1. Nai navannula 4

There is a law in Material science which says that all issue tends to transform from a condition of request to finish issue. When unadulterated and common, the issue at that point never-endingly heads towards a condition of mayhem from which it can never backpedal to its unique shape. It’s just characteristic this is relevant to executive Bikash Raj Acharya’s Nai Nabhannu La 4, the fourth portion in a progression of dubiously related films of a similar name.

nai na bhannu la 4 - Nepali Movie Poster
nai na bhannu la 4 – Nepali Movie Poster

The motion picture proceeds with the arrangement’s custom of abusing sentiment by commending it and after that lessening it to a gadget to put in a sprinkling of comic representations, garish melodies successions and gravely planned pop social references in a two-hour runtime. Add to that, a feeling of liberality and finish ignore for nuance, and you get Nai Nabhannu La 4. It could possibly be a contextual analysis of what isn’t right with most Nepali motion pictures. On the off chance that this is the thing that a noteworthy Nepali motion picture establishment in 2016 appears as though, I will look elsewhere.

In the motion picture, Neer (Paul Shah) is somewhere down in solitary love. Be that as it may, before he can get over the loss of (Aanchal Sharma), his young lady of interest, Anjana (Barsha Raut) begins nagging him for her own advantage. It’s smarter to love somebody back than to be in a grieved state because of lonely love, expresses the motion picture in repeating scenes.

12.Kusume rumal

Kusume Rumal is a 1985 Nepali sentimental movie coordinated by Tulsi Ghimire. It was created by Sumitra Paudel under the standard of Sayapatri Movies. This was the primary film in which artist Udit Narayan acted. In 2009, the child of the maker of this Kusume Rumal coordinated Kusume Rumal 2 which was the account of the second era of the first cast. Both Tripti Nadakar and Neer Shah acted in minor parts as a tribute to the first film. This motion picture is a romantic tale of two college mates Amar (Udit Narayan) and Suniti (Tripti Nadakar). It additionally includes Arjun (Bhuwan K.C.) as admirer of Suniti. The film portrays the contrast amongst rich and needy individuals. The Indian humorist Murmur Jayega has a short appearance in the movie.

kusume rumal - Nepali Movie Poster
kusume rumal – Nepali Movie Poster
  1. Classic

Love truly is ‘visually impaired’ in the motion picture; so are the two lead characters Dristi and Samaya. Samaya chooses to leave the Ashram since he wouldn’t like to wind up a weight to Dristi who is good to go to see the world with her benefactor’s eyes. Dristi has her own contemplations and chooses not to recover the visual perception on account of her own reason (which you’ll find in the motion picture). The story goes ahead with the grievous partition of the two outwardly disabled music sweethearts. Be that as it may, they wind up singing together and winning the show which Samaya’s companions discussed. The motion picture in general is a narrating by Samaya about the life of Samaya and Dristi.

classic - Nepali Movie Poster
classic – Nepali Movie Poster

A normal story of adoration is flawlessly designed by excellent acting aptitudes of Aaryan and Namrata. Outward appearances and non-verbal communication of Namrata are something that each film pundits have adored about the motion picture. The way Aaryan have remained as a genuine singing star and recommends Namrata enhance her notes and aptitudes is far much splendid than what Aaryan has been doing.

  1. Mero Valentine

An introduction of Sushil Shrestha for Soft Image Entertainment, Nepali motion picture ‘Mero Valentine’ is a romantic tale motion picture. Vocalist Sugam Pokharel is likewise included in an amicable appearance in the film. The kid craftsman in the motion picture is Arya Shrestha. Despite the fact that the motion picture is named after Valentine Day, the film was discharged in theater on August 1, 2014.It isn’t generally that a Nepali motion picture does well in the market; particularly, when it is contending with the Hindi and English motion pictures. It is to be sure an accomplishment for a Nepali film to beat the offers of a Hindi motion picture. It is a greater accomplishment, if the film can pull the youthful city age of Nepal to the motion picture theaters.



