Nepali Movies – 20 Best Romantic Nepalese Movies of All Time


All about Romantic Nepali Movies – Get here in this post about top 20 Best Romantic Nepalese Movies of All Time. We are here with the list of top Nepali movies that are love and romantic based story. Have a look.

Nepali Movies – 20 Best Romantic Nepalese Movies of All Time

  1. Jerry

Jerry is 2014 love story directed by Hemraj BC. The film features Anmol K.C and Anna Sharma in lead roles.T he film is produced by Manoj Sherchan. The film is about Jaiveer Rana, who changes in one trip, and falls in love.Jaiveer Rana (Anmol K.C) , known as Jerry is the playboy.He has no concern with feelings and love . Spoiled rich brat, Jerry loves hanging around with friends and playing around girls .Jerry goes out to Pokhara where he meets Puggy, his childhood friend and then further plans to go to Mustang .There his life changes as he falls in love with Akanshya (Anna Sharma) .

Jerry starts having relation with Akanshya .He starts having problem with Asthma. Akanshya feels ignored and start doubting on Jerry. But condition of Jerry gets worse .He doesn’t tell Akanshya about his condition. Jerry suffers from dilated cardiomyopathy that leads him to death. Talking about strength, Jerry is fine example of new era Nepali film. The presentation, cinematography, dialogues and story is amazing! The song is beautiful! Background music is beautiful .Most importantly, Anmol kc and Anna Sharma has complimented each other and introduced cute reel couple.

jerryy - Nepali Movie Poster
jerryy – Nepali Movie Poster

Talking about weakness, the story is typical .Also acting of Jerry’s mother and group of girls is worst! Rather more, Jerry falls for Akashya too quickly. It seems as the story is rushing .So there should have been some more scenes between fights to love.

  1. Dreams

This is a film of Nepal famous hero Anmol Kc and heroine Samrage RL Shah.

Dreams Nepali Movie
Dreams Nepali Movie

This movie starts with death of Avi Pratap Malla (Anmol KC) dad. After many years it shows a mature Avi who is now able to handle his father’s business at hotel fulbari resort and spa. When they are enjoying party at a club Avi tries to impress Kavia (Samrage RL Shah).but she rejects him. After many misunderstanding she goes to Avi’s office in search of job of assistance. She works there and slowly they fall in love with each other .one day Avi saw a terrifying dream that kaviya dies n an accident .he tells his mom about this but his mom ignore it saying it’s just hi illusion .but it becomes true and Avi dies  while saving Kaviya. This is a must watch movie if you want to watch a romantic and emotional movie.

  1. Nai nabhannula 3

Nai Na Bhannu La 3 is the third series of Nai Na Bhannu La franchise. Movie is directed by new director Muskan Dhakal. Bikash Acharya has produced and written the movie. Movie features Aryan Sigdel, Priyanka Karki, Suraj Singh Thakuri, Samyam Puri, Ashma DC, Sanchita Luitel, Anubhav Regmi in lead role. Movie is released all over Nepal from Chaitra 27. Movie starts with Sameer (Suraj Singh Thakuri) who comes out of the jail. Rhythm (Anubhav Regmi) is the son of Kusum (Priyanka Karki). Kusum is a single mother and dance teacher by profession. Prakash (Aryan Sigdel) is a single father and a best friend of Kusum.


nai na bhannu la 3 - Nepali Movie Poster
nai na bhannu la 3 – Nepali Movie Poster

Prakash is always with Kusum and have a strong desire to marry her and take responsibility of both Kusum and Rhythm. Whereas Kusum is fan of Sameer, who is also a singer. But Sameer has his own past which has affected him at present. There comes a point when Prakash finds that Kusum doesn’t have feelings for him, Rhythm finds some bitter truth of his life and Sameer is in search of something which he had lost in his past. To know the individual story of all these characters, you have to go and watch the movie which is running across the theater of Nepal.

  1. Gajalu

Gajalu is 2016 romantic tale composed and coordinated by Hemraj BC.the story plot moves easily however in a review way. The first half is about review plots and second half uncovers tension of the movie .The movie plot is coordinated normally and acting of the character has advocated. Acting of Menuka , Gaurav , Salon and new comer, Ritik is normal. Anmol has enhanced a considerable measure and Shristi too has legitimized her role. The film is general watch-commendable.

gajalu - Nepali Movie Poster
gajalu – Nepali Movie Poster

The cinematography, music, discoursed are impeccable. However, there are still some shortcoming in the film ,Anmol has played same character he used to play in different motion pictures .I don’t know how Anmol figures out how to be rich in each film . Menuka pradhan assumes part of Anmol K.C kin however she doesn’t coordinate being kin of Anmol .Yet, she has defended her role. Another downside in the film is that the story plot isn’t as solid as watchers anticipated from trailer.

