999 Romantic Love Text Messages, Words, Quotes For Her * Girlfriend in English

1051. I do not like the distance. Because neither Messages, Calls or Skype can replace the sweetness of your lips, your arms, and your hands.

1052. I like the morning because when I send you a message, I imagine your smile on your face. It’s a beautiful day that begins.

1053. Thank you my heart for everything you do for me. When I tell you my worries, you listen to me and cheer me up. When I am sad and I lose confidence in myself, you encourage me and push me to go forward. When I fail, you console me and help me relativize. In short … I do not know what I would do without you in my life.

1054. The more we spend time together, the more I love you. Many thanks for having entered my life, you have colored it with thousands of colors, you make my daily life happiness.

1055. The first time we met, you took my head. The second time, you took my heart. Thank you for not having abandoned, for having continued to seduce me. Today we are together and I have never been so happy.

1056. Hello my love, one more day to love you, one more day to share your life, one more day that makes me happy.

Romantic love quotes for her

1057. You have to wake up my love! Do you know what a perfect day looks like? A cup of coffee, a ray of sunshine to warm your body and a little message from me. Oh, sure it will be perfect this day I tell you.


1058. Forgiveness is the most beautiful proof of love because it makes it still possible. Only two strong people can apologize and forget.

1059. I’m just whispering soft words in your ear to remind you how important you are to me.

1060. Your eyes are so deep and blue that I lose my memory. You are so radiant that my heart burns to love you.

1061. All that the eyes can look at and the ears can listen is nothing compared to what my heart and soul feels for you.

1062. It’s in your eyes and vision that I feel myself, in your smiles and joy that I’m lost, in your arms that I feel good. I still love you as much and every day even more and much more.

1063. Even if I do not tell you every day that I love you, I still try to express it to you in my own way. Love has a thousand languages but my heart has only one word for you: I love you.

In your mind, I figure out the way to love. On your excellence, how to make ballads.

You flow internal my chest where nobody sees you, yet now and then I do, and that sight will become this workmanship.


My heart for you may by no means wreck. My grin for you’ll in no way blur.

My adoration for you will never give up. I adore you!

I in no way adore you any greater than I do, right this 2nd.

What’s greater, I will never adore you any short of what I do, right this 2nd.

Some sweethearts say that their girl pals have an impact on their universes to go spherical.

Be that as it may, you’re various in light of the fact that your blinding excellence makes my reality arrive at a complete halt. I like you.

Within the occasion which you had been conceived in historical Greece, you would be Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

On the off chance that was conceived in historical Egypt, you would have been Cleopatra.

Be that as it could, because you have been conceived on this thousand years, you’re the queen, of my existence.

I cherish you, your greatness.

It’s not genuine that affection does now not make limits, given that my adoration for you has made limits in your coronary heart with the intention that no one else can are available.

love messages for her from the heart

I am now not an awful lot, of this I’m positive. I’m an average man with everyday contemplations and I’ve had an average lifestyle.

There are no landmarks dedicated to me and my call will before long be left out, yet I have loved any other with the entirety that is in me and soul, and to me, this has dependably been sufficient.

I experience like a teenager – happy and grinning, but not all that brilliant when taken off alone.

You’re to be faulted for my condition! Currently, settle it. Meet me soon.

I have never had a minute’s uncertainty. I adore you.

I accept as true within you absolutely.

You are my dearest one, my purpose at the back of life.

Whilst we embrace my coronary heart shivers. While we kiss, my spirit sizzles.

I feel cheerful when we nestle.

We each are enamored’s incredible air pocket. I adore you.

I knew I commenced going gaga for you whilst my ears couldn’t tune in to anything you stated yet my heart should since every drop of demeanor in your excellent face.
I cherish you.

Your contact does to me what a stone does to quiet waters of a lake.

You ship swells through my coronary heart. I am keen on you sweetheart.

Here are numerous matters that prompted me to begin to appear all starry-eyed at you.

Beside your excellence and brains, it’s your licensed benevolence that without a doubt stuck my coronary heart.

I will usually be in the surprise from you. I cherish you.

There is really nothing you can try this will alternate my affection for you.

