999 Romantic Love Text Messages, Words, Quotes For Her * Girlfriend in English

1000. I do not have the soul to resist the tears of a woman, that is why I would do everything for you.

1001. I do not eat in the morning because I think of you. I do not eat in the afternoon because I think of you. In the evening I do not eat my dinner because I think of you. I do not sleep at night because then I’m hungry.

1002. I have never loved anyone so intensely, I have never felt so much for someone. Now I know what people mean by true love.

1003. Love is the feeling that you feel when sensitive feelings become sensitive because of the feeling you have never felt before.

1004. I love the spring morning, the afternoons in the fall. The winter evenings and the summer nights but even more of you.

Romantic love messages for her

1005. My heart, My angel, you make my heart bloom and in you, I see an angel. My love, my life, you’re more beautiful even than the day and I love you madly. In my life, in my head, you put madness and my heart in celebration. You have traced your path next to mine. You are the woman of my dreams. You who puts a smile on my lips.

1006. You’re the little flower I’ve been looking for. I found you in my secret garden. I prayed to God not to separate anymore. You are a rare and precious flower. With pretty shapes so much. And so many skills. Equipped with extraordinary intelligence. A sovereign personality and a volunteer without limits or law. We are linked by magical links. Noble and magnificent design. As in fairy tales.


1007. The day or I chose you I was totally dazzled from your infinite beauty. I hope our relationship will last so long. May God bless you until the end of time. And before closing this poem. Know it forever, I love you.

1008. My heart was so weak. My heart was so malleable. Until the day of this aspect, and this look, this beautiful look. I wear it in my heart. This look that kindles my heart so weak even if I do not see you.

1009. Give me a taste for life. My heart is to remind you that I adore you. Because you are the scholar of my heart.

1010. My love, you are for me the beauty of the days that pass. The tenderness of all those hours that I get tired. I get tired of your absence, those wasted moments without being able to kiss, nor feel your kisses, and the sweetness of your caresses.

1011. With you life is beautiful, I find myself sometimes cruel, to abandon you to this world, to profound sadness. I would like to make you happy, with my audacious presence, day and night, elsewhere or here. Always be there for you, put your heart in turmoil, so that in our sensual beauty, you can always feel beautiful.

1012. A kiss under a starry night you made me crazy forever. Your insolent beauty. You were able to turn me over. Thank you.

1013. Our love is so big and so beautiful. A file like a sweet river bringing madness and joy into my life.

1014. Our love as a fortress it will remain stronger than anything else.


1015. I discovered a new word: love. This word means many things. But who represents that person to me. It is the love that was propitiated me. It’s the love I have for you.

1016. I am the angel, you are the devil. Yet we love each other and I feel it when you’re on the horizon. This love may seem impossible but we do not care. Love is stronger than anything else.

Romantic love messages for her

1017. The melody that was missing from my verses. The princess who has been waiting for my solitary heart. The heroine of my childhood fantasies. The reason and the essence of my existence. Only you.

1018. The guardian of my soul the emperor of my heart. The source of my joy and happiness. The object of my torments and regrets. The soul mate I was looking for for years. The only woman I want. The eternal, the only great love of my life It is you.

1019. I need air to breathe. I need water to quench my thirst. I need food to feed myself. But above all, I need you to live.

1020. Life is hard. But I won my fears with you. With you, I forget my misfortunes. With you the road is safe. To live I need you.

1021. I need you so you take care of me. I need your hand to track down my destiny. I need you to make you lighten my face. I need your heart to bring happiness. I need you for me to be happy.

There is nothing more captivating and sentimental in this global than to look your lethargic eyes each morning and to embrace you.

In the event that you guarantee me that I can meet each morning with you for an extra year, at that factor I require nothing extra in this international.

Just tricks accept as true with that affection makes a person helpless, simply love makes a person solid and fearless.

Your adoration stepped forward me a man, because of you I became the person, whom I normally needed to be.

Stars, oceans, seas, every one of the marvels of the arena – I will toss at your ft on your delightful grin.

Once I met you immediately, I felt which you might be my better 1/2, however, I couldn’t envision which you might alternate my lifestyles so profoundly.

You’ve got became the most essential individual in my existence, I can’t live without you.

At the off danger that I used to be rich, I would deliver something to your single look.

I would have traded all gold in the world for your grin, yet I don’t have such riches, so I come up with the maximum massive element in my life – my coronary heart.

You’re my first, closing and the primary love, the whole lot that I long for is to meet with you anything variety dawns and dusks as can be allowed.

You lift my spirits when I feel down, you impart the delight to me when I am over the moon.

You’re with me in exquisite and lousy occasions and you are an illustration of ways terrific our life is.

Only a single expression impacts my heart to thump swifter – it’s miles your call and the word till the end of time.

love messages for her from the heart

Inside the following life, I will enjoy the tempests and harshness to discover you quickly and to spend every 2d of my lifestyles with you, my darling.

