801. The best feeling in the world is the one you have when you discover that the person you love likes you too.

802. Sometimes we lose the people we love the most because we do not have the courage to say what we really feel.

803. And what I thought would be just a childhood love and soon would pass, it seems that will never have an end.

804. I’ll show the world how good it is to love you. I’ll show you that I’m staying. I will not let you escape. My universe will make you mine.
805. My love knows every gesture of you. Words that your eyes only say to me. If for you the war is lost never mind. Look, I change my dreams. To stay in your life.

806. Love … It’s hard for the indecisive. It’s scary for the pasture. Avaslagator for the passionate. But the winners in love are the stars. What they know what they want and want what they have. Dreaming a dream to two, and never give up the search for being happy, is for few.

Romantic love messages for her

807. Three things I like: The world, people and destination. The world because you are in it. The people because you are one of them and the destination because you put you on my way.

808. Loving someone is more than a strong feeling. It is a decision, a judgment, a promise. Loving means to be delivered without warranties. In the hope that our love makes happy the loved one.


809. Loving is not just looking in the eyes and say “I love you,”. Love is to attach the looks in the same direction in search of a new horizon.

810. There are only two days in the year in which nothing you want can be done. One is called yesterday which already passed and the other is called tomorrow which has not happened. So today is the right day to love, believe, do, act and especially live.

811. I love you. And I would never imagine myself loving someone with so much intensity. Nor did I know I had so much ability to love it like that. But that’s all for your fault. No one beyond you, you would know how to wake up it in me.

Good day, my baby, how are you? Simply sending you this short and sweet message to inform you that you are the queen of my world. You rule my global and you rule over my heart. There’s no person as quite special as you are. You are making my day a whole lot better and you are making me smile each and every single day. Thank you for loving me so much honey. I like you to the moon and lower back. Have a great day my love.

I omit you every single moment that you aren’t with me. Please in no way permit pass of me, honey. I love you a lot. Providing you with masses of hugs and kisses through this message. I really like you.

I like you so much that I can’t even describe in phrases. You’ve got usually been there for me each time I was in a lot-wanted help and also you have been usually there for me as a lovely angel. You’re actually the maximum stunning person that I’ve ever encounter. May additionally god continually bless you and might god constantly be there for you whenever you’re in want of divine help, my love. I like you so much. I shall continually be the strong aid and steerage that you shall need within the destiny in whichever and while ever. I really like you so much, my dear. I really love you.

long love messages for her from the heart

I usually wish and also pray that you usually maintain on smiling. I am hoping which you are usually looking on the greener side of factors. I pray that you shall usually work tough to end up a better individual. And when you look right by using your aspect, I shall always be their status right subsequent to you. I like you a lot, my love. Please constantly maintain smiling and please continually keep on being happy. You understand why? Because if you are happy, then it shall routinely make me even much happier. I really like you, my dearest love. You’re my female for existence and I do now not ever need us to part our ways with each different. Let us each usually promise to like each different no matter how hard the roads might seem. Let us both be the assist and energy for every different my love.

You’re stunning like a lovely bouquet of plant life. You are tons of extra enthralling like the starry night time on a clear sky. You’re as stunning as the clear blue sky on a brilliant sunny day. You are simply the most vital a part of my life my pricey. I really like you so much, my love. You’re making me the happiest boyfriend on this planet earth, and of course the luckiest person in this entire universe due to the fact I am getting to call you my girlfriend. I like you so much, my love. I’m hoping that I’m able to usually maintain you satisfied and that you are usually smiling.


Hi there, my lovely love. You honestly are so pretty. I really like you so much, my love. I’m hoping that I can always maintain you glad and that you are always smiling. You are making my day brighter even if it’s so gloomy. You’re my love, you are residing, and you definitely are the best love of my existence. I really like you a lot that words might be short if I begin typing now. Please endure with me and my hard times. You are my most effective electricity and in case you are not there, then I shall spoil down into extra than 1,000,000 portions. I love you from the middle of my heart, my dear.

