999 Romantic Love Text Messages, Words, Quotes For Her * Girlfriend in English

1151. If I had to choose between freedom and the possibility to love you. The choice would be quickly made. Loving you brings me the greatest freedom.

1152. Love you, My Love, I know how to do it. From the bottom of my heart, from the deepest of my body. From the deepest of my soul, from the deepest of my words, I love you. But love you at the height of what you deserve I’ll never be able to.

1153. It has a very small degree of hope to cause the birth of love. To love is no longer of age.

1154. When I saw you, I was frightened to know you. When I know you I fall in love with you. Since I love you I’m afraid to lose you.

1155. If I were a butterfly and a flower, I would spend my life till your heart.

1156. Your kindness and your delicacy do not leave me insensitive. I am touched in the heart by the strength and sweetness that come out of your person.

1157. I think you think I think of you. This thought makes me think that you think of me always. So I think of you while thinking You think of me as my treasure.


1158. If you like to be a crime then I am the biggest culprit.

1159. If I did not have my voice to talk to you, my eyes to look at you, my hands to touch you, I would always have my heart to love you.

Romantic love quotes for her

1160. You are not my lover but you are my love. You are not the mirror but I am your reflection. I would never have to leave you. My beloved angel, I love you.

1161. When I look up, I see an infinite number of stars but the most beautiful is in front of me.

1162. 3 flowers for you: the first of my heart and my heart is yours. The second of my eyes and my eyes only see you. And the third of Lord and god be with you.

1163. If you love me as much as I love you, you should feel the pain of my heart and my emotion because you are not with me. I love you.

1164. I can stay 3 days without eating and drinking, 1 day without speaking, 1 hour without moving, 1 minute without breathing. But never 1 second without thinking of you.

1165. My experience is that sugar dissolves in water, so please do not walk in the rain anymore.


1166. I am divided between two sufferings: that of seeing you only in the day and that of losing you forever.

1167. If you are depressed think of me if you feel alone send me a message. If you are looking for a real friend call me, but if you need love my heart is yours.

You’re the only I need to increase antique with, the one I want to love till the cease of time.

To my future partner and mother of my youngsters, I adore you to any such big quantity.

Once I monitor to you I like you, this is me saying I want you to be my higher half off and be as one till the give up of time.

Once I disclose to you I cherish you, that is me promising that I can never surrender and that I will dependably deal with you. I adore you!

The minute that you stated you adored me as well, I realized that changed into it.

I found out that it’s you I can go through my time in the world with. It is as simple as that.

I cherish you to this kind of large amount.

Are not you satisfied that I by no means abandoned you? At the off hazard that I did, we wouldn’t be this upbeat collectively.

We would not have found exactly how to culminate we’re for each other. I am keen on you!

Within the occasion that I had to keep on with my existence once more.

I’d at present find out you and cherish you. Just this time.

I might do it faster so we can be as one to any extent further!

I’m happy that all of the difficulties are for the most component behind us now, and we are extra grounded, better, and more infatuated than some other time in current reminiscence.

I guarantee you that I’m able to simply cherish you gradually and that I can in no way surrender, irrespective of how intense it gets.

You may dependably have me. I cherish you!

love messages for her from the heart

All I request this is be with you at something factor I start to pass over you, to dependably have your hand to hold, to kiss you on every occasion I want to, and to like you nowadays and dependable.

I’m able to do the whole thing to get this going. I adore you.

I’m able to hardly ever wait to impart greater years to you so that you will see all the affection that I will provide you with.

I like you to this kind of huge quantity.

All okay on the planet when I understand that I have you ever close by. No matter how severe the times get and how distressing life growths closer to turning into, expertise that I have you ever make the whole thing suited.

You are the best element in my existence. I cherish you, nectar.

Not anything I need greater than undergo my time on the earth with you.

I recognize that irrespective we have some distance to head, yet I have confidence in our love. I comprehend that nothing we can not defeat as one.

I adore you to this sort of large quantity which nobody can specific.

With the partiality that I have for you, one lifetime.

Each time I take a peek at you, I certainly grin to myself and think, ‘i assuredly could not have improved the situation’. You are immaculate the method in that you are. I adore you, nectar.

