751. I love you, and it’s true – how can you lie about love. I want to see you sooner, and in the world of love with you to leave.

752. I know the recipe of one salad. 750 grams of wine, 50 kisses, 40 minutes of a paradise, 1 soft silk bed, 2 hours of love, if not little – add another, to taste, stir do not rush! Will I prepare?

753. Love is when you agree on a date at noon, but you come to half an hour before, and she’s already there.

754. I lie in the sun, and I look at the sea. Everything inserts me here, only you are not with me. This thought worries me, all the stronger my soul gnaws. You remember me there and send greetings.

755. You and I are not like others, for it was not for nothing that we found each other. You are my heart hotter. One hundred tests with you passed.

756. I do not want to go to sleep now – I want to look into your eyes. I want to touch not only your lips bit your soul, but I also want to return to you for a moment.

Romantic love messages for her

757. You are not pretty, you are beautiful. I would not want to be with you forever, I NEED it. And I would not cry if you leave me, I would die.


758. And there is neither evil nor flattery in you. You are like a spring among the sands. I am ready to die on the spot, so as not to touch the shackles of love.
759. Beautiful eyes and sensual lips. Taciturn, charming, modest. Her idolized men – monogamous, And the rest … just crazy. This is about you, my love.

760. I think only about you, only about you in my dreams. Only I need you in this life. Without you I will not live a single day, I love only one, one only you.

761. I love you very much and I want to say that you are the most beautiful and desired in the whole wide world.

762. You warm my soul, you light up my life. With you I’m like in a happy joyous dream, you are a miracle, I love you.

763. I need your eyes, understand? And the smile, love and the words – you know. Why are you silent and not writing? I love you, baby, really, do you hear?
764. Baby with black eyes, with a smile of pride, you do not let me sleep at night, you own my life.

765. You are the light for me, you are the darkness for me. If you are not, I just go crazy and mad, I will wait for you. I will burn bridges, you only manage to understand that only you in my heart.

766. Without you, I can not live, without you, I am deprived of happiness. I can not love another, I am a captive of your spell, in your power.

767. I love the white rose, and the quiet voice of the nightingale, and many stars in the sky, but most of all, I love you.


768. Your eyes confuse me and put me in a dilemma when you look at me. As if you want to fall in love, and I love you for a long time.

Romantic love messages for her

769. I love – you, but you do not want to know me. What should I do? How to live? After all, only with you, I want to be.

770. Your beautiful eyes are like blue sky. Your smile is the most gorgeous in the world. Your look just drives me crazy. You know, I love you very much.

771. I will give you the dawn, the sun, the moon and the stars, the moonlight. And the breath of the breeze, as gentle as a lips touch. I will give you myself one hundred percent because I love you.

772. I write what I feel … it’s just that you are very, very, very dear to me. I don’t see my life without you … without my bright, kind and beautiful angel.

773. I love you very much, your look is like catching air. Your eyes caress me with warm velvet. I love you. Let everyone know about it.

774. A person in life falls in love many times, but true love comes once, and I think I did not miss my love.

My spirit resembles a winged creature singing on your spirit and disclosing to it the amount I cherish you.

On the off risk that I was a flying creature, I might develop the brightest plumes and do the excellent pass to win your coronary heart.

I turn out to be getting up every morning announcing your call.

After I to start with met you, I noticed flawlessness. Once I understood that you had imperfections, I succumbed to you considerably extra.

Who realized that the one issue that could get me during that point would be your voice?

Every time I’m unfastened, I let my musings meander and permit them to move anywhere they need. Without fail, they wind up pondering you.

I would be misplaced without you. You bolster me through every difficult day that I have.

From time to time phrases aren’t sufficient to tell a lady how exquisite she has been. Supply me a kiss!

Adoring you and breathing are a similar issue. I can not live on without both of you.

My complete existence I used to be told how you may truly recognize when the girl you had always desired strolls through the entryway.

I by no means thought it become valid until the point that the day I met you.

I generally despised the ones those who seemed to be so clingy and joined to every other.

love messages for her from the heart

Presently, I remember that it’s far the high-quality inclination on the planet.

Each time I see you, it allows me to do not forget the one rose to lack from my bunch.

On the off hazard that my existence turned into an astounding, you will be the last piece that

Up until this point, each minute we’ve got spent together has been high-quality.

But, I assure you, that the quality is but to come back. I like you.

I learned the significance of adoration from you; you’re the high-quality thing given to me by using god.

It isn’t always valid that adoration does not have limits. Reality is advised, my affection for you has made limits for your heart with the aim that no one else can come in. I like you.