I recognize which you’re the one for me. You can quit trying to be much less amazing at this point.

I’m never freeing you, love. I am keen on you to one of this big quantity.

Irrespective of whether or not I don’t have any clue what I need to enhance the scenario something is left of my lifestyles, one element I recognize genuinely.

I understand with all conviction that it’s you I want to go through my time on earth with. No uncertainties and no buts.

You have my heart till the stop of time. I am keen on you specifically.

love messages for her from the heart

Once I arise early within the day, the primary issue I do is test my phone to check whether or not there is any message from you.

The complete opposite element I do each night time is disclosing to you that I adore you.

I honestly understand that my days would start and cease with cherishing you. I cherish you!

I wish I could disclose to you exactly how insane upbeat you influence me to sense.

I need you to understand how your touch, your voice, your kiss, and your grin can make the whole lot ok.

I need you to recognize that having you in my lifestyles impacts me to experience so whole.

I virtually had no plans of turning into hopelessly enamored or getting into something authentic.

1064. I only want you, you are one of the most beautiful, graceful and delightful things that ever happened to me. When I see you I forget my words, I love you and I only want your happiness and joy.

Romantic love quotes for her

1065. I often miss words to express all the love I feel for you when and where I should. Yes, I miss these sweet words with greetings to tell you how much I appreciate you a little more each day as a woman and as a friend.

1066. I love you more than anyone in the Galaxy. You made my life a beautiful dream.

1067. I want you for a very long time. You are this delightful sparkling dazzling light in the dark days that makes me move forward.

1068. Meeting me is the most beautiful thing that could ever have happened to me. You have become the indispensable, considerable and inseparable person in my life, the one from whom I can never part. You fill me with more and more joy, brightness and happiness. I love you, my angel.

1069. I will be able to cry from the top of the Eiffel Tower that I love you, that I want you for life. And that in your arms today I am better than yesterday, but always less than tomorrow.
1070. Honey, I just want to tell you that my love for you is so great that even the solar system is not big enough to contain its greatness.

1071. I think of you once a day and every thought lasts more than 24 hours.

1072. I send you a lot of love and joy to you, my dear, on this day when my heart only seeks your happiness.

1073. You are the sun that warms my heart when you are near me, everything in this world seems dark without you.

1074. If only you knew how much I love you if only you knew what I feel inside, if I tell you I could burst into tears.

1075. Maybe if you want to see me again you will understand what you are for me, all I have left is this little hope. I love you, without you, I live in the dark universe.
1076. The sun never stops shining just as my heart never stops loving you.

Romantic love quotes for her

1077. Since I’m with you, I never stop thinking, Wondering about you. You are the angel who lightens my life, you make me stronger. I will never stop loving you even if we will go through hard times, you will always be engraved in my heart.

1078. My darling, I wanted to tell you that I love everything in you: your smile, your eyes, your little character, your good mood. The list is long, I’m waiting to see you again to continue in your arms.

1079. I spend my time dreaming and desiring that you can always be with me … Make this dream a reality, I ask you with all my heart.

1080. I feel your presence in my mind despite the distance that separates us, I hear your voice despite the silence of the night. And I love you more than ever despite the suffering of being away from you.

1081. If I had to keep a moment engraved forever in my memory it would probably be the first time you told me that you loved me.

1082. Since I met you I do not stop thinking about you, you haunt my nights. I love you to madness, and I know that you and I are for life.

1083. If you can count the number of stars in the sky, you can count the number of “I love you” that I have for you.

1084. Love is magic, especially with you. I could spend my whole days at your side and I would miss you anyway.

1085. No, I do not love you, it’s much stronger than that. There are no words and sounds to tell you how great my love is, infinite. But one thing is sure if that word existed it would be your name.

1086. May these tender words flood your heart with pleasure and happiness. May these beautiful sentences remind you how much I love you and how much you count for me.

I used to be very substantial in my own little global. And after that, you tagged along and flipped around my life.

I simply abruptly needed to be with you and do the entirety with you for a few, several years. I cherish you to this type of massive quantity!

At something point, someone solicits me to suppose from a happy memory or envision what I want to have afterward, you’re dependable in it.