I might not promise to be with you till the quit of time. I might not provide you the world, I might not constitute your call on the sky.

I won’t be the proper meaning of what you want in a darling. Be that as it is able to, I assure you that I can love and stay steady with you as we mark away at in the course of normal existence.

I have been waiting for you, course earlier than I met you, the direction in advance you have been even considered in this world. What is extra, I’m joyful that you are mine now.

Whenever I make a want, I wish for us to be as one until the stop of time. I understand it will emerge in light of the reality that you correctly stay in my core. I cherish you.

Don’t you go away, I recognize, without your love, I’ll in no way find out my way back domestic ‘motive you and me, so ecstatically, make all we may want to ever wish for of fake fact.

I fee you extra than the celebs inside the night time even every day we battle my love will never show symptoms of change, even moderate I just cherish you, I just do.

Take a gander at the laptop console, u and that I was put next to each other. This is the way by which the letter sets should be orchestrated in mild of the fact that my adoration will never forestall to exist as long as it’s you and me.

A lot obliged to you for going to bat for me and assisting me, however, while the complete international is towards me. Indeed, even after see you later, I’m able to gladly say, my sweetheart spouse/beau, you’re my saint’. I adore you.

deep love messages for her

Inside the occasion that I was a tear on your eye, I might move down onto your lips. Be that as it may, on the off risk that you have been a tear in my eye I may want to never cry as I might be hesitant to lose you.

I will in no way assure you the whole lot on this planet, yet I’ll guarantee you the whole thing my coronary heart brings out in light of the reality that you claim my heart.

At the off coincidental that there’s something in lifestyles I would not have any want to transform

It’s far the option of meeting you and falling fondness with you.

Your amazing eyes, high-quality grin, sweet lips, and your whole lifestyles absolutely spellbind me with sentiments I revere.

Since no human can breathe without air, I can not live to tell the tale without you.

I’ll cherish you until the point that no inhalation is left in me.

You’re the main factor of my dream since I cherish you far more than the sun than light up my era and the moon that continues the night time awake.

I will without end be grateful to God for gifting me to you.

You do not best my better half of.

You’re my closest buddy.

1168. I see my face buried in your fine hair, your body troubled and timid, overcome by this chance and your dazzling beauty.

Romantic love quotes for her

1169. Can you one day give me a little of your time, I who dream to kiss your hand for a moment. And to feel your skin so soft on my lips.

1170. Whether my eyes are open or closed, I only have heaven and horizon, night and moonlight. I love you.

1171. The sun shines and lightens and brings happiness in the same way that you do it for me.

1172. You are my reward. I waited for you so much. And that I think about it, I love you even more.

1173. If I fall asleep, do not blame me but just thinking of you I fall into a coma.

1174. You are the devil who has set my heart on fire, and who keeps this flame in my heart … I love you.

1175. The night before, the moon caught me stealing a star. She just smiled at me because she knew I was stealing for you, my love.

1176. I send you a boat of caresses on an ocean of tenderness.

1177. I send you a wagon of kisses on the rails of love drawn by the wings of my heart to tell you I love you.

1178. I want to age well by loving you, but not die without telling you.
1179. I want what you desire and want, you want what I want then stop wanting and let me have you.

1180. Love is that great empty space in me that you fill every day with your light, your sweetness, and your warmth.

1181. To describe you, words would need millions, but to be one I would tell you perfection.

Romantic love quotes for her

1182. To come to see you I will leave everything behind me because the love that I have for you leaves me speechless.

1183. Your rays reach my heart and make me burn the crazy desire to love you.

1184. In life, I like two things, the rose and you. Pink for a day and you for life.

1185. In the sky there are clouds, in the desert there are mirages and in my heart, there is your face.

1186. In a year there are twelve months, in one hand there are five fingers, and in my heart, there is only you.

1187. I sent an angel to protect you and keep you safe but he came back to tell me that an angel could not watch over another.

1188. I have the feeling that you have stolen the keys of my heart and that you are locked inside.

1189. If birds can fly, I know how to love you. If the birds know how to stop flying, I do not know how to stop loving you.

1190. Do not let me burn with impatience, do not abandon me to this atrocious silence. I need your affection, your smiles, you.

