999 Romantic Love Text Messages, Words, Quotes For Her * Girlfriend in English

901. One of the reasons why I love you, it’s the security that you bring me. I can be sure that by your side, I can walk on the path with closed eyes.

902. Our love is that strong, unique, special and true, that even with the passage of time and with the distance that exists between us. You will never wear out, as we belong to each other, together in one heart. I love you.

903. You never know how long you have someone. So do not forget to say I love you while you can and want to.

904. If Love were Sin I would never love you but I know that loving is not sinned.

905. One Day They Told Me That Smile Is A Way To Show How Much We Liked Someone. Today I Was Asked If I Liked You or not I Just … Smile.

906. To love is to accept the other in any way, to forgive in any way and to be happy only with the simple presence of this person.

907. To Prove That It Is Man It Is Not Necessary To Conquer Thousand Women, But Make A Really Happy One.


908. One Of The Ways We Know We’re Loving Someone Is When This Person Drives Us To Want To Be Even Better.

Romantic love messages for her

909. There Are Two Natural Gifts That Everyone Fears: Love And Anger. The Problem Is That It Is Easier To Deal With Anger.

910. It Is Necessary To Have An Open Eye To Find True Love. But Have The Two Closed To Keep It.

911. Never Forgive Yourself With A Declaration Of Love, For True Love Will, Never Be Declared.

912. When We Are Loved, We Doubt Nothing. When We Love, We Doubt Everything.

913. Never Ignore A Person Who Loves, Cares And Misses You. Because Maybe One Day You May Wake Up And Realize You Lost The Moon While Telling The Stars.

914. Love The One Who Deserves You, With Your Child Innocence. With Your Teenage Badness But Above All With Your Woman Feelings.

915. They say the heart does not speak, that’s why it’s mute. But Know that when your mouth talks It Is which says everything.


916. If you want to live a great love, accept also the anguish, for one does not live without the other.

917. At night I dream of you, I keep thinking of you in the daytime. I can not forget you since the day I saw you and I will not forget you ever.

918. When I first saw you, it was as if a light radiated from you and fill my heart with love.

919. When I saw you, I had a brilliant idea. It was as if I looked from within a diamond and my eye gained a thousand faces in a single instant.

920. Love does not begin in the word, love begins in the eyes and in the heart. Words are fleeting, looks last a lifetime.

921. It did not take much for me to realize that everything was going to give in love. In fact, I’ve fallen in love with you since our first glance.

922. I knew it was you just the moment our eyes met for the first time and you smiled at me.

923. And yes, for you to know, it was love at first sight. I fell completely and irreversibly in love with you. The moment I set my eyes on you, I knew my life would never be the same again as before.

924. Love at first sight: when you find the one who is perfect, everything that is imperfect disappears.

925. The best feeling comes when you look at that person, and she is already looking at you.

926. It takes a minute to feel the affection for a person, an hour to like her and maybe a day to love her, but it takes a lifetime to forget her.

Romantic love messages for her

927. You are my life, you are my soul. For without my life I can not live, for I can not live without my soul, so I can not live without you. That’s why I love you so much!

928. I love you because you have deeply touched my soul and passed under my weaknesses. And with your love, you have brought forth the beauty that no one before you could find.

929. When you love someone you do not have to comprehend what is going on outside, because everything happens inside us.

930. Words are lost, promises are broken or forgotten, papers and letters rot, but true love is what remains forever.

931. Love is the unique occasion to mature, to take shape, to become a world to be loved. It is a high demand, an ambition without limits, that makes the one who loves an elect solicited by the broadest horizons.

932. Perfect love is really rare because to be a lover it is necessary that you continually have the subtlety of a sage, the flexibility of a child, the sensitivity of an artist. The understanding of a philosopher, acceptance of a saint, tolerance of a scholar and the strength of a brave man.

933. The moment you have in your heart this extraordinary thing called love, and feel the depth, the joy and the ecstasy of it. You will discover that for you only the world is transformed and changed.

