951. Even if the words are forgotten, that the present is not constant and that the ways are different. Maybe sure I will love you forever.

952. To conquer me is complicated, to have me is destiny, to love me is inevitable, to lose me is a risk, to forget me. Try that I want to see.

953. I feel envious when someone hugs you because for a second that person is holding my whole world.

954. Eternal, it is all that lasts for a fraction of a second, but with so much intensity. That it is petrified, and no force ever rescues it.

955. Among the things we seek most in life is happiness. We follow different paths to find it. We surround ourselves with people we love well, to share them. My happiness is only complete when you are by my side.

956. Kissing is a way to share intimacies, to feel the taste of who you like, to say a thousand things in silence.

957. Love, wherever you are I will meet you and if I do not find you I want you to know that I died in search of happiness.


958. Love is much more than moonlight and roses … it is the day to day, it is to divide, it is to welcome and to participate … love is the life that we live together.

Romantic love messages for her

959. The joy of love and joy of living only makes me well if I am with you, the joy of dreaming. Both the act of suffering is something is inevitable. But it’s only good for me if it’s up to you.

960. If you really love someone, the only thing you should want for her is her happiness, even if you can not give it.

961. Time can delete the memory of a body or a face, but never those of people like you who knew how to make a small moment, a great moment and transform it to memory.

962. Forgetting you would be: losing my identity, changing my personality, erasing the best part of my life … All this because I love you.

963. I will leave … you will go and touch your face in another face. Your fingers will attach other fingers and you will blossom for the dawn. But you will not know that it was I who took you.

964. Love is born of the pleasure of looking at one another, is nourished by the need to see each other. And is concluded with the impossibility of separation.

You have an effect on lifestyles to appear a pageant continuously sweetheart. I cherish you.


I want I should display to you I as of now got over what we chose, but actually I’ve not possessed the capability to overcome it by means of any stretch of the imagination.

The single concept of dwelling by myself, of not offering my delight to you and not having you nearby when I require you harms an incredible deal and does no longer deliver me a hazard to continue onward

I am extremely childish and conceited about the matters that I need, and the thing that I need most urgently is… your bliss.

Love influences you to keep in mind that life doesn’t must be ideal as long as it is upbeat.

Fascination introduced us to nearer. Love’s going to keep us that way, till the end of time.

The more I have turn out to be familiar with you, the greater I have understood how the first rate you are. I adore you.

The Loveday you may kiss a person you cannot inhale without and discover that breath is of the little end result.

You realize you’re enamored whilst you can’t fall asleep in light of the fact that the reality is at remaining advanced in your fantasies.

There may be by no means a duration or vicinity for intimate romance.

It takes place inadvertently, instant, in a solitary glimmering, throbbing minute. The fact about for all time

love messages for her from the heart

For each of us, home isn’t an area. It is a man. What is greater, we are at the final home. Stephanie Perkins, Anna, and the french kiss

I requested that God send me the pleasant sweetheart on earth, but he sent me a wonderful lady, who has was my real associate, an enthusiastic darling, a minding accomplice and the one, without whom I cannot live!

Lots obliged to you for being a major part of my life.

My candy, what may be superior to investigating your eyes and seeing there the influence of your spirit and limitless love for me?

You made me the maximum happy man on the planet.

Sweetheart, I accept as true with that this lovely message will affect you to smile.

I need you to realize that matters are changing on the earth, but the primary aspect to be able to preserve going for all time is my adoration for you.

Do you realize, once I understood that I cherish you? After I considered you to be a destiny mother of my children and a girl, with whom I can eat the complete herbal time on the planet and forever.

Deliver me a chance to be these days notably extra sentimental and mesmerizing than predicted and disclose to you that a starry sky is vacant without you.

The solar does no longer heat, and not anything satisfies me, simply you fill my existence with experience.

965. I can not just close my eyes and pretend everything is fine. I have to stop running from reality. I am loving you more and more. Unfortunately, you do not understand this.

966. To love is to have the sky and just want a star, to love is to have the ocean and just want a drop, to love is to have the universe and want only one person: you.

967. You are my passion, my life, my love. Without you, I would have no reason to live in this world. All the stars, moon and sun in the universe could not replace what we have together. Thank you for the love we have and your kindness. Never forget me, as I’ll never forget you.

968. Love is an unspeakable and indescribable feeling that breaks all barriers and limits, invades thoughts and emotions, generates peace and euphoria, feeds dreams and illusions. Gives meaning to the lives of all lovers.

969. Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous, nor proud, nor conceited. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things and hold together all things.

970. Love does not have time to happen, it only happens once, and it does not end. If you think it has already happened and you regret that it is over, it is because it has not even begun.

971. Love does not begin and end the way we think and as we read. Love is a battle, love is a war. Love is in continuous growth.

972. In life, we all have an unconfessable secret, irreversible repentance, an unreachable dream, and an unforgettable love.

973. Love letters are written not to give news, not to tell anything, but for separate hands to touch by touching the same sheet of paper.

