852. I think I can live without eating or drinking, but I would never live without you from my side.

853. Love you! I know I’m going to love you for all my life and how this love is eternal. I think I’m going to live forever.
854. In the battle of life, our love is the ceasefire.

855. I want you. I want your fears, your insecurities, your strengths, and your weaknesses. I want your smile and your tears, your laughter and your silences. I love you, completely and without but.

856. It was not necessary to realize that everything I was going to give in love. In fact, I fell in love with you from our first look.

Romantic love messages for her

857. No matter what path you followed, if there is love, there will also be output.

858. Love is something we can not touch or hear but we can feel in our hearts, beating as never in our emotions.

859. Time erases the scar of the wounds, but not great love. The distance can separate two bodies physically but not two souls.


860. Love is not what we want to feel. It is what we feel without wanting.

861. Love is the only quality many who wish but few know how to use it.

862. The words can make you smile, but only love can make you change.

863. Whatever circumstances are, the love always endeavors to beat and unsure those who struggle truly.

864. The fire of love goes out when it actually does not exist. But true love is the one that begins as a spark and without wanting it to dominate your heart forever.

865. People say that love is blind and deaf because they have not experienced the feeling of love. Only love is eyes. Except for love, everything is blind.

866. One day someone will enter your life and will make you understand why you’ve never tried anyone before.

867. Love makes the human being able to overcome their limits. We are fast to demand and slow to understand.


868. When you love someone, you do not care about the other’s opinion and do not measure effort to be with her.

869. If love between us is true, it will be worthwhile every second, minute, time, weeks, months and even years.

870. One of the best things in the world is when you hug someone you love, and that person tightens you strong.

871. Impossible not to love you, gratitude is just what I have today tomorrow and always. Today I have the best of me that is you are love. I love you with all the forces and capability of my heart. I want to repay all this love and affection that comes from you. It’s worthwhile to be waiting.

872. I have no money, no eastern feathers, but I have a heart … that loves you forever.

873. You are like the sea, full of strength and passion because you are the princess that makes my heart beat.

874. You created magic in my mind and in my heart, without the need for any tricks.

875. It’s written: “I want you” and pronounce: “with me”, of the verb “having me” and of time forever.

Romantic love messages for her

876. I Do Not Want To Be In Your Life The Beginning Of The End, Not The End Of A Beginning, But The Beginning Of A Beginning Without End.

877. I love you even when I do not love you because I think of you when I do not.

878. My love for you is forever, although today we are not together. Whenever I close my eyes, I have you in my memory.

879. In those gray and sad days, I only think of you and fill them with light.

880. When I looked at you I found that it’s not necessary to die to enter heaven.

881. The fire of my love burns since I knew about you and when I say your name. As I blow the illusion of having you next to me.

882. How could I not reenter your arms again, if they are the best place I’ve been.

883. I belong to you from the day you touch me without using your hands.

884. My love and yours is a love of those grand. A love that is written with capital letters, an infinitely wonderful love.

885. If you seduce my mind I’ll give you my body. If you conquer me with your kisses I give you my heart. But if you fall in love with my inner soul I will be yours forever.

886. You can not talk about the sea without the sand. You can not talk about the darkness without the day. I do not know how to write love without mentioning you.

887. I want you as if we were something. I miss you as if we were much and I think about you as if we were everything.

888. Maybe I do not have wings to take you to the sky. But I have my body, soul, and letters to demonstrate that I love you.

889. You are that noise I enjoy the most of in the silence of my soul.

890. I write to you without you not reading it. I cry for you without you seeing me. Daily I say I love you without you listening to me and every day I ask God to take care of you.

891. You are like my water when I am thirsty and I am like a desert than willing to drink.

No matter how ways separated, we may be at some stage in everyday lifestyles, my affection for you may dependably continue to be actual. I respect you till the quit of time.

Love is continually going to be unnerving; love can simply leave.

I want to be terrified continuously with you.

I abhor conceding matters. I abhor wanting matters. However, I will concede that I have by no means needed someone else a similar way I want you.

