999 Romantic Diwali Wishes, Messages, Quotes & Status for Girlfriend – Ideas To Boyfriend

Not everyone has what we have: a love so deep, so rich, that the slightest contact still warms us. That’s a gift, Baby, one that keeps us close, keeps us wanting to get even closer. And I can hardly wait until we find the time to unwrap it again. Happy Diwali with a lot of love.

Every moment with you makes me happy. You excite me in this Diwali festival because I know it has you involved. Now you also turn me on because every moment together is pure happiness. However, more than anything, you make me feel like the luckiest person because I am.

I cannot imagine my life without you. You’re everything to me; my inspiration, my encouragement, my comfort and joy and, most importantly, my best friend. Love you so much and Happy Diwali.

You are the one who brings the feeling that “everything is fine with the world” or that, at least, everything will work out, no matter what is happening in our lives. I love you because everything is good and meaningful in my life. Happy Diwali.

Falling in love with you is the best thing that ever happened to me. Whether we are laughing and enjoying each other’s company or having quiet moments in each other’s arms, the moments we share are the best moments of my life. Love you baby. Happy Diwali, sweetheart.

Diwali Wishes for Girlfriend – Ideas To Boyfriend

Give me forever, and I still can’t find the words to tell you all the ways you complete my life. But there is one thing I can do and it is to love you with all my heart. Forever. Happy Diwali, Honey.

I love all of you, your smile, your voice, your touch. Just being close to you makes me feel happy. I am sending my love, Happy Diwali.


If lately I have not told you that you are a good girl or that I am very grateful for you, and that I love you now more than ever, You are. And I am. And I do. I am very happy and very grateful to share this life with you. Happy Diwali, my love.

A time to count our blessings, to feel happy, complete celebration of the little things that make our lives so sweet. Dream about tomorrow and smile at yesterday. Celebrate the beauty of a love that is here to stay.

At Diwali and always, I am grateful for you, for the life I could only have with you and for the wonderful memories we have created. Happy Diwali, sweetheart and stay happy.

When I think of all the wonders with which God has blessed me. I thank you for the gift of you and your love in my life. Happy Diwali, my love.

At Diwali, I love to remember everything we have shared. We laugh and celebrate more than we care or regret, and we love each other even more along the way. Stay Happy.

Here it is, another Diwali, and we have more laughs around our table, more stories to share and more happiness to fill our hearts.

We have much to be happy and grateful for this beautiful season, and for me, it all starts with you. Happy Diwali, my love.

When I say “I love you”, it means that in you I have found a unique love in life, of the kind that I know will last forever. Love you, baby and Happy Diwali.


When I say “I love you”, it means that I love you as you are and that, no matter what, you are with whom I want to be. When I say “I love you”, I say it with all my heart. Happy Diwali.

My love, you are light and beauty, patience and love. Your love is a gift that continues to bless my life, day after day and year after year. Happy Diwali.

Diwali Wishes for Girlfriend – Ideas To Boyfriend

At Diwali, I feel very grateful for everything we have built together thanks to your wisdom, your devotion and your love. I love you forever.

When I grab your hand for no reason, I say so. When I call or send you a text message in the middle of the day to say hello, I say so. When I tell you that you look great (and always do), I say so. I may not say it as often as I should, but with every little gesture I say I love you. And that is never more true than this wonderful time of the year.

You are the beauty in my Diwali and the joy in my heart. This Diwali, I am celebrating the wonder that, of all people in all parts of the world, you and I have met to love each other. Happy Diwali, my love.

You are the girl with whom I feel so fortunate to be walking through life: the friend who laughed and dreamed of me as we made our way together.  I love you and wishing you, Happy Diwali.

We are the couple that has been there by my side, constant and strong, even when the road has not been easy. Happy Diwali, my love.

You are the only one who can still get me excited just by reaching my hand. Happy Diwali to the wonderful girl I love.

I love your big smile and the way you make me laugh. I love you for how you look at the world, for your good heart and fast mind, and for the many ways in which you are my best and closest friend. Wishing my love, Happy Diwali.

I love you for your love, the kind of incredible and generous love that has changed my life for the better. And although I know I say it a lot, every time I do it, I say it deeply and forever. I love you. Happy Diwali, sweetheart.