I recognize I can sincerely depend on you. I like you to this type of large amount.

You’re something weird however something tender. I can in no way apprehend you. You may in no way neglect, you will continually be with me, deep in my heart, you are caressed.

You need to trust that you will by no means die out in my coronary heart. Only you could translate my emotions and that is why you live in my heart forever.

Away far from here, definitely unreachable. There you are. Right here subsequent to me, within reach. There you are. Anywhere you cross, each time you pass, you always stay with me.

The urge to touch your lips, the thoughts that make me crazy. Nothing is as great as being with you. I simplest hope for your feeling, in case you recognize what I suggest.

You together with your candy eyes, permit me to see that we love every other. For you, I go through the hearth, with a bit of luck for a lengthy period.

The next day comes every other day. A day that I’d instead see with you… Without you, it’ll not carry joy, just best stupid ache.

A day without you is like sadness without a tear. A night without you is like joy without a laugh. But 2nd the feeling of your kiss makes everything proper again.

deep love messages for her

The wind caresses your hair, smooth and gentle. I am in love with your fingers … You who usually need to heat me, you are my sweetest teddy undergo.

Through following my coronary heart guidelines I came to you, I best forgot to take something again. My idea continues to be with you.

I give you one kiss to sleep. I provide you with kisses to dream. I provide you with limitless kisses whilst you awaken tomorrow which you think of me.

There are heaps of roses in the international, although I gave every rose to you that turned into not enough to say how a whole lot I love you.

You’ll question me that I love existence otherwise you more. And I can answer life. And you’ll go away without knowing which you are lifestyles.

I really like you so much that I’m geared up to get the moon from the sky for you. Fill you with hundreds of pink roses, thieve the whole lot you choose.

I appearance out the window and do no longer see the rain, all the timber are blooming with flora. I have a look at the plants, and that they take a look at me because I love you.

My gentle angel! From the moment I noticed you, my coronary heart remained for all time for your captivity.

If you only contact my heart and soul along with your lips – you’ll sense now not best the taste of my body. However also the love, care, and tenderness with which I deal with you.

If God asked me who I want to be, I’d say that I want to be a tear. Touch your pores and skin, slip over your cheek and die on your lips.

If you were in the red room, where the whole lot is included in blood. Hush, do not worry, it’s you in my coronary heart.

I have two suns, and I don’t want to lose them. One thing shines from heaven, the alternative reads my SMS.

You’re simply an angel, my wingless lady. To love you the complete existence of 1 who gives you wings of love.

I used to be taught that day is hours, the hour is mins. However, I used to be not taught that day without you is an eternity.

You take a seat and omit, no longer understanding that somewhere there may be a person who is sitting and thinking about whilst do you write?

There’s one international wherein my soul and my body seems like domestic. That is the world of your pensive eyes.

I want to softly gently kiss you in order that your coronary heart does now not freeze even within the maximum extreme frosts. Leave out you, love.

If I may want to just sit in the park and chat with God, I’d thank him for lending me to you.

It’s miles damp outside, the sky is crying, the sun is not warming. Everything is so black and white. I’m wondering why? Maybe due to the fact of autumn …? No, it’s just which you are next.

There are limitless matters within the international. One is the universe and 2nd is my love for you. Despite the fact that I’m not positive approximately the universe.

In your sweet smile, in your beautiful eyes in heaven, angels combat, and on the planet, I go through.

I consider you seconds a minute, hours an afternoon. I’m already confused about time.

I know for sure that I will pass over you the following day greater than nowadays. Due to the fact nowadays I pass over you even extra than the day past and day before.

deep love messages for her

While I was little, I was told that there is nothing sweeter than honey within the global. But now I know that your kisses are sweeter than honey.

Let’s percentage the arena. The ocean to you, the waves to me. The heaven to you stars to me. The solar to you, light to me or better but – all to you and also you to me.

Would you like to open a secret? There was once a time after I did not love you. But it became even earlier than we met.

In the morning you may awaken and quietly open your eyes. And understand that there may be a heart in the world which you need to.

People say that it hurts to examine the sun. However even extra stunning to examine the lips which you love, but you cannot kiss.

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