I’ve 1,000,000 desires all through the night, and all of them begin and end with you.

Till my diminishing day, I will discover purpose after motivation to maintain you nearby.

On occasion, I used to reflect on consideration on the way it has happened in my existence, how I met you in my life. The defining second in my existence is assembly you.

Starting to appearance all starry-eyed at you… I do not know how or while it passed off.

All I understand that it is a nice factor to have transpired. I am keen on you.

I am getting the exceptional inclination on the planet whilst you say hello or even grin at me considering the fact that I recognize, irrespective of whether it’s best for a second, that I have entered your thoughts.

From arbitrary giggles to abnormal kisses, our affection has positioned me in a merry circumstance of haphazardness that I by no means want to go away. I adore you.

Inside the occasion that you music into my breaths nearly, you may listen to the phrases I love you turning out with each and each one.

I’m truly dwelling for you, and simply you. I am keen on you.

You find out about me than I reflect on consideration on myself, I experience so properly with you dear.

I considered myself there was something that I did not and you did… the route into my coronary heart.

I administer to you and also you nurture me, you’re making the whole thing so natural for me to run my days.

The solar can rise, the solar can set, however, my day will never start till the factor that I get.

love messages for her from the heart

A content from you, trailed by an embrace, and later a ton of kisses over a warm espresso mug. I cherish you.

At instances, my eyes get desirous of my heart. Recognize why?

Since you usually live near my heart and a long manner from my eyes.

I in no way suspected that lone three words should whole up the purpose at the back of my reality.

But, I understood how incorrect I used to be the point at which I stated… I like you.

I would select not to miss your voice, would pick no longer to miss your care and love and on the off danger that I pass over these I’m missing what makes my life really worth living.

On the off hazard that adoring you changed into a vocation, I’d be the maximum meriting, committed and certified applicant.

Reality is instructed, I’d even work for nothing. I adore you.

I don’t know how you obtain internal my heart, but I do realize that I by no means want you to take off. I like you.

Individuals may fit back and forth in my existence but you’re the just a single going to remain in my life till the quit of time.

Cherishing you is definitely not a selection or a desire.

It is a need and a need. I cherish you.

Within the event that you at any factor inquiring for that, I pick out among you and my fantasies.

I would not realize what to the country in light of the reality that being with you is my solitary dream. I cherish you.

The nice time to like together with your entire coronary heart is dependably now, at this time, seeing that no breath beyond the contemporary is assured.

When I saw you I was reluctant to fulfill you, when I met you I used to be hesitant to kiss you after I kissed you I was reluctant to love you, now that I like you I am hesitant to lose you.

I started out gambling with you since you have been the maximum sweltering younger female I had ever checked out.

Presently I’ve all started to look all starry eyed at you due to the fact you’ve got the maximum pleasant coronary heart I’ve ever felt. I cherish you.

On every occasion I see you grin, is a minute that makes most of the people of existence’s inconveniences well worth enduring. I adore you.

892. I look at you and I choose you without thinking twice and if I think twice. I would choose you again. I like you because you are like me.

893. Loving is the effort to climb the mountain of our ego to be able to delight the enjoyment of the small big things.

894. For the most charming person in the world, a very special kiss on this day.

Romantic love messages for her

895. If love is a dreadful sin, I will never be innocent. I walked myself to yourself, love you forever.

896. When you have a tear of sadness, part to it half, give me half and I cry with you. When I have a smile of joy, I give you a whole smile to see you always happy.

897. I didn’t know if the world was ever good. But it became very better when you arrived.

898. You invaded my thought, fill my heart with love, make me smile from happiness, fill me with mystery and magic. You fascinate me, make me alive. It’s my hope, make me be over. And every step I’ll never let you forget that I love to love you.

899. Love is a sublime feeling that overcomes problems and differences, resists time and strengthens with distance. It is hard to escape, impossible to forget.

900. Sometimes we write, with the feelings of the fund of our soul. And we hope to hit the fund of the soul of someone who has the soul similar to ours.

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