999 Romantic Love Text Messages, Words, Quotes For Her * Girlfriend in English

Give me pleasure for life. My heart is to remind you that I adore you. Because you are the scholar of my heart.

My dear, you are for me the beauty of times past. The tenderness of all those hours when I get tired. I get tired of your absence, those wasted moments without being able to kiss you, your kisses and the sweetness of your caresses.

A kiss under a starry night drove me crazy all the time. Its outrageous beauty. They were able to show me. Thank you

Our love is so great and so beautiful. A document like a sweet river that brings madness and joy to my lifestyle.

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Our love as a citadel will continue to be stronger than anything else.

I found a new word: love. This word comes close to many things. Anyway, who represents this person for me? It is far the love that has calmed me down. It’s the love I have for you.

I am the angel, you are the devil. We like each other and I experience that when you are on the horizon. This love may seem impossible, but we do not care. Love is stronger than anything else.


The melody that is missing in my verses. The princess who took care of my lonely and coronary heart. The heroine of the fantasies of my formative year. The reason and the essence of my existence. The easiest way

The father or mother of my soul, the emperor of my heart. The supply of my pleasure and happiness. The object of my torments and remorse. The soul mate that i’ve been looking for for years. The best woman I need. The eternal, the most effective extraordinary love of my lifestyle is close to your heart.

I want air to breathe. I want the water to quench my thirst. I want the food to feed itself. But above all, I need you to live.

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Life is hard But i’ve won my fears with you. With you I forget my misfortune. With you, the road is safe. I need you to stay.

I want you to handle me. I want your hand to follow my future. I want you to lighten my face. I want your heart to be happy. I want you to be satisfied.

Enchanting, like a ray of sweet and warm light. Like a water diamond on the stem of a flower. Even better, from the most beautiful rainbow. It is you, my love, that illuminates my heart.

Stunning as a rosebud, licked by the dew. Like a ladybug on a leaf. With all the stains on me, you knew how to get rid of the darkness. And only you are the one that attracts my attention.

My love, my sweetness endangers my heart. I’m a pleasure and I want your temperature warm. My existence is about your appearance. And for eternity. Better than just friendship. We have each other, we love each other. You’re my whole life. And for the countless, we are a couple.


I like to close my eyes when we are satisfied. Loving means living with two and feeling a little higher each time.

Loving begins your heart and leaves out the happiness. It establishes its own boundaries and gives no reason to look back.

Love Status in English to Her For Facebook

To love means to go for a walk. It does not matter what is in advance. Agree with them the next day at the same time as with the preservation of palm trees. It is miles to obey your own feelings and to be surprised by the wind.

To love means to forget the perception of time and to think the most effective of the present. It remembers every second and can be lulled sweetly.

Like to believe in your trust and have communicated it. Loving means to surrender and surrender to the fingers.

Loving is to experience the wonder of your lips. Miles divide our fever. May means to accept the most handy of yourself. It dreams of being close to you.

Like to agree with a love that could last forever. Always to your organization, the company of life. The lifestyle that smiles at me. Smile way to you. You are the whole crowd for me.

Can my heart find its master too and that it will die of affection for you these days. I go through without your presence, without your love, which warms up, without your sentences that comfort me.

Save me when I run away, I am your prisoner. Your prison is my refuge, the fruit of my prayers.

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I will give motive to our love, why it is absolutely necessary that it was ultimately forever, because you are the great name that illuminates my dark sky, the door that opens, while everyone else closes.

You are a dream come true, my eternal love, which I can not give up to love.

To fall in love is to fall in love and to be in love is to question collectively the whole time. To fall in love means to make war on them and to be in love means to give them gifts.

Being in love is no longer man’s self. Being in love is content and falling in love is saddening for her. Falling in love means being afraid of her.

Being in love is teasing, being in love means sharing the same mattress. Being in love raises many questions for you. To be in the love method, to have angels around you.

Being in love encourages others. To be in love, how to make each other swing, is to call.

Being in love means making mistakes. Being in love is testimony. Being in love is crazy to see her. Being in love means having stars in your eyes. Being in love is certainly in love.

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I see you alone in my goals. Her eyes, her smile made me feel things that I had never heard before. I dream of being able to touch you, caressing you, touching your lips and saying what I could not tell you.

Words that I whisper, that are as sweet as yours, perfume like your pores and skin. In you I saw everything I wanted to see, everything I wanted to see and everything I wanted to see.

In my life concept, I knew a way to love. But as soon as I have met you, my existence is shaken. A look, a smile, amusing, complicity, that’s us.

Nobody will update you. They are usually in my coronary vessel. I do not take a day off when you are not in my thoughts. I love you best, I need you. Nobody can bring me what you have given me. My love is only for you now.

I do not like distance now. Because neither messages nor calls or Skype can replace the wonder of your lips, palms and arms.

I just like the morning, because as soon as I send you a message, I imagine your smile on your face. It’s a breathtaking day that starts.

Love Status in English to Her For Facebook

Many thanks to my heart for what you do for me. After informing you of my worries, watch out for me and cheer me up. While I am sad and lose confidence in myself, you encourage me and drive me forward. If I fail, you comfort me and help me relativize myself. In short … I do not realize what I could do without you in my existence.

The more time we spend together, the more I like you. Thank you for entering my existence. You colored them with thousands of colors. You make my daily life happy.

When we met for the first time, you took my head. The second time you took my heart. Thank you for not forsaking me now and insisting that you seduce me. Today we are together and I have never been so happy.

Hello my love, one more day to please you, another day to share your existence, a bigger day to make me happy.

Forgiveness is the greatest proof of love because it makes it possible. Simpler two robust people can apologize and forget.

I only whisper soft words in your ear to remind you how important you are to me.

Your eyes are so deep and blue that I lose my memory. You are so radiant that my heart burns with love.

Love Status in English to Her For Facebook

Everything that the eyes can examine and pay attention to is nothing compared to what my heart and soul feel for you.

I experiment with your eyes and your vision, with your smile and your joy, that I lost, in the palms of my hands, that I feel exactly. However, I love you as a whole and every day, even more and much more.

Although I do not let you know every day that I really like you, I try to describe it in my personal way. Love has a thousand languages, but my heart has the simplest prayer for you: I like you.

I often omit words to specify all the love I feel for you while I have to. Yes, I miss those sweet words regarding how much I admire him every day as a lady and as a friend.

I really like you more than anyone else in the galaxy. You have made my lifestyle an awesome dream.

I need you for a long time. You are an incredibly soft and pleasantly bright creature in the dark days that he lets me through.

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