You are the queen of my world honey. You pass me and you constantly were the source of idea for me to do constantly higher things in life. I shall never recognize the way to repay to you in your vast love. Thanks for continually loving me so selflessly and for giving me so much love. You also have counseled me loads with so many better pointers that where I am today, it’s miles most effective due to you. I like you so much, my love. I’m hoping that I’m able to continually keep you glad and which you are usually smiling.

Always put a large smile on your face because this is when you appearance the maximum lovely my love. Please do not ever frown or cry. I by no means need to peer you shed even an unmarried drop of tear. I like you a lot. You are type, you are generous and you are o so lovely my love. Usually, stay the way you’re due to the fact the manner you’re is in order that more than best. You are perfect my honey. I like you a lot, my love. I am hoping that I can always keep you happy and that you are constantly smiling.

You’re the most unique individual I have in my existence. I’m hoping that I constantly get to keep you in my coronary heart and in my life this manner. The day that I confessed my love to you changed into the most unique day of my life and I ought to admit that I’m the most successful guy on this universe. It is due to the fact I have you in my lifestyles. I really like you a lot, my love. I’m hoping that I will continually preserve you happy and which you are constantly smiling. You mean every issue and lots of extra to me. You mean the sector to me, my dear love.

812. From your day. The sunshine of your night. The moon of your eyes. The tears of your pain. The remedy of your joy. The smile of your lips. The reason for your poetry. The inspiration of your body. The heart of your life. The only woman I love.

813. From the first day we met, I felt that I had found the person who would complete me and never break. Someone who always drew beside me, that in my hours of sadness, who could support me. The person who can understand me completely and also make me happy. Today I tell you everything I saw in you is true. That makes me fall even more for you, makes me feel that really you were all that was missing in my life. Today, you are my reason to live. My today, my tomorrow, my eternal love. I love you!

Romantic love messages for her

814. I love to see you happy. I love to be close to you. I love to be more than your friend. I love when I feel that you are a little bit. I love looking in your eyes. I love to share things with you. I love your smell, your breath. I love to have your body in mine. I love you, whole, just for me.

815. Love is not to get involved and indulge with the perfect person, that of our dreams. There are no prince or princesses. Encourage the other person in a sincere and real way, exalting their qualities, but also knowing their defects. Love is only beautiful when we find someone who becomes us the best we can be.

816. I do not know more living without you, you are the one who I dream every day. That those sweet words that only of your mouth I want to hear. I do not know how, I do not know when I started to love you, now I just know I love you again. You’ve given me my life, you’ve become God. You’ve been making my sadness in joy.

817. You are who made me discover inside me, the purer feeling that one person can feel for another. You are the one who gave me wings. When the longing comes, I remember everything you are to me. I love you and no one will get you out of me. Because you are my dream, and I can not live anymore without you.

818. At every moment, an act in each act, though in every thought, a saudade in each saud, you in every hour. A story in each story, an adventure in each adventure, a souvenir in every memory, you in every day, a book in each book. One for in all why, an answer in each response, you in every love, life in every life, one knowing everybody, a certainty sure to like you.

819. A confession: I love you is a wish. Being with you is a vote. Your happiness is a dream. Have you is eternally an emotion. The first kiss I gave you is a goal. A life to two is a request. Please love me is a reminder.

Romantic love messages for her

820. I want to live up to your side and make the most beautiful love story. I want to sink into your arms and feel your heart. I want to live every moment and every second as if it were the last. Take every moment as if there was only two of us in the world. I want to live in your heart as the only spirit that touches me to give me wrap and forget the pain that suffocates me.

821. There may be a thousand blockades, but nothing will make my love for you die. I will cross the greatest seas, but there will be not enough water that drowns the love I feel for you. I will climb the highest mountain in the world, just to see you. And there I’m screaming your name to see if you hear me.

822. I can not explain right what my senses say. What I know is to say that your kiss touched not only my lips but also my heart. As I was kissed by you, I felt a wonderful feeling. Only the angels are witnesses of events and feelings.