As said before, it is only sometimes that a Nepali film can make this sort of progress, and this year a wonder such as this has happened. This movie happens to be First Love, coordinated by Simosh Sunuwar, who coordinated the much built up Mission Paisa. The motion picture discharged on sixth of August, the whole way across the nation and for the initial two weeks it had no Nepali contenders. To begin with Affection Nepali Film Audit was overpowering, and picked up a great deal of group of onlookers all through. The motion picture had record deals for a Nepali motion picture, as related by the film’s maker and wholesaler.

The storyline of the motion picture is, fundamentally a romantic tale with a few people beginning to look all starry eyed at each other. In like manner, the film is likewise about fellowship, forfeit and trade off. These topics in any film can draw in and hold the gathering of people, in the event that it can give a novel introduction. This is the thing that First Love does well; its introduction is new, and that could pull in the gathering of people, particularly the youngsters.

15. 6 ekan 6

The story is about Astha (Neeta Dhungana), a rich lone rangeress young lady and her six suitors. Astha’s rich granddad needs his grandchild to get hitched before he passes on. An enthusiast of Indian performing artist Salman Khan, Astha goes looking for the ideal spouse. Astha’s inquiries of a flawless life accomplice lead her to meet six unique identities. Astha initially meets a tricky businessperson (Shiva Hari Poudel). The second suitor is a legal advisor (Jitu Nepal) whom she found in bed with another lady. At that point Astha met Deepak Raj Giri – additionally a devotee of Salman who carries on like Chulbul.

Chha Ekan Chha - Nepali Movie Poster
Chha Ekan Chha – Nepali Movie Poster

She couldn’t wed her fourth suitor – an artist (Sandeep Chhetri). Baffled by her inability to locate a flawless match, she chose to wed the worker (Sitaram Kattel – Dhurmus). At the point when Sitaram additionally declined to wed her, Astha met a homeless person in ghettos (Kedar Ghimire – Magne Budho).

16. Chhakka panja 2

Chakka Panja was more about existence and desires of Adolescents in the towns yet despite what might be expected Chakka Panja 2 manages the abroad investigation longs for the city abiding Youth. Second half has been superfluously extended. Magne Buda has completed a remarkable activity as ‘consultancy mother’ while Priyanka Karki looks unusual as Swastikas’ Legal advisor mother. I think it is a significant bad form on Priyanka and unquestionably a torment for watchers to see their most loved and sizzling hot performing artist Priyanka as a moderately aged mother.

Chhakka Panja 2 - Nepali Movie Poster
Chhakka Panja 2 – Nepali Movie Poster

Aayushman D.R Joshi astounds as lead on-screen character in negative role. He has completed a genuinely average activity. Swastima and Barsha have done well in their comic parts as well. Deepak Raj Giri has officially settled himself as a star on-screen character now so he doesn’t frustrate in his part as an Extreme Cop. Jitu Nepal’s character as Pandit is like the character he played in the prequel of the film. Aside from that, there is a colossal pool of comic on-screen characters from the Nepali Comic drama TV arrangement who add zest to the general film. Discussing the music, ‘ Eh daju nasamau’ is the main snappy tune in the whole motion picture. I had expected at any rate another great melody as in the prequel. Magne Buda with his mark style is by all accounts the fundamental character conveying some lively minutes to giggle at.

The principal half is OK enough with a considerable measure of light minutes which keeps the groups of onlookers drew in. Be that as it may, Magne Buda as Consultancy mother swings to be a lifeline in the relatively moderate paced second half. The motion picture closes with a considerable measure of sudden wanders aimlessly, like the peak in the prequel. At any rate, don’t stress over the spoilers. You can go, watch and appreciate for yourself amid the festive this year. The film is clearly worth looking for once.

