999 Romantic Diwali Wishes, Messages, Quotes & Status for Girlfriend – Ideas To Boyfriend

Love is the brightest star that ever shone in the sky, and it is all our desire. My deepest Diwali wish is that you know how truly grateful I am for you.

Not all female show their love like you. She knows what really matters and puts it first like you. You gives her heart, her time, herself but you do. And not all men are lucky to find a girl like you. But I am. And I couldn’t be more grateful. Happy Diwali, my love.

There is a certain kind of love that makes everything possible and beautiful and good. A love that is bigger than I can understand and shines even more intensely because it is Diwali. Happy Diwali, my love.

Diwali Wishes for Girlfriend – Ideas To Boyfriend

I may not know exactly what or why or how of this special love, but I know it is destined to be ours, and I will always be grateful for who brought you to me. Happy Diwali, sweetheart.

A quiet Diwali, in years, it will only be you and I talking and remembering our life together. I will remind you of the dreams we have seen come true. You will remind me that there are still memories to be done. Happy Diwali, my love.

We will both wonder where time passed, but never how we spent it. Because we will know that we fill every moment with as much life and love as we could. We will know in our hearts that we have had everything, all the time, just by having each other.

No matter where we are, Diwali reminds us of the people that matter most to us. People like you are the best. Happy Diwali my love.


I know how wonderful you are, and I hope you know how much I appreciate everything. You are the real gift and I am very lucky to be with to you. Happy Diwali, my love.

The things about you that I fell in love with for the first time only get better over time. That gentle strength and easy kindness have always been the heart of who you are. Happy Diwali, my love.

You are a good girl and I know that year after year, I will continue loving you more and more. Happy Diwali, my love.

I hope you know how important you are to me and how much I appreciate you. No matter what I forget to notice, or do, or say, the feelings are always there. Happy Diwali with all my love.

Love is the difference between a good life and an incredible one. I could not have asked for a more perfect match in life than you. Happy Diwali.

I do not need a reason, or a special season, to love you, but I am happy to have one, just as I am happy that you are part of my life every day you are in it. Happy Diwali.

Every moment with you is happy. I want to make your life happier in a thousand ways every day. I want to give you the best of me and help you make your wildest dreams come true. I want to give you all the love I receive from you every day. Happy Diwali, sweetheart.

When you travel with the right person, miles fly by and time fades away. Only by looking back do you realize how far you have come. Happy Diwali, my love.


I am very grateful for each kilometer we have traveled together and for each adventure ahead with my unique and unique you. I love you so much, my love and Happy Diwali.

There is a constant light that shines between your heart and mine. And with every Diwali we share, it shines even more. Brighter with gratitude for everything we have shared throughout the year brighter with the love we have for each other, which grows stronger every day. Happy Diwali, my love.

I love you I hope those words always retain their magic because there is a kind of Diwali joy that I feel every time I tell you. Happy Diwali.

I love you That is as simple as possible, but I hope you know how true it is. We have a good life together. Sometimes it gets full or complicated, but it’s ours and it’s wonderful. In spite of everything I love you. Always. Happy Diwali.

This is the season to look back on a busy year for both of you and wait another year. Happy Diwali.

‘This is also the season, for thinking about the special joy you bring, for sending you extra love and for wishing you many happy moments to share. Happy Diwali

In this season of comfort and joy, it is good to be cozy and in love with you. Happy Diwali to the person I love to love.

Diwali Wishes for Girlfriend – Ideas To Boyfriend

My love, my partner, my friend. I could not ask for a more wonderful way to spend the rest of my life than to spend it with you. Happy Diwali to my life.

Your warm and loving presence touches my heart as nothing else can. I am very lucky to spend all my life, all my love and all my Diwali with you.

Now more than ever I love you. For everything we’ve been through. For everything you’ve done for me. For all that I am, thanks to your influence and wish you Happy Diwali.


In the bright and warm center of my life, in the heart of everything that matters, are you and the love we share. You are my Diwali, honey, with your smile as bright as twinkling lights and your laugh that sounds like bells. With your kisses as sweet as candy canes and your touch that warms me all the way. Happy Diwali, my love.

Every day and night with you brings more joy than I can say. And with every celebration of festival, I will always be very grateful and very proud to have you as my partner. Happy Diwali, baby

I don’t know how our busy days merge into weeks and months so fast, but I know at least one thing I was doing through each one: loving you. Happy Diwali, my love.

I may not know everything Diwali will bring us, but I know we can handle anything together. And I know that I will be grateful for every moment I spend with you.

Diwali is a good time to tell you some things I could never say often enough. That when we are together, I am at home. That when you’re with me, every moment is sweeter. That you are the other half of my heart. Happy Diwali, my love.

Share the home, this life, this love with you is the best gift you could ask for. Diwali and every season, I am very grateful for you. I am looking forward to spend my life with you. Happy Diwali.

Like lights on a Diyos in this Diwali festival, may it illuminate your life. Happy Diwali! Let’s make every day brighter!

For this Diwali I just want one thing: you! You mean more in my life and thank you for your support and care. Love you baby and Happy Diwali.

I don’t care about gifts or money. Having you in my life is the best holiday gift. Happy Diwali, my love!

We go together like sweets and  spicy dishes. Happy Diwali, my love! You sweeten my life!

Diwali is the season of love, and you fill my heart completely with love. Happy Diwali honey!

The most important decoration I need for Diwali in my life is love of yours ! I will use any reason to kiss you! Love you baby and Happy Diwali.

Diwali crackers, sweets and rangoli make the festival excellent. But the best part of Diwali is definitely you! Happy Diwali, Honey.

In this Diwali, I would like nothing more than to walk together in a cool night with holding hands and celebrating this festival season together with you. You make this Diwali season even more magical!

It is the most wonderful time of the year. And you are the most wonderful part of my life, be it Diwali or any other time of the year! Happy Diwali, my love.

It is the happiest season and I am happier when I am with you. I can’t wait to celebrate this Diwali season with you! There are so many things that I love about Diwali, and there are many things that I love about you! I’m glad we’re together at this celebration!

The only wish I have for Diwali is to be able to spend it with you. I wish you a Happy Diwali with me!

Diwali Wishes for Girlfriend – Ideas To Boyfriend

For this Diwali, I think we should share a more sweets and immense love. And then we can meet with a mint kiss in the middle! Love you baby and Happy Diwali!

You are the glaze of my Diwali cracker and the star of my Diwali decoration. Whether in the festive season or at any other time of the year, you complete me! Happy Diwali, my love.

No matter how joyful and cold Diwali is, I will always be hot when I am with you! Happy Diwali, my love!

When I am with you, the Diwali diyos becomes a little brighter. And sweets taste a little sweeter. You put the “happy” in Happy Diwali! Love you baby!

I don’t need you to send me a Diwali card or even buy me a gift. All I really want for Diwali is having you right by my side! Happy Diwali, Honey!

Gifts will soon be unwrapped and all Diwali sweets will be eaten. But my affection for you will last long after this festival! Happy Diwali, sweetheart!

I love Diwali lights and party songs. But above all, I am in love with you! I really don’t care where we spend our Diwali. As long as we are together, that will be the best gift!

Although I look forward to Diwali every year, this time I feel I have more Diwali spirit than ever. Thank you for making me feel festive and bright!

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