11 Romantic Things to Do With Your Girlfriend on Happy Nepali New Years Eve

[ things to do with girlfriend on New year’s eve ] A Happy New Year’s Eve is a very important event because it means that we all start focusing on what we need to do and work on it the next day. It’s also the day where most people celebrate their new beginning as a person.

A Happy New Year’s Eve is the only night of the year when we can relax, have a good meal with our loved ones, and celebrate in the spirit of the season, which is usually expressed through drinking and eating.

New Year’s Eve is typically a very festive event because the majority of people celebrate this day with their families. A Happy New Year’s Eve is the only night of the year when we can let loose and have fun. This is usually the time when we decide to get together with our old and new friends.

A Happy New Year’s Eve can also be a celebration of the New Year’s resolutions that were made the previous year. New resolutions can be anything from getting better grades in school to losing weight.

The resolutions may be related to the person’s goal to make the best out of his or her life, or it could be about starting over and taking responsibility for mistakes made in the past.

Most people celebrate New Year’s Eve by going out for dinner. However, if you prefer to go out for a party then this will be the right time to get together with your friends.

There are so many things that you can do together in the evening. You can also choose to have your favorite drinks and food to celebrate, but it is best if you bring along your friends to make the whole party a lot easier and enjoyable.


Having a party atmosphere is one of the best ways to celebrate New Year’s Day. This is especially true for people who don’t like to go out. You can use some of your friends’ ideas and try to make the party more fun than usual. If you don’t have friends, you can also invite other family members or friends.

A Happy New Year’s is actually a very easy night. You just have to be prepared and have a good plan so that you will be able to have fun and enjoy the whole night. If you are having a party and want to have a good time, then you should consider using some of these New Year’s resolutions for the new year.

New Year is like the holiday for people. In this day, people do whatever they like. For a love birds it is like a day to celebrate romantically by which there will be positive change in their relationship.

Many of the boys mayn’t have idea about how to celebrate New Year eve with girlfriend. So, below mentioned ways can help a boy to celebrate New Year eve with girlfriend romantically.

How to Celebrate New Year’s Eve With Your Girlfriend

How to celebrate new year’s with girlfriend is a very common question for many people around the world. In fact, it is one of the most popular queries on any questionnaire about relationships. New Year’s Eve is just a few days away and what better way to celebrate it with your loved one than going out on a nice romantic date.

Of course, you would not want to end up in a dull restaurant or hotel on New Year’s Eve, would you? Here are some ideas on how to celebrate this special occasion with your girlfriend.

How to celebrate new year’s with girlfriend starts with a little planning. Decide on the venue, the food, the drinks, the games, as well as the clothes you are going to wear. It would be best if you would gather all the family members or friends to cheer you on so that you will have an excellent time celebrating this special event.

One good idea on how to celebrate a new year’s with a girlfriend is to go out for dinner. After dinner, head to a local club where you can enjoy music, dance, and have fun. You might want to consider renting a limo or a car so that you will not have to worry about any rush hour traffic. Get dressed up in your best dress for the night. You can wear black, red, and silver for the night. Whatever your choice is, just make sure that you look good and feel great!

Another idea on how to celebrate new year’s with a girlfriend is to go out for a night of dancing. There are so many clubs and bars offering live music and dancing on New Year’s Eve. Check out the different venues and choose one that has an amazing view. Make sure that you dress up nicely and have a good time. If you have a nice body, then you can look smashing and beautiful on New Year’s night!

If you both love sports, then it would be a great idea to get tickets for a midnight football game. You can cheer for your favorite team during the game and celebrate the New Year together while in the stands. If you do not want to spend too much money, then you can go out for a cheap dinner at a restaurant where both of you can enjoy some delicious food.

Some people really love collecting things while on New Year’s Eve. So if you are the type of person who collects things, then you should start putting things up on the date of the holiday. You can start a small collection of New Year’s cards, candles, or even New Year’s glasses so that you can have a collection of the things that touch your heart on this special day. You can share your collection with your girlfriend so that she can have a good reminder of how much you love her on this special day.

There are other ideas on how to celebrate new year’s as well. One of which is having a big party with your family and friends. You can invite your friends over to help you celebrate and have a lot of fun. You should always make sure that you send each other New Year’s cards and set a special time for celebrating. You should also make a list of all the people who will be attending the celebration so that you will be sure that you have enough invitation cards to go around.

If you cannot decide on what kind of celebration ideas you should use for your girlfriend, then just browse through the internet for some of the different ideas. There are plenty of websites that you can visit and browse through different celebration ideas that you can use.

