1. Kasara Jungle Resort:

This is located in the Terai region of Nepal that is relatively hot in comparison to the hilly regions of Nepal. This beautiful resort has a total of thirty-five very much cozy rooms and villas that are very much well-furnished and fully air-conditioned.

There are two VIP villas which each that have a plunge infinity pool. This really elevates the pool experience and the view.  There is also a really large main swimming pool with elevated views that look out over the beautiful massive jungle of the Chitwan National park.

The design and décor of the Kasara jungle resort is quite simple and yet still contemporary with a focus on clean lines, pared back simplicity, neutral soothing colors and good quality natural materials which really shows the beauty in minimalism.

Each of the rooms comes with a private water garden courtyard, air conditioning, day bed, private garden and indoor-outdoor bathroom which is so relaxing and worth giving a try. Other than really comfortable rooms, there are also various additional facilities such as a spa, a bar and a restaurant that serves very much tasty and healthy food.

Kasara jungle resort is located close to the National Park of Chitwan provides an extremely comfortable base from which one can experience the jungle on guided tours with the resort’s expert naturalist.

The visitors can not only be able to enjoy their stay in this comfortable and beautiful resort which is furthermore exciting and such experiences make memories for a lifetime. Chitwan is amazing at its own and this resort on Chitwan just takes your breath away!

Literally, this is a wonderful resort to spend your time with your friends and families. I have been here and I would just rate it above 5 stars if I get the chance.

  1. Dhulikhel Mountain Resort:

Another beautiful resort located at Dhulikhel is one that is worth staying in for you and your family on this holiday. This beautiful resort offers a perfect blend of luxury and comfort because this-this resort provides the best view of the valley and the cool breeze that will make your soul free from the stress.

How amazing is it to feel a change and relax from the daily hustle and bustle of the city crowd. Dhulikhel Mountain Resort presents unparalleled luxury with a touch of tradition. You can clearly see this blend in the outlook of the buildings in this resort. Upon looking at the facades, you will definitely get the feeling of embracing Newari architecture.

Since Dhulikhel is originally a near settlement, this blend is perfectly justified. There are a deluxe twin and a double bed that is so well furnished and comfortable and is well equipped with all the services that you shall acquire to make your stay in the hotel even more enjoyable.

There are altogether twenty comfortable deluxe twin rooms whereas there are twenty-two comfortable and luxurious deluxe double bedrooms that are so much cozy. There are also spaces provide to conduct meetings and various events like parties, weddings and so on. The wine and dine experience in this resort is also marvelous.

They use authentic, indigenous and carefully selected flavors to be integrated into their dishes that really get mouthwatering of all the guests.

There are also lots of options for beverages as well. So, it is better if you get up and book your stay in this Dhulikhel Mountain resort right now because this definitely is a very interesting resort and it is definitely worth a try.

  1. Pataleban Vineyard Resort:

If you want to have a great time at a fairly reasonable price, then Pataleban vineyard resort is just the right place for you to enjoy. This beautiful resort is located in Chisapani, Baadbhanjyang, in Kathmandu, so all of you Kathmandu dwellers will have to make just a short trip to reach this amazing and beautiful resort.

You need not to worry about the accommodation rooms because this resort has the facilities of superior, deluxe as well as apartment rooms. All of the rooms are luxurious and also are under the influence of contemporary architecture overall.

All of the accommodation rooms are well furnished and the guests will never have a problem feeling most comfortable. There are so many attractive services and facilities as well like free access to the internet, souvenir shops, jungle walks with the guide, parking facilities, garden barbecue, and playground for children and so on.

You can also arrange for a conference hall for meetings. The hall has a capacity of up to sixty people. All of the rooms have the most amazing mountain views with attached bathrooms and bathtubs. You need not to worry about the dining facilities as well because there are marvelous dining spaces in the dining hall, dart bar, barbecue garden, kafal chautari beer garden and so on.

There is also an arrangement facility for organizing picnics too. And also you shall also be provided with the service of catering as well. So why delay? Contact this marvelous resort and book your stay in this beautiful resort for the best times of your lives. Enjoy to the fullest!!

  1. Jungle Villa Resort:

This beautiful resort is located in Patihani, Chitwan, Nepal in front of the Chitawan National Park in Bharatpur in the Terai region of Nepal. This resort stands as truly a marvelous example of why Nepal is so blessed with nature.

This resort is blessed with nature’s finest creations. This Jungle Villa Resort is one of the most popular luxury wildlife resorts located in Nepal. This resort is situated in the northern fringe of Chitwan National Park that is so rich in lots of biodiversities.

This Chitwan National Park has given a home to many endangered species of exotic flora and fauna. This beautiful resort covers a total land area of four hectares that is totally lush green forest land. There are many beautifully designed gardens as well.

The resort also lies on the bank of Rapti River which as we all know, the Rapti River is home to a lot of ideal habitat of many species of aquatic animals. The resort is about one hundred and sixty kilometers away at the north-west direction of Kathmandu valley and just a few distances away from the Chitwan national park headquarters.