You’re my joy. I need to have you in my lifestyles for pretty some time.

I cherish you, infant younger girl.

You are the motivation behind why my heart feels complete, why I music into more love tunes now, why I respect romantic comedies greater, and why I expect the future more.

You’re the younger female I am miserably infatuated with, and I trust that there’s no repair. I cherish you!

love messages for her from the heart

Do you even renowned exactly how insane I am approximately you?

Every without problems disregarded element you do is pleasant. The more I invest strength with you, the harder I succumb to you.

I adore you more than phrases can country. More than you’ll ever realize.

I like you since you get my thoughts-sets, and you enable me to genuinely be mindless.

In any case, when it’s a super opportunity to end playing around, you have an impact on me to sit up and music in.

You’re making me so absurdly cheerful.

An awful lot way to you in your adoration. I cherish you to this type of massive quantity.

I didn’t request that you be my higher half of in view that I was pitiful and forlorn.

I failed to do it considering that I might now not want to be separated from all people else.

I commenced to appearance all starry-eyed at you so difficult, and I need you to be a few my lifestyles now and until the cease of time. I like you!

You are all I at any factor needed. I am keen on you and your defects.

I draw close your mockery, your feelings of trepidation, and your frailties.

All I want to do is love you and cope with you.

I like it while you embrace me given that I will bodily sense the stress, trouble, and dread leaving my body.

I cherish it whilst you kiss me because I will see glaringly the lifestyles that we are able to percentage collectively in a while.

I cherish you to one of this big amount.

At anything factor I am with you, I sincerely sense without difficulty upbeat.

You deliver this kind of amazing amount of pride in my life.

Each new disclosure approximately you makes me definitely cherish you extra.

I visit god continuously that we can have the sort of affection on the way to stand the trial of time.

A great deal way to you for adoring me. I cherish you!

The whole thing is certainly better when we are as one. Indeed, even the maximum everyday matters grow to be the maximum great ones when you consider that I am getting the opportunity to do them with you.

love messages for her from the heart

I want it to resemble this eternity. I need you normally, ideal nearby.

That is the quantity I cherish you that it can in no way be expressed.

1087. My baby, I send you this tender poetic SMS to remind you that my little heart beats only for you. That my amorous eyes see only you and that my mouth speaks of love only with you.

Romantic love quotes for her

1088. I jump for joy when I think of you, I fly with joy when I dream of you, so what would I do when I see you?

1089. I want you to know that I miss you and care for you a lot. Every day is more difficult. I can not wait too much. I think and desire for you a lot. I dream of you. I never thought I was going to feel the things I feel now. I want to talk to you every day, I know we’ll be together someday, that feeling is growing, I feel it and I know you feel it too.

1090. Time passes so quickly by your side. I hope that this novel that we began to write together never ceases, that the pages may be written to infinity. That the ink of our love flows to form the most beautiful adorable and graceful chapter.

1091. Hello my heart, beware. The weather has just announced a torrential rain of kisses in the neck and a storm of love with the risk of showers of sweets.

1092. Hi my angel, I hope I do not wake you up. I still dreamed of you all night, I need you so much every day. I need my dose of you! I never want to be weaned from the love you have injected me.

1093. My head thinks only of you, My eyes see only you, My mouth speaks only of you, My heart beats only for you.

1094. My wallpaper is you, my password is you, my pin code is our date when I speak it’s you, in my dreams, there is only you.

1095. When I’m alone, I think of so many things I would like to tell you. And when I have a chance to do it, I remain speechless.

1096. They asked me what I liked and loved most about my life. I smiled, and I answered that it was you.

1097. What a beautiful face! What a nice look. What a pure soul! So much splendor! But stop talking about me, how are you? I joked that I’m talking about you.

Romantic love quotes for her

1098. I’m going to write about all the stones I miss you and I hope that one will fall on your head. So that you know how much it hurts and pains when someone misses you.

1099. If you keep this SMS you love me, if you erase it you adore me and if you ignore if you want to see me and now what will you do.

1100. You are doomed and wanted by the police. Accused, you will never be released until you pay a fine of 1000 kisses to me.

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