You deserve every last one of me. You deserve my morning, my night and my twelve. You deserve my present and future because you are my absolute best. I adore you

My cult for you keeps growing every second. Desolate is the presentation of my day without you. I’m sorry for your lack of attention, dear.

Awakening with your idea in me makes me fit for the day that would go beyond a complete exercise. Gratitude is necessary for your love and care. I adore you

Eternal, it is all that takes a fraction of d, but with such intensity. Let it be petrified and let no pressure save it.

Kissing is a way of providing intimacies, of feeling the flavor of who you want to whisper a thousand things.

Love, everywhere I will find you and if I can not find you, you must realize that I have died in search of happiness.

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Love is much more than the light of the moon and the roses … It is far every day, it is sharing, it is many miles away, being welcome and participating … Love is the lifestyle we share together.


Enjoying the affection and pleasure of living in the most effective way makes me feel good when I’m with you, the pleasure of dreaming. Both the act of suffering is inevitable. However, it is better for me if it is as much as you are.

If you really love someone, the best thing you should do for them is their happiness, even if you can not take care of them.

Time can erase the memory of a frame or a face, but never those of people like you who knew how to make a second small, a second great and turn it into one.

Forgetting that you will be losing my identification, changing my character, erasing the beautiful part of my existence … All because I love you.

I can go … You can go and touch your face with another face. Your palms will join different arms and you will bloom for the dawn. However, you will not know that it was me who took you.

Love arises from the joy of seeking one another and nourished by the need to meet each other. And it concludes with the impossibility of separation.

I can not just get close to my eyes and, in any case, everything is quality. I have to stop walking out of reality. I love you more and more. Unfortunately, you do not recognize this anymore.

Loving means having the sky and wanting only a celebrity, that means having the sea and wanting just a drop, loving means having the universe and wanting the most practical individual: you.


Romantic Love Messages For Her

You are my passion, my existence, my love. Without you, I might not have a reason to live in this world. All the stars, the moon and the sun in the universe can not replace what we have in total. Thanks for the love and your kindness. Never forget me, I will never forget you.

Love is an indescribable feeling that transcends all boundaries and borders, penetrates thoughts and feelings, creates peace and euphoria, nurtures goals and illusions. Give something for the life of all the fans.

Love is a caring and kind person. Love is neither jealous nor proud nor immodest. Love carries all things, believes that everything matters, expects everything, supports all issues and keeps all matters together.

Love no longer has time to act, it happens faster and it does not stop. If you assume that it has already happened, and you also regret that it is far from over, it is far from everything having begun.

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Love does not begin and end as we think and read. Love is a war, love is a struggle. Love is continuous growth.

In the lifestyle, we all have an indisputable secret, an irreversible remorse, an unattainable dream and an unforgettable love.

Love letters are no longer written to provide information, not to betray, but to touch individual hands by touching the same sheet of paper.

I really like what you like. I do not know another reason to want more than to love. What do you need to inform you, except that I like you, if I want to inform you that I really like you?

Anyone who tries to possess a flower will see its splendor disappear. Absolutely anyone who looks at a flower in a field will be there forever. You will never be mine, what I understand, and I will have you all the time.

It hurts a lot to love someone and no longer be loved. What is most painful, however, is to love a human being, and in no way find the courage that allows this character to know how you feel.

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If it had not been for love, there could be no plans, no will, no jealousy, no wishes, no damage to the heart of the coronary arteries. If he were not loved now, there would be no choice for business, no concern for loneliness. If it were not for love, I would not miss it, nor could I think of you all the time. If it had not been for love now, I would have eventually resigned.

Love has open palms. If you close your fingers to like, you will see which one embraces you best, separates in the international and meets with loneliness.

Occasionally, I assume that forgetting about you is my satisfactory treatment. My best answer, however, is that I have convinced myself that this is my worst illusion.

As God created the arena, He spread good people for us and gave us the mission to find them. I met mine, I discovered you.

Not all the words within the International can say exactly what I feel for you. Not every endless hour could be enough to be by your side.

Consider me every time you look at the Milky Galaxy. Understand that I am like a celebrity. A long way and a distance, but in the vicinity … Who will look for it normally and who often feels lonely.

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The right love is not always someone who feeds on affection and kisses, but he who helps renunciation and manages to live in longing.

People who love and are separated can live their pain, but this is not despair, they realize that love exists.

Do not say more that love does not exist now, it is widespread everywhere, just open your eyes and look, not only see, but experience, realize that it is far away. It’s just the reality that we do not want to keep our eyes open.

The man or the woman and the intelligence can make people move, but for miles and miles, it is the right love and attention that we bring to a person that makes us bright and memorable in their way of life. Due to the fact, love makes man an imperative. In case you need to soften a smile, soften a heart or get up to pray so that a person does not want to forget an element. People have fun with their intelligence, respecting their person, but in reality they need their love.

The only way to please is to accept that no person is ideal. And if they ask you, what did you see about him? Just answer: What happened to me?

Fall in love with someone whose return is sure to talk to you after the fight. Think of courage and remember that love is superior to pride.

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Maybe I’m late to be your first love. But right now I’m about to be your remnant.

Even though we do not all know a little at the same time and even less that we are together, we experience many extraordinary moments. We meet with people to ruin us, we did not lose more fights, but we are collective because of the fact that our love is stronger. You are everything to me.

You are a love, a treasure that has become truly hidden. After a long search, I discovered you. Now I’m so happy that I usually check.

I leave you here, many people, but still in peace. I will leave your lips, your sweet smile, I miss you more day by day.

I was fascinated by a thousand stars. These stars came from your eyes and made me very happy.

I no longer have the soul to resist the tears of a woman, so I would do it for you.

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I definitely did not love anyone so much, in any case I felt too much for someone. Now I know what people propose through real love.

Love is the sensation you feel, while sensitive sensations become sensitive due to the sensation you have never felt before.

I like the spring morning, the autumn evenings. Winter evenings and summer nights, but even more of you.

My heart, my angel, you make my heart bloom and in you I see an angel. My love, my lifestyle, you are more impressive than the day and I love you like crazy. In my life, in my head, you have madness and my heart placed in the birthday party. You followed your route next to mine. You are the woman of my dreams. You, who put a smile on my lips.

You are the little flower I was looking for. I found you in my secret garden. I prayed that God would not be separated from me anymore. You are a rare and precious flower. With many forms. And so many skills. Prepared with great intelligence. A sovereign personality and a volunteer without limits or laws. We are connected by magic links. Noble and beautiful design. Like in a fairytale.

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The day I chose you, I was completely blinded by your unlimited splendor. I hope we see each other later. Can God bless you until the end of time? And last but not least, this poem. Be aware of it all the time, I love you.

My heart became so vulnerable. My heart became so flexible. Until the day of this aspect and appearance, this impressive look. I carry it in the crown of my heart. This phenomenon inflames my heart so vulnerable, although I do not see you.


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