Major Rivers in Nepal to Visit Places for Tours Destination

Major Rivers in Nepal to Visit Places for Tours Destination

This page is only for major Rivers in Nepal to visit places for tours destination. These rivers are of Nepal are useful for various tourist activities. There are various types of potential tourism activities in these rivers of Nepal.

Some rivers of Nepal may be useful for fishing in Nepal. Some rivers of Nepal may be useful for rafting in Nepal. Some rivers may be useful for canyoning in Nepal. Some rivers may be useful for kayaking in Nepal. Some rivers may be useful for diving in Nepal. Let’s talk about major Rivers in Nepal. Here are some major Rivers in Nepal. Full list of Rivers in Nepal are in another page.

This is truth that Nepal is the second most richest country in water resource in the world. This fact shows that Rivers of Nepal descend further and faster than any other rivers in the world. As a result, many have cut sheer-sided valleys thousands of metres deep, creating enormously unstable hillsides.

Any external action – an earthquake, severe rainfall, and the construction of a road – can trigger catastrophic earth and rock slides which sometimes create natural dams impounding large lakes, only to burst open and flood the valleys downstream. The most of the Rivers in Nepal are drained from the higher Himalayas.

Rivers of Nepal can be classified in three major categories in accordance with their origins. Saptagandaki, Saptakoshi and Karnali are three most important rivers flowing across the country. All these Rivers of Nepal have originated from the snow covered glacial lakes located high on mountains.

Rivers are treated as goddesses in Nepal. As we know, Rivers are the ever flowing and inspiring source of beauty, abundance and infinite adventure. The rugged topography, extreme variations and excessive snow melting in Nepal make this mountain kingdom blessed with blossoming, flowering rivers, running across the country.

Major Rivers in Nepal to Visit Places for Tours Destination
  1. Arun River
  2. Tamur River
  3. Likhu River
  4. Sunkoshi River
  5. Tamakoshi River
  6. Dudhkoshi River
  7. Indrabati River
  8. Trisuli River
  9. Budi Gandaki River
  10. Kali Gandaki River
  11. Marsyangdi River
  12. Madi River
  13. Daraudi River
  14. Bheri River
  15. Bagmati River
  16. Kankai Mai River
  17. Karnali River
  18. Kulekhani River
  19. Lothar Khola River
  20. Narayani River
  21. Mahakali River
  22. Mahananda River
  23. Sharada Khola
  24. Seti River
  25. Mechi River
  26. Purbi Rapti River
  27. Paschim Rapti River
  28. Kamala River
  29. Banganga River
  30. Tinau River
  31. Babai River etc

Major Rivers in Nepal to Visit Places for Tours Destination

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