  1. Thuli

An introduction of Everest Kala Yatra Movies, ‘Thuli’ is an introduction of Surya Bohara. The motion picture includes the music of Basanta Sapkota, verses of Surya Bohara himself. The cinematography of Sher Bahadur Lama, altering bo Mitra Dev Lama and created by Puskar Panta.The motion picture ‘Thuli’ was discharged two years prior, in August of 2014. For the arrangement of the motion picture, performing artist Garima Panta had experienced hand to hand fighting preparing. On account of the snappy music, the title tune of the motion picture had turned out to be exceptionally prevalent at the season of the motion picture discharge.

Thuli - Nepali Movie Poster
Thuli – Nepali Movie Poster
  1. Woda no 6

Sep 22, 2015: Woda No. 6 is an account of five companions in ward number 6 town of Nuwakot amid the Maoists insurrection period and their results after the peace accord. The motion picture recounts the story in a drama way indicating how differences, monetary separation and segregation fills the ascent of “Mausuli” (Maoists) in the town and it’s the effect on the general public. Among the five, one is a child of tailor: appeared as “lower station”, second: the lush Daya, third: the juwade Magne, fourth: the lone wolf having an issue with visual perception and marriage and the graduate Profound.

wada no. 6 - Nepali Movie Poster
wada no. 6 – Nepali Movie Poster

The four ignorant have no other choice to dillydally other than playing cards or be tanked. Every one of them wind up joining Maoists revolt gathering, either to take vindicate or because of Deeps conflict with Kaji family (the first class in the Town). Film even gets more interesting in the Maoists camp and the preparation. The “Krantikari” adore letter from Magne and Radio news communicate in telephone by Daya are funnier. Film sounds somewhat disgusting in a few sections though for a satire with PG testament, it is worthy. Despite the fact that a large portion of the performing artists are initially from drama television serials, chief Ujjwal Ghimire has figured out how to make them sound not very uproarious.

The satire faces, run and pursue in the field are not found to the degree as found in the television serials and are not the essential comic tricks. Executives dealt with the makers (as the vast majority of the performing artists are additionally the maker of the motion picture) not to be boisterous in the motion picture and made the plots/successions look vivacious as opposed to the “Joker” like comic drama. Among the performing artists, Deepak raj Giri, Jitu Nepal, Kedar Ghimire, Sitaram Kattel, Rajaram Poudel are from television while Priyanka karki, Dayanhang Rai, Nir Shah are from the standard films.

To me, the greater part of the performers have put forth a strong effort though for Dayahang, I expected some significant part which was missing and I felt he isn’t used to the full. Be that as it may, for a film with such enormous star throws, the unbalance of performers is very clear. Film’s buildup would have been extraordinary yet not the motion picture without Dayahang.

  1. chhakka panja

Story of five companions Raja (Deepak Raj Giri), Saraswoti (Jeetu Nepal), Magne (Kedar Ghimire) and (Buddhi Tamang). Raja is rich yet unskilled and appreciates life, and advises his companions to not get hitched or hold any activity. Be that as it may, he subtly has illicit relationships with wedded women. Then one day Raja gets hitched to Champa (Priyanka Karki), and the story enters a genuine mode.

chhaka panja - Nepali Movie Poster
chhaka panja – Nepali Movie Poster
  1. I am sorry

“I am sad” is a romantic tale of Gaurav (Aryan Sigdel) and Shruti (Keki Adhikari). Shruti originates from a rich family and is capable of her privately-owned company. Shruti found the weight of her privately-run company and high class society life overpowering. In this way, she flees to another place to carry on with a typical life. She meets Gaurav, a guiltless cab driver, who helped her to settle in the new place. Both fell for each other in a brief timeframe traverse.

I am sorry - Nepali Movie Poster
I am sorry – Nepali Movie Poster

Be that as it may, they hadn’t discussed their sentiments to each other. On a day they wanted to meet and discuss it, Shruti’s dad arrives and takes her back. In the meantime, a posse grabs Gaurav as well. You won’t not need observe all the good and bad times of their romantic tale in the theater.

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