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I like you so much. You are my eye star. I really love you. But you are so far away that I fly over to you.

I can not grasp it, not describe it. Will stay forever and forever by your side. It’s a miracle, it’s magic, It is love. Nice as poetry. How long have I been longing for? I would never have been so lucky.

You finally bring it back to me: The luck. With you I am Me. Do not move me. Just like you take me, Do not press me. It can not be grasped, not described. Please let me stay with you. Only With You I Finally Find It Again: Happiness.

Love? The is never lasting. But one thing is love, is the splash of alcohol, is the elixir of life. Sometimes She Foams Like A Beer. Then a sweet egg punch. But only in the cocktail of hormones is the desire that we clone ourselves.

This poem I solemnly present to you today, because I would have brought out without the written lines No word. It’s Made Because I Love You And Never Let It Go Again.

100+ Romantic Good Night Wishes For Wife

You enrich my life in a very special way and I have never been so happy as with you. That’s why I ask you: Will you sleep beside me and wish me good night?

December is the most beautiful time to fall in love with because never our hearts more ready for love between wife and husband.


Everybody knows yes exactly how that runs. Between man and woman: flirting. Since two belong to every little flirtation. But to the great love, surely to belong to simple you and me.

Do not be like the violet in the moss: modest, humble and pure. You can be quiet like the Rose A Bit Spiky.

Do not you have tired feet? You walk around in my mind all the time.

What I hope for tonight is just calm you. What I want now is only your peace. What I’m asking for is just your happiness. Meet sleep, my husband.

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Meeting you is fate, being your friend is my choice. But falling in love with you is outside my abilities. The simplest words are The most beautiful word is LOVE and the dearest person is YOU.

Your love is a beauty. Looking at you always doesn’t make me tired Your love is my breath. With you, I want to live another thousand and thousand years as Your love makes my life perfect.

Thank you, my husband, because you made me a person perfect woman and happy mother of our children.

God, make me the best companion for my husband, as well make my husband the best leader in our household.

I don’t expect to be your lover, but I just hope to be your wife, who is ready to devote my life to my husband.

As long as this breath can still blow and the heart rate is still beating, then I will continue to love you and make you happy.

Love is one of the most beautiful gifts that God gives to every living person. I give thanks and pray to God who in the end I found a wonderful gift in my life, namely you.

My happiness is not completely perfect if I’m not happy with you by my side. I love my husband more than I love myself because my husband has given me the best and happy me.

When you smile, my husband. I feel like seeing a huge peace in my heart. I do not expect the perfection of you because I want to complete it with my shortcomings, so-called love, complement each other.

When you can feel the love that grows from the heart, then that’s what is called true love. Love is a matter of sharing because even though love is in two bodies, each pair only has one baby.

There is nothing eternal besides my love for you, may we be united in the hereafter. You are present in my life-giving love, bringing happiness, and giving a sense of longing that will never end.

Our love is the best love because you make my faith rise. You help me in this world, for that reason I want to meet you again in heaven.

I wish you knew how always beautiful when you are beside me. I wish I knew that you are a perfect man. I won’t hesitate to get married from the start so that we are happy long ago.

Your smile is my motivation. Your cry is the burden of my life. Your success is my happiness. Even though you are not a perfect man but I know that you really want me to be happy to live with you.


When you close your eyes remember only me who is always in your heart. Because when you wake up it’s only your smile that I always want to see.

Dusk twilight looms in the lids. When the birds return to their nest, they are soft and dreamy. Dark, peaceful friends, good night.

When night comes to remember that I always think of you and dream of your beautiful images. That’s when I will perfect your beautiful dreams. Have a Nice Dream.

What I feel now is thinking about you and missing you. Now close your eyes and take me into your beautiful dream.

Silence eyes if night greet, as a heartwarming soul. Hold your night out with a beautiful night. Hopefully tomorrow morning with a bright day.

That view always smiles, the steps are not directed as if to go away. Full moon as if to tempt the heart Goodnight, sleep with the stars on your beautiful night.

Close your eyes in beauty tonight and sleep in the warmth tonight. So that when you wake up your smile will greet the sun in the morning.

The wind desires salutations, the star seemed to smile. Happy resting and good night. May the swing of the contest darken you and sleep well.

If only I were by your side, want me to kiss your forehead. And say … Good evening dear. Even though distance separates us, even though the sea is obstructing. But it must arrive at you a message: Good night, my dear.

Our love is indeed distant, but my love will never depart from you. No need to wait for your love words, your attention and your smile is enough to make me know, you love me.

Enough for you to say to everyone, that the one who sincerely loves you is just me.

Lean on my shoulders until you feel comfortable because it is imperative for me to give you comfort.

I will still maintain the beauty of our love even though one rainbow is no longer able to maintain the beauty of the color streaks.

Every time you blink, there is something that is pounding longer in my chest. The biggest fear of my life is not losing you, but seeing yourself losing your happiness. I will never promise for a feeling, but I can promise for loyalty.

You are like rain soaking the earth, and you wet me with love and your love.

When you listen to me, I feel very loved. You are my man, guard my heart. You are the best husband sent by God to me. A gift that needs to be guarded before me. I respect you very much and I hope you will.


You make me the luckiest woman. You always know what’s best for me and what makes me always smile. I am very grateful because God brought us together.