My captivating, minutes with you’re the unadulterated attraction, I plunge into the void of pleasure, love, and enthusiasm, for me, it is better now not to inhabit all than to live without you. P.s.

I agree with this sentimental message will touch the strings of your spirit.

My sweet, you are an uncommon mix of a point character, a type heart, and a hot frame. You are a great sweetheart!

My pricey, I without a doubt need you to recognize that in my entire existence, this is the first event after I felt so total you influenced my fantasies to exercise session I’m so joyful on the grounds that you adore me as nicely.

I cherish you so much, sweetie.

1000 matters within the center folks. Low battery, busy network, no insurance, no time, have work, however nevertheless when the mobile blares, I believe it is you.

I don’t comprehend what relationship fame I ought to use for my facebook due to the fact that there’s not anything called ‘frantically infatuated’, which I’m with you. I adore you.

We ought to get past hobbies, much like an extraordinary gem. In such an amazing concordance.

We ought to discern out a way to love every other this kind of splendid amount to stay outside of time… segregated.

To like you is one of the maximum handy sports for you impact existence to seem like a lot extra lovely.

I cherish you and in no way need to relinquish you, for lifestyles without you’ll be hopeless.

On the off danger which you consider that a while or another I will adore every other young girl and you will certainly be an *ex gf* glaringly I will! In years I will cherish her as a whole lot like you and she’ll call you mama!

I cherish your grin you are basically my fashion what extra might I be able to ask I clearly want our affection to ultimate coz you’re brilliant I can’t get you off my mind. I cherish you.

As every day passes, you truly hold coming nearer to my coronary heart.

May also accept as true with and expertise that we share among us increase with every passing day. I like you.

I found a blossom sprouting inner my heart – do you realize the name of the bloom?

1022. Beautiful, like a sweet and warm ray of sunshine. Like a diamond of water on the stem of a flower. Even more beautiful, of the most beautiful rainbow. It is you, my love, that lights my heart.

1023. Beautiful like a rosebud, dew-licked. Like a ladybug on a leaf. All the colors in me, you knew how to illuminate. And only you are the one that catches my eye.

1024. You knew how to lift the sweetness of my life. For you, beautiful lady, I’ll be on fire. Those who warm up, cook and make me fall in love.

1025. Everything started on a full moon night. I kissed you while your heart was still broken. Alone, someone else has lived your thoughts. You have refused my other kisses. So time passed seeing only me. You told me “yes”. And our love has also begun. Our love will survive time. Because every minute I love you more than before. Although on this day we are separated. You will never stop hating my thoughts.

1026. My love, sweetness makes my heart in danger. You are my joy and I need your warmth. My life is by your side. And this for eternity. More beautiful than just friendship. We made ourselves love each other. You’re all my life. And this for the infinite we are a united couple.

1027. How can I tell you that I love you indefinitely and infinitely? How can I tell you that I can not survive without you? How can I tell you that I miss you always? How can I tell you that I won’t survive without you? I love you.

1028. How can you prove all my love for you? How to avoid crying every time we leave? How do you say that if you let me die? How to support your absence? How can I tell you that I don’t want to live my life with you? You’re my soul.

Romantic love messages for her

1029. How can I tell you that I want to marry you now? How do you say I want to live with you forever? How can I tell you that I want to be with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? I can not tell you all this but I think it is very difficult because I love you.

1030. To love is to close your eyes to see if we are happy. To love is to live with two and feeling a little better each time.

1031. Loving is opening your heart and let happiness out. It is opening one’s barriers and not to look back.

1032. To love is to walk blindly. It does not matter what is ahead. Trust those tomorrow while holding hands. It is obeying one’s feelings and let yourself be carried away by the wind.

1033. To love is to forget the notion of time and think only of the present. It is remembering every moment and let yourself be lulled sweetly.

1034. To love is to have trust and talk about your confidences. To love is to give yourself and surrender to your arms.

1035. To love is to feel the sweetness of your lips. It is sharing our fever. To love is to think only of yourself. It is dreaming of being near you.

1036. To love is to believe in love that can last forever. Always in your company, the company of life. The life that smiles at me. Smile thanks to you. You who are everything to me.

1037. I would like someone to explain to me why it is so nice to belong to you? It is simply to hear you say that I am yours and not another.

1038. May my heart finds its master and that today it will die of love for you. I suffer without your presence, without your love that warms, without your words that comfort me.

1039. Hold me if I run away, I’m your prisoner. Your prison is my refuge, the fruit of my prayers.

1040. I will give to our love the reasons why it is necessary that it last forever because you are the star that illuminates my dark sky, the door that opens when everyone else closes.

1041. You are a dream come true, my eternal love that I will never cease to love.

1042. Falling in love is having a crush and being in love is thinking all the time together. Falling in love is going to war for her and being in love is giving her presents.

1043. Being in love is no longer being oneself. Being in love is happy and falling in love is being sad for her. Falling in love is to be afraid of her.

1044. Being in love is teasing, being in love is sharing the same bed. Being in love is asking you many questions. Being in love means having angels around you.

Romantic love messages for her

1045. Being in love is encouraging others. Being in love they resonate each other to be in love is to call.

1046. Being in love means making mistakes. Being in love is telling stories. Being in love is going crazy seeing her. Being in love is having stars in your eyes. Being in love is simply falling in love.

1047. I see you alone in my dreams. Your eyes, your smile made me feel things I had never heard before. I dream of being able to touch you, to caress you, touch your lips and say it what I wasn’t able to tell you.

1048. Words that I whisper that are as sweet as yours, perfume-like your skin. In you, I saw everything I wanted to see, everything that I liked to see and all I want to see.

I discovered a start in my eyes – do you know the call of the begin? I found the right response finally – it’s the affection I have on you.

Yes, I cherish you a lot and also you mean the sector for me my expensive.

Our dating resembles tom and jerry. We hassle every other, pursue each different, thump down each different, irritate each other but we can not stay without every different.

Your adoration is my motivation. Without you, I can not envision how my life could be I’m happy God gave me as fantastic as you.

I like you sweetest and cutest.

I am keen on you the way wherein a suffocating man cherishes air.

What is extra, it’d annihilate me to have your best a piece.

Kiss you, remember you, embody you, dribble over you, omit you, long for you – these are the matters.

I will do every time, anyplace and all through the day. I adore you.

Our affection resembles a rose, blossoming in spring. It maintains developing over the lengthy haul. It is eternal like solar.

I can’t exist without you.

I like you to this kind of big amount.

Attempt no longer to have phrases to portray approximately you, because you’re impeccable inside and out.

Having you apart from me just fills my heart with pleasure, I cherish you!

Love is incredible while it’s miles actual all I take into account is me and you, you are dependable as a pinnacle priority every one of the stresses and bitterness is abandoned.

I cherish you, my young woman.

You’ll dependably be in my coronary heart.

love messages for her from the heart

Within the occasion which you ever inquire from me how often you have entered my mind, I’d state as soon as.

Since you got here, and in no way left. Cherish you lots of my heart!

Disclosing to you ways a great deal and why I am keen on you, might resemble me portraying how water tastes.

It’s outlandish. I actually cherish you!

Much similar to how not anything and nobody can verge on looking as cute as you, nothing and nobody can verge on cherishing you like a great deal as I do. I like you.

I desire there are days per week and hours each day in order that I can be with you longer each day for I cannot get enough of you.

I omit you as of now, I am keen on you.

Toddler, once I see you my heart clearly avoids a beat I can explicit my affection and divulge to you that excessively hundred instances and rehash there will be no person others like you realize.

I’m clearly infatuated with you surely and surely enamored with you infant I so cherish you!

Kissing you, embracing you, influencing you to snigger at my senseless jokes, watching at you like an insane fan, missing you whilst you are away are the things that I don’t have any energy over.

I without a doubt cherish you and could hold doing for my entire life.

I needed to reveal to you that wherever I am, something occurs, I will generally don’t forget you, and the time we spent collectively, as my most completely satisfying time.

I would do everything over again, at the off threat that I had the decision. No 2d thoughts.

I am keen on you, as I’ve never loved another or ever will again.

I cherish you with all that I’m, and all that I can ever be.

I’d come up with the celebrities and the moon on the off hazard that I just should simply to signify the quantity I cherish you.

It’s really too lousy, I proved unable. So honestly let me be nearby and exhibit my affection for you until the cease of time.

I cherish you in a large quantity my dearest and nearest.

On the off danger that I may want to provide you with one thing throughout everyday life, I’d enable you to see yourself thru my eyes.

At exactly that point would you remember the fact that you’re so exceptional to me.

Certainly, even these days, I experience the identical, the day I to start with met you, you are the one I remember, you’re clearly one out of few, however, permit me to recommend something to you.

love messages for her from the heart

It’s fundamental, not new, I so cherish you!

You are the maximum ideal, high-quality, fix, delightful, stunning, exceptional and wonderful.

You are my starting and end.

I cannot envision my existence without you.

I might as a substitute be in your coronary heart, then in your psyche.

For the brain can forget, the heart will recall forgetting about.

I cherish you, my dearest.

Regardless of what has come about. Irrespective of what you’ve done.

No matter what you will do. I will dependably adore you. I swear it.

1049. In my life, I thought I knew how to love. But as soon as I met you, my life is shaken. A look, a smile, a laugh, complicity this is what we are.

Romantic love quotes for her

1050. Nobody will replace you. You’ll always be in my heart. I do not take any day without you being in my thoughts. I like you only, I need you. Nobody can bring me what you knew how to give me. My love is now just for you.

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