  1. Prem Geet

It is a romantic movie. prem and geet meet each other while they are going to kagbeni.geet ran from house because of her parents forcing her to marry .and prem was going for his on deeds but he was also forced to love a girl in 1 week by his mom. Both often does fake marriage to show their parents but slowly they fell in love with each other .but their lie create trouble and both of them separate from each other. They try o make up their parents mind but fails. Will they be together again to know this watch full movie. This movie is worth it.

prem geet - Nepali Movie Poster
prem geet – Nepali Movie Poster
  1. Prem geet 2

The unexpected hit of 2015 Prem Geet comes back with nothing in rationality to its continuation past the title of the film. Off to accommodate with her glad family, Geet (Aslesha Thakuri) takes off from Burma on a flight that terrains her in Kathmandu. The activity of lifting her up from the air terminal falls on the lap of impassive Prem (Pradeep Khadka). At first he needs to free himself of Geet instantly yet luck and his associates and guardians’ request has them very blended in each other’s organization. He takes her to Murma, an interesting and calm town on the edges of the pleasant Rara Lake.

prem geet 2 - Nepali Movie Poster
prem geet 2 – Nepali Movie Poster

Here Geet gets a handfull of soil and a wistful ancient rarity that her grandma has left shielded in the empty of a colossal tree. Quickly, Geet needs to leave for Burma. In the interim Prem stalls out on a lift at a shopping center when he goes to get her a rose as a separating blessing. So he cannot admit his blossoming affection or see a hopeful Geet off at the airplane terminal. The recess kicks in with the picture of a struggled Prem and a troubled Geet. The executive maybe could have spent a couple of minutes investigating the way of life of individuals of Murma town however he in any event tries to rescue it some by keeping Prem’s preparation succession toward the conclusion to a mediocre spell; so that is a positive viewpoint.


The film elevates itself to be a novel romantic tale however that announcement is not really defended by something besides the closure. Rara Lake and Burma look breathtaking and whoever the fuck was the ensemble beautician needs an uncommon acclamation however the motion picture leaves a ton to be wanted in the method for an intelligible soul and not too bad acting from the leads. Prem Geet 2 is twice as attractive in introduction division as Prem Geet and half as awful as far as drawing in and emergency ridden narrating.

  1. Hostel

Aditya bikram rana (Anmol K.C) is a rich guy. He was sent to inn at his initial youth so he isn’t snared with family feelings, love and care. He has no any worry to love and care. He appreciates living as he wills .He meets with new individuals Shree (Gaurav Pahari), Junge (Salon Basnet), Shristy (Prakriti Shrestha) , Monika and Erica. A unique holding begins to create between these individuals, an extraordinary holding called Friendship. However, Aditya figures out how to battle with the senior on the principal day of school and creates fury of senior person, Sonam Tashi. He additionally figures out how to create fury of superintendent as he extorts superintendent by demonstrating his secret video. The superintendent is then constrained to obey requests of Aditya.

Hostel Nepali Movie

In along these lines, he figures out how to arrange an open air fire amid Shiva ratri where he finds that Shristy adores her and begin getting physically involved with her.In other hand, Shree who cherished Shristy since class 11 shed his broken heart in tears. In holi, Aditi intends to go Bhotekoshi where Shristy finds that Aditya was simply playing with her. Shristy slaps Aditya and cries away. When Shree ask Aditya to apologize, Aditya carelessly answers that it was worth getting physically involved with her. Aditya’s words were sufficiently sharp to cut off holding amongst them and others. Aditya is allowed all to sit unbothered though in other hand, companions endeavor to cheer Shristi up. Slowly, Shristy discovers that Shree had feeling for her. She figures out how to dispose of Aditya.

Salutation to Aditya!! He was presently ready to win warty from everybody. Aditya gets fixated on himself that he had no any sentiment cherish, mind, feelings since he was send to lodging since early youth stage. He feels forlorn .In other hand, Junge additionally miss the fun he had with Aditya, he considers fixing up with Aditya however when he goes to fix up, he knew that Aditya was coercing superintendent with his secret video. Knowing this severe truth, Junge ventures back. Aditya is again allowed all to sit unbothered. When aditya was meandering near, he inadvertently strolls. to Sonam tashi who was ousted out of school as a result of Aditya. Seeing Aditya once more, Sonam Tashi battles with Aditya and gets his head broken.

With regret, he presents the secret video to superintendent. Annoyed superintendent looks through the conceivable method to render retribution. He himself conceals medicate in the closet and blames Aditya. His companions come protecting yet Wrathful superintendent beat Junge on his head. Aditya in safeguard likewise beat superintendent and demonstrates he additionally knows what’s kinship resembles. At last Aditya admits all his wrong does. He requests the suspension and finally, gets suspended with another expectation and feeling throughout everyday life. Discussing qualities, Hostel is watch commendable film .

