999 Romantic Love Text Messages, Words, Quotes For Her * Girlfriend in English

1101. Your love account has decreased below a low level. You must reload your account before 2 days. If not your love life will be disabled, for the set call quickly the number of this message.

1102. I wanted to write you an SMS message to tell you that I do not have to tell you. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you have nothing to tell me do not hesitate to send me a text.

1103. I hate you. I never liked you. I would have liked never to live with you. Farewell. I do not miss you. Did not we tell you it was the day of opposites? I was told.

1104. You have opened your heart to me and you give me confidence in every step of my life. Stay my little angel for a very long time and be the woman of my life. A thousand kisses.

1105. Since you have entered my life, you make me discover life in pink. And you have revived my dreams and my desires, my heart before you were on break.

1106. I am sending you all the pearls of heaven to light your heart and all the flowers of the earth to color your life. And all the songs with beautiful words to tell you that you are an angel.

Romantic love quotes for her

1107. The best gift I can receive from you is all your love and the rest I do not care.


1108. In a field of pink, I looked for a flower and I fell on you. You are my most beautiful flower and I intend to keep you alive.

1109. If you do not speak to me I will fill my heart with your silence to tell you how much I miss you and how hard it is to love you.

1110. I can lose everything I possess but I never want to lose someone like you in my life. You’re the reason why I laugh I’m smiling you’re my heart.

1111. You are like a star, we only see you for a few moments but your beauty is so intense that we remember all your existence.

1112. Let your imagination take each letter of this text for a bouquet of flowers that each, in turn, tell you how much I think of you.

1113. Your love is close to my heart, your eyes see my soul. Your dreams hold my thoughts, your arms hold my life, and your faith believes in my dreams. I thank God for giving you birth.

1114. You are beautiful, but pretty girls there are everywhere. It is your charisma and your presence that sets you apart from them. You are complete.

1115. I can not stop thinking about you. You are always in my thoughts, my dreams all the time. I want to kiss you, take you in my arms. Sometimes when I go to bed, I read your messages and look at your photos and want to go back in time.


1116. I think it all began when I met you, I liked you immediately. You are beautiful, my kind of woman. But I did not tell anyone. That kiss you gave me marked my life.

1117. You know when you’re not here, I hear the sound of your voice. Sometimes I smile stupidly thinking of you.

Romantic love quotes for her

1118. You are in the heart of my thoughts, it never spends an hour without me thinking of you.

1119. The day I think of you, the night I dream of you. But that is not enough for me because the best moment is when I am near you.

1120. If our next outing is as good as the evening we have just spent together, I will be the happiest of men.

1121. I’m not someone who used to say his feelings, but if I had to do it, I think it would be easy with you.

I by no means arranged it, but I honestly got myself pitifully enamored with you.

I spent such a huge number of evenings tormenting myself, thinking about whether you cherished me, as well. It’s fortunate you probably did.

love messages for her from the heart

Here we are presently, extra enamored than some other time in recent memory. It’s precisely how I imagined it.

Plenty obliged to you for adoring me. I am keen on you so much, as well.

It’s the seemingly insignificant information that you do that impact me to love you greater.

It is your mindfulness, your benevolence, and your ability to take a gander on the superb facet of existence that charms you to me.

I expect to locate extra matters to adore about you. I adore you!

At something point I pass over you, I truly take a gander at our pix and examine our antique discussions on my phone.

I’d decide not to overlook you. I want us to be as one commonly so I don’t need to overlook you.

I can hardly ever look ahead to that day. I cherish you to any such huge amount!

I’m absolutely extreme after I monitor to you that you are the girl I need to be my enormous other and the mother of my children.

This dating is the high-quality and most pleased I’ve at any factor had.

I want to be with you for dependable. I cherish you!

The extra I emerge as familiar with you, the more profound I start to appear all starry-eyed at you, and the extra grounded my craving for you moves closer to becoming.

I can barely wait to make the entirety we should ever need workout as predicted.

I am keen on you so much, and I expect to have a family with you.

I need to percentage an entire life of a whole lot love with you. I want to develop antique with you.

I need to influence our fantasies to materialize collectively.

I need to have numerous children with you.

I am keen on you, and I usually will.

You’re the marvel that I have been sitting tight for.

The day I met you became the maximum glad day of my lifestyles.

You don’t know how tough I petitioned to have anyone like you.