If you think that these celebration ideas are what you need, then just send her a text message and ask her to join you for a good time. If you want to make her feel special and appreciated then you should do everything in your power to give her a good time.

11 Romantic Things to Do With Girlfriend on New Year’s Eve

1. Arrange a candle light dinner

First of all, take her to a place where you are planning to make your New Year eve special. Plan a candle light dinner for her. You can give her a big surprise by making this special moment more romantic. Girl always want a boy who listens her words. You should allow her to speak and listen it carefully with more interest.

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You can order her favorite dishes. After dinner, have a romantic dance. She will feel good. You can come closer to her in a romantic dance if she is comfortable. As well, ask about her family, friends this will make her sure that you not only concerned about her and concerned about her family and friends.

Romantic couple holding hands over candlelight on valentine's day
Romantic couple holding hands over candlelight

Also, to celebrate romantic night, use a nice perfume in your body. This will attract your girlfriend towards you. But, don’t use too much perfume in your body.


2. Take her to disco or pub

If your girlfriend loves to dance, enjoy then book a ticket earlier and take her to a good disco. Don’t gather with your friends for a long time, she may feel alone.

club party

While dancing, don’t go too closer to her, she may not feel good and comfortable. But coming closer to some extent during dancing, will make your relation deeper. Sometime, girl don’t say, what is she feeling so, you have to understand her and make her comfortable to share her words with you

3. Give her a Gift

Girls love to get gifts. In order to make her happy, surprise her with beautiful gifts like teddy bear, perfume, beautiful dresses. While choosing beautiful gift for her, you can take help of your friend, sister.

gift present to girlfriend boyfriend
Gifting to a girlfriend from boyfriend

If your girlfriend is fashionable then present her beautiful fashionable dresses and perfume as well. If your girlfriend is simple, then gift her teddy, red rose or watch. As, today’s girls like watch of different style. Girls mainly like chocolate. So, whatever gift you give, don’t forget to add more chocolate in it.

4. Take her to Night walk

Most of the girls like walking with her boyfriend in the night, looking street light. In New Year eve, the city wakes up. So, you can walk in a less crowded place. Don’t go a place where there is no safety. A girl always wants a love, affection from her boyfriend.

night walk girlfriend boyfriend couple

So, you should respect her and ask her politely to hold her hand and make her secure. If your girlfriend enjoys looking the stars, moon in the sky then you should give the company to her. She will feel secure and special with you. You should help your girlfriend in making future plans.

Actually, a girl want to share a future plans with her girlfriend and you have to listen her words carefully with full interest. Don’t do anything that makes her embrace. Try to make her happy by saying jokes or sharing funny moments.

5. Family Gathering

In New Year eve, you can plan a dinner at home or restaurant with your parents and if you are looking for a day to reveal your relationship in front of your family then you can introduce your girlfriend with your family. Or, if the family of both of you are well known about your relationship, then  you can invite the family of your girlfriend.

This not only brings her closer but also brings both families together. This is also the good idea to make your relationship more stronger. Treat a girl very special and respect her in front of your and her family.

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6. Celebrate the eve at home

You can call your girlfriend at home and celebrate joyfully. If you love cooking then you can make new or her favorite dish of her. You can play different romantic games.

You can drink together and you can come closer to some extent. You can plan for the future and about the present as well. You can watch the romantic movies together. It is the best way to make your relation stronger. You can share the things with her.

7. Go For a Night show

If your girlfriend likes to watch movies, dramas then you can book a ticket for the night show. You can ask her for the movie she wants to watch. You can choose a romantic movies or dramas. Don’t choose action movies, girls don’t like action movies. You can hold her hand while watching movies, she may feel secure. Try your best to make her comfortable.

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8. Adopt the New Pet

Mainly, girls love animals. If you want to make your girlfriend happy then you both can adopt a new pet. You both can be together caring pet without leaving it alone.

9. Get into nature

If, both of you don’t like party and craziness then, you can get in nature. You can rent a boat and row in a lake under beautiful moonlight. You can kiss each other romantically in that moment. Also, you can spend time together in a park near forest or river. The beautiful nature will really make you feel good.

10. Gather with Friends

You can gather with friends of you both. You can celebrate New Year eve by playing cards, watching movies, drinking. Always make her special in front of her and your friends. You can have more fun with friends and your girlfriend.

11. Plan for the whole year

You can plan for the whole year. By the help of calendar, you can plan for the holiday activities.  In the long holidays, you can plan for a long tour.

Always keep your girlfriend happy. Have a great Nepali new year .

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11 Romantic Things to Do With Your Girlfriend on New Years Eve