The nearest airport from the resort is the Bharatpur Airport which is just a half an hour drive to get to the resort, so all the guests from the airport will have easy access to the resort.

You do not have to worry about the accommodation services because this beautiful resort has included a total cluster of about two dozen cottages. All these two dozen cottages are well-furnished rooms with the most comfortable beds. These rooms are also equipped with the facilities of modern amenities.

All of the rooms are no doubt well air-conditioned. The rooms also have the luxury of attached bathrooms that of course have the facility of running hot & cold water all hours of all days of the week. From the private accommodation rooms, the guests can overlook the beautiful scenic view of the gorgeous Rapti River.

All of the rooms can also enjoy the luxury of private balconies attached to their rooms.

From the balcony, one can easily catch a glimpse of the immensely fascinating wildlife. Such wild lives include the endangered one-horned rhinoceros, the Royal Bengal Tiger, many species of deer as well as various species of birds and aquatic animals and of course, the large variety of flora as well as fauna too.

If you are a foodie, then you are definitely in luck because the restaurant in this gorgeous resort has been managed by a team of food specialists and excellent chefs who will be serving you with lots of varieties of Continental, Indian, Chinese and Nepali cuisines and of course keeping your health quality at the top by being able to maintain proper hygiene efficiently.

The restaurant in this resort only uses fully organic vegetables and dairy products that have been produced by the local farmers. Nothing unhealthy is used in the kitchen of this restaurant.

This resort is just surreal and provides you the best and amazing facilities as a whole. The resort has very much spacious and elegantly designed restaurants which offer an opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views of Rapti River and adjoining Chitwan national park, which is also World Natural Heritage site that is enlisted in the UNESCO.

If you love jungle safari trips, then look no further because this resort also provides an excellent service of jungle trips which are always accompanied by very much experienced naturalists and tour guides. Such tours and trips shall provide you with a unique opportunity to know, learn and experience about the flora and fauna of this region of our country Nepal.

The most interesting tour that is the village tour will surely very much an interesting part of your journey because it is simply the best way to really get to experience the rich culture and the unique lifestyles of the local indigenous communities and ethnicities of Chitwan.

So start making memories and start experiencing nature through your stay in this beautiful resort everyone. Thus if you love wildlife and you love relaxing in the environment of a resort, then, the jungle villa resort is just the right resort for you to stay in this season of your holiday.

Enjoy and have the best time with your family, friends and all of you loved ones. Have a great time and make the best memories while you can. Enjoy life everyone. Have a great time!

  1. Hotel Mystic Mountain:

If you want to have a new taste of architecture of Nepal, then this Hotel mystic mountain that is located in Nagarkot, Nepal is just the place that you should be selected to have your stay in. it really looks like a mysterious element on top of the hill when you observe it.

And it might be the pulling factor that really attracts you to this place. The accommodation facility is excellent with the facility of deluxe rooms, executive suite rooms, and suite rooms. There are lots of options of single as well as double rooms. You should keep in mind that every room in this beautiful facility has a balcony that gives you the utmost breathtaking view of the majestic Himalayas in the north.

Not only the view, but you can also enjoy your time by soaking up the warmth from the sun in the balcony as well as just enjoy fresh air to clear your mind from all the stress. You must definitely pamper yourself by visiting the restaurant as well.

The gorgeous view of the mountain from the dining space is itself so much appealing that you shall enjoy your meal even more. They definitely have acknowledged the fact that good food makes great memories and thus, they provide an excellent service of delicious cuisines that just makes us celebrate our stay. There are coffee shops and bar too so that you shall have a variety of options to go with.

The design and the setting of the restaurant are itself so warm and so beautiful that you shall automatically enjoy your meals from morning to night. And of course, how can one not mention the facility of clean swimming infinity pools as well.

There are other services provided too like a wedding celebration, conference hall, and facilities for sports, health and other recreational activities as well for the guests. There are two conference halls that you can book in order to organize an important meeting or seminar as well. There is also the facility of the fully equipped gymnasium and tennis that is enough for all the guests to stay active and most physically fit.

Apart from all of these amazing services and facilities, you can engage your mind, body, and spirit with the breath of nature by taking walks as the environment and the setting that this beautiful hotel is in is itself so mesmerizing and breathtaking.

So what are you thinking about? Hurry and book your stay here this holiday with your family and friends and have the greatest memories of your lives. Enjoy everyone! You can also send us a picture so that we can share it, everybody.

So here are the top 10 amazing resorts that we have mentioned! Relaxing is the much-needed thing to do for your body and for your mind. You might be a job holder or anything, you need to take a rest and break from all these hustle and bustle.

This is to be done by everybody. So if you need time to get away from the city crowd and relax your body, you can go and visit the mentioned places above. If you think we have missed some of the resorts, then write to us or suggest us because we write to you and we need to take your opinion as well! Do not forget to like us on our page at Facebook and share this page.

Writer: Susan Basel