I dreamed that the chimney freezes like ice, I dreamed that water burns like fire. I dreamed of the impossible dream, I dreamed that you love me.

I will not have many extraordinary things, but I’m sure it’s at least like how you like it.

In my lifestyle, I have done a number of impressive things, but loving yourself at a distance is the best component I have achieved on the planet. This feeling that warms me, no matter what cold weather, dear, no matter what you show me the day after tomorrow. I can never stop loving you.

It’s hard to say how much I like you, just with a text message. My love for you is too much for a simple message.

Do not say a few things in many sentences, but many things in a few words. So I tell you, I love you.

I will not know now if there are no stars in the sky now when the sea is empty. But I can say that I have stopped the feeling of the sun when you are not close.

I really like you, and it’s true, how can you lie about love? I want to see you before and go with you in the world of love.


Love is, while you agree to an appointment at noon, but you come an hour early and he or she is already there.

I lie in the sun and look at the ocean. Everything fits me here, the easiest way is not with me. This idea worries me the more it gnaws my soul. They consider me there and send me greetings.

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You and I am not like the others, because it was not for anything what each one of us determined differently. You are my warmest heart. Pass the exams with you.

I do not want to fall asleep anymore, I want to see your eyes. I do not just want to touch your lips, I want to bite your soul. I want to go back with you for a moment.

You’re not pretty, you’re beautiful. I do not want to be with you all the time, I want it. And I could not cry anymore, if you let me, I would die.

And there is no malice or flattery in you. You are like a spring, a series of arenas. I am willing to die instantly so as not to touch the bonds of affection.

Stunning eyes and sensual lips. Silent, charming, modest. Your idol├ítricos types, monogamous and the rest … Simply crazy. This is about you, dear.

I like to think about you, preferably about you in my wishes. The most practical I love you in this existence. Without you, I can not stay a single day, I like the best, the best, you.


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I really like you a lot and I have to mention which one is the most beautiful and desired in all the foreigner.

You warm my soul, you cheer my existence. With you I am like in a happy dream, you are a miracle, I love you.

I wrote your name in the sand, but the sea erased it. But the sea has won over a rock. It will remain in my heart and forever.

When I see you, what a soothing balm, a disarming smile, a warm light, a reserved space, a refuge, a pure joy.

Your beautiful eyes are captured more than once, when I imagine your sweet eyes, I am stunned, enchanted by your beauty.

Romantic love quotes for her. I still have my thoughts and if that is all you leave me, you should know that for me, they are all that invigorates me and allows me to live my tenderness. I dream of a signal, a real kiss in your exquisite little mouth, to embrace them all against me.

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I dreamed that fire freezes like ice, I dreamed that water burns like fire. I dreamed the impossible dream, I dreamed that you love me.

It may not have much quality, but I’m sure at least one of them is loving you.

I have done many beautiful things in my life, but loving you is by far the best thing I have done on earth. This feeling that warms me despite this cold weather, dear, no matter what happens to me tomorrow, I will never stop loving you.

It’s hard to say how much I love you with a text message. My love for you is too much for a simple message.

Add your joys, subtract your problems, multiply with your and my love, but never be divided by others. The result = I love you.

Do not say few things in a few words, but many things in a few words. That’s why I say, “I love you.”

Love belongs only to those who know how to enjoy it, so my love is to enjoy it in every moment.

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Never forget that: In your eyes I draw my strength. In your smile, I take out my courage. In my heart I draw and paint my life.

Romantic love quotes for her. I have a lot of affection for you in which I can love you without fear of exhaustion.

With you, I have had the luck to appreciate a soul. I love you with all my being.

Sometimes, words are hard to find, to write that perfect message and let you know that you are still in my thoughts.

Every time I see you, I fall in love with her. The love that comes from your smile and your eyes crushes me every time I look at you. Yes, you are my best love at first sight! I love you

The tenderness of your eyes and the beauty of your smile make me overturn in a world of happiness and infinite pleasure.

My baby, I am sending you this tender poetic text message to remind you that my little heart is just beating for you. May my loving eyes only see you and my mouth speaks only of love.

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I fall in love every time your tender, deep eyes meet mine. I love you, because with you the world is more beautiful. The sky is much blue, the stars much bigger. Because a look often replaces words. And that’s enough to stretch the hand.

Baby with black eyes, with a charming smile, you do not allow me to sleep at night, you own my lifestyle.

You are kind to me, you are darkness to me. If you do not, i’ll get angry and wait for you. I can burn bridges; you only manage to think that you are more effective in my heart.

I can not stay without you, without you I am disadvantaged by happiness. I can not love another, I am a prisoner of your spell, of your energy.

I love the white rose and the soft voice of the nightingale and many stars in the sky, but above all I love you.

Your eyes confuse me and put me in a hurry while you look at me. In the case that you have to fall in love, and I love you a lot of time.

