999 Romantic Love Text Messages, Words, Quotes For Her * Girlfriend in English

My love, I like to snuggle in your palms. Easily put me between your frames. That warms me at every moment and passionately I leave a sweet kiss.

I can tell you the most beautiful poems. What you have not heard in any way But I would dress the love that I transmit to you. So I just let you know that I like you.

Tell me you love me I’m still the meme. Tell me what you love and my love could be stronger. We are made for everyone else. Do not look at others anymore.

You inspire me to the most beautiful love games, to the most beautiful games of affection. For you I should write the most beautiful love poems and sing the most beautiful love songs. You are a source of poetry. You are definitely elegant. I like you to be angry.

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That the hen knows not to sing. Tell the circulator not to float. Inform the earth so it stops spinning. Do not tell me more, I would not like you anymore.

If I had the sea for the ink and the dirt for the paper, I probably would not have enough surface to tell you how much I like you.

The promise of the heart in the call of destiny that has chosen us, in the name of the time that has united us. I promise that I can not forget you until the last minute of my existence.


I really do not like you less now as what you are while you are with me, but as what I am when we are collective.

In the event that your heart stops, I will give you mine, because mine is nothing without you.

I raise my eyes in the sky. A white cloud passes. When I look at it, I see your sweet face.

I really like you and it’s against the law, so choose me. Condemn me from your heart in the deep prison for eternity.

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Through the search in heaven, I understood that before it was nothing. And in the search for you, I understood that you are the whole.

If I had to choose between freedom and the possibility of liking you. The selection can be made quickly. Loving you gives me the best freedom.

I love you, my love, I know how to do it. From the bottom of my coronary heart, from the intimacy of my body. From the heart of my soul, from the heart of my words, I like you. But I love you to the height of what you deserve, what I can not do in any way.

He has a very little desire diploma to justify the birth of love. Amar is no longer old.


When I saw you, I was afraid to understand. As soon as I recognize you, I fall in love with you. When I see that I like you, I am afraid of losing you.

If it had been a butterfly and a flower, I would spend my life building your heart.

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Your kindness and tenderness will not leave me unresponsive. I am touched in the heart of the coronary arteries, using the power and beauty that comes from your husband or wife.

I guess you think you’ve learned, I think of you. This idea allows me to assume that you are constantly thinking of me. So I think of you while I question you because you suspect me as my girlfriend.

If you want to be a crime, then I am the biggest culprit.

If I did not have my voice to speak to you now, my eyes to look at you, my palms to touch you, I would have my heart constantly to love you.

You are not my lover, but you are my love. You are not the replica, but I am your reflection. I would not leave you. My beloved angel, I like you very much.

As soon as I look up, I see an infinite number of stars, but the maximum beauty is in front of me.

If you love me as much as I love you, you must feel the pain of my heart and my feelings because you are not with me. I like you

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I will live for days without consumption and without consumption, a day without conversation, an hour without movement, a minute without breathing. But never without consideration for you.

I have found that sugar dissolves in water. Please, do not walk in the rain anymore.

I am divided in suffering: see you in the most effective way in the day and leave you forever.

If you are depressed, think of me, if you feel good, send me a message. If you are looking for a true friend, call me, but if you want to love my heart, it is yours.

I see my face buried in your best hair, your body disturbed and timid, I overcome this danger and your amazing splendor.

Can you save me for a while, sooner or later? I dream of kissing your hand for a moment. And feel your pores and skin so tender on my lips.

Whether my eyes are open or closed, I only have sky and horizon, night and moonlight. I like you a lot

You are the devil who has put my heart in the fireplace and continues this flame in my heart … I like you.

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The night before, the moon caught me stealing a celebrity. She only smiled at me because I knew she had stolen you, dear.

I will send you a caressing boat in an ocean of tenderness.

I send you a cart full of kisses to the rails of love that I have drawn with the wings of my heart to tell you that I like you.

I want to age well to love you, but now I do not die without telling you.

I need what you want and need, you want what I need, then you do not want it and I can have you.

Love is the exceptional empty space in me that you fill every day with your sweetness, your sweetness and your warmth.

To explain it, words would require tens of millions, but to be one, I would let you know perfection.

When I see you again, i’ll leave everything behind, since the love I feel for you leaves me speechless.

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Your rays reach my heart and make me burn the crazy desire to love you.

In life I love two things, the rose and you too. Purple for one afternoon and you for life.

There are clouds in the sky, there are illusions in the desert and there may be your face in my heart.

In months there are twelve months, in one hand there are five arms, and in my heart there is only you.

I sent an angel to protect and protect you, but he came back to tell me that one angel can not watch over another.

I have the feeling that you have stolen the keys of my heart and that you are trapped in them.

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When the birds can fly, I recognize a way to love you. If the birds recognize the way to avoid it, I no longer recognize the way to love you.

Do not let me burn because of impatience, do not leave me in this terrible silence. I need your love, your smile, you.

Your beautiful eyes have more than once imprisoned, when I look at your sweet appearance, I am very surprised, charmed by your splendor.

I still have my thoughts, and if that is all you are taking away from me, you know that they are all that invigorates me and makes me live my tenderness. I dream of a sign, a real kiss for your small and extraordinary mouth, to put you all in opposition to me.

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