823. You arrived so suddenly, did not let me at least think about my decisions. I do not regret anything we did, for you presented me with joy. I would win another one of your soft kisses and have double my heart smiling with joy, for having lived a moment so special.

824. I would not find quiet in my heart if I missed you. You’re the great and true love that will keep me to the end of my days.

825. The loneliness has no more space in my heart as it is completely filled with love. A love that is the reason for my existence. The love I feel for you.

826. With you, by my side, I learned to see all more beautiful. I’ve learned to see everything with more joy, more brightness, and more sincerity. Today I no longer be afraid to be happy, for you’re all I’ve ever dreamed, all I’ve been looking for.

Romantic love messages for her

827. My happiness is part of you, and, you know how well how to drive me and move on it. I totally in your arms, and without fear, because you know how to take me to paradise. I love you.

828. Hey, let me love you? Let me dream of you? Even if you do not feel the same for me, just let me. So you, so quiet, so in my, waiting for someone who does not want me, waiting for you. I know it’s early for any decision, but it’s so complicated to live with this hidden feeling in the heart. I do not know if you understand me, or if one day will understand. I just needed to understand one thing: how much I want you.

829. I always talked mentally with you during all these years. Years you refused our dialogue politely while I loved for two. You do not have the idea of how much it hurts. But sad it is even knowing that I deposited all illusion of life in a bank where you did not even want to have access.

830. I want to kiss you, I want to mesmerize you and I want to hold your hand. I want to hug you for hours and remain still. I want to see stupid movies with you. I want to make pillows war. I want to send you idiot messages. I want to mess up your hair. I want to laugh with you until you can not get more breathing. I want to fight for stupid things. I want to dance with you. I want to make you smile when I say you love you. I want you.

831. Words may not say what the heart feels, but make sense what the heart says.

832. If the person we love is taken away far from us, the best way to not forget is to keep loving it. For time goes through, people age, but true love is forever.

833. Never love to be despised, but despise to be loved.

834. I love you is the sentence that does not hold greater happiness than when it comes from you for me every day.

835. Love is the biggest feeling that can exist between two humans, so never say that you love without really sure that you feel it. For love is eternal and you may be just in love.

836. You make me believe that nothing can exist without love, you came to show me my way. You bring a passion that I never could discover. You showed that a heart can not live without affection.

837. Thinking about you, I’m a poet. Looking you, I’m an artist. Wondering our love, I’m around a dreamer.

838. I need security, love, understanding, attention, someone who feels with me and speak. Calm, I’m with you and I will protect you. We’re going to be strong together.

839. Love does not hold, releases! Love because it does well for you, not for expecting something in return. Create too many expectations can generate disappointments. Who loves real, without attachment, without charges, conquer the true affection of people.

Romantic love messages for her

840. I miss you, in the whole world I’m alone. Like a candle burns in darkness, I’m burning without you.

841. Empty days, empty nights, empty heart and soul, empty life, empty happiness. When there is everything, but not you.

842. No joy will be compared with the joy of meeting you. And no bitterness is compared with bitterness of the separation.

843. You with me. If you hate me, you can shoot me. But I ask you, just do not shoot in the heart, because there you live.

844. If I had the opportunity to live life again, I would try to meet you before. So that we can longer be together.

845. If someone asks me what is happiness, I’ll pull your head on my shoulder. I’ll push myself and say with a smile: “That’s it!”

846. The only thing I’m sorry about is that I did not know you for my birthday. So I had the opportunity to spend whole life with you.

847. Dear, look at the sky … See the stars? Listen: Each of whom is whispering about how I love you.

848. For a long time, I miss you, I want to say, but I can not. Now I’m a secret open, that I really love you.

849. You are better than the sun and the moon, you are better than the star night. You’re better than the sky and the Earth, I love you very much.

850. I look left – I see you, I’m looking to the right – I see you look at the stars – I see you look at the ground – I see you.

851. Love you from the top of the sky to the sea and I promise that love as our nobody will be able to match.

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