934. In love, all the contradictions of life dissolve and disappear. Only in love is there unity and duality without conflict.

935. There are things we need to remember always not to forget, but there are things impossible to forget: you and only you.

936. Forgetting you would be: losing my identity, changing my personality, erasing the best part of my life. All this because I love you.

937. The things we do in reality are never as beautiful as the ones we dream about. But sometimes things happen to us so beautiful and memorable that we never dream of them. For me, it happened … you.

938. Love is the acceptance that between myself and my fellow girl there are many precious differences to be respected.

939. Affinity constitutes friendship, but in love, there is a certain animosity or resilient passion. Each aspires to be the other, and both together form a new whole.

940. Cherish above all the love you receive. It will continue to exist long after your gold and your health is over.

941. If one day someone asks if I’ve ever really loved someone I’ll say no because I’m still loving you.

942. If I cry in front of you, worry. If I apologize, you matter. If I said I love you, believe me.

943. Know that for everything that we have gone through and for everything that we will go through. It has always been and always will be in the first place the immense love that I feel for you.

Romantic love messages for her

944. Do you know what infinite love is? It is the one that even with problems, jealousy, distance, insecurities, fears. And manages to grow even more with each new day.

945. I want every day of the year, every day of life, every half hour, every five minutes, to tell you: I love you.

946. The fact that every couple should make: When I think that love is ending, I promise to remember the reasons that made me love you someday.

947. Needless to say, my love for you is greater and vast than the sky, or deeper than the oceans, it simply can not be measured.

A consultant can spare my existence. A legal guide can protect my life.

An officer can conflict for my lifestyles, but nobody however you may supply me the real importance of life.

Love is an outstanding blessing. An unusual blessing is you. In this manner my adoration is you. It’s clever and actual.

Before I used to be involved with you, I was experiencing duty fear.

In the wake of being concerned with you, I am experiencing a fixation name love.

There is one factor on the planet I by no means needed to quit. This is adoring you. I really like you a lot expensive!

Your adoration is the main reinforcement I need to war the more a part of lifestyles’ fights.

A good deal the same as how Instagram is fragmented without the one’s easy tones, my lifestyles is deficient without you. I like you.

You are my lifestyles, my satisfaction, my euphoria. Without you, life could be so stupid and hard I’m so grateful to have you in my lifestyles. I cherish you, pricey

Every time we nestle transforms into my life’s maximum updated invaluable memory.

There is no phrase can ever specific my affection for you. I require you and I’m lacking you usually. I am keen on you!

love messages for her from the heart

I knew I was enamored when I quit considering how lovable you appearance and commenced seeing the class inner you.

I do not realize what courting repute I need to use for my FB given that there may be nothing known as ‘frantically enamored’, which I’m with you. I cherish you.

You’re dependable in my psyche, in my fantasies, when I’m aware, I’m always thinking about you.

I without a doubt need you to realize that I am lacking you so. I love you to such an extent!

Certainly, even the negligible quietness of love has the ability to weigh down the more a part of existence’s confusion. I cherish you.

You’re the most astounding man or woman I have ever met. You enhance the sector a place to stay in.

I experience so lucky to be cherished by using any person such as you.

On the off chance that you have been facebook, I would test your updates day in and day out.

Inside the occasion that you have been Twitter, I would keep tweeting I love you always.

I spent numerous days and months surely craving for having you as my higher half.

Considering the fact that I have you, I suppose I am carrying on a myth that I by no means need to go away.

948. Never give up living. Never give up smiling. Never give up dreaming. Never give up fighting because I will never give up on you.

949. There are mistakes and truths in life! To have said that I love you may have been my worst mistake. But you can be sure that was my greatest truth.

950. My love, when I say that I love you deeply and lastly, I am describing only superficially everything I feel for you.

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Romantic Love Messages for Boyfriend in English
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