Though the story line is very regular and easygoing; the introduction of the film is simply wow!! ..The heading debenture of Hemraj BC presented a fine executive in Nepalese film industry .The film stamped presentation of Anmol K.C , an extremely mainstream performing artist of Nepal at this moment !!..The music, acting is simply flawless!! ..The battle scene in the motion picture was characteristic not at all like those battle scene of run of the mill nepali motion picture with dhisum..The film is normal and individuals can relate the motion picture with their life. Discussing shortcoming , The story line is excessively commonplace .The film is male-based .The male lead and female lead once in a while converse with each other in the wake of being cozy .Yet , Shristi says they two are dating. The scene where Anmol’s mom remove him from out of acting. it has comedy and romance both.

  1. Rani

This is a triangular romantic tale motion picture including Miss Nepal 2011, Malina Joshi and Anoop Bikram Shahi in driving part. Manish Sundar Shrestha is the introduction on-screen character in the film. Malina and Anoop were taking part in an extramarital entanglement with each other and were isolated a while back. When they joined in this film, there was a desire that they will get together while working in the film. Yet, that didn’t appear to happen.

Rani - Nepali Movie Poster
Rani – Nepali Movie Poster
  1. November rain

November rain is 2014 sentiment yet catastrophe film by Dinesh Raut.The film highlights Namrata Shrestha , Aryan Sigdel and Chhulthim Gurung in lead parts and Keshav Bhattari, Shishir Rana in supporting parts. The film is composed by Chhetan Gurung. The film portrays story of three individuals and balance their story with uncommon rain in November that progressions their life. Aayush is heart understanding who lives in Dharan. After death of her mom, he finds that his mom isn’t her genuine mother and that he had been embraced by her from Kathmandu.

november rain - Nepali Movie Poster
november rain – Nepali Movie Poster

Looking for his genuine guardians , he flies out the distance to Kathmandu where he meets Sheetal (Namrata Shrestha ).Aayush imparts extraordinary cling to Sheetal , that at whatever point he ways to deal with Sheetal , feels as though something lost for a considerable length of time has been discovered .Unknown of their history , Both Aayush and Sheetal begin falling for each other .But once shades of the history uncovers that, In 1982 Dr. Sharma had illicitly swapped heart of his little girl, Sheetal who was heart tolerant by birth with Aayush , conceived that day , to satisfy his better half’s last wish . Known to intense history and truth that he has few days left for survival, Aayush begin overlooking Sheetal in most ideal way.

Dalli, one-sided admirer of Aayush likewise goes to Kathmandu and help Aayush in helping his genuine guardians who were living in difficult circumstances and owed debtors. Helping his folks from budgetary trouble he makes sense of that he drawing closer towards death .Sheetal, which couldn’t dispose of her sentiments later, makes sense of reality and explanation behind Aayush overlooking her. Be that as it may, by then Aayush was breathing his final gasp .The passing of Aayush leaves tremendous torment for both Aayush and Dalli and at whatever point it downpours, both get lost to raindrops in memory of their dearest , Aayush . Discussing strengths, The story is incredibly depicted with retrospective story plot adding tension to the film. The acting of leads is characteristic .

The part of Dalli (Chhulthim Gurung) was publically acclaimed and the science of Namrata and Aaryan is past great. Discoursed, Cinematography, Music has offered equity to film .The film is tragic romantic tale and would shed tears to the watchers.


  1. Ye mero hajur 2

The motion picture keeps the gathering of people snickering as we identify with the silly things we have had done to pick up the consideration of our smashes in school. As the story unfurls, we are gone up against a prepare ride back to great old schooldays and a large number of wavelets of sentimentality wash over us. Both the children are selected in a similar school and ride a similar transport. Sooner than anticipated, because of unexpected conditions, the genial companionship between the two children is mutilated and after that the motion picture comes back to the present.

The two companions at that point hit the street to Pokhara with the expectation that Prem can win back Maya in order to satisfy the guarantee he had made to her years prior. On the way, they help a NRN (played by Golden Subedi) and there is a curve to the plot. The screenplay tries to join worn out exchanges alongside an astute blend of common Nepali answers that interest to the general mass. The executive has additionally assembled all encompassing perspectives of Pokahara, Manang and Tilicho and shot a 10,000 foot see from all sides of the rough landscape. It is all pointless fooling around until the principal half. In any case, the second half has been dragged too long, with the determination taking significantly additional time than it ought to in a perfect world have. With everything taken into account, ‘A Mero Hajur 2’ is a kaleidoscope of diversion, parody, feelings wistfulness and not all that run of the mill show. The debutante executive comes full circle the film where it started, making utilization of the ‘airplane terminal scene’ stale Indian melodramas are enamored with utilizing.

The motion picture, in any case, avoids tossing in irregular tunes into the plot thus it has just a couple of move numbers. My undisputed top choice was the title melody which obviously, the gathering of people would likewise murmur to. Basically, the film is justified regardless of a watch.


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