I love you with all my heart, When you hold my hand, I feel protected. Thank you for always thinking of me. Thank you for always giving priority to my kindness.

You are always beside me, I am always right next to you. I keep your secret as well as you who keep my secret. You are my place back home. Thank you for all your understanding, your attention.

It was late at night, these eyes remained open, desirous, asking me to stay awake, always remembering you there … Goodnight Sweetheart.

Good night dear, pray before your sleep, pray for your beautiful dream. For the morning waiting for your smile, for tomorrow waiting for your cherry … love you.

When I am beside you, hug me, when far away from you, the dream of me. When you are in the morning and evening, pray for me, because I also do it for you …! Good night, dear.

I who can’t be a star in the sky, because I’m afraid of being too far away from you. I’m the one who can’t be like the morning sun because it’s too fast to leave you. It’s okay for me to be the umbrella that you need. Always ready to protect you. Love sleep.

If crickets do not want to speak out to cheer me up, then let my own voice sing. With songs whose lyrics are only your name … night dear.

Sleep to unwind, prepare beautiful dreams to get carried into your dreams. Forget all the things that disturb your mind … good night dear.

One of the things I can’t do the most, which is to promise not to miss you. Because at night, that longing always comes from nowhere … good night.

Twilight had passed, indicating now the best thing is to sleep. To come back to meet you in a dream later.

Good night for your happiness, for your smile, for your beauty, for everything about you, which gives happiness in my life.

My prayer tonight, so that you will always be with me, always be a part of my life, because you are the most important in me.

Dream in the arms of the moon, because the dream will be real. Because in dreams there are still people who love and love you, my love, good night.

Good night my love, I want you to understand how great my love is to you. Good night my heart’s lamp, I want you to understand, just how you’re the lamp of my life.

Time to walk the day when the star sparks light. Even though it is small but gives a lot of good sleep. Hopefully, tomorrow will be happy for you.

Honey before you sleep I want to say something. You are like a star that always adorns the night. You are like cricket that always enliven the night. And you are like a moon that makes the night more beautiful.

In the late night, I say hello, a prayer where your soul still believes in His power, may the beautiful moonlight greet you.

Don’t lose to the moon that starts greeting the night, keep the spirit of work, prepare energy for tomorrow. So that you are strong to carry out activities.

I love you not only love, but I love you sincerely and completely in love. Because I’m starting to be happy when I’m beside you.

You who are far away don’t forget to take care of your health, don’t forget to eat, and don’t forget your lover here.

I understand how you love me, need me, say my name in every prayer. That’s the daily habit that I never stopped.

I’m waiting for you all night and looking for dreams. You do not hear the voice and song that calls you. No, I’m not afraid to stay alone, because I always feel the passion floating between us.

Open your door, I am the woman who knocks. The faithful servant who prays to you, the prisoner who loves you, the king of my heart.

Do not Believe In Your Own Shadow, Because Until She In The Dark Leaves You.

The love I Met You By Chance, I Saluted You For Simple Education. I Kissed You For Attraction But Never Thought That Your Kisses Would Be My Greatest Addiction I Love You.

Simplicity, Goodness, Faith, Love, and Joy are Magnificent Stones to Build the House of Life.

Turn over in bed and feel your COMPANY, is the best way to end the DAY. Good night love.

I would not change you for anything in the world, although I would change the WHOLE WORLD for YOU.

I just wanted to say goodnight, my love, because if I do not do it, avoid forms inside me that keeps chasing me. I love you madly.

The days pass and I am happier. You know why? Because you’re the first thing I think about and that comes in my mind, just wake up. You are my source of energy, you love me with your sweetness and love, your affection and your kindness. My heart beats intensely thanks to you.

Thank God, tonight I can see your smile shine and immerse in your eyes once more. It’s a gift and a blessing to have you in my arms.

Having someone like you at my side, the difficulties do not exist, the hours fly by and every moment with you is a sip of glory and honey. I love you, my love, good night and fight for what you want, surely you achieve everything in this life.

Even if the distance does not allow us to embrace night the kilometers are less painful with a message sent from the depths of our hearts.

Think that when we get together again, our love will be so strong that nothing and no one will dare to separate us and divide us.

There is nothing better than checking that you are by my side when you go to sleep. You give me the motivation to face the day and the pleasure of sleeping at night thinking about you. Good night my life.

Two green moons illuminate me each night filling me with peace and tranquility.

From here I give you a virtual hug for a new night to begin. I miss you. Good night my prince charming.

I want to be your only woman who wakes you up every morning. I wish to be the reason for your happiness and joy.

I want to be the woman who has breakfast with you, the only one you can hug at night. Meanwhile, I will continue to long for you and your company until we meet again. I hope this message will remind you of me and my love.

I hope that together we overcome our past to have a better future and present. I do not want to separate and be far away from you, I like you very much.

I am so happy knowing that in awakening you are the only mine forever … Never forget that I will be at your disposal for what you need, I love you with all my soul.

Life is not enough time to spend it with you, but I do not expect to lose hope either. And with someone like you in my life, every day becomes short and at the same time infinite.

Do you know that you are the one in charge of making my nights worthwhile? It remains that way tonight too.

If I give you some flowers you will know that I love you, if I smile you will know how much I like you, if I cry, you will know how much I miss you. And this message of “Good night, Prince” means that I can not think of another thing more than in you.


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