999 Romantic Love Text Messages, Words, Quotes For Her * Girlfriend in English

They remind me that it is the most beautiful element that could ever have come to my mind. You have become the integral, meaningful and inseparable person of my existence, from whom I can never separate. You fill me with growing joy, brightness and happiness. I really like my angel

I will be able to cry from the Eiffel Tower, that I really like you, that I need you for life. And that during your palms today I am higher than yesterday, but less than the next day.

Honey, I just want to tell you that my love for you is so remarkable that even the sunset is not always big enough to assume its size.

I send you much love and joy, dear, on this day, while the crown of my heart seeks the most difficult for your happiness.

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You are the sun that warms my heart while you are close to me. Everything in this world seems dark without you.

The easiest thing was to know how much I really liked you, more effectively you knew what I was experiencing internally when I let you know that I was about to burst into tears.

Maybe, if you have to see me again, you can understand what you are to me, all that I have left is this little desire. I like you, without you I live in the dark universe.


The sunlight never stops shining, just as my heart never stops loving you.

Because I’m with you, I never wonder if I think of you. You are the angel lightening my existence, you make me stronger. I can not stop loving you in any way, although we can go through difficult times, you will usually be engraved in my heart.

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Dear, I wanted to tell you that I love everything in you: your smile, your eyes, your little individual, your exact state of mind. The list is long, I’m waiting to have you back in your arms.

I spend my time dreaming and wishing you could be with me. Make this dream come true. I ask you with all my heart.

I experience your presence in my head, regardless of the gap that separates us. I listen to your voice, regardless of the silence of the night. And I really like you more than ever, despite the suffering of being away from you.

If I had to keep my memory forever, that was probably the first time you told me you loved me.

Because I knew you, I will not go before you, you are following my nights. I like that you get angry, and that you recognize what you and I are for a lifestyle.

If you care about the amount of stars in the sky, you can count the amount of I love you that I have for you.


Love is magic, especially with you. I could spend all my days by your side and I would miss you too.

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No, I do not love you now, it’s much stronger than that. There are no words and sounds that tell you how great my love is, without limits. But an element is positive, if that word exists, it could be your name.

May these soft phrases flood your heart with pride and happiness. Could these beautiful phrases also remind you how I like you and what type of you depends on me?

I’m very happy when I think of you. I fly with pleasure after dreaming about you. What can I do if I see you?

I want you to know that I am watching you and taking care of your burdens. Every day is more difficult. I can not wait too long I accept and desire your charges. I dream of you. I had no idea that I would experience the things I feel now. I have to talk to you every day, I realize that one day we will be together, that feeling is developing, I feel it and I recognize that you also feel it.

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Time goes by so quickly with the help of your appearance. I hope that this novel, which we have begun to write collectively, does not cease in any way that the pages can be written to infinity. That the ink of our love flows to shape the bankruptcy beautiful, beautiful and fast.

What is wrong with my heart, be careful. The weather has just announced a heavy shower of kisses on the neck and a hurricane of love with the threat of chocolates.

Hello my angel, I hope not to wake you up. I still dreamed about you all night, I need you so much. I want my dose of you! I do not have to be weaned from the love you give me.

My head thinks better of you, my eyes look better in you, my mouth speaks more easily of you, my heart beats better for you.

My wallpaper is you; My password is you, my PIN code is our date after it is pronounced. Maybe you’re just in my goals.

While I am alone, I think of so many things that I would like to share with you. And although I’m in danger, I’m still speechless.

They asked me what I value and value most in my life. I smiled and told him it was you.

I send you all the pearls of the heavens to soften your heart and all the vegetable life of the earth to color your life. And all the songs with impressive phrases that tell you that you are an angel.

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The excellent gift I will receive from you is all your love and the rest I do not care.

In a red discipline, I was looking for a flower and I fell on you. You are my most beautiful flower and I intend to keep you alive.

If you do not speak to me, I can fill my heart with your silence to tell you how much I care about you and how difficult it is to like you.

I’m going to lose everything I have, but I definitely do not want to lose someone like you in my lifestyle. You are the reason why I am laughing. I smile You are my heart

You are like a celebrity, we see you more easily for a few moments, but your splendor is so great that we think about it your whole life.

Let your imagination fly while you find a bouquet of flowers in each letter of this newsletter that will let you know immediately how much I think of you.

Your love is close to my heart, your eyes see my soul. Your wishes sustain my opinion, your fingers maintain my existence and your faith believes in my dreams. I thank God for giving you the beginning.

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You are impressive, although there are women everywhere. It is miles away from your secret and your presence that distinguishes you from them. You are complete

I cannot stop considering you. You are always in my thoughts and my desires. I want to kiss you, take you in my hands. From time to time, after visiting the mattress, I check your messages, I look at your photos and I want to return on time.

I think it all started after meeting you. I immediately preferred you. You are adorable, my form of woman. However, I did not inform everyone. That kiss you gave me shaped my lifestyle.

You are in the heart of my heart, it will not take an hour for me to consider you.

The day I look at you, the night I dream of you. But that is not enough for me, since the main moment is where I am in your area.

If our later trip is as accurate as the night we spent together, I can be the luckiest of the children.

I am no longer someone who mentioned your feelings, but when I had to do it, I assume it could be easy with you.

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Even though we could not spend the night together, my mind this morning is already full of ideas for you.

A lifestyle without love is a word without expressions. A Christmas without objects. Champagne without bubbles.

Today I really want to tell you that I love you more than the day before and the day after tomorrow. Because the love I have for you does not stop me from growing in my heart every day.

The moon can occupy the surface of the sun. The night can be close to the day. However, no one will take your closeness in my heart. I really like you so much!

We say that we can live a few weeks without consuming. A few days without consuming. And a few minutes without breathing. But I can not stay without you.

I loved you, I love you all the time. You are my joy, my poem, my illusion, my executioner, my destiny, my dream, the maximum of numbness.

You are my flame of happiness. I love you so much my heart You are my soul of heart.

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I dreamed like that because of your arms. No, I will never neglect you in my heart. Your call is recorded for eternity.

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