You are not most effective a not unusual individual in my life, you are extra than that, you are my partner, nicely-wisher, manual, and darling, beyond that you are the person for my existence.

On the off danger which you were cheddar, I would be a mouse so I can snack you a touch bit at a time. On the off risk that you drained, I would be a feline so I’m able to drink your flavor by taste.

But, within the occasion which you have been a mouse, I might anyway be a tomcat so I can consume up until you piece by way of peace. I cherish you.

The areas between my arms are correct wherein yours fit consummately.

My affection for you is real to the factor, that it influences me to want to do beautiful such things as bouncing on the mists and hopping on the rainbow. I cherish you.

You are similar to my asthma, you blow my thoughts. Like dandruff.

I cannot get you off my head. Like my car, you’re making me insane. Like dentures, I cannot grin without you.

Our lives resemble a sentimental movement picture played again and again.

We grin, we be a tease, we snicker and we warfare – and we do the whole thing over once more. I am keen on you.

775. You are wonderful and very dear to me. I so want you to be happy, and I will be grateful to you if you allow me to take part in this.

776. I love you so much! You are the most expensive woman in the world. Please forgive me for all the bad things I’ve done to you. I really value you and our relationship.

777. I love you, like the sky loves the wind, as gently as a wave of sea sand. Without you, I have no sun in this world, without you all life is diagonal.

778. When you want to see me – look at the starry sky. Ask me to come – I will come. I will find you, WHERE YOU WOULD NOT BE.

779. If one day comes, when there is no place in my heart for you, it will be the darkest day of my life. Then there will not be a drop of joy in it, and life will lose its meaning. I love you.

780. I want to make you the happiest and destined woman on this earth. I want to enjoy you every minute and I want to give all my tenderness, warmth, care, caress … I love you!

781. My girl, I feel for you an incredibly large and truly wonderful feeling, without which a person does not live, but simply exists – this is love. You are for me everything and even more, you are the one for which I began to live and breathe. I love you, and I will love forever.

782. The moon is alone looking out the window, I am without you in this world is dark. You are the clear sun in my life, send SMS and I will be warmer.

783. Gather sponges in a bow, relax, Stretch into a smile, relax. Show the duck lips, Relax. Repeat 20 times every 20 minutes before my arrival. This is charging for kisses. Prepare yourself well. I’ll be coming soon.

784. Longing for my heart when I don’t see you when I don’t hear your voice – I cannot find peace. Where are you now my love? I am very sad without you.

785. Every night, thoughts of you, like stargazing. Fall in bunches and burn in the darkness, leaving only the burning trail of sadness and sorrow.

786. I look how gently you smile in your sleep, and the moonlight is entangled in your eyelashes. I love to look at it in silence when time borders are blurred.

787. If you just say no, we have a wildly cool batch. I really want children from you, although, frankly, SMS would be enough.

Romantic love messages for her

788. Good morning! With this SMS, I send you half of my heart. Keep it, and it will warm you in the most terrible frost.

789. How nice to know that you exist. It does not matter, neither for how long nor where. It’s so good to know that you just open your eyes and know that you are there.

790. Look at the sky: the constellations hold hands. After all, this is a sure sign that tonight is conducive to lovers. Let’s meet.

791. God gave wings to all his angels except you. Because he was afraid that the most wonderful angel would fly away from him.

792. You are my most beloved, the sweetest, kindest, gentle and affectionate kitten in the world. Love you so much.

793. For happiness, I don’t need much at all. I want to hug you gently, I always want to be with you and never let go.

794. Dream about me today, please – I miss you so much. But just dream not out of pity, but as if by accident.

795. A spark of your soul, once pierced my heart, awakened in it a volcano of feelings. From which a fiery flower of ever-burning passion and love for you grew, dear.

796. I want to wake up early in the morning and see how you sleep. Wake up with a gentle kiss and say: “Hello, baby!”

797. I’m an angel. I came from heaven, I will save you from everyone. I will blow dust particles and cover with a blanket, baby, sleep and I will come and you just wait.

798. With you, the years shrink in an instant. A second without you equals centuries. I love you so much, you are sweeter than jam. I love you so much, and it is for forever my love.

799. I want to offer you a trip: Destination – the stars, Driver – love, Transport – heart Passengers – you and me, Tickets are irrevocable.

Romantic love messages for her

800. To love is to believe and have faith and trust in the other, to share dreams, to receive, to surrender, to forgive, to understand, to accept. To love is to want to be together for eternity, and if separated, united by thought, by goals, by the same desires.

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