A good deal obliged to you for coming into my lifestyles. I cherish you to the sort of huge amount!

I sense so venerated to have an individual like you who adores me the way in which I need to be loved.

I understand that I’m now not the suitable beau, however, as a substitute, I improve as a one due to you.

A great deal obliged to you for all which you enhance the state of affairs me.

I cost you and I cherish you especially.

You’re my best younger lady. I comprehend it sounds comfortable and tacky as damnation. Anyways, what could I be able to do?

You have got each one of the traits that I need in my future partner!

I assume that day, my adoration. I am keen on you!

After each one of the matters that we’ve got experienced.

I will nation with all the warranty that you are the only for me.

1122. Did you hear about a cute guy at 99%, 95% sweet, 95% talented and 100% loyal? No? It’s me … and you would waste your life if you missed this great offer.
1123. I send you a smile by SMS. Indeed, I wanted to send you something concrete in the mail that would make you smile. But the postman told me to get out of the mailbox since I could not be mailed.

1124. Hello, your number works more or what? I tried to contact you several times. Each time I have the same answer: sorry, the person you are looking to contact is already in your head, soul and your heart. I do not understand, you should call me then.

1125. You can fall from a tree, a stepladder, or even fall naked. But the best thing that could happen to you is to fall in love with me.
1126. Since I met you I live a real love story, the one I always dreamed of. You bring me every day the smile, the happiness, the tenderness.

1127. To be near or to be far you will always remain a part of me. A soul that moves in my heart, a spirit that manifests itself every time that’s why I can not live without you.

1128. When I think of you my heart is accelerating, when I sleep I dream of you … you can tell me … what do you do to me?

Romantic love quotes for her

1129. Even though we could not spend the night together, my mind is already filled with thought for you this morning.

1130. Life Without Love is a phrase without words. A Christmas Without Gifts. Champagne without bubbles.

1131. Today I would like to say to you that I love you more than yesterday and tomorrow. Because the love that I have for you does not stop growing every day in my heart.

1132. The Moon Can Take The Place Of The Sun. The Night Can Take The Place Of The Day. But nobody will take your place in my heart. I love you very much!

1133. We say we can live for some weeks without eating. Some days without drinking. And a few minutes without breathing. But I can never live a second without you.

1134. I have loved you, I love you forever. You are My Joy, My Poem, My Illusion, My Executioner, My Destiny, My Dream The Most Beautiful.

1135. You are my flame of happiness. I love you so much my heart. You are my heart soul.

1136. In your arms, I have so dreamed. No, never will I forget you in my heart. Your name is engraved for eternity.

1137. My Love, I love to snuggle into your arms. Gently tucking me between your body. That warms me up every moment and passionately I put down a sweet kiss.

1138. I will tell you about the most beautiful poems. What you’ve never heard. But it would dress love that I carry for you. So I just tell you that I love you.

1139. You and I, we only make one. Nobody will be able to separate us. You and I, we only make one. And It’s For Life.

Romantic love quotes for her

1140. Tell me that You love me I remain the meme. Tell me that you love me and my love will be stronger. We’re made for each other so do not look at the others.

1141. You inspire me the most beautiful words of love, the most beautiful words of love. For you, I could write the most beautiful love poems and sing the most beautiful love songs. You are a source of poetry. You are simply sublime. I love you to madness.

1142. Tell the bird to no longer sing. Tell the Stream to no longer flow. Tell the Earth to no longer turn. But do not tell me not to love you anymore.

1143. If I had the sea for ink and the earth as the paper I think I would not have enough space to tell you how much I love you.

1144. Heart’s Promise in the name of the destiny that has chosen us, in the name of the time that has united us. I promise you that I will never forget you until the last minute of my life.

1145. I love you not only for what you are when you’re with me but for what I am when we are together.

1146. If your heart stops beating I give you mine because mine without you, it’s nothing.

1147. Adam and Eve have created love. Romeo And Juliette Have Made Love. Jules Cesar Beat Himself By Love. Cupid Is The God Of Love. I have given you my love. And what will you do for me for love?

1148. I lift the eyes in the sky. A white cloud passes. Looking at it, I see your sweet face.

Romantic love quotes for her

1149. I love you and it’s a crime then judge me in the court of your thoughts. Condemn me in the deep prison from your heart for eternity.

1150. It’s looking at the sky that I understood that I was nothing. And it’s in looking at you that I understood you were everything.

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