I like it – you do not have to understand me now. What should I do? How to live In spite of everything, best of all, I want to be.

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Your beautiful eyes are like the blue sky. Your smile is the most horrible in the world. Your look makes me stray. You realize that I like you very much.

I will give you the dawn, the sun, the moon and the celebrities, the light of the moon. And the breath of the breeze, soft as a touch of the lips. I will reach one hundred percent because I love you.

I write what I experience … It’s just that you are very, very, very dear to me. I do not see my existence without you … Without my living angel, kind and beautiful.

I love you very much, your gaze is panting for breath. Your eyes caress me with warm velvet. I love you Let us all know.

A person in the lifestyle falls in love regularly, but authentic love comes once, and I assume I have not missed my love.

I like you a lot You’re the most expensive girl in the international. Please, forgive me for all the horrible things i’ve done for you. I sincerely tried you and our appointments.

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I like you, like the sky loves the wind, as light as a wave of marine sand. Without you I do not have sun on this globe, without you all life is diagonal.

If you want to see me, look in the starry sky. Ask me to come back, I can come. I can find you where you will not be now.

Yes, one day, there is no place in my coronary vessel for you, it will probably be the darkest day of my life. Then there will be no drop of joy and life will lose its meaning. I like you

I have to make you the happiest and most defined woman in this land. I want to experience you every minute and that I want to offer you all my tenderness, warmth, care, caress … I love you!

With you, with the help of my page, I discovered that everything was better. I have learned to see it with more pleasure, greater brightness and greater sincerity. These days, I’m not afraid of being satisfied, because you’re everything i’ve always dreamed of, everything i’ve been looking for.

My happiness is part of you and you know how good it is to push myself and keep going. I am definitely in favor of your arms and without fear, because you understand how you bring me to paradise. I like you

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I’ve been talking to you mentally over and over again over the years. Years in which you have kindly rejected our conversation while I loved for two years. You do not have the concept of how much it hurts. But unhappy are your miles and miles of understanding that you have placed every illusion of life in a financial institution that you no longer wish to have access to.

Prayers may not say what the heart feels, but experience what the heart says.

If the individual we love is far from us, the best way to remember it is to love him. Because time passes, people get old, but the right love is forever.

Never love to be despised, but despise being loved.

I like you, it’s the phrase that does not have happiness added, as if it came from you for me every day.

Love is the greatest feeling that can exist between people. So do not say that you love without being really sure that you feel it. Because romance is eternal and you will simply be in love.

You let me trust that nothing can exist without love. You are here to show me my way. They bring with them an enthusiasm that they may never want to discover. They have shown that a crown can not keep our love.

When I look at you, I’m a poet. I see you, I’m an artist. I wonder about our love and I’m close to a dreamer.

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I need protection, love, information, attention, a person who feels and speaks to me. Calm down, I’m with you and I can protect you. We will be strong together.

Love does not last, published! Love, because it’s good that you do not wait for something to come back. Too many expectations can lead to disappointment. He who loves genuinely, without stubbornness, without accusation, conquers the true affection of man.

I’m reviewing you, I’m alone in the whole world. Like a candle that burns in the dark, I burn without you.

No pleasure will be like the pleasure of meeting you. And no bitterness is compared to the bitterness of separation.

You with me If you hate me, you can shoot me. However, I ask you not to shoot inside the crown of hearts because that is where you live.

If I had the opportunity to restore my lifestyle, I could try to get to know you first. So we can be picked up for more time.

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When someone asks me what happiness is, I pull your head against my shoulder. I will push myself and say with a smile: that’s it!

The simplest thing I regret is that I did not recognize you since my birthday. So I had the opportunity to spend my whole life with you.

Caro, look at the sky … Do you see celebrities? Listen: everyone whispers about how I like you.

I have to give you for a long time, I must say, but I can not. Now I am an open puzzle that I certainly love you.

Whatever the circumstances, love generally seeks to conquer and destabilize people who are undoubtedly at war.

The fire of affection is extinguished while it certainly does not exist. However, the right love is the only one that starts as a spark and, without seeing it, dominates your heart forever.

People say that love is blind and deaf because they can no longer control the texture of affection. The most practical love is the eyes. Everything is blind except love.

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One day, a person will enter your life and let you understand why you have never tried it before.

So, this season assist your female friend to discover the one’s solutions and keep in mind to desire her with one of the lovely quotes cited above. If you liked our guidelines then please do write to us in the remark phase. Optimistic criticism is noticeably liked.

Consider to love and remark and proportion the object. We want that we were useful in any way viable and will constantly be geared up to serve you. And we are hoping which you make your day a special event with the aid of spell binding her with poetic messages.

Writer: Hari Adhikari, Abhishek Jha, Shishir Acharya, Saugat Thapa

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