When I think about what matters most, it is our love, our bond and the faith we share. All that makes me proud and happy is all I have with you. Happy Diwali, my love.

My girl bring big smile in face during laughter, best friend to me and this all makes me feel so satisfied and happy. Therefore, of all the things I could ask for this Diwali, all I want is you.

When I take your hand, I’m sorry. When I send you a text message, I say so. When I get lost in your eyes, I see it. When I dream of you, I want it. And at Diwali, I wrap this beautiful love around you and promise to hug you forever.

We have many things to be proud of and even more to expect. Diwali is a very happy time to remind you how much our love and our life mean to me.

Diwali Wishes for Girlfriend – Ideas To Boyfriend

I am happy for all the comfort and trust in our relationship, the things I can count on even through the ups and downs of life. While we wait for the Diwali with new hopes and dreams, I know we meet for a reason and I am lucky to share festival after festival with you. Happy Diwali, my love.

All I want for Diwali is you. These quiet festive nights, when we are curled up together, I feel happy to be so in love with you. Many more Happy Diwali, my love.

Life is a little more cozy, a little softer in the light of small lights just you and me and all the moments that took us to this sweet and happy place. I wouldn’t change our life for anything, and I couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate Diwali. Happy Diwali.

I know that life is good because God is good and He gave me to you. You make me laugh, feel valued and loved, and when everything is said and done that makes me feel more blessed than words can say. I love you and thank God for you at Diwali and always. I am from my beloved and my beloved is mine.

You make Diwali brighter for everyone. I see how everything you do makes others feel worried and thought how you bring some extra joy wherever you can. I love you, sweetheart and Happy Diwali to you.

Time goes by. The joy grows. Love deepens. Sometimes I look at you and feel how fortunate I am. I am grateful for everything you do, for everything you are. And I feel absolutely blessed that you are my girl. Happy Diwali, my love.

With you, I don’t have to be perfect, I know you love me as I am. With you, I can be perfectly happy. With you, I feel loved. With you, I’m complete. Wishing you Happy Diwali, my love.

Under a blanket, on the couch, by the fire, just watching favorite movies on TV, everything is quiet and peaceful and the world seems to be far away every time you snuggle by my side. Love you, Baby and Happy Diwali to you.

Happy Diwali. The miracle of Diwali is here in my arms, because I can spend my life with you.

All I want for Diwali is to feel you near me, your face illuminated by the light of the Diya’s and the twinkling of the lights. At Diwali, I love how we remember last year and anticipate what is coming.

We talked about all the good things, the challenging things, the smiles that made me smile and those that I loved to put on your face.  I love you so much.

No matter what our next year brings together, I know that our time together will be the best part. That’s why every Diwali for which I am most grateful is you.

I love to share the festival with you how we get to feel the magic with goodies and surprises, making fun moments happen between us and our family. And I love how it feels to share the wonder of the season and the joy of even normal days with you, my best friend, my partner.

You have this really special way about you. This way of taking the regular and turning it into something more beautiful and more blessed. How did you do with my life. You are my life and wishing you Happy Diwali.

Diwali is no different which bring your warm smile, your loving touch and your sweet and generous spirit. Happy Diwali, my love.

I am on the most beautiful trip with you.My love, thank you for sharing this life and for being at the heart of this beautiful journey that we have undertaken together. Happy Diwali, my love.

Diwali Wishes for Girlfriend – Ideas To Boyfriend

It’s the little things we share at Diwali that make my heart feel so at home. Making plans together, laughing at dinner or just sitting peacefully when your hand reaches mine. Love you my love and Happy Diwali.

You are the treatment my heart likes best, the reason I feel loved and blessed. I love being your partner. Happy Diwali.

You make me tickle all the way! You make my fingers bend. You make my thoughts swirl. You make my bells ring. You make me tingle! You are my warmth in the cold. Happy Diwali, my love.

You are my favorite emotion, you are my now and always and you are my best gift! Wishing my love, Happy Diwali.

At Diwali, I am the person who already has everything. I have your wonderful smile and warm laugh to brighten my spirit. I have your loving arms to wrap myself up. And I have your hand to hold during each Diwali for the rest of our lives. At Diwali I am the person who has everything I could wish for — You.

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