Romantic love messages for her

974. Sometimes I think I do not know anything, sometimes I think I know everything there is to know. But what I’m sure 100% is that I love you above all else. The sensations are still the same, you appear and my world stops, I do not see, I no longer feel, I no longer perceive anything but you.

975. I love how you love. I know of no other reason and cause to love but to love. What do you want me to tell you, besides that, I love you if what I want to tell you is that I love you?

976. Who try to own a flower, will see its beauty withering. But anyone who looks at a flower in a field will remain with it forever. You’ll never be mine that I know and so I’ll have you forever.

977. It hurts to love someone deeply and not be loved in return but what is more painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let this person know how you feel.

978. If it did not love, there would be no plans, no wills, no jealousy, no goals, no hurt heart. If it did not love, there would be no desire for company, no fear of loneliness. If it were not for love, I would not miss it, nor would I be thinking all the time of you. If it had not been for love, I would have eventually given up on us.

979. Love has open arms. If you close your arms to love, you will see that you are only embracing yourself and isolating yourself in the world, discovering loneliness.

980. Do not say you love without loving. Do not say you want to, unintentionally. Do not say you like it, without liking it. Learn to live without suffering. Lies go, but, remember to come back.

981. Sometimes I think that forgetting you is my best remedy, my best solution, but I end up convincing myself that this is my worst illusion.

982. May it not lack good feelings. May we lack selfishness. Let us about patience. May we not lack hope. May each chosen path keep us good surprises. Let each one of us know how to listen to every advice given by an older person. Let us not want to smile. Let none of us forget the strength we possess. May there be no lack of faith, hope, and love.

983. When God created the world, he spread wonderful people for us and gave us the mission to find them. I fulfilled mine, I found you.

984. Not all the words in the world will be able to express what I feel for you. Not every second of countless hours will be enough for me to be by your side.

985. I wish you half the happiness of the world because the other half is already mine because I met you.

986. 1 universe, 1 solar system, 8 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 5 oceans, 7 seas, 7 billion people. And the only person I want to be happy is you.

987. Whenever you look at the Milky Galaxy, remember me. Remember that I am like a star. Far and far away but close … Who will always be looking at you, and who often falls lonely.

988. True love is not one who feeds on affection and kisses, but the one who supports renunciation and manages to live in longing.

989. Those who love and are separated can live their pain, but this is not desperation they know that love exists.

Romantic love messages for her

990. Do not say that love does not exist, it is everywhere, just open your eyes and see, not only see but feel, realize that it is there. It’s just the reality that we do not want to let the eyes see.

Loved, my adoration for you is unrestricted, it develops from the profundities of my heart, and without your friendship and warmth my heart quits thumping.

All I request is you nearby for eternity.

Do what the exceptional sweetheart on the earth deserves? She wishes a minding, insightful and friendly man. My congrats, you purchased me!

Your lovely grin can dissolve even the frigid coronary heart, which I have had before I met you.

A debt of gratitude is so as for all the pleasure that you gave me.

I cherish you my dearest and nearest.

You already know, I’m organized to kiss the entire world, for what it provided you to me.

love messages for her from the heart

You are the ruler of my coronary heart and the flowery lady of my future, the exceptional component that transpired is a gathering with you, my sweet young lady!

I might have given you the most first-rate blooms as an illustration of my profound love for you, but they could not wish to compare in your excellence.

I’d bring out of appreciation for you a celeb, but exquisite stars are not anything contrasted with your terrific eyes.

So I will absolutely reveal to you that your adoration is the maximum treasured thing in my lifestyles.

I have dependably imagined that a man can stumble upon pleasure ideal, however, with you, I understood that bliss for me is each moment, continuously.

Every sentimental day that I go through with you and minutes after I hold you in my fingers.

You recognize, the sector can be spared just by affection, but my adoration for you is robust to the factor that it may mend exquisite many broken hearts.

You’re my beginning and cease, I cherish you.

What will be advanced to a most loved sweetheart, who enlivens your lifestyles and improves you?

991. Character and intelligence can impress people, but it is the true love and care we give to someone who makes us bright and unforgettable in their life. Because love makes people indispensable. So if you want to light a smile, light up a heart or wake up to hope someone needs to remember one thing. People rejoice with their intelligence, appreciate your character, but really need is your love.

992. The simplest way to love is to love to accept that no one is perfect. And when they ask you What have you seen in him? Just answer: What was missing from me.

993. Fall in love with someone who is guaranteed to come back to talk to you after a fight. Give you courage and understand that loving is above pride.

994. Maybe I came too late to be your first love. But right now, I’m getting ready to be your last.

995. Although we do not know each other for a little while, even less that we are together, we go through many things together wonderful moments. We met people to destroy us, fights did not lack, but we are together because our love is stronger. YOU are everything to me.

996. You are a darling, a treasure that was well hidden. After a long search, I found you. Now I am so glad that I always laugh.

997. I miss you around here, so many people, but still alone. I miss your lips, your sweet smile, I miss you more and more every day.

998. A thousand stars have fascinated me. These stars came from your eyes and they made me very happy.

999. Lonely? no, how can I be lonely if you are always in my thoughts? I wake up with you every dawn and go to sleep with you every night.


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