, express his feelings, incorporate the spirit of the occasion, fit his budget, and deliver good value for the money he’s spending. To accomplish all this, most men need professional help.

For a gift giver, it’s important that the gift will be appreciated, worn, and enjoyed – not put in a jewelry box, a dresser drawer, or safety deposit box and taken out only occasionally (if ever). But picking out a piece that combines the right form design, and materials to suit a woman’s taste, lifestyle, and wardrobing needs can be a challenge. For most kinds of jewelry, another issue is selecting the correct size of jewelry.

  1. Cosmetics;

Cosmetics is an important material useful in the life of women. Beauty is the jewel of female and makeup is the enhancing material of her beauty. Female are more concerned about their looks and beauties in this fashionable era. So, in this valentine, you can gift the best trendy and quality cosmetics gift hamper to your wife.

If your wife wants to straighten her hair then, you can gift her the hair straightener iron or you can gift her the hair curl iron as her need. You can give her the makeup items of branded company. Or, you can get the appointment of the best beauty parlor of the city. You can get the manicure, pedicure, hair massage, body spa of your wife.

Obviously, you can see a big smile in the face of your wife getting a cosmetic as a gift. Ya, the female also likes a perfume as an accessory item. You can gift her the best quality of the perfume. For choosing the perfume as a gift, you can to consider the things, the perfume should not be strong and should be branded.   Get her a hamper of beauty products. Add chocolate or two, tie with a ribbon, and you’re done. This thoughtful gift is sure to get her smiling.

  1. Romantic Movie;

Valentine’s Day is a great day to cuddle up and watch a movie about love. In fact, they actually made a movie called Valentine’s Day, but it was just a rip-off of Love, Actually. With so many sappy movies out there, it’s hard to sift out the good from just more of the same. Nowadays, many romantic movies release every month whether it is Hollywood, Bollywood or Kollywood.

Whether you spend Valentine’s Day with the object of your affection or have the couch all to yourself, these movies will put you in the mood for love. A great romance can fuel any great film.  Love comes up in all different kinds of ways, and as you’re feeling the love this Valentine’s Day by gorging on chocolate, flowers, and all the rest of that good stuff, we wanted to bring some films to your attention to enjoy on this pleasant day.

In this valentine day, you can go to a romantic movie with your wife. If your wife always wanna go to watch Valentine movie with your wife but due to the busy schedule, you couldn’t go to watch a movie, then in this valentine day, you can go for a romantic movie with your wife.

  1. Hand Bags;

Too many men, handbags are misunderstanding as something that is waggishly bought by women.  To their perplexity, they are just a sack of leather that just holds stuff.” But for women, handbags are the symbol of style, personality, and for most, status.  It is the one item that does not have to fit, nor does it require any transposition.  And for the true fashion connoisseurs, Handbags are collectible pieces that can be enjoyed with time and obtain a rich legacy.

Much like a suit to men, handbags are the females’ love and passion.  A woman could be express the most boring look, but add a beautifully crafted handbag to the ensemble and the look is freshly altered.  And while handbags do indeed hold the woman’s contents, they equally reflect her grace and identity. Before fewer days before the valentine day, many men will begin to choose a gift in various stores and one of the few gifts that men realize that cannot go wrong with women is a handbag.

But while most men realize this, they are completely lost when it comes to the territory woman’s handbag.  It’s as if this hunt will take them on a journey to the handbag hinterlands of fashion.  As such, we will guide you through this new terrain and aim to help you get your female gift-receiver that dream handbag she’s been lusting over. As with all gift giving hunts, this is the most essential step in your search as handbags can range anywhere from Rs1000- 10,000+.

Your budget will not only determine the brand or quality of the handbag, but it will also help you in your decision in the long run.  Quality-made handbags are crafted with the best leathers in the world, and for some are stitched with hand.  Much like a man’s suit, craftsmanship in handbags is what separates the good from the bad.

From the supple calfskin being utilized to the elegant grommets on the piece, it is all in the minimal of details.  The exclusivity of the item is also another factor in the price of the item.  Rather than mass market the beautifully constructed leather goods, designers and brands limit the amount produced so that the handbag remains unique.  This is all reflected in the price of the handbag.

Various varieties of handbags available in the market, each different in its aesthetic and fashionable purpose of use.  While two fashionable handbags may seem alike to the inexperienced eye (in terms of style), each one has its own purpose.  So, the one question a man needs to ask himself when choosing down that perfect handbag: what type of woman is she?  Is she a woman who would wear her handbag to the office paired with her work-suits, or would she wear it casually?

  1. Candle Night Dinner with Wife;

When the day to day chase for the pragmatic aspects of life become tiresome beyond the level of tolerance, you have to plan something to spice the things up. Candlelight dinner is the best way to unwind indeed. This Valentine’s Day, surprise your wife by booking a table for two and treat yourself to good food, good wine, and loving company. There are various restaurants offering extravagant affairs that you should not miss for the world.

If love comes through the stomach, then do you know where does it end. Bring this beautiful life to romance. Let the old saying “Love comes from the stomach” to be your motto this valentine day. Traditionally, Valentine is one of those days in the year when restaurant owner expects a big crowd in a restaurant around the world.

Valentine day has been invented to make people spend all their money and for traders to get more profit, this holiday is truly traditional and dates back to the Roman era. You must choose the attractive offer for which you must fall in love with it and you will not find any better way to spend valentine’s day than dining in the restaurant with style! You must ensure that the restaurant is more attractive, romantic and unique.

In this valentine, you must choose the restaurant which offers various services such as Valentine Prix Fixe Menu, different combinations of food, for one price. Love and creativity are in the air and has no limits. Be sure that the restaurant decorations and dishes that are offered are marked by love can give you a lovely feeling.

For a romantic night out, it can be difficult to arrange. What a difficulty it is to arrange and pay for a babysitter, get ready for the evening, make reservations and leave the kids. It is much more special to have a romantic dinner at home than eating out. If you want to plan a romantic dinner at home with your wife then you have to prepare a menu thoughtfully and set